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Jane Lynch says she “feels bad for Brett Ratner” after his gay slur

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Reader comments

  1. Ratner’s comment applies to gay MEN. Who is Jane Lynch to absolve this homophobe when she isn’t even one of the targets of his comments.

    1. Talk about alienating some of your biggest supporters! Next time you’re at an event for HIV awareness or remembrance take a look around and see how many lesbians are there. We have been supporting all aspects of LGBT rights and campaigns decades, whether they directly affect us or not. So we have every right to an opinion on this matter. And I don’t think Jane Lynch was speaking on behalf of everyone, just sharing her feelings because she was asked.

    2. Very true, Sarah. Also, Mike, I find that many slurs aimed at gay men are also indirectly insulting to women in general because the implication in them is that the gay man is a sissy/just like a girl – ie crap.

      A significant part of homophobia stems from society’s attitude to women. Not all homophobia, of course, but still a sizeable part.

      1. Iris, I concur with you.
        I am a lesbian. I live in an uber macho Caribbean society and I can tell you that homophobia and sexism are fraternal twins.

        Chauvenists are almost ALWAYS homophobes as well. And seeing any feminine traits as being demeaning, weak, “lesser-than” is at the heart of loathing any man who would stoop so low as to embody his feminine side, particularly sexually.

    3. Agreed some lesbians/gays are homophobic too or support homophobia.

  2. Disappointed that Jane Lynch said this.

    Brett Ratner would not be getting this reaction if he had uttered the N word. His career would be over.

    It’s sad that homophobic slurs are regarded as less serious than racist slurs. And it’s disappointing that the culture of homophobia which pervades Hollywood makes even the few openly gay stars there, so concerned about their own position that they excuse and downplay bigotry.

    Brett Ratner has the brain not to utter racist slurs in front of a microphone. The fact that he is too stupid to implement a self censor, to avoid uttering homophobic slurs is his own problem. And the fact is that Hollywood is such a homophobic place to work (and this homophobia is often enforced by those pathetic, quisling LGBT agents and managers) that homophobia is given a pass.

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately those “pathetic, quisling LGBT agents and managers” are found in this country as well as in Hollywood.

  3. What an absurd sentiment for a member of Glee. I agree with poster Mike, would she have said she felt sorry for Ratner if he “joked”, “rehearsals are for lesbians?” I get the impression that she is using her standing in the gay community to placate the powers that be in the entertainment industry. You go girl – insure your next acting job by stepping over the feelings and well being of gay men.

  4. His apology did seem genuine to be fair, however that doesn’t excuse it.

    If I used a racist slur or something similar people would be outraged ad rightly so.

    1. Its hollywood, dont believe any apolagy. The bigger the deal they make about it the less they mean it as its just their agent telling them to make a big pr job or your finished.

  5. Fag is a pejorative word for a gay man. The theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week is Stop and think – words can hurt

  6. It’s rare to hear a lesbian called a “fag”, so that’s why she’s so thick skinned about it. How convenient. If Ratner had made anti-lesbian comments, maybe she’d care. As for her view that Hollywood isn’t homophobic, that’s absolute crap. If it isn’t, why hasn’t it offered a leading male role to a gay actor? Straights are always offered roles playing gay males but few gay males are ever offered a huge role playing straight. Lynch is out of touch or in denial, maybe both.

    1. Neil Patrick Harris.

      1. Neil Patrick Harris has NEVER been a leading actor playing a staright male in a Hollywood film. His t.v. comedy series, “How I Met Your Mother”, is not a film.

    2. Of course it’s offered lead roles to gay actors (in the closet) *Ahem*

      1. Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift… to name but two

  7. She isnt offended so its fine for her to feel bad for him. Dont matter hes being homophobic about guys.

    Oh well whatever, i personally dont feel sorry for him. The word he used is like the N or C word. Their words you have to actively think about and choose to use.

    Surprised he would be defended

    1. Surprised that he would be defended by Jane Lynch?


      Jane Lynch’s priority is Jane Lynch.

      She’s pretending that Ratner’s bigotted comments are irrelevant because to say otherwise might damage her own standing.

      It’s the Hollywood way.

  8. She’s entitled to her opinion, but I don’t get why she can’t imagine that sentence with a racist word in. I’m sure THAT wouldn’t be acceptable to her, so why is this? Firstly, it’s crap, and secondly it contains an offensive and irrelevant insult.

    I think she’s blocking out the quite obvious homophobia in Hollywood. The picture she piants is simply untrue.

  9. At the end of the day he said something stupid and idiotic – without thinking. I, as a gay man, am certainly not going to photocopy pictures of him and hurl darts at them as a result.

    We all say stupid things, we’ve all behaved really appalingly at somepoint in our lives.

    He had the good grace to own up and apologise though.

    I am in agreement in that I’m personally not sure how a lesbian can perceive an anti-gay male slur as personally offensive but then, that is just my personal opinion. Many of us can find offense in the most oddest things.

    As for Jane – she’s entitled to think, feel and behave in anyway she wants (within reason).

    1. Mel Gibson has has apologised for his anti-semitic remarks (made when when he was drunk, and when not on a public platform).

      Michael Richards has apologised for his racist tirade on stage.

      Both their careers are over.

      Meanwhile Tracy Morgan says that he would stab his son for being gay (and Tina Fey rushes to defend him).

      Brett Ratner declares that rehearsal is for fags (and Jane Lynch rushes to defend him).

      Personally I don’t care what Brett Ratner thinks.

      But I do care that homophobia is the last acceptable form of bigotry.

      While LGBT people like Jane Lynch excuse this type of bigptry then it’s never going to be any different,

      1. Then instead of the armchair crusade may I suggest putting some effort into actually challanging homophobia – not people who make stupid remarks?

        I am aware that this view is unpopular but I have to say it anyhow. Sometimes, in the LGBT community we’re guilty of becoming so self-absorbed in our little bubble that we often attack everything and everyone without knowing fully the context and only reading what PN says (and let’s face it – it’s not likely to be an unbiased objective now is it?)

        I am all for supporting the LGBT community and challanging homophobia head-on. I support organisations such as Stonewall and more recently am in love with what Diversity Role Models have done. I’ve even been inspired to create my own little organisation as a result directly to tackle homophobia and transphobia.

        However, stamping out all homophobia, racism, sexism etc is not going to happen. End of. What we can do is focus our energies to ensure that our young LGBT community have the…

        1. ” I support organisations such as Stonewall ”

          Moving your support to an organisation which is not chaired by a homophobe like Ben Summerskill is adviseable then.

          He was caught campaigning against marriage equality last year yet remains the head of Stonewall.

          Summerskill supports civil partnership apartheid and is therefore not fit for purpose as the head of an LGBT equality charity.

          1. Oh give it a rest will you? Get off of your soapbox. Ben Summerskill is not a homophobe and he’s done much more work for the LGBT community than many of you in here.

            He provided a fair counter argument to marriage equality based on very real issues. He didn’t say “Gay marriage is wrong” or “gay marriage is evil”. He said that gay marriage and straight partnerships will cost money.

            I don’t care about straight rights – I care about gay ones and I agree that Stonewall should not be forced to defend straight rights to civil partnerships. Although I understand their handling of it and the wading into the muddy waters of feminism and patriarchy was dodgy.

          2. Ben Summerskill is indeed a homophobe

            Ben Summerskill told barefaced lies at the LibDem Party Conference,

            He claimed that marriage equality would cost 3 billion. He made the figure up on the spot,

            A leader of a gay rights charity who argues against equality is a homophobe. Especially when he has pretty much gone into hiding ever since.

            He should have been sacked when this controversy erupted. He remains as head thereby causing irreparable damage to Stonewall’s reoputation and legacy.

        2. How are we in a bubble not knowing facts when they are well documented.

          1. Did I say at any point people didn’t know facts?

            I said that we need to identify context, I don’t think that’s a poor argument. You see, PN is unlikely to be unbiased when reporting such stories and it’s important to use a little judgement in such matters as opposed to just accepting all words as gospel.

            As for Summerskill, you can believe what you like to be honest. All I’m saying is that I prefer to reserve my judgement once I have the factsand the reasons behind the story.

            Also, just because someone makes one bad decision that doesn’t mean that every good thing that they’ve done is null and void.

    2. ability to deal with some behaviour wisely and with the contempt it deserves.

      Then in time things will change…

  10. I personally don’t want to live in a humorless world where the Right go out of there way to offend gay people and the Left, including most people in Hollywood, who support gay rights become terrified of offending us.

    As a gay man, I personally use words humorously and ironically which in other contexts would offend people. And most gay people I know do the same thing. I think most people who have jumped on this are probably being a bit hypersensitive and, indeed, hypocritical.

    1. And do you use anti-semitic and racist expressions in a humourous manner also?

      If not, then why not?

      1. dAVID..

        can I ask? What comedy shows do you watch? What books do you read?

        1. Many.

          But I choose to read racist, or homophobic books.

          Why – because people who engage in this type of language lack the intelligence to be taken seriously.

          An imbeclle like Brett Ratner who makes gratuitously homophobic comments has nothing of value to offer the move world, He lacks the intelligence.

          And if Jane Lynch is going to start whoring herself out as the ‘rent-a-defence’ to homophobia then clearly her career is nearing its end also (Glee is dropping in the ratings, she’s clearly trying to make sure that she’ll finf work once it’s cancelled).

          1. Choose NOT to read is what I meant to say

      2. No, I don’t, but people do without being racist. Ratner put his foot in it and made a mistake but he actually isn’t a homophobe.

        My point is that you need to you use your intelligence it bit more to distinguish between those who make misguided attempts at humor and those organisations and individuals who don’t use ‘offensive expressions’ but actually hate gay people and want to curtail our freedoms.

        He made a mistake, he apologised. You can all emerge from your chronic inert state of ‘being offended’ and focus on some *real* problems

        1. Hear here”!

  11. Bit sad isn’t she.Who needs enemies.

  12. I am a fan of Jane Lynch. But even i am disappointed at Jane. She needs to challange homophobia in Hollywood and not pretend that it doesn’t exist, when quite clearly it does.

  13. Mary Flying Eagle 15 Nov 2011, 9:36pm

    Hey Jane Lynch, your kind thoughts/voiced, would be better served else where. Stand down on this matter, we don’t need more, oh ta, ta, sush,sush, no harm intended.

  14. To have said it is to have thought it and to have thought it in context. He exposed his thinking and his lack of thought.
    I accept his apology. Has his thinking changed?

  15. I think its a matter of Context, I hang out with my gay friends all the time and it seems that “Fag” has evolved from its previous usage as a slur to gays to being more along the lines of “Dumbass”, “Fag” means to us to be “As useless or as dumb as a small pile of burning sticks”. Or Slang for a Cigarette or Cigarillo.

    Hell, one of my gay friends recently commented on some guy being obnoxious to me about wearing female clothes about town. “That guy was being a real fag to you eh Felicia?”.

    But I guess it also could be that it might echo along the same lines of using the N-Word amongst black people.

    I am a crossdresser whom is still questioning my own sexuality, and questioning it proudly.

  16. Was she in her Glee character? I am so tired of this kind of behavior, her’s and Ratner’s. Glee is nothing more than negative stereotyping and it’s obvious that she is in on the game. Shame on her for perpetuating homophobia.

  17. And that’s how Sue sees it!

    Haha :P

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