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Catholic Charities group abandons battle against Illinois’ equal treatment law

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Reader comments

  1. September Meadows 15 Nov 2011, 4:47pm

    Good news. Now with the bigots out of the way, people who put people before dogma can make sure kids are placed with loving parents instead of languishing in foster care.

  2. It always makes me giggle how churches are naive to the fact that no one give a crap what they say or do when it comes to subjects like this. Quite ironic how they keep trying to use the argument children might be taken advantage of when placed with same sex parents, I’m surprised the catholic church isn’t supporting it more if that’s the case.

    stereotypes aside, they don’t really hold any importance any more in western legislative systems for their little protests to concern anyone. maybe rather than wasting their efforts on little moaning campaigns they can go back to feeling constant shame for everything they do or don’t do.

  3. The Catholic Church is showing its true colors: They care more about bullying gay people to “turn straight” so they can have more kids to funnel money into Church coffers than they actually do about children. Jesus would be ashamed, if he were actually real…

    1. He was real. It’s just that he was an apocalyptic rabbi who would be utterly baffled by the rubbish that Christians believe about him.

      1. Actually the historicity of the Jesus character is on a very shaky footing. It is just as likely that he was simply invented by Saul of Tarsus from scratch as a confection of messiah stories and Hellenistic religious ideas. All the stories about the character are horribly derivative from earlier religious and astrological lore – Horus, Mithras, Dionysius, Krishna, he’s basically a re-working of those characters for the Piscean Age of the Great Year in Astrology (ever wondered why all the fish and water symbolism?). Many people think that christianity simply has parallels with ancient astrological religion, few realise that it actually IS ancient astrological religion in every particular. The best we can say is that if there actually was a historical Jesus (possible, but it is a semi-plausible speculation at best) then we don’t actually know anything about him at all. It’s all recycled stories from other places.

        1. jamestoronto 16 Nov 2011, 11:32am

          It sounds like you have read the “The Pagan Christ” by Tom Harpur (2004). If not, it is a very interesting book and supports what you have mentioned in your post.

        2. I know of the ‘mythical Jesus’ theory, but I find it pretty unconvincing. He is so tied to a particular time and place, and to (at times troublesome) relations and neighbours, that he inescapably seems to be a real figure. That is not to deny the elements in Christian belief plainly borrowed from the pagan mystery cults of the time, or the conflicting views of him arising in the early Church and easily seen in the New Testament. The evidence in Acts and some Pauline epistles of the marginalisation of his first followers, who felt that the Jewish Law ought to be maintained among them, whether or not that would ‘put off’ pagan Greek converts, strongly suggests the remnants of a group organised around an original prophetic Jewish figure.

  4. Dr Robin Guthrie 16 Nov 2011, 2:07am

    Toys out of the pram for the Catholic bigots.

    In essence they are saying that they will not help anyone IF they have to help gays.

    NOT very Christian of them, however as we know, they never were.

    1. A charity which will not adopt a spirit of charity to Gay couples – if only they could see the obscene contradiction

    2. Janet Lameck 16 Nov 2011, 10:28pm

      Don’t forget all the boys and yes girls too their priests, brothers and sisters have molested over the years!

  5. Here is more good news, Catholics and Christians are Anonymous, except the government does not want to use them to shut down the internet but to put controls on it so they have complete control.

      1. Do you have any proof?

        1. Cos that video just repeats over and over again without any proof.

  6. GingerlyColors 16 Nov 2011, 7:00am

    The bigoted Catholic Church is well out of date with both their own congregations and the western world as a whole. Illinois was the first US State to legalise homosexuality in 1962 (and the only one to do so before the 1970’s). Flogging a dead horse comes to mind and as the Vatican is probably propping up the Italian economy money for Catholic charities in America is unlikely to be forthcoming.

    1. The Catholic Church is more or less in the position of writing off North America in the same way it has had more or less write to off most of Europe. It still fights a few fights but it knows the culture war is lost in most of the western world. It’s influence will continue to wane. All its hopes for the future are in South America, where it still has a strangle hold on the minds of the vast majorities of the various populations. From the US: Good Riddance!

      1. Supernaturalist religion has been on the back foot against science and the enlightenment since the 18th century. Much of its survival and influence into modern times are due to providing charity before the advent of the welfare state, and being associated with social life or cultural identities. But its role as a primary means of defining reality itself is long gone.

  7. I am always delighted to see when this church undertakes this kind legal action – it just makes ordinary people see what a power crazed and bigoted institution it is. And when they fail like this, it shows how that power is waning.

  8. Good this religion as an organisation should not be let anywhere near children given their track record of child abuse and failure of internal mechanisms to protect children from tehir own members.

  9. Jock S. Trap 16 Nov 2011, 9:15am

    Once again decency slaps the face of the discriminating bigots and rightly so too.

    Now prehaps they can progress into something humanity it geared for…equality and fairness… though I won’t hold my breath, these people don’t go quietly, unfortunately.

  10. Poor God-botherers. It breaks your heart. Personally I think that all explicitly relgious organisations should be excluded by law from arranging adoptions, since they will always be tempted to make placements under the influence of irrational dogma instead of empirical understanding of children’s welfare.

  11. jamestoronto 16 Nov 2011, 11:35am

    Yet another small but significant victory. Children’s welfare should be paramount not dogma.

  12. They only stopped because their money is running low because of all the payouts they’ve had to make to pedophilia victims. If the courts here allow victims to prosecute the church it will be bankrupt in no time.

  13. Good news. Children should not be corrupted with the lies and hatred of organised religion. Not to mention the sexual abuse.

  14. Janet Lameck 16 Nov 2011, 10:26pm

    GOOD riddance don’t let the door hit you in the ass! Damned perverts!

  15. If only their change of heart was due to a sudden attack of decency.

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