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Liverpool unveils UK’s first gay street signs

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Reader comments

  1. shaun ryder 11 Nov 2011, 2:57pm

    well done liverpool, always had an affection for your beautiful city. may your quarter be prosperous for ever more…

  2. what an odd coincidence!

    Montreal’s “gay quarter” (speaking 30-40 years ago, in its infancy) was centered around a street called “Stanley”!

    So, was this “Lord Stanley” gay????

    1. Yes, Stanley and Peel Street in downtown Montreal… great memories. Dominion Park too :)

  3. Great news! When I go to Liverpool this will certainly be my chosen destination! Great thinking!

  4. It’s been a hard days night, getting that sign up, we wish the Beatles or what is left of them would come out to play and show their support for all of the LGBT people who bought all of their records, yesterday and today. We sill love you Paul as did John did but then again who doesn’t love Paul. We also love you Ringo, thanks for putting the Pope in his place but we would like to see you also show some support for the gays who supported you all these years. If only Brian Epstine and John and George alive today and the Beatles were still together, things would be different and surly they would be supporting LGBT people around the world, Imagine.

    1. Scousers don’t like ringo. Sorry.

  5. Being born in Mossley Hill Road in Liverpool in 1941 during the blitz of the City. I feel the City has been brave in fighting all those that continue to spew homophobia and hatred toward Gay people as Hitler did in his speeches of 1939 against minorities of people whom previously had lived together peacefully and had been taken to the gas ovens of Germany at that time. We must never forget what happened in those days and I thank Liverpool City Council and Liberal Councillor Steve Radford whom have been radical in making this happen. I used to attend Dovedale Road Infants and junior school and such people as John Lennon, George Harrison, Peter Sissons (Newscaster), amongst many others were also in attendance, some moving onto to the Blue Coat School, The Liverpool Institute, Quarry Bank Grammar School and Rose Lane Secondary Modern School. Of course, thankfully, Paul McCartney bought his old school and turned it into LIPA, which has proved to be very successful in providing stage and drama for it’s students whatever sexuality one is. I am very proud of Liverpool for what the City has become.

  6. Deeside Will 11 Nov 2011, 5:40pm

    Well, Keith, I suggest that you and other people of your putrid way of thinking avoid the area. That will make it more attractive to the rest of us.

    1. Keith you need a hug luv ((((((hug))))£)

      1. Sorry I accidentally thumbs downed your comment.

    2. You are putrid. HIV is a virus. It has ll the same characteristics of you.

    3. How does a virus trawl … Can’t quite see it myself …

      Nice attempt at provocative language – just doesnt work

      1. Sorry, a virus like you does not get to demand anything. And like a virus, you’re being snuffed out.

        1. Absolutely, Will

          He needs to be treated with total and absolute contempt

          1. or better yet ignored lol

          2. Jock S. Trap 14 Nov 2011, 8:21am

            Your ignorance is the biggest disease and man your infested with it.

        2. Jock S. Trap 14 Nov 2011, 8:18am

          Woo Hoo!! :)

      2. NO ONE here bows to the demands of an animal like you, Keith. The answer will neither be understood or accepted by the likes of you, you’re incapable of reason, civility or learning. You’re even incapable of seeing your own acute mental health issues, sometime clearly exacerbated by your so called “ex-gay” conversion. We would no more need to answer to you, than we would a dog in the street – the reason being is you are uterly irrelevant. All you do is bluster like a lunatic on a gay site, and even at that, you do that badly. The laws are changing every day in our favour…. nothing you can do here can stop that. Nothing at all.

        When you learn to behave like a human, then you are granted the right to enquire. Until then, we’ll just laugh as your pathetic and futile efforts are deleted.

  7. I wonder when this comment will disappear and go poof too?

    Like that guy you met last week in the park, Keith:- you were the poof and he as gone in 5 minutes too.

  8. Who’s the old guy in your avatar Keith? Is it your boyfriend? He’s real cute if you like the old, dead look. xx

    PS: Mine’s Leona Helmsley btw. The Queen of Mean. If you’re sitting alone reading this, and I’m guessing you are, you can fill the void by learning something about her here. I think you’d like her:

  9. Y dont u just ignore Keith? He obviously gets off on winding gays up. A shrinks dream case.

    1. He doesn’t wind me up :-) It’s like a cat playing with a mouse before it eats it for lunch and then has another snooze. You know who’s gonna win eventually, they know who’s gonna win eventually. You both know they could win right there, but they gotta enjoy life along the way. He can write what he likes, he’s still the mouse and he knows it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be engaging with us here, he’d be out there changing laws. But he can’t cos he’s too stupid.

  10. btw, I like the street sign… very much

  11. Roland Eggan 11 Nov 2011, 9:58pm

    Shame the bars in that area are dirty, shabby and populated almost entirely by hen nights and drunk scallies watching bad drag acts.

    1. I’ve only ever been on the gay scene in Liverpool once, but I had a great night without being harassed by a hen night at all – although I have been accosted by plenty of hen nights in Leeds ..

      1. Yer seems leeds is full of them, I rarely manage a drink on the leeds scene without some pissed girl either hitting on me or crying to me about her bf

  12. I think the signposts are brilliant, there should be more all over the country and not just in gay neighbourhoods, I love colours and they brighten everyone’s lives up :)

  13. Congratulations to Liverpool for being forward thinking and positive in your approach to your gay community! It would appear you have lots to look forward to when your Lord Mayor and city councilors endorse the change with “The
    first tangible mark of real change to come”

    With civic elections currently underway across Canada, I can only say I hang my head in shame that I live in a community where the a former “Mayor” is seeking re election as a representative of the community when he in the past discriminated against the gay community in his civic duties which previously resulted in legalities. I can only envy Liverpool as an example of forward thinking communities proud of their people and respecting their diverse impact and potential to lead.

    The most positive change to our street signage (electoral) has been inspiration of the person who has reminded the city of potential prejudices we face by removing the “R” from his surname and promotes “gay” for mayor LOL

  14. I just can’t stop laughing…. every one of Keith’s futile comments that dies before my eyes and goes to the big nut house in the sky, make me laugh. Ahhhhh, so enjoyable. Warms my little cotton socks.

    So, what has he achieved? Nothing.

    Where are the comments? Gone.

    All that time, wasted, and all he has done is given me loads of amusement.

    I believe the word that best describes him is :- loser.

  15. Matthew Walken 11 Nov 2011, 11:44pm

    What was wrong with the old signs? How much did these signs cost? Was the tax payer consulted? I intend to contact Liverpool in my position and find out. As this cannot be justified in the current economic climate, to go changing signs willy nilly.

    1. The old signs are still there. Last year’s Liverpool Pride brought the city over £1 million of economic activity. This is to help support the city’s efforts to not only be a top destination city for people in general but also for LGBT visitors. At a total cost of only £1,200 this is a small price to pay.

      In terms of consultation, this was consulted about in the report that was developed and passed by the city council:

      For Liverpool to take this decision is brave but also about investing for the future of our city.

    2. Your position …

      What would that be?

      1. Deeside Will 12 Nov 2011, 7:59pm

        If you want to know exactly where the area is, consult a Google map.

        1. @Deeside Will

          I meant what would Matthew’s position be … he refers to contacting the Liverpool council in “his position” – I wondered what his position was …

  16. homophobes will be kissing our asses in a few years gays were taking over. most homophobes are brainwashed by religion. KISS THE RAINBOW HOMOPHOBES AND OUR ASSES

    1. I agree. I cannot wait until someone has a very out, gay advert, and all the big companies catch on. I can’t wait until we become a lot more mainstream, and have gay towns, rather than villages. :)

  17. well thank god nobody is giving this creep the attention hes craving. just ignore it, thumbs down if you want. you cant kill a troll by feeding them the responses they life off. if you want to kill a troll you have to starve it.

    you wanna know why i know so much about trolls? dont ask scary questions *eyes*

  18. This is just marketing for mainstream society. We are used only as commodity, not as people.

    Think we are just tourist attraction. Most of us around the world had great gay precincts and villages , but now have been lost to mainstream society.

    There is no such thing as a gay village and it must be stopped.

    A gay village should be just that , a gay village for us gays. It is wrong using us in the name of gay rights and tourism.

    Canal street is a prime example of why the gay village should go.

    1. We’re definitely not trying to create another Canal Street. Our quarter is proud to be different and challenges us all to do something different on Stanley Street.

      Yes this is about being a visitor attraction, Liverpool is a great destination city and this is making sure that there is an LGBT element for LGBT visitors to our city.

      Check for further details.

    2. sorry to jump on this almost a day later.. but i quite like canal street, mainly because its next to a canal. . and im sure im not the only gay in the village but for me going to canal street gives me the opertunity to be as outgoing as the good people who frequent my local dump of a pub.

      i can see where you are coming from though i’ve thought that myself, if it was because of attitudes rather than statistics i would probably dwell on it more. truth is though the tourist board will play to anything from your taste in films to your sports interests so i cant blame them for thinking about sexuality when it comes to night life.

      1. Personally on my visits to Manchester, I enjoy going out around Canal Street – Its fun, vibrant and enjoyable – and whilst clearly predominantly gay – there is an inclusiveness to it … enjoyable, mixed, breaking down barriers and fun …

  19. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:08am

    A nice touch, I think. Well done Liverpool.

  20. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:09am

    As usual, nothing to add to the story just your own bitter irrelevence.

  21. Clearly the word logic has an entirely different meaning to the rest of the world in your bizarre dictionary ….

  22. Capital of ….?

    1. LOL! Dazzling display of Keith’s, em, “intelligence” isn’t it?

      1. well something like that … certainly not intelligence …

  23. Excellent :-)

  24. GingerlyColors 13 Nov 2011, 11:28pm

    The signs are a nice idea. As for the cost of them the average life of a road sign is only about 10 years anyway. Unfortunately I cannot help thinking that sooner rather than later someone will vandalise some of them. And it won’t necessarily be some homophobic bigot either. How often does the letter ‘C’ in Canal Street gets painted out in Manchester!

  25. David Skinner 14 Nov 2011, 11:12am

    Keith, surely the main point is that gays do not want integration. They wish, like the Muslims, to establish enclaves or ghettos where pink law rules. Clearly the militant, gay frenzy that Will demonstrates is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia is in a dog,

    1. To me, the signs evidence that the LGBT community in Liverpool is integrating with the rest of society but working with the City Council to secure economic development and recognition of the “village” being a place to visit.

  26. Keith why are you on Pink News? Im confused.

  27. Stuart Browning 14 Nov 2011, 10:28pm

    The rainbow that homosexuals so proudly display is in fact a reminder that people before (in Noah’s time) behaving like they are now were judged by God, and only the elect survived.

    Jesus is coming back soon, and their own symbol will be a witness against them!

    Oh and arrangements are in progress I am told to ‘deal’ with the offending signs.


    1. Should something happen to the signs, I will be more than happy to refer Merseyside Police to your post as a potential lead to explore with regards conspiracy

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