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Lesbian writer and publisher Barbara Grier dies, aged 78

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  1. I’d just be happy to get you re3ading, you seem very unschooled. Did the ex-gay conversion make you stupid, or where you stupid “when you were gay”?

  2. I just can’t stop laughing…. every one of Keith’s futile comments that dies before my eyes and goes to the big nut house in the sky, make me laugh. Ahhhhh, so enjoyable. Warms my little cotton socks.

    So, what has he achieved? Nothing.

    Where are the comments? Gone.

    All that time, wasted, and all he has done is given me loads of amusement.

    I believe the word that best describes him is :- loser.

  3. O/T how do you get to see all the comments on this site instead of just a few for each story.? What am I not doing? Cheers.

    1. Are you clicking on the arrow under each comment? The one which says 1 reply/ 2 replies etc.
      Sometimes you have to go back and do it twice. Unfortunately it doesn’t give you all of them at once.

      1. Thanks for that FP. Will give it a try.

  4. Just to make a point which is hopefully relevant, unlike everything else so far –
    Barbara Grier was a pioneer in the field of lesbian publishing in the days when there was precious little of it, and finding books which portrayed us in a positive light were extremely important.
    As things moved on, and mainstream publishers decided there was money to be made in this field, it became a bit of a lesbian Mills & Boon, but that is not to detract from what Barbara achieved in what was a very different era.

  5. Mary Flying Eagle 14 Nov 2011, 6:59pm

    On a thread, concerning transition/death
    of Barbara Grier, I find first few comments shameful, disrespectful,of this pioneer lesbian’s memory.

    Barbara Grier, I Honor you for all you did,
    pray your transition to The Unseen World is one of Beauty, Peace.

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