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Judiciary Committee passes DOMA repeal bill into Senate

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Reader comments

  1. Did Obana promise to have DOMA repealed during his last campaign.

    Well hurry up then. The election is in 1 year.

    If it is not repealed by then, then it is entirely Obama’s fault.

    He has a Democrat majority in the House and Senate, but did NOTHING to remove this apartheid law.

    He better find a way to repeal it.

    He is already haemmoraging support thanks to the realisationt that he is nothing but a career politician, as beholden to corporate America as George W Bush was.

    I support a democratic revolution in the US. Whereby the people demand that their government works for them, instead of for corporations, billionaires and lobby groups.

    1. burningworm 11 Nov 2011, 10:29am

      He both King and Prime minister. Keep that in mind.

      And to be fair to the democratic overhaul of politics is to have people inside, working there. Changing it for the people not demonstrating outside for a month or year and expecting change. Democracy is the long haul and it is slow to change.

    2. The House has a REPUBLICAN majority.
      And the Senate’s “60-vote super-majority” vote rule (engineered by Republicans and invoked with threat of filibuster on each and every piece of legistlation) means that a simple “majority” vote (51-49) doesn’t pass any bill.
      And, inflated rhetoric aside, this isn’t an “apartheid law.”
      But the others below cover these items very well, indeed.

      1. The house has been a democrat majority for most of recallable history however.
        Obama hasn’t really lived up to many big policies, but he’s always had a shakey voting history, no-one paying attention has been surprised.

  2. Obama was quite aware that the appeal would NEVER hit the ground running.
    Now he can say for the next election
    I tried but congress just would not

    It was just for the votes

    1. Just for the votes? That may very well be, but it also creates headlines around the world, gets people thinking and opens dialogue. It’s another step forward and a good thing. Sad to say it, but there are still plenty of people here in the US who have no idea what DOMA even is.

  3. Erm, Obama has always had trouble getting things through purely because of the obstructive behaviour of the Republicans. Even if a Bill made it through the House it would get to the Senate and get filibustered and stuck there. There are still over 100 Bills which made it through the House and stalled at the Senate and will most likely never make it to the President’s desk.

    He’s already instructed the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA so it’s really just a matter of time and unfortunately it looks like it’ll have to wait until after the 2012 elections, assuming a Democratic win.

    Is everything he’s done perfect? No, but he’s doing the best he can with all of the Republicans that got elected.

    1. David Myers 12 Nov 2011, 10:07am

      Furthmore, in spite of the Republicans total opposition to anything Obama or the Democrats propose, Obama has done more for gay and lesbian equality than all other priesidents combined. More progress on gay/lesbian rights could be achieved if he gets re-elected, and gets a majority in the House and either a super majority (60 Democrat votes minus any “blue dog” Democrats who side with the Republicans) or a Democratic majoritly in the Senate pass (by a simple majority vote – but only at the beginning of a new congress) a rules change to decrease the number of votes needed to invoke closure, and/or change the rules to once again to require a filibuserer to actually stand in the Senate and attempt to talk out the bill until they are so exhausted that they can’t continue and then the bill is voted on, like it always was historically before the Republicans perverted it so that even the threat of a filibuster was enough to keep a measure from coming up for a vote. I repeat no president has ever accomplished more for gay/lesbian rights than Obama has already!

  4. dAVID, the fact that he once had control of both houses means nothing. You seem to forget that there are several “blue-dog” democrats in the senate who would vote against repeal of DOMA. President’s don’t introduce bills, the Congress does then it heads to the senate where bills are passed. The senate is comprised of 100 senators, 50 democrats and 50 republicans. It would have needed 60 votes to be repealed and NO republicans would have supported passage, just as none of them supported the Respect for Marriage bill yesterday.

    1. David Myers 12 Nov 2011, 10:17am

      Your premise is correct, but your numbers are inaccurate. At the beginning of his term the Democrats had 60 Senators, but some of them were “blue dog” Democrats – so conservative that they would not vote with their party to invoke closure in order to end a Republican filibuster. After Ted Kennedy died and was replaced with a Republican, the Democrats only had 59 Senators. After the 2010 mid-term elections the Democrats had only and still have only 51 Democratic Senators (and two “independents” who usually vote with the Democrats) but that still includes the “blue dogs” who still will not vote for closure. This is why no substantive Democratic legislation has been passed since Kennedy’s death.

  5. jamestoronto 11 Nov 2011, 1:27pm

    Those of us in parliamentary democracies have difficulty getting our heads around how the US congressional system works. The fact that Republicans control the House and the Democrats have a very slim hold on the Senate means that the President have very little control over what Congress debates or does not debate.

    1. I think that’s why parliamentary are far more successful in getting marriage equality enacted. Going state by state in the U.S. isn’t going to get us far. There are some who say that if DOMA reaches the Supreme Court, it will be overturned using the 14th amendment of the constitution. I just don’t see that happening, not with 5 arch conservative catholics on the bench for life. The odds are stacked against any chance of it ever being repealed.

      1. If constitutional scholars can’t always predict how the court will rule, I doubt any of us can. For what it’s worth, my gut feeling is that section 3 of DOMA is toast given that it’s such a blatant violation of state sovereignty, a subject near and dear to the heart of the court’s swing vote, but that section 2 will stand until there’s more of a critical mass of states with marriage equality. That would leave us in a situation where the federal government is required to give full recognition to same-sex marriages in states that allow them but other states are free to ignore them… an unsatisfying but quintessentially American solution.

    2. I mean to have said…parliamentary democracies…in my last response.

  6. What the DOMA Repeal Vote Really Means.

  7. Oops. Here’s the link:

  8. The only thing keeping DOMA alive are the Right Wing Fascist Christians who also worked to keep African Americans from being free in America in the 1960’s when blacks had to fight for their Equal and Civil Rights in America, land of the free. Same story only now it is 2011 and us LGBT people still have to fight for the right to marry and get a decent job, that is black, white, brown, yellow and red LGBT people, all gay people.

  9. Womens equaltiy (or whatever it passes for in the US), end to slavery, childs rights, they all had to be fought for and took years to implement and even longer to take as commonplace, gay rights and marriage is no different. We just have to be patient and fight each battle as it appears because eventually we will get it.

  10. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 8:28am

    With an election in a year I don’t they’ll do much. Lets hope Obama gets a second term then at least there may be some chance of a more progressive change.

  11. USA and Somalia are the only two members of United Nations that haven’t even signed /ratified UN convention on children’s human right let alone giving us GLBTour natural rights. Disgusting. Coming out and becoming visible members of society is the only way forward. No government can give us that. Closet = death!!!

  12. Thank goodness the LibDems have promised us all marriage in Britain by 2015!

    1. fingers crossed, with how fluid the leaders are with their promises I wont hold my breath, but the signs looks good. I really hope they do so we can prove that the world will not end with two men or women taking vows and having equal rights to the old fashioned institution :)

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