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Comment: With the LGBTQ community, we’re not all the same

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  1. LGBT people have to fight for Equal and Civil Rights. Freedom is not free and LGBT people have to fight for their Equal Civil Rights and Freedoms.

  2. Loving ‘My Transsexual Summer’ and Max you are one of my favourites!!

    1. Marx and Drew!!! (though Drew would kill me if I didn’t say that :P)

  3. And you are an animal with mental issues, not a man.


  4. Tell me Keith, given your preoccupation with sex, which is clearly an physiological illness you have, can I ask:- do you have trouble performing sexual acts? You know, for fear of thinking about deviant sexual behavior, and the fear of being tempted to perform such behaviour when it would be harmful to them or to other?

    Most people like you usually have issues performing sexual acts.

    Have you ever heard of serotonergic antidepressant medications?

    Did the ex-gay therapy help you overcome the trouble performing sexual acts?

  5. Dave North 11 Nov 2011, 6:48pm

    Stop talking about youself like that.

    You should worship your “mensrual cycle”.

    Can’t even get thast right.

    Imbecilic goon.

    1. Its because he uses his face to bang the words out on the keyboard…. I mean, given his obsession with faeces (another one he gets wrong every time too), would YOU touch a keyboard after him? Euuugh!

      1. Surprised he can still see the letters to type.

  6. OrtharRrith 11 Nov 2011, 6:51pm

    Can’t the bigots leave transpeople alone? Go play on the motorway or cuddle a polar bear.
    Well done on being able to move forward and get on with your life Max. If just one person who sees the show “gets it” and understands then you’ve done a great job. Thanks.

  7. “Keith… HIV free always”: you need to get a life instead of spewing your bigoted crap about transpeople. Seriously, half the transphobia we come across comes from WITHIN the gay community. As a gay transguy, I have real trouble getting gay cismen to take me seriously as a male when I go to bars and try and socialise. It’s because of ignorant opinions like yours which, disgustingly, are still widely unchallenged in society at large, that we have these problems in the first place. Educate yourself, or at least allow us to educate you, or just piss off.
    Well done to Max; I watched the program on Tuesday and thought it was great. I hope trans people continue to grow in visibility so people can see that we may be different but we’re still HUMAN, and we deserve to be recognised as the gender we feel inside instead of by what’s in our pants.

    1. I couldn’t really care less what you do in your own privacy. But if what you’re saying or doing is harming another group of people then you should be held accountable for it. “Scatophobia” and transphobia are two completely different things, and your attempted derailment as an excuse not to answer or apologise for your bigotry is very poor indeed.

    2. “Deadly preventable disease”? What planet are you on? Since when do trans people have a deadly disease? If you’re a gay man then you should know how much it hurts to have people assume that you have a disease and that you’re a sexual deviant because of the way you are. And no, we are not sexual deviants, we don’t choose to be transgender and we don’t transition for fun or pleasure. I’m transitioning because I cannot bear to live in this body I want to rip to shreds for much longer, because if I have to then I’m afraid that I won’t be living for much longer at all.
      You’re no more of a moral person than Michele Bachmann, love.

      1. Paedophillia is about sex with a person who is not a consenting adult, i.e. a child, which is why it is illegal. I’m pretty sure I’m a consenting adult who is having sex with other consenting adults. Ergo, there is nothing immoral or illegal about that. In any case, I’m assuming that you saying homosexuality is immoral is a sign that you’re not gay. It’s probably a waste of my time to continue arguing with you. Now, excuse me while I go and get ready to go out on the town with my friends tonight and hopefully meet someone who is not a totally ignorant asshat like you. Good day, sir.

      2. “I’m assuming that you saying homosexuality is immoral is a sign that you’re not gay”

        He’s one of those “ex-gays” – so, yeah, he’s “straight” (giggle). The only thing to survive his “conversion” was that he wasn’t too bright when he was gay and now hat he’s “not”.

        (Just don’t mention faeces around him, you have no idea the flood gates it opens)

    3. Mrs. Williams 30 Nov 2011, 4:54pm

      I find it so Interesting that we have so much phobia from within our own community. Or is it more depressing than interesting?

  8. Well said Max! The show is great :)

  9. Hey guys, I’m from the UK but living in Israel (Tel Aviv) at the moment. I actually have a good friend here who’s f to m trans guy, also called Dan :)

    Everyone here just treats him as he wants to be identified, as a guy, who fancies girls, and he really is just a normal person who wants the same dignified life as anyone else!

    I just hope lots of people watch this show, so they too can have the amazing gift of being exposed to all types of people in society like this. It really opens your eyes, and if this show helps people get a step closer to equal treatment in both law AND by society in general, then it’s doing a great thing.

  10. I just can’t stop laughing…. every one of Keith’s futile comments that dies before my eyes and goes to the big nut house in the sky, make me laugh. Ahhhhh, so enjoyable. Warms my little cotton socks.

    So, what has he achieved? Nothing.

    Where are the comments? Gone.

    All that time, wasted, and all he has done is given me loads of amusement.

    I believe the word that best describes him is :- loser.

    1. Mrs. Williams 30 Nov 2011, 5:01pm

      My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to read Keith’s crap. It would be a real shame if we couldn’t have debate, a part of forming opinion is reading the crap and seeing it for what it is.

  11. No, it is a psychiatric disorder not a “mental inclination” and while you are allowed to have your opinion on the morality of homosexuality you will find that it is no longer classed as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – unlike paedophilia which is. And just so you know – your slimy sidestepping and spin doesn’t work very well here… Basically the legality of paedophilia changes when you cross a particular line and that line is going from thinking to doing. In other words you can think about murdering somebody or having sex with children all you want and never suffer legal consequences but the second you actually go ahead and make advances towards this and carry out either of these acts or at least attempt to you will have crossed that line and your actions are therefore made illegal.

    1. “is stilll immoral, or perhaps you think not!!!”

      Who cares if its immoral or not. Why is it any of your business, and why would anyone think that someone as obviously stupid as you has any valid right to dictate?

      This is a democracy, and freedoms of the individual within the law are guaranteed. If you don’t like that, tough.

      Keep your sexual inferiority complex to yourself and spare us the idiocy of your fascism.

      1. “Lot’s of people care”

        So what. They can care. The law says differently about interference. It not democracy if they do.

        The rest of your comment was utter rubbish, he usual irrelevant ramblings of a drunk madman, and deserves nothing less than deletion….. like the rest of them. *giggle*

      2. Isaac Newton 1642-1727

        Yea… I agree that Keith sounds like a drunken madman… maybe he thinks he’s Isaac Newton just because he’s living in the 17th century mindset.

        More’s the pity.

      3. “Also, fornicators and homosexuals are directly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of babies killed by HIV.. If not, who is?”

        That is a simple question. The people who spread lies about condoms CAUSING AIDS/HIV is one source. You also have people who buy into the whole “rape a virgin, be cured of HIV” idea due to misinformation and desperation which is often caused by having unprotected sex due to the “evil” condoms. And just so you know Keith – the “gay gene” idea doesn’t exactly work – primarily because “buggery” doesn’t produce children and genes don’t spontaneously create themselves – they get passed on – which requires you know… Heterosexual sex.

  12. What a fantastic article. Well done PinkNews.

  13. burningworm 13 Nov 2011, 12:49pm

    we travel, i travel

  14. Nah, Skinner is British, this Keith chap is some ex-gay nut-job form the states… although, both utterly obsessed with anal sex, both mad, and both think they’re doing something useful and “brave” by spouting obscenities in here, so yeah, I can see the overwhelming similarities.

  15. As a trans woman I can only I admire your (and the other participants) courage in coming out to the world in such a big way Max. As you know, it doesn’t really require huge amounts of courage to transition to the people we are inside ourselves, there is really no other way if we want to live a long and happy life – but it does take a huge amount of courage to do what you and the others have done.
    I salute you
    Hugs and kisses
    Carol xxx

  16. Yeah, read the man man’s nonsense while it lasts, they tend to disappear very quickly.


    1. Mrs. Williams 30 Nov 2011, 5:20pm

      I’m exhausted after reading all this stuff without Keith’s comment. I can only imagine what his mad muttering was like. Reminds me that the world really is full of revolting people.

  17. Think you can definitely revise your goals, Max. Brilliant article. Well done

    Sarah L xo

  18. The wider society struggles with the friction inevitably caused by “Diversity” and the gay community is no different.

    We too struggle with diversity. What makes a lot of people within our community become disheartened like Max, is when we see that although we are ALL outisde of the patriarchal, white, male, macho paradigm, there are some in our community who either deliberately cling to aspects of it to feel superior over other members within the gay community or inadvertently allow such sentiments to infect their dealings with minorities WITHIN our minority group.

    So lesbians, non-white homosexuals, non-First World homosexuals, blue collar homosexuals, effminate gay men, butch lesbians and transsexuals still get traces of that good old Patriarchal, white, male, macho superiority complex.

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