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Ugandan activist receives RFK Human Rights Award

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 10 Nov 2011, 11:54am

    The cynic in me says “I hope the Ugandan government lets him live long enough to accept the award.” Hopefully, this international exposure might weaken the government’s resolve to push the “Kill Gays Bill” but I doubt it.

  2. Frank Mugisha well deserves the RFK Human Rights Award, and the world needs more guys like him.

    Thank you, Frank, … love you.

  3. More! More! More!
    Keep showering support for the gays and lesbians who are literally on the frontlines, in the trenches at the most active, violent battle sites of the war against bigotry.

    They are braver, stronger and more full of self-esteem than anything you have ever seen before because they often have to pull from WITHIN for their strength because there is no culture, no scene, no ‘Gay part of town”, scant community and certainly no law , religious or academic society on their side to bolster up their self-esteem in their own countries. They often do what they do out of their own pockets.

    Most of all, they give our movement transcendence and credence because they would literally risk their lives, just as anti-apartheid, civil rights and women’s rights activists once did in order to speak the truth, starting with THEIR truth. The ugliness they face over there, helps you put a global face to bigotry on friendlier more civilized battle-fronts.

  4. Malaysia is now turning from a friendly place into Uganda, with new persecution of gays and those that support them…they need our support and bravery awards too!

  5. Well done! You are thoroughly deserving of a lot more!

  6. Thank God for men like him, now If only we had more brave gay men like him the world can be a better place for all LGBT people.

  7. Congratulations on the award. A very brave and inspiring human being!

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