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Gay MP tells Parliament of homophobic attack

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  1. Unfortunately the number of hate crimes reported is still very low, compared with the number of hate incidents and hate crimes that occur. Some of this is due to incorrect perceptions of what the police will or will not do. However, unfortunately, some are very much due to poor reactions from the police when LGBT people do report things. It is improving but there are still some dinosaurs out there. We need to report and insist on recording of all hate related incidents we experience.

    1. Have to say Stu, I was hit 4 times in separate incidents and verbally abused on several other occasions and never reported any of it. At the time I was not out to family and work so could not afford to report it. I think that many people who abuse gay people think they will be too scared to report it and so it gives them the opportunity to bully.

      1. @Dave G

        There are whole ranges of issues why LGBT people are reluctant to come forward and report hate crime to the police ranging from fear of disclosure of their sexuality (whether accidental, coincidental or deliberate), to fear of experiencing secondary victimisation from the police themselves (either from their own prior experience or from that they have heard of from others) etc etc. The police have, by and large, improved through introduction of liaison officers, hate crime co-ordinators, third party reporting options etc etc – but it would be disingenuous to suggest that every officer will give every victim the support or reception that should be provided (whether they are LGBT or not) … I would strongly encourage everyone to report hate crime (preferably themselves as it is then easier for police to take action through prosecution etc) or, where there are real issues for reporting to use third party reporting arrangements, this at least allows the police to be aware …

  2. I believe that all schools without a comprehensive anti-bullying policy which includes clear guidance on homophobic bullying should fail Ofsted.

  3. Cambodia Guesthouse 10 Nov 2011, 4:01pm

    Much more needs to be done to tackle hate crimes and make them socially unacceptable in todays world.

    Schools must adopt a totally zero tollerance policy towards homophobic bullying and language..

    As a lifelong Labour supporter, I have to give it to the Conservatives yet AGAIN for doing what they are to raise and deal with these issues….

    1. Good on you for putting party political differences to one side. We all gain when we work togetehr in common cause.
      I never believed when I was a youngster coming to terms with being gay that any MP would speak from such experience in Parliament. It’s a credit to all the main parties that things have moved forward so significantly.

  4. just sayin 10 Nov 2011, 4:31pm

    Why do gay MPs so rarely mention partners on their web page biographies?

    1. Jamie Taylor 10 Nov 2011, 4:34pm

      It has no relevance to their working career.

      1. jamestoronto 10 Nov 2011, 5:32pm

        Or they all don’t have one.

  5. On a more lighter note, he’s cute :)

    1. Exactly what I was thinking lol

    2. Me too!

      1. Thats four of us then lol

        1. It’s a party then! :P

          1. Better make it 5 I also agree :)

  6. As a conservative MP, he should always emphasize the profoundly anti-gay story of his party. What’s he complaining about? That he suffered from anti-gay abuse, or that the abuse were being condoned and incentivised by his party?

    1. James Incer 10 Nov 2011, 9:01pm

      That is incredibly offensive. Why can’t you people get over the fact that the Conservative Party has changed?
      As David said above, “We all gain when we work together in common cause.”

      1. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, but I believe that the tories have more out gay MPs than the rest of the house put together?

        1. James Incer 10 Nov 2011, 9:21pm

          That’s correct Ray.

    2. de Villiers 10 Nov 2011, 10:04pm

      You are a nasty piece of work, Beberts. Truly disgusting.

      1. I’ll be right here to remind you all about what the Tories have done and still do. There are no rose tinted glasses over here, just pure unadulterated reality. Everyone should feel disgusted about the atrocities condoned and committed by the party currently governing this country, that offered nothing but tools to implement the abuse this MP has suffered in the 90s.

        1. Clegg's Driver 10 Nov 2011, 11:48pm

          Get a life!

        2. True they were terrible times in many ways…..but they seem to have seen the light?

        3. James Incer 11 Nov 2011, 1:41am

          Are you a real person? Or a cyborg from LGBTLabour HQ? Change the bleeding record. The Tories have apologised for the mistakes and are consulting on introducing gay marriage…what more do you want???

        4. @Beberts

          No one would ever accuse you of wearing rose tinted glasses where the Conservatives are concerned …

          As a non-Tory voting person (and thus able to form a balanced view of the good and bad done and being done by the Conservatives and the current coalition), I perceive you are either wearing blinkers or have developed complete blindness where the Conservatives are concerned … Whether this is a true change of character (which I suspect it partially is, but remain wary – whilst hopeful) or whether it is the benefit of the coalition – the work already commenced is significant. You are clearly blind to this.

          Blaming the Conservatives now for events in the 1980s, is like blaming Obama for the mistakes of Carter and the Three Mile Island and Iranian hostages crisis … feeble argument …

          1. What we are seeing now is the result of negative attitudes about gay people in the education system due to section 28. The country was fundamentally changed by the tories, social housing has gone, single mums, poor and gay people are the problem in society. It may never be reversed labour tried the tories do what they needed for power

          2. @James!

            If they were educated about how to make judgements for themselves and have had any involvement in society then their prejudices are completely of their own making …

          3. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:27am

            Actually James! what we are seeing is the result of section 28 being removed and Labour failing to replace it with something positive which now is creating feral children into adults. In essence you quibble about section 28 but that had gone ages ago and instead of replacing it chose to leave it as if section 28 had remained. Labour is the only ones to blame for that and how youngsters are turning out today.

        5. de Villiers 11 Nov 2011, 9:34pm

          Atrocities? What a pathetic, embittered old parasite you are Beberts.

          1. If you’re gay, you have no self respect. Next you’ll be invited to reshape the image of the nazzi party, and there you go… once again in your putrid mission of trying to sell the new nazzi party to the jewish community and the whole world … your attitude is very commendable…

          2. Forget it not the nazzi party were also very tolerating of the gayety phenomena at the beginning of the 20th century, but as time went by and the economic pressures started to bite, their real ugly head finally emerged right from behind the fake mask, and those with rose tinted soap washed glasses became nothing more than useless second class citizens. The rest is history, ripe to repeat itself.

          3. But no problems for the wise, loaded and networked I suppose, they’ll manage to tell each other when to buy a first class ticket to somewhere else, where they can all crawl under a piece of rock and hide once again…

          4. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:30am

            “If you’re gay, you have no self respect.”

            Oh that ol chestnut. I think what you mean Berberts is if no-one agrees with you not if they’re Gay.


            Most Gay people have minds of their own and don’t need to live stuck in the past all bitter and twisted.

          5. You behave as if you’re already and will be forever out of the woods. Thousands of years have gone by, and 99% of the time gay people have been horribly tortured and persecuted. Now a few months of hotter than air PR manoeuvres and some of you are all wet … unbelievable …

        6. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:18am

          Hi and welcome to 2011 do come in, being stuck in 1983 must be awfully cold and bitter.

      2. DE villers you have no idea how much damage the tories did.

        In the 70’s there were to lesbian communes on my street, there were gay people in south london living in relative peace

        They was a gay couple in a programme called Agony with Maureen Lipman on Sunday night prime time, we were all very normal part of the furniture until those tory b’stards decided we were evil.

        In the 80’s and 90’s we were the cause of all socities problems with the gay plague
        The damage they did seems to be irreparable you seem to think we are living in some great era cause a few right wing queens are MP’s they are useful idiots.

        The Tories are sending old and disabled people home to die by closing their centers and consigning 16- 24 year old to the trash heap when the stopped the future jobs fund.

        You have a nerve defending them and putting sexuality before humanity. Shame on all of you

        1. I agree James, but I think right wing queens are not only useful idiots, they’re concious and purposefully working, because most of them are personally gaining from the situation, they themselves are financially comfortable, or are not ill, etc etc… they’re just people who are totally egotistic/centrist and care not one iota about those who suffer. They’d be the first ones in line to join the likes of the BNP and even the nazzis, if they were to personally benefit.

          1. On LBC James Max, Iain dale and the shrill Andrew Peirce are the most rabid right wing presenters. Andrew Pierce edits the mail too. how sad can you get editing a paper that has melanie philips and Jan Moir

        2. de Villiers 11 Nov 2011, 9:37pm

          Now who has rose tinted glasses? You remain desperate to keep your prejudices and display your open wounds because it’s all you have.

          1. Do you really think all the atrocities the Tories commit can be awash with a soap? Try to tell jewish people they’re prejudiced against the nazzi party darling. You have no sense of reality and if you’re gay, you have no self respect.

          2. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:35am

            Another boringly weak argument Beberts.

            It has nothing to do with being Gay it’s again because what you think because people have the nerve to disagree with you.

            No seeing people have a mind of their own makes you someone with little self-respect.

        3. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:32am

          Shame on you more like to be so blinded to why we’re in this situation now. Guess that suits mind.

    3. Too right Beberts the Tories made my life hell in the 90’s with all that anti gay rubbish and most of it from right wing queens. I’m telling you it’s the fags we have to watch out for. Most of the greif I have had in my life has come from gay men.

      1. de Villiers 11 Nov 2011, 9:39pm

        Most of it? More right angles from reality.

        1. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:37am

          Think the angles are curving somewhat.

    4. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:16am

      I figure you don’t like change, I mean in another few months it will be 2 years since Labour were booted out… Get over it.

  7. You need to see how they use propaganda and if you look at this and put Christians and Muslims in the place of the religion and put gays in the place of Jews then you will see how these religions see gays and what they have done and are doing to make gays look bad so they will be attacked and harmed. It is being done using propaganda like this,

  8. burningworm 11 Nov 2011, 8:40am

    The distorted psyche of a homophobe is apparent and never really looked at for what it is. If they can only be tall when ‘we’ are on our knees then they have a serious problem and we should be taken out of that equation. There are roots to a problem that can be addressed.

    Liberation isn’t merely the lgbtqi community being able to walk the streets without fear but it is to free those who would inflict harm on us. Victimhood is no longer a stamp of approval, it gets in the way.

  9. I think blaming the tories for what happened in the 70’s and 80’s is pointless, as pointless as blaming the germans for the second world war now, and unfortunatly there are still people who do.

    What is not what they did but what they do that matters as far as I am concerned.

    1. Why are we still blaming the nazzi party then? They can change can’t they?

      1. errr nazzi party is not germany no more than labour party is england. I think you miss read or miss understood what I said

        1. We are blaming the nazzi party for what happened in the 30s and 40s, go figure…

          1. Your rabid screaming about Tory policies bears no relevance to todays coalition, and the party with more openly gay MPs than the rest of the commons put together. The government bringing forth many aspects of supportive legislation and SIs that benefit the LGBT communities. If you want to wallow in the past where the Tory’s were always the homophobic party – so be it, most of the rest of us have moved on … or are doing so, cautiously not blinkered by prejudice or rhetoric … working together for a more coheisve, honest and fair solution to some of the problems – whilst (those of us who are not Tory) criticisng other aspects of non-LGBT policy, and the implementation of some LGBT policy. Grown ups can agree on some things, but disagree on others – thats modern politics. You seem to be unable to let loose your prejudices – life goes on. If you still want to believe section 28 exists, fine – its not true though.

          2. Stu

            Andrew Perce a right wing editor of the anti gay daily mail and a tory.

            how do you explain him?

          3. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:41am

            Sorry James! I didn’t realise to be Gay in Britain meant we had no right to be part of the democracy…. but isn’t that dividing into a them and us situation? Something we fought for years to stop?

            You can’t have it all one way just because we happen to be Gay. We were all given minds and the ability to use them. It would be awfully boring if we all had to do the same thing day in day out wouldn’t it. Or prehaps thats what you like.

          4. you obviously don’t get my point so I will not bother trying to explain it further, it was a fairly simple analogy that even a 10 year old could follow, never mind.

          5. @James!

            And the relevance of Mr Pearce to this discussion is …? I don’t believe he had been mentioned before you brought him up …

          6. Dafy darling we’re adults, and the world is more complex than the world of a 10 yo. The analogy I’ve made is easy to analise. You’ve mentioned a political party. I’ve mentioned another one. Fair game. If a political party can drastically change after atrocities are committed, any party can, do you agree…?? The rules don’t change. But do parties really change that much? If you believe that, one day some jewish people will be able to proudly assume a nazzi identity in the same way some gay people can with a conservative one… just dismiss all past atrocities, and contract a new window dresser …

          7. Sigh giving into this, the analogy I gave was to point out that you can not blame people for things they had nothing to do especially if they are attempting to make a difference to the world around them. I purposely said Germany and not the Nazi party as the Nazi party no longer exists except in the deluded mind of bigoted, racist and sad white supremacists. The whole point of changing your ways is not to dismiss your past mistakes but to accept them and learn from them.

            This whole discussion has already been made whilst debating if Cameron should apologies for enforcing homophobic morals on other countries.

            I agree the original premise is about political blame and to emphasis my point of view I used sociological blame. If you wish me to use a political analogy then blaming any political party that once upheld laws of slavery. All uk parties abhor and will never institute slavery today.

          8. @Beberts

            Yes the world is much more complex than having an obsession with only one political party

  10. It appears Mr Andrew is acquainted with the change of sides …. go with the wind, sell what you may, do what it takes to appear you’re on top…. must be one of those born winners …

    1. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 10:42am

      Guess thats the beautiful thing about living in a democracy isn’t it. We don’t all have to follow the same route of what to do or what to say. Thats all very communist, Very Labour… Very dated.

      1. Never mind following the same route… first labour, then conservative, who knows tomorrow what it’s gonna be… perhaps national socialism is on the list?

  11. Why do people focus on other peoples past mistakes, our mistakes are a part of who we are and I would rather trust a person who has made mistakes and learned from them than someone who claims to be mistake free.

    Their are now two threads of comments that seem to focus on what was and not what is, it is truly a shame that people can not see and recognise the importance of mistakes for reaching maturity (or enlightenment to put a Buddhist twist on it).

    1. Do you forgive the nazzi past mistakes or do you associate them with past atrocities? That’s the question you haven’t yet answered…

      1. what has forgiving got anything to do with the points I made, I never mentioned forgiving I spoke of learning from ones mistakes. I have nothing to do with needing to forgive the Nazi’s as they have not done anything to me and as I said that group was disbanded and no longer exist. I talk of laying blame on someone for their previous leaders errors (or in my analogy blaming a nation for the sins of previous generations and leaders.) I find your reasoning and line of debating to be spurious and feel it is being done so just for arguments sake and not to further the discussion in a logical direction.

      2. What has forgiving got to do with anything? I spoke of learning from ones mistakes. I also never mentioned the Nazis, which is a disbanded group and no longer exists except in the deluded minds of idiots. I spoke of not blaming a person for another’s action using an analogy of blaming a country for another generations actions.

        I find your reasoning spurious and spoken just for arguments sake with no forethought and with no intention to advance the discussion in a logical direction either for or against my leading comment.

        On a final note there is only one z in Nazi, just thought I would mention it

      3. What has forgiving got to do with anything? I spoke of learning from ones mistakes. I also never mentioned the Nazzis, which is a disbanded group and no longer exists except in the deluded minds of idiots. I spoke of not blaming a person for another’s action using an analogy of blaming a country for another generations actions.

        I find your reasoning spurious and spoken just for arguments sake with no forethought and with no intention to advance the discussion in a logical direction either for or against my leading comment.

        1. “I think blaming the tories for what happened in the 70′s and 80′s is pointless”. <—- This is what you wrote.

          I assume you're talking about the tories atrocious homophobic past. If it's pointless to blame them for what they've done in the past, why can't you apply the same rule to the nazzis? Can the nazzis learn from past mistakes? Yes or no? Why yes, why no… very simple question, no gimmicks, no moving posts, same rules, nothing extraordinary …

          1. because they DO NOT EXIST ANY MORE and do not effect current policy. How can they learn from past mistakes. if your great grandparents owned slaves should I blame you for that? (and no I am not saying they did)

            now what you should be asking with relevance to what I asked is can the Germans learn from their mistakes, well yes as I have already stated earlier.

            I am sorry but your fixation on a non salient point to argue what have said is totally boring me now, I do not concede to your argument I just can not be bothered as you just don’t seem to understand what I was saying. you are fixated on an extinct political party and has no bearing at all on the discussion.

          2. Darling, you mentioned the tories and I mentioned the nazzis. Forget about individual persons and/or nationalities. The nazzis still exist and can reorganise their party at any time. You’re dodging the question: Can political parties with a history of abuse of human rights learn from past mistakes? It’s a basic and fundamental question applied equally across the board. If you say yes, you agree, so the nazzis and the tories can change.

          3. I give up you are really are just arguing for the sake of arguing, it is like debating with a child that the colour blue is nice and they keep saying the colour yellow is nice. you can not debate what I had originally
            stated and go off on a tangent trying to use an irrelevant example.

            As for what you keep banging on about yes if they want to change then yes they can change, everyone has the capacity to change but does not mean they will, example is lots of churches moving with the times but catholics refusing to. now sweetie go find something else to obsess over.

          4. There you go. It wasn’t so difficult was it? You believe the nazzis can change. So one day you could be a proud nazzi darling. I believe they can’t change.

          5. @Beberts

            A bit like religion, politics is a choice …

            Unlike race, orientation or disability

            So – yes people can change their politics and views … numerous people have crossed the house (for example)

          6. I’m sure some people can change Stu. You’ll be the among the first to be offered a place in the newly rebranded Nazzi Party. It’s gonna be tempting don’t you think?

          7. Jock S. Trap 14 Nov 2011, 11:47am

            Talking out of your arse again Beberts, I see!!

          8. @Beberts

            You cheapen yourself so much with demeaning comments like that which have no relevance to reality.

            You have no knowledge of my personal political affiliations – because I am a voter who has no allegiance to a particular party and decide on a range of policies (including but not limited to LGBT policies) about which party and which candidate are more likely to reflect my personal priorities and ethical stance …

            Now you may believe that you remain partisan and that such loyalty (to issues now historic and thus irrelevant) is a strong ethical stance … I regard is as rhetoric, lacking any sense of perspective and laden down with reverse bigotry which (largely) is irrelevant in terms of who you seem to target your attack to … your energy could be far more constructively be used against genuinely homophobes …

          9. Rebranded Nazzi Party is waiting for your support … they are not nasty, not anymore… and they’re shiny and very expensive, not cheap…

      4. Another unique Godwinian response from Beberts

  12. carrie baker 14 Nov 2011, 7:25pm

    HOmophobic attacks are from jealous and intimidated people, they are not from people who are scared at all of gay people these monsters are found trying to have sex with little boys ans rapping others in secret all hate group men, check out all of them from religions and political racist caught messing with little boys and men in sescret, they are not homophobic , they are just evil and wicked hippocrites, who like to abuse others while lying about their own evils, and they need to start doing something about putting hetesexual men as nurses aids in resthomes and special ed homes , hetersexual men have no business looking between womens legs cleaning them and doing anthing like bathing them , and espciallly when their are plenty of women to see to the womens units in rest homes and care facilities , the men nurses needs to always bath and dress the men, all of the sexual assault in resthomes and nursing facilities are because of the the administrations lack of concern for the patients,

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