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Video: All gay members of US Congress tell teens ‘It Gets Better’

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Reader comments

  1. So what are these Democrats doing to MAKE things better.

    I have not heard any of these congresspeople condemn President Obama for his support of civil partnership apartheid for example.

    Why not?

    Oh yes – like all politicians they are career politicians whose main function is to keep corporate America sweet.

    The US is not a democracy. It is a plutocracy where polticians work on behalf of corporations and worry about the electorate is a distant second.

  2. Does it really?

    Then perhaps instead of offering support for a largely ineffectual and directionless initiative these politicians actually put their money with their mouth is and start investing time, energy and their presence into the many LGBT community groups who may actually make a difference to the lives (and indeed perhaps even save lives) of many disassociated, segregated and shut-out young and older people.

    I don’t buy this, I’m sorry. “It gets better”? Clearly it doesn’t. Kids are killing themselves, bullying seems to be not only tolerated but endorsed by peers and even so called professionals such as teachers and the school districts act blind to the whole issue. Let’s also not forget the vile republicans who would happily see many LGBT men and women wiped from the face of the earth.

    It gets better indeed. Grow a set of balls and use that political power to drive initiatives, not to take part in a “let’s not upset mainstream middle America” movement.

  3. Idiots giving kids false hope is setting them up for problems later

    1. I am all for showing solidarity. I’m also for establishing LGBT presence everywhere so our young men and women can see they’re not alone.

      I am however against silly initiatives which aren’t thought out and which are so sugar coated and distant in their approach that they do little in the way of offering practical help and indeed in some cases only emphasise the loneliness that these kids often feel.

      What we need to be doing is setting up groups, clubs, information stands, bars, clubs, websites, mentoring schemes…you name it we need to do it. Being practical is the key.

      Instead of this “It gets better” thingymajig perhaps a better way of going about this is to ensure that each and every gay LGBT person who can safely do so set up a video camera and just talk…talk openly, talk honestly and more importantly talk “at a level” with these children.

      In all honesty (and this is not a dig at Stonewall who in fact do some good work) how can kids relate to (cont.)

    2. obsure lesbian musicians, distant politicians and bloody Ian McKellen. Yes, I’m can see that any support is good support but we really need to start working with our kids…not talking to them from afar.

  4. TheSuburban Bi 9 Nov 2011, 5:29pm

    I found it interesting that the 3rd speaker said they were doing the video to reach out to teens finding it tough, be they ‘straight, gay, transgendered, or not sure’ — pardon? Is ‘not sure’ supposed to cover bisexual teens? Ridiculous.

    Coming from members of the US Congress, I’m assuming the script was poured over line by line, so I doubt it’s some simple omission or lapse of remembering what the acronym LGBT stood for. And after reading a study about teen and adult depression that shows just how high depression amongst bisexuals is (reported earlier today on PinkNews), I just find this deliberate omission unnecessary and depressing.

    1. Actually people can be unsure about their sexuality and/or gender identity – that doesn’t make them bisexual. I admit it would have been preferable for him to mention bisexuality in addition.

  5. These are true leaders who want to make it better for all, unlike the Christian Right who have become haters and terrorist and make life a living hell for everybody by spewing their Christian Fascist beliefs,

  6. It’s time politicians DO something instead of SAY something – in the U.S., in Europe, in Australia.

    Please don’t tell us that we have gained enormous strides. One step short of inclusion is way too short.

  7. These politicians are good for the work they do for the LGBT community. They speak out against these rightwing nutjobs in congress. We need more like them.

    1. These politicians (just as much as the rightwing nutjobs) know that they are employed by corporate America,

      People need to wake uip from the lie that what voters want is somehow important.

      It’s not.

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