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Bisexual women “more like likely to suffer depression than men”

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps the increased risk of depression is not due to bisexuality per se, but the CAUSE of the bisexuality – e.g. childhood sexual abuse.

    1. Excuse me!!! Thats very offensive n rude!!! Not everything revolves round child abuse u no!!!

    2. Emma, that is simple a ridiculous comment. Really, its embarrassing. There is no scientific proof of this, and common sense dictates its untrue.

      Perhaps you should be asking yourself why you feel a need to believe such ridiculous falsehoods spread by fools and than regurgitate them on a gay site. Ever think of getting assessed for a possible mental health problem? You should.

      1. Your medical facts Emma? Glaringly absent I see.

    3. Emma – more likely the increased risk of depression is not due to bisexuality, per se, but having to deal with the moronic outpourings of ignorant bigots such as yourself.

    4. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:17am

      Seriously, do people still belief that bunch of crap?

      Emma, love… get an education do.

    5. MyLyricalDreams 24 Nov 2011, 2:30pm

      Grow up you stupid little girl

  2. TheSuburban Bi 9 Nov 2011, 5:55pm

    Emma, neither bisexuality, homosexuality or any other sexual orientation or gender identification is “caused” by child sexual abuse. I suspect you already know this, but are just here to cause trouble. If such abuse “causes” people to not be straight, then why are there so many straight people with stories of abuse to tell? Why are there so many LGBT people who had no such abuse and perfectly healthy childhoods in that respect? You’re talking pure nonsense.

    1. I guess that means we identified the reason for your bisexuality.

      1. Or yours, Emma…. albeit sad little closet case. Protest too much, do we dear?

      2. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:19am

        Trouble with people like you Keith (Sex change the only way now?) ignorance is and will always be the worlds biggest killer.

  3. The article as written tells us nothing. It separates women into three sexual groups, but lumps all men together. Given the high rate of suicide and attempted suicide for young gay men, I find the conclusions of the article suspect.

    1. Good points. In the nebulous field of human feeling especially, one must always ask – ‘who exactly was asked exactly what?’

    2. Actually, men and women were analyzed separately using 3 different measures of sexual orientation – sexual identity, sexual attraction and sexual behavior. Bisexual and “mostly straight” women were at risk for all of the health outcomes examined in the survey. The media often over-simplifies results. For the full study:

  4. Emma, can you point us to the research and documentary evidence for your statement? Back it up with sound scientific facts please or else just shut up and go away. You contribue NOTHING to the discussion, except display a great deal of ignorance and stupidity.

  5. I seem to recall that there was an Australian study within the last few years that concluded that bisexual men had the highest incidence of mental health problems of any group as defined by sexual orientation.
    Perhaps the point here is that the combination not only of stigmatisation and predjudice against the individual, but in the case bisexuality, denial of the existence or legitimacy of ones sexuality as well (you’re confused, greedy, in transition etc. etc.) leads to tangiable negative effects on ones mental and physical health

  6. Is the depression clinical (chemical imbalance) or environmental?

    On the environmental side of things, I can understand why there would be added stress, drama, difficulty fitting in etc. if you are a serial monogamist bisexual who could be in a same-sex relationship for a period of time, then an opposite sex one next. It may cost you friends, community cause people could be so narrow-minded. I know bisexual women who lost all their lesbian friends when they switched to a man. I know bisexual men who lost all their social standing because they went from a woman to a man. That’s tough to handle.

    And/or if you are the kind of bisexual who needs both at the same time, having to deal with BOTH male and female lover drama could be very emotionally draining.

  7. I could have told Northwestern University that bisexual men existed 30 years ago if they had asked me. The BIG problem for bisexual people, whether female or male, is that people stigmatise us. Why is it so difficult for people to grasp that we are sexually attracted to both males and females? Are they stupid or what? Seems perfectly ordinary and straightforward to me. Surely if men who have sex with both women and men are actually gay, they’d stop having sex with women after they come out? But they don’t. ..and as for attitudes like Emma’s.. pfft.. let’s hope she doesn’t contribute to anyone’s suicide.

  8. Well, I am a bisexual man and I suffer of depression, including some suicide attempts, but it started many years ago before I even started questioning my sexuality and is completely unrelated to it (it had to do with academic and professional demands, typical high middle class issues). But imagine if I was interviewed and they tried to correlate my depression to my bisexuality, despite them not having anything to do, how adulterated and wrong the study would be. People should stop seeing statistics as if it were an independent science. Statistics is there just to help the other real sciences, like geography, psychology and sociology, not replace them. Just gathering a bunch of information you took from a survey and joining them by a relation of causality doesn’t make it science. Correlation doesn’t equal causality. It seems someone skipped the philosophy classes on David Hume.

    1. Very sensible point, Felipe – well said.

  9. Rubbish. Bisexuality is tougher on males. Not saying aint tough for women but men have a huge amount of preassure from aociety on a perceived idea of how men are meant to be.

    All lgbt people tho suffer terribly so thats what matters.

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