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Religious party leader: “Rise up” against “cultural domination of the Gaystapo”

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 8 Nov 2011, 2:21pm

    OK you christofascist. This is WAR.

    1. Christine Beckett 8 Nov 2011, 2:25pm

      No…. it’s not war. Leave the emotive talk to them.

      I can understand the anger, though.

      I guess his outburst might well be construed as incitement to hatred. Let’s wait and see.


      1. de Villiers 8 Nov 2011, 3:11pm

        I agree. It’s not war.

      2. Dave North 8 Nov 2011, 3:25pm

        THEY are the ones instigating all this.

        1. Sounds very much a playground response, They started it ….

          We need to condemn the idiocy and ridiculous nature of the extremists who hold this view – explain the bigtory and continue to ensure we maintain the rights we already have and gain full and true equality …

          If we demean ourselves by rising to their bait – then the battle for equality will be longer, more difficult and our integrity will be questioned …

          1. Dave North 8 Nov 2011, 4:57pm

            Unfortunately history shows us that that is how wars start whether in the playground or nuclear.

          2. @Dave North

            I think I know what you mean, and on the whole I agree with you about many arguments starting in this way …

            Not convinced many of my plpayground arguments were about religion etc though … :-)

    2. Eddy - from 2007 8 Nov 2011, 8:09pm

      I agree that we need to deal with this deluded and dangerous individual.

      Some of us need to get hold of copies of his silly little newspaper, examine it, observe who supports it and who is likely to not agree with this deluded man, and then we need to write to those people and urge them in very reasonable but strong terms to withdraw their support from the paper.

      Let us not spend all our time nattering amongst ourselves here in the PinkNews columns.

      1. I agree, lets chat in mypink news about action we can take?

        1. I would be interested in being involved in this

    3. As far as I know Vatican supported and blessed Hitler and gestapo so what have changed?

      1. CofE is very different to the RC church to be fair … predating the gestapo!

        Nonetheless the actions in this article are as abhorrent as those carried out by either the gestapo or its tacit supporters such as the RC church

  2. Christianity is dying, you lunatic fundie! Want to know why? People like you. Nobody wants to associate themselves with hateful bullies who see nothing wrong with tearing our families apart and bullying our children to the POINT OF SUICIDE!!!!

    Christ’s love MY ASS.

    1. Christianity is NOT dying … it is being brutally killed off by those who loudly shout their support for it – trouble is they are actually supporting a pathetic false God they have created in their own image, hatred, bigotry and all!!!!

    2. de Villiers 8 Nov 2011, 3:12pm

      What is this about Christianity dying. It is certainly waning in the UK. It is not dying worldwide.

      1. Dave North 8 Nov 2011, 3:40pm


      2. It will always flourish in areas of poverty and poor education, and always dwindle where there is knowledge and and affluence. Poor uneducated people need hope – and the churches peddle this like a drug.

      3. Paddyswurds 8 Nov 2011, 4:52pm

        …if congregation figures are an indication of whether or not Christianity or indeed religion is faring well world wide then it most certainly is dying and at a far greater rate than was envisaged by those to whom it matters, those making a rich living from it. The furore over gay rights is merely a ploy to try getting back front of house because all their other ploys have been sussed and discredited over the years, that and the cruel and wilful sadism and paedophilia that has been exposed in most of the Abrahamic cults .

        1. Paddyswurds 8 Nov 2011, 5:19pm

          ….indeed if a country like Ireland, which was so in thrall to and under the thumb of the church of Rome and so embroiled in religion for so long that it cost millions their lives, can stick two fingers up to the Vatican, as she did a couple of weeks ago when Ireland closed for ever it’s Vatican Embassy then noone can argue that xtianity is safe anywhere on this planet.!!!

          1. @Paddyswurds

            I agree with most of what you say. Unfortunately there are over 200 sovereign nations, some with high populations such as Nigeria are growing fields for religion, whilst others such as the UK and Ireland are falling numerically (in terms of religious activity). I don’t know that they balance each other out or that the decline in (for arguments sake) western countries is at a faster rate than Africa, South America etc.

            I do agree it appears when living in the UK or Ireland that religion is losing its influence, slowly but surely. I’m not ocnvinced one way or another that the same is true globally.

          2. Exactly. Let’s hear it for Ireland! I was so glad to see that she did this to the Vatican. Wish it would happen in the US. We don’t need contact with the Vatican.

  3. What is truly sad is that the Bible does not support the position of these Christianists (used to distinguish them from actual followers of Christ).

    1. I’m sorry, but the logical fallacy known as “no true scotsman” really rather means that you cannot say that are not actually christians.

    2. Ama ghana 9 Nov 2011, 2:18pm

      De bible doesn’t support homosexuality either

      1. The Bible supports homosexuality as much as it supports eating shellfish, wearing clothes of different types of textiles etc …

        Strange how Christians seem to cherry pick the Bible passages they wish to use

    3. Ro 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
      Ro 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

      I realise that this is like casting pearls before swine, but anyway I hope goes some way to refuting your statemen on the Holy Bible

  4. I’m so angry by this, I’m not even sure what to say. Why can’t everyone spend more time caring about their own interests than blurting out hate about other groups? I honestly don’t understand the world. It’s pretty sick.

  5. I await with interest meaningful reader’s comments. Whether PN readers like it or not Alan Craig does articulate the concerns of a number of Christians who are not lunatic fundies, but those who carefully think through their positions and give considerably to their communities.

    1. If you share his views, sadly you are a lunatic fundie. As we say, “Get over it!” (I’m sure there musf be some fundie-aversion therapy one can undergo).

    2. In what way is drawing an analogy to the holocaust the rhetoric of some one who thinks carefully through complexity and nuance?

      1. Good one, JohnK

      2. Well said, JohnK!

    3. “Alan Craig does articulate the concerns of a number of Christians who are not lunatic fundies”

      I’m sorry, but anyone that uses that term, “Gaystapo” can only be a fundie, and a deranged one at that. If people chose to be extremism, they cannot expect to be taken seriously, only as a threat to civilised society and democracy. The fact you support fool this says very little about your own state of mind.

      1. politicien manqué…. the guy needs a soap box and a spotlight… bye bye city hall

    4. If you believe that equal treatment in the eyes of the law for a law-abiding minority is the same as the rise of Hitler, then you are a lunatic fundamentalist.

      This mean is a dangerous lunatic.

      Anyone who shares his beliefs is a dangerous lunatic.

      Thank Cher, religion is almost dead in the UK.

    5. You have an unhealthy interest in what other people do in bed.

      Please go away: you’re not welcome here.

      1. I agree

        JohnB does appear to have an unhealthy interest in what Gay people may or may not do in bed

        Interestingly, he revealed to Iris some time ago of having some sexual feelings for men.

        Moreover, his presence on this site in light of this, points to the problem (as always in Fundamentalists), of the struggle to repress the impossible. And hence his endless circular arguments and constant particpation on this site.

        1. “JohnB does appear to have an unhealthy interest in what Gay people may or may not do in bed ”

          Yes, they all do.

          Its called denial. Its classic text book – people do not normally obsesses over what they do not want.

    6. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:02am

      Your day of allowing religion rule humanity is drawing to an end. Deal with it and help humanity progress into better beings.

  6. The sight of a cornered rabid animal lashing out is not attractive. Thankfully these scenes will become increasingly rare

    1. September Meadows 8 Nov 2011, 2:50pm

      I see quite the opposite Wingby. They are becoming increasingly frequent and the situation is just about ready to boil over. The dominos have been falling into place for the last five years and sometime next year we are going to see an explosion of events that are going to be anything but peaceful.

      1. Let’s hope you’re wrong. :)

      2. I agree. This is a backlash.

      3. Spanner1960 9 Nov 2011, 8:34am

        I totally agree. I see this scenario getting a whole lot worse before it gets better.
        As somebody already pointed out, an animal is at it’s most dangerous when it cannot see any means of escape.

  7. Make a stance against the militant Gaystapo

    1. “Make a stance against the militant Gaystapo”

      LOL! Yeah, you’re doing great writing your lunacy on a gay site, lets see how far that goes to make a difference, you powerless buffoon.

    2. Can’t you even use original language?

    3. Dave North 8 Nov 2011, 3:39pm

      Given that the Gestapo aided in the capture and gassing of gays, I think you have got your argument the wrong way round.


      1. And? Gassing of gays?

        1. Explain … are you endorsing mass extermination of a particular segment of society …

          I fear that is how evil you are ..

        2. “And? Gassing of gays?”

          And you expect an intelligent response to a “comment” like that?

          Every think of being DNA tested to see if you’re an animal?

          1. I entirely agree, Will …

            I did not put up much hope of Matthew giving a thoughtful response …

            His wicked comment is not justifiable … I wondered if he would man up and admit how wrong he was, be weak and refuse to comment or try and be slippery and pretend he meant something else …

            It seems he is weak …

          2. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 12:58pm

            Well sense says it should be!! Note how they hit and run with these comments…

    4. “Make a stance against the militant Gaystapo”

      The only Gestapo you should be concerned about is the one turning the cogs in your head!!!

  8. Holy Godwin batman!!!
    “Yep, the gay civil rights movement is like the gestapo, y’know, the ones who hated gays and embroidered pink triangles on their lapels before sending them to concentration camps… erm… you know, those gay exterminating homosexuals.”
    Smell the desperation…

    1. Holy Godwin Batman! – Indeed!!!

  9. Gaystapo? Hmm, lets look at the facts:

    The first group of people want to live their lives, find love with a person of their choice, maybe start families, and just get on in life peacefully.

    The second group wants to declare war on the first group, preach hatred, fear, encourage discrimination, suicide, and wants to outcast and harm the first group of people.

    Guess which group is which, and which one is closer to the bigoted ideology of the Gestapo?

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 9 Nov 2011, 2:59am

      On this topic, yours is the most accurate.

    2. “Preach suicide” – explain?

      1. I said encourage suicide. By wanting people to “forcefully confront” gays and encouraging people to “rise up” against LGBT people is encouraging discrimination, bullying and hatred which has sadly already lead us to many LGBT teen suicides, and will inevitably lead to more in the future.

  10. This merely adds currency to the fact that religious faith is a mental illness!

    1. Ama ghana 9 Nov 2011, 2:23pm

      hahaha and you think homosexuality is sanity?! Wat an irony

      1. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 12:59pm

        Clearly more sane than you’ll ever be and definitely more at peace with ourselves too but then isn’t that what and why you hate our community..

  11. The rhetoric of comparing LGBT rights and human rights developments to the holocaust is an interesting adoption of Godwins law.

    Its offensive. Its belligerent. Its ignorant.

    The UK is not a theocracy, never has been, never should be.

    If Christians really can not see that treating gay people differently and with inferior attitudes is not wrong – then I see little of Christianity in them.

    I tend to see those Christians who are thoughtful, generous and considerate – and value the humanity of gay people – as being people who (to use a Biblical phrase) exhibit the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness etc). Those who adopt a stance such as that elicited in this article are devoid of such characteristics.

    Anyone who shares these views, who endorses comparison to the holocaust etc needs to seriously examine their own morals and integrity.

    I am usually the sort of gay guy that is tolerant and accepting of religion. If this is the attitude we …

    1. … are going to have to contend with from many Christians then I am fully prepared to ramp up my opposition of faith diluting human rights, suppress rhetoric and dogma and ensure that the links between church and state are eliminated. I will be patient (unlike some of the Christians) and wait to see if this is a mere apparition or whether there is a momentum behind these views – but if they persist, then my time of trying to understand Christians who share these damaging views will be over. Such truculent oppression must not ever be tolerated.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 8 Nov 2011, 3:28pm

        I gave up hoping long ago hence my usual truculence with the religious, however given the small numbers in his GANG, at the moment, we shall wait and see.

    2. Stu: I choose my words carefully (I hope) as I suspect there will those who will vigorusly jump on anything I say that they don’t agree with…

      I am not an apologist (where have you heard that before :-)) for Alan Craig and neither do I know the full context for what he said.

      “Offensive”, “belligerent” and “ignorant” are strong words, which make me wonder about the appropriateness of the comparison he made. I would hope that Mr Craig would want to be “thoughtful”, “generous”, “considerate” etc. despite what PN readers might think.

      The sad fact with the rise of Hitler was that while he duped his way into power, he was also received by good people who felt that he was the man that would deliver them from their woes etc. We know what happened when he got into power (some of it being wickedness of the worse kind). I wonder if you or I or anyone else were around in Germany at that time, what we would have done?

      Clearly, Mr Craig (like me) is worried that the Christian values once broadly accepted in society are not only no longer being so but those who wish to stand by those values are ridiculed or worse as a result. He is right to bring that to our attention but I regret his use of words might not have helped his cause.

      Personally, I take a historical perspective, that when Christians are persecuted the Church (not buildings but the mystical body and bride of Christ) will be stronger and that is a good thing. Also, Christians are called to both practically show the love of God to all humanity, especially the poor and marginalised, and also to preach the gospel and stand for truth whether scientific or biblical or whatever.

      1. @JohnB

        I appreciate that you choose your words carefully in many (if not all) of the messages you post on PN. I also try to choose my words carefully, partly because there are some who seek to twist and manipulate what (or others) say to suit their own agenda.

        In my posting where I referred to the comments by Alan Craigs as offensive, belligerent and ignorant; I chose those words with great care – because I was so horrified and offended by the comparison Mr Craigs makes.

        I often say on PN that LGBT people risk damaging their cause (of seeking equality) if they undermine their fight by being deliberately demeaning of others – whoever they are.

        The same is true of Christians. As much as there are some key principles where I suspect we will never agree – there is a lot to respect about your willingness to try and understand. Mr Craigs and his followers (in particular) undermine the good work done by those Christians who either endorse equality for LGBT people or seek to …

      2. … understand and enter dialogue with LGBT people to support some issues – whilst accepting other issues may either never be resolved or will take considerable effort.

        I hope you understand that whilst I have very strong views on LGBT rights, my main passion is universal human rights. I am aware that my stance leads me to being criticised both by those with faith (for being gay and seeking equality) and from within the LGBT communities (for suggesting that religious people are entitled to rights and opinions too). Mr Craigs attitude demeans those Christians who are understanding, tolerant, thoughtful, generous and considerate. It stigmatises gay people and treats them not with satire and scrutiny (which are appropriate in debate) but with ridicule and dismissiveness. It says that gay people are worse than the N@zi’s. He clearly tries to emotionally harm us with his rhetorical and ignorant use of words.

        My passion will not be silenced by antiquated religious rhetoric by …

      3. … and inhumane individuals or groups. If anything, such vitriolic insulting words and behaviour (which I presume some Christians would presume would not be offensive (how!?!); makes me more determined to ensure LGBT people are treated fairly – and pushes me to a more polarised position from my usual argument of supporting universal human rights. Of course, LGBT rights are part of universal human rights. I seek full and honest transparent rights for all people. Mr Craigs attitude makes me much more willing to concentrate on LGBT rights at the expense of others, if need be. I don’t find that a comfortable place to be – all people should have rights. If Christians are not going to play fair and by the rules, then as the stigmatized part of society who do not currently have fully equal rights – then why on earth should we play by the rules?

        I hope you can tell that my tone is much different to my usual reflective and considered response. That is how furious Mr Craigs has made me.

      4. … For years LGBT people have been persecuted, and Mr Craigs appears to be ramping it up and spoiling for a fight.

        He certainly is not showing any love, consideration, peace or willingness to engage to the LGBT society – in fact his offensiveness, and truculant attitude is some of the worst behaviour of a UK based Christian I have seen publicised in some time.

        I share many of your views on social justice and integrity. Mr Craigs from my perspective lacks any warmth, humanity or interest in human rights and social justice.

        As I said, I will wait to see how this develops. I hope that I can continue to engage in reflective, sensible, measured discussion – agreeing and disagreeing with you and others in equal measure. However, if Mr Craigs approach to LGBT issues becomes much more of the norm in the UK from a Christian perspective, then I shall become a true activist.

      5. This view that Christians are being discriminated against is ridiculous, the church gets tax breaks, automatic recognition in the House of Lords and also are allowed to preach to non believers.

        They get the same if not more protection to practice there beliefs however they are no longer force those beliefs down everybody else’s throat that’s all.

        I admit views towards Christians have changed they are no longer assumed to be righteous or even good, but that is how we all get viewed and to be honest I think after what the Church has shown the world it is no surprise.

        1. @Hamish

          I entirely agree

          The sophistry that all Chrisians are good – is just that, sophistry … some are good … some are honourable … Mr Craigs, clearly is not one of them …

          There is freedom of religion in the UK. Freedom to worship. Freedom to preach. There are no legal restrictions on belief systems unless they incite hatred, violence etc etc – and nor should a religion be immune from prosecution or a defense to criminality or wrong doing.

          What there is not in society is equality for gay people – oppression from Christians (and others) had subjugated gay people for years. We are now seeing that most of society accepts gay people in the same way racial acceptance happened (and continues to evolve) over the past generation or two.

          Religious people may disagree but giving gay people rights is not discriminating against religious people.

      6. @JohnB

        When you say that you do not know the full context of what Alan Graig said, I think what you mean is that you do not want to read or acknowledge paranoid rhetoric he keeps spinning

        Why do you constantly stick your head in the sand?

      7. @JohnB — you say that “Offensive”, “belligerent” and “ignorant” are strong words, and you wonder about the appropriateness of the comparison he made.

        This is a man who is conjuring the Third Reich to promote his views. Do you know what the Third Reich did ? It’s not just a question of a rigged election. They attempted genocide, on several groups of people. Your failure to condemn this disgusting language does you no service.

        Your response supports the idea that you are more interested in supporting other christians regardless of what they say rather than standing for truth.

        I really object to the Holocaust being hijacked, and I am disappointed you acquiesce in this.

  12. It’s truly tragic that this dullard and his doddering band of god bothering coffin dodgers genuinely believe that they are in any way culturally or politically relevant.

  13. Damn right ! the 1.5% of the population will not dictate to the 98.5% of the population

    1. the 1.5 being the fundies, i take it?

      1. @qv

        1.5% seems a high percentage for the fundies … nonetheless …

        It can’t be the number of LGBT people as official conservative (little c) government figures are at approximately 6% of the population being LGBT.

        Recent (in my opinion generous) statistics of churchgoers (which I detailed in a post on a different article) were around 5.3% of population.

        I still think the fundies probably are less than a quarter of church goers, regardless if the 1.5% figure is accurate (and I would be interested in seeing the evidence) then its still significantly less than that of the LGBT population, and continues to have irrelevance to a modern fair, unbiased democracy that is blind to religious differences.

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 1:00pm

      seriously, is that what you believe? Deluded much?

  14. This attitude confirms the view that religious faith is a serious mental illness!

    1. Ama ghana 9 Nov 2011, 2:20pm

      lol, and homosexuality rather is sanity?! Wat sarcasm

      1. Clearly you havent got a sense of humour …

        1. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:04am

          Or a personality.

  15. Wingay Churchwillie 8 Nov 2011, 3:35pm

    We shall fight them in the pulpits,
    We shall fight them outside,and within, the cathedrals,
    We shall fight them on our gay pride marches,
    We shall lambast them in the media,
    We shall never go back into the closet….

    1. How rather lovely and apt.

    2. Absolutely beautiful and so apt.

    3. Righteous

  16. Coming from a member of a sect that has persecuted gay people for hundreds of years, it’s a somewhat strange reversal of the facts.

  17. I never ceases to amaze me how some people still spout such hatred and use religion as an excuse.

  18. For a moment I thought this was republicanism – its in the UK :|. These deluded people do not care about loving people in the ‘arms of god/jesus’ etc.

    I’m suprised we haven’t heard from the likes of Stephen Green lately – still expect the lunatic fringe to creep out and deny a minority any kind of freedom.


  19. I thought I was reasonably up on gay politics, but according to this man there are some interesting objectives on the ‘Gay Agenda’, like assalting “the very foundations of our civilisation”, for example.

    Can someone please tell me which gay pressure groups are pushing for these objectives – can one join them, or are they secret squirrel?

  20. Paddyswurds 8 Nov 2011, 3:57pm

    If it’s war they want it’s war they shall have, but they should think on. They will be the losers and not just to the status quo, but to complete anillhilation as they sorely deserve. It is time to stand up to those who wish to put fiction and opinion above basic civil rights. The religious right have had it their own way for too long and have proven that they are not worthy of such indulgence. So i say to this xtian creep….Bring it on Brother!

    1. ..xtian…purrfect they don’t deserve the extra keystrokes;-)

  21. You’ll see, all those nice Xtians will be lining up to disown this man.
    Seriously though, is the definition of being christian,a hatred of, and obsession with,gay people,and, nothing else?
    Q What d’ya call a xtian with half a brain?

    1. an atheist in denial :P

  22. Wow! How powerful are we? We can bring about the end of civilsation as we/they know it? And there was me thinking that I just fancy women…The only weapon I need to bring about the destruction of Mankind is me and my desire – who would have thunk it?

    1. Not to worry

      As soon as they have got over this tantrum and wake up and find that the can still order a “Exultate Jubil – latte” from Starbucks, they will no doubt calm down.

  23. mike fisher 8 Nov 2011, 4:16pm

    Only a Pig could denote what other Pigs eat at the trough, this is the kind that were they placed in jeapordy would squeal against their own to eat in plentiful abundance. Not only are we not allowed a slice of civilized society, we now have an “Agenda”. Tell you what im gonna do, im gonna leave loads of black folders with the words “The Gay Agenda” emblazoned on the front, full of BLANK pieces of paper to get the point across. THEN we can get on with equality (no more or less) while they connect the dots in their imaginery puzzle book. peace all! x

    1. I recall seeing a great video on YouTube where the speaker says something along the lines of “heterosexual couples fall in love, gay people fall in lust. Heterosexual people have hopes and dreams, gay people have ‘an agenda'”. The language is chosen very carefully – “I am ‘tolerant’ of gay people” – to suggest a negative aspect where gay people are involved. That there is something unpleasant that has to be borne, reluctantly but gracefully, in spite of the fact we’re all up to something.

  24. He should be sectioned.

    1. Like homosexuals used to be

  25. I wonder if this lunatic is receiving any funding from the right wing religious fascists in the U.S.A? Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re aiding and abetting this idiot. Are we not surprised that the C of E cult published this article? Does it publish a disclaimer that it does not necessarily support the views of these religious radical extremists?

  26. Peter Paul Fuchs 8 Nov 2011, 4:50pm

    Those hear using the theme of war, as this unbelievably fanatical nut did, are really misguided. Heterosexuals and heterosexual culture will always be the dominant culture in society. So the best way to deal with nuts like that is just to make that point clear, because it is better than buying into their pugilistic mindset.

    1. Why must there be “heterosexual culture” at all? Why not just “culture” in which we all have an equal stake and to which we all contribute? Why tribalism and the crediting of achievement and ideas to different accounts? Would we have blue-eyed culture or left-handed culture or over-six-feet culture? Who would think that a good or laudable idea?

      1. Peter Paul Fuchs 8 Nov 2011, 10:21pm


        Well, I agree that would be a fine thing if it could be arrived at equitably and realistically. But the world seems unswervingly tribal in some sense. In such a world, I will take being a respected minority, often appreciated for a unique perspective over being a mental node in some nut’s paranoid fantasy, like the guy above. One only feeds such nuts in their delusion by engaging their bellicose rhetoric per se. I am all for fighting cleverly. But acting as if gay culture can fight straight is, as I said, demographically an utterly losing proposition. Also, I can tell you that even great friends of gay people are a bit put- off by the prospect of the very cultural tropes of gay ghetto-ization becoming, or trying to become an over-arching theme for the culture. We as a community are getting beyond all that. But it will take time. We should not rush the healing process. But in the meantime fighting nuts like this as if we could win, except in principle perhaps, is very misguided.

        1. The people on here claiming they are willing to fight are not wanting to fight straight culture, these days most straight people are perfectly happy with gay people but they are willing to fight these extremists who wish to have time reversed back to the good old days when we weren’t allowed to love.

  27. He freely uses words like “Gaystapo” without recognising that there is a REASON that we adopted the pink triangle as a symbol (although mine would have been black). Just another hateful christofascist bigot. I just wish I could tell him that the only difference between Zeus, Odin, Enki and the christian god is time, and that history shows us that extinction is inevitable for religion.

  28. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

    1. Righteous thanks William

    2. posted on my FB page thanks bro

  29. Tom Stoppard 8 Nov 2011, 5:45pm

    I haven’t laughed so much in ages. She’s hilarious! Much funnier than Melanie Phillips.

  30. Cambodia Guesthouse 8 Nov 2011, 5:57pm

    Sounds like the demented ravings of a nutter who knows he’s LOSING!!!!

  31. Paul O'Neill 8 Nov 2011, 6:00pm

    I will wearly, wearily say it. One. More. Time. Nutters like this bloke DO NOT represent mainstream Christian people. I promise you. Be rude, insulting and dismissive (if you absolutely must) about the spiritual and philosophical belief in a higher power-which is all faith is, really, but PLEASE do not be fooled into thinking that this canting fool represents liberal, or even conservative Christians. And yes, I’m a gayer too. And no, I don’t see it as a contradiction. And yes, I am a Christian. And no, I’m neither delusional nor stupid. Here endeth the lesson. Much love.

    1. Paul: good on you for being both gay and Christian – I wish you well. I don’t know enough about this man to come to a firm view but I suspect from the endorsements he has had from mainstream Christians he cannot be dismissed as a “canting fool”.

      While my own theology tends to be conservative, I also feel that attitudes to gay folks and understanding and presentation of the issues sometimes, maybe often, have much to be desired. Even so, we can’t duck the issues and our yardstick has to be truth, beginning but ending with the scriptures.

      What I do know is that while his “gaystapo” comparison might be considered inappropriate that points made in his blog post are not and do give cause for concern.

      1. @JohnB

        I am astonished if you think the first article in his blog is appropriate

        1. Stu: I’m not sure I used the word appropriate. In fact I conceded his “gaystapo” comparison might be inappropriate e.g. the PN poster who pointed out how Hitler killed gays would be a reason for recognising this.

          I see this man is het up (as am I sometimes) but, even so, he ought imho use moderate language, firstly, in order to win the argument if that is what he wants to do, by not unecessarily antagonising the “opposition” or “fence sitters” and secondly, that is the Christian way.

          I think he raises valid points (at least from where I stand – some of which we have talked about in these forums). He also expresses a concern over the fear that an agressive gay/secularist lobby can impose on those of us who argue against some of the things (included in his blog) that are now taking place in our country and how one should stand one’s ground.

          As an anecdote, when I sit on my diversity committee, I am aware that some of the groups involved seek to court favour with organisations such as Stonewall. I have no problem with this but I perceive sometimes some folk go out of their way not to upset such organisations out of fear. My own position, is to use their expertise, try to accomodate their perspective BUT if they wrong or act in a pernscuous way as they have and do then to SAY SO!

          1. @JohnB

            Maybe I was not understanding you fully, but I took it that when you said other aspects of his blog post were not inappropriate that you must mean that you found them appropriate.

            I say again, this country is not a theocracy and thus law must be blind to religious difference. To suggest otherwise enables extremism to flourish and be abused. If one looks at the history of the N@zi party (to use the same comparison that Craigs used) then when it began the aims were not those extremist ones that became associated with their holocaust policies – some of their aims were laudable. Whilst, I do not share this view – I do accept that some would say the aims of Craigs are laudable. One danger of such offensive and callous language is that they can be manipulated by those whose aims are more sinister.

            Similar to you, I sit on a diversity committee for my employer. We make use of resources such as Stonewall, diocesan offices, British Board of Jews, Race Relations groups etc. …

          2. … and generally find them helpful, enlightening and supportive. However, if they do act wrongly, unfairly or inappropriately then I and my colleagues are very happy to point this out (from whichever quarter it comes).

            I am appalled at the insidious, patronising and ignorant way Craigs presents his (dubious) case. He has a similar approach to the segregationalists in apertheid South Africa. He seems to be a zealot to a bigoted approach.

          3. Stu: One thing I am learning, helped in part by my sojourn in PN forums, is to be careful in use of language and examples. What is happening in this country in terms of its move toward secularism and, dare I say it, a preocupation with “political correctness”, is not what happened in Germany in the 1930’s, which was so evil, even in the early days e.g. attacks on Jews. although the way we appease nowadays and aquiesce to anti-Christian notions by a misguided, powerful elite has certain parallels. So the analogy and language may be inappropriate, but the concerns raised and some of the examples given may be appropriate (imo) – hope that makes sense!? About Craig and other PN bete-noires is they make (imo) important and valid points but sometimes mix these with non-important and invalid points and intemperate language and inappropriate analogies.

            Of course this country is not a theocracy and I doubt it ever will be. I doubt too, historically, there ever has been a successful theocracy. Israel under Moses got close but after that never really succeeded. Some rulers tried e.g. Cromwell in the UK but with deep flaws. Many Christians and Jews believe when the Messiah comes there will be a theocracy and it will work! In the meantime we accept (in this country at least) democracy, which as Churchill remarked is a bad form of government but better than any other form! We are both exercising our democratic right to engage in debate and the issues we discuss are important because they effect everyone of us and those who come after us!

          4. @JohnB

            If this country is not a theocracy then it should not grant favouritism towards any religion …

            It should treat all its people with equal value …

            As an aside, I hope you do appreicate how offensive and repugnant, Craigs comments are to gay people. His shocking and repulsive language, if coninued by Craigs and others with any dynamism, makes me “a fence sitter” to use a phrase you used earlier, much less likely to be tolerant of many who empathize with his ferociously loathsome approach. This is no way for Christians to make allies.

            Its a long time since a news story made me so furious. I regard his tirade in his blog as being a hate crime and inciting hatred (and potentially violence).

          5. How is asking for marriage equality in anyway out of order, marriage is not Christian (in fact it was originally pagan and therefore hated by the church) and saying we have civil partnerships so we have equality is not enough as the same but separate idea has been proven not to be true equality by almost all minorities!!!

          6. Thanks Stu for sharing this perspective. If I am honest, I did not see Mr Craig’s remarks as being hateful and as inciting to hatred (which of course we know is against the law).

            However, one of the advantages of engaging with forums like this is to hear what other people, coming from a very different position, have to say. I will take heed, and while I share some of the frustration and anger of Mr Craig, I think he would be better advised to adopt a more winsome approach even though he should not be compelled to fudge the issues as, sadly, some Christian these days do.

            As for being granted favouritism, I don’t believe that is what Christians are asking for and is not something they should expect. Christians have always sought to live peacably in the country they are placed in and allowed freedom of conscience.

            While I don’t expect you to agree, some of the points Mr Craig makes indicate that may not now always be the case and that the pendulum is definitely swinging that way. As for debating what values should hold sway in society, my fear is that secularism (which seems to be the current tendency) has no basis other than what people (usually an intellectual elite) think at the time and while I would not deny there are many sincere and well meaning people around, this as history shows can be severely flawed.

            While I do not expect special favours to be granted to Christians, I believe we reject the judaeo-christian basis to our laws and way of life at our peril and is why I am prepared to argue this case in what sometimes turns out to be a hostile environment.

          7. @JohnB

            If Christians are seeking to be permitted to be able to discriminate against people on grounds of marriage or sexuality in businesses they run, and use their faith as a defense for breaching the equalities act – if granted, they would be having special treatment in the eyes of the law …

            If Christians seek to interfere with sex education (or any education) in schools, then they are getting special treatment …

            If Christians seek to interefere with CIVIL marriage, and ensure national law is influenced by their standards (however prejudiced they may be), then they are getting special treatment …

            If Christians seek to compare gay people calmly and resolutely speaking (without incitement to any form of violence, prejudice or causing any antipathy) about equality, as being similar to some of the worst mass murderers this planet has ever seen, then they are debased and inhumane …

          8. @JohnB

            You said you did not find Mr Craigs comments hateful or inciting hatred:

            How can you not find any of the following (which are direct lifts from Mr Craigs blog) as offensive, hateful or inciting hatred:

            “Their gay-rights stormtroopers take no prisoners as they annex our wider culture … so [people] find themselves crushed under the pink jackboot”.

            “The gay wehrmacht [name for German armed forces in N@zi years] is on its long march through the institutions … has already occupied the Sudetenland [the areas of Czechoslovakia that were populated by many native Germans in the N@zi era] … of the Home Office, the educational establishment, the politcally correct police and the Guardianista management of the BBC.”

            “Flattered by appeasers and feted by the political class, the oberkommandos [elite of the N@zi armed forces] of Stonewall and Outrage! have expansive goals for cultural hegemony and have long wanted to march on the next territory”.

            “They want to hijack a word and …

          9. … capture our culture at its deepest level”

            “They want to reconfigure relationships, eliminate the traditional family and hence eradicate stable upbringing for our children”.

            “Unbelievably, the Conservative Prime Minister … in his Munich moment … makes virtue out of vice … and declares triumphantly to the Tory party conference “It’s Gay Marriage in our time!”.

            “Someone once said, ‘There’s a time for silence, and a time to speak … a time for peace and a time for war’, and same sex marriage could be the invasion of Poland, the catalyst for war and a cultural fight back … Cometh the hour, cometh the man …”.

            “Churchill … was scorned as a political has-been … but he clearly saw the hegemonic ambitions of the N@zis, their intended assault on our civilisation, our values, our way of life … ”

            “Our civilisation, our values, our way of life indeed the national character are inevitably formed from the values of the Christian faith … Erase Christianity and you erode …

          10. … Englishness and the nation loses its identity and self confidence … Christianity and Englishness have become fully entwined and fused”.

            “They have already achieved equal rights through civil partnerships; so to covet the word [marriage] and to undermine a foundation stone of our civilisation – a nurturing place for children – betrays other more ominous intentions”.

            and I could go on and on …

            All very militaristic, talking of attack and violence, intimating that the time is for war, intimating that LGBT people are uncivilised etrc etc

            And you dont see how this can be offensive …

            Have some compassion. Take a step back and change the words to one of a racial comparison and tell me it is not offensive …

            I do not believe it is possible for a compassionate and honest person to see ANYTHING but hatred in those words – they are deliberately worded in a provocative and offensive manner and to incite a community to hatred (and thier own form of hegemony)

    2. Religious eh? Well, don’t worry, that can be fixed. Stupid? Probably not. Delusional? Perhaps. Fundamentally wrong about the nature of reality? That you certainly are if you hold theistic beliefs for which there is not a shred of evidence. But there are worse things to be in the world than wrong…

    3. Well don’t tell US that. Tell HIM that. Are you willing to see if there is a way to combat the extreme fringes (we do know, you do realise that?) or would you rather stand in the background and quietly say “we aren’t all like that” while they scream hatred at us, and then act surprised when we say we cannot hear you.

    4. Thank you Paul. I think it is really important for Christians who feel their religion is being abused or misrepresented by hardliners, to take that argument to the Church Times, the national media, your local church. Mobilise other like-minded people to get their voices heard.

      Alan Craig’s comment is as much an affront to Christians and Jews as it is to LGBT people, and if his voice is over amplified, it will drive more people away from your faith.

      1. AdrianT

        I entirely agree.

        I hope, Paul and others will take note and speak to The Church Times and others to ensure a less inflammatory message is portrayed and that there is an expression of support from those Christians who are pro gay that is heard with much more resonance.

    5. Paul – this nutter absolutely DOES represent the views of mainstream Christian people. Religious people cherry pick. You cherry pick what you want from your scripture to support your views to allow you to reconcile your faith with your sexual orientation. Bigots cherry pick what they want from scripture to support their bigotry. All you’ve done here is fall into the trap of cherry picking “Christian” people like you to represent mainstream Christianity. You are totally in error to do so. You may be a non-homophobic Christian, but you are in a tiny, tiny minority. Mainstream Christianity, be it the Vatican, Church of England, Evangelicals or any other branch of Protestantism, Mormonism, etc are all passionately homophobic. It is these people who truly represent “mainstream” Christianity if only because they outnumber you and people like you by many orders of magnitude.

    6. @Paul — He reflects the views of the majority of christians rather than contrastts them though.

      There is a great diversity in christian belief and practice, and to postulate the existence of a mainstream I think is wrong. However, the fact is that most christians have an unhealthy obsession with other people’s sex lives, and so I think this disgusting man characterizes majority opinion on this issue.

    7. One of the problems is that most people that think the church hates them for being gay never venture into a church. My previous church had a transgender pensioner, who at various times was Ted or Alice (throughout the many years he spent there). The church I am at now has a lesbian couple that come along – I mention it only for the sake of this article – it is a NON ISSUE in 99% of churches I have been at. The majority of people (I will ‘come out as a heterosexual priest), really DON’T CARE if people are gay amongst the congregation – big deal, it is the 21st century. Does he have a valid point that the so called leaders are ‘bullying’ people into opinions (I am all for protecting rights, that is important), but how can forcing opinions work? The hearts of people need to change, this can’t be done by legislation alone, in fact there is more likely to be a backlash in those situations. If you want to know what Church of England churches are like, go to one ;) – love and best wishes

    8. soapbubblequeen 23 Nov 2011, 4:44pm

      Thank you Paul. More people who are Christian need to openly oppose this kind of outright bigotry and intolerance.

  32. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Nov 2011, 7:07pm

    Here is the link to the full article on his blog:

    1. Thanks Mumbo Jumbo

      In a few words, his rant appears . . .

      “Paranoid and inflammatory”

  33. PLEASE, that man must continue speaking, PLEASE. All he say contains so HATE, stupid and irrational arguments, that is a perfect defend to the people he wants to hurt. He needs no one to attack him, he makes all the work alone, with this nonsense arguments.

  34. This christofascist Alan Craig is probably damaging his stupid belief system more than we ever will, so keep up the good work Alan while we laugh at you and your deluded followers.

    1. That is very true Angela, …

      If anyone was looking for a way to undermine Christian people, then they could not have hoped for or engineered anything better than Alan Craigs

  35. Quite a special breed of crazy IMO. I pity him really. What insanity must be going on in his head to come up with stuff like this?

  36. jamestoronto 8 Nov 2011, 7:56pm

    I find this particularly offensive given that the Gestapo hunted down and imprisoned and killed so many thousands of gays during the Holocaust. That a ‘reputable’ Anglican Church paper would even consider publishing this is highly offensive. An insight into how they truly feel, perhaps? This idiot’s hyperbole is way over the top. Munich, Sudetenland, invasion of Poland? C’mon. Give yourself a reality check or a valium.

  37. I find Alan Craig’s article deeply offensive, and I am considering reporting it to the police under hate crimes legislation. Thoughts?

    1. I am actually going to the police station tomorrow, at their request to give a statement on another homophobic matter and am sorely tempted to ask to complain about Alan Craigs.

      1. The “Gaystapo” remark is a possibility. And language to “rise up” and “forcefully confront” also make me wonder as that is possibly coming closer to inflammatory speech.

        1. I may well mention this when I go to the police tomorrow. This should not deter others doing the same who feel that such complaints should be made. The more who complain – the more the police have to sit up and listen.

    2. I agree, constructive action needs to be taken on this article.

      Collective e-mail?

      1. I am up for a colective email – how should we organise this …

        I think we should target the media who published this aricle (and any other running inflammatory articles about it), the funders of the newspaper, Mr Craigs, his organisation and any funders…. and Lynne Featherstone – so she can see what we have to put up with … and the police and equal opp’s organisations

  38. It reminds me of something said in the recent BBC4 Four drama Holy Flying Circus – ‘it is always good to get the Auschwitz card out of the way early.’ The real problem is this man does not seem able to differentiate between good and evil, harmlessness and harm. This is dangerous at the ‘best’ of times, however with his brand of the Christian faith it has the potential to be especially damaging in regard to his continual running for public office and the predicted disenchanted Christian voter.

  39. Mike Homfray 8 Nov 2011, 8:54pm

    They’ve lost the arguments. They lose all their court cases. That’s why they are getting ever more extreme and angry – because they know they can do nothing except shout and scream

  40. Alan Craig must find those butch ‘gaystapo’ types in their tight black leather raincoats a real turn-on!!!

    Why is it that closet homosexuals are always so homophobic!!!

  41. Surely this can be counted as a hate speech, sounds to me like an incitement to violence!!

    1. Thats the clear reason I feel it is important to report it and take a stand, I perceive it as an incitement to public disorder and violence.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 9 Nov 2011, 3:26am

        Hi Stu.

        I know we have had our grumbles, but how do I go about this.

        I feel very threatened by this nonsense and wish to make it clear to the authorities that this language / threat is not acceptable, specifically coming from a Church of England paper.

        We are all called to account for our behavior and this is clearly not acceptable.

        I stand at this time security cleared for every aspect of UK security including MOD, SC, SC+, NPIA and others unmentionable.

        I want this man’s crap put down.

        How do I go about reporting this?????????

        1. Dr Guthrie

          I agree this mans bile needs stopping and stopping urgently, and the most viable way of doing so is by holding him to account and public scrutiny in a court of law.

          I regard both Mr Craigs and the publishers of the Church of England newspaper as having committed hate crimes (one by authoring such vile and offensive rhetoric – the other by publishing his oppressive words). There is definitely a crime under section 5 or section 4a of the public order act 1986 aggravted by section 146 of the criminal justice act 2003 (for reasons of homophobia). There may be offences of inciting hatred, inciting violence, communications offences or harassment.

          The simplest way of reporting it is to contact your local police service on their non-emergency number and ask to report a hate crime. I would print off this article, and some of Mr Craigs blog (maybe the thread of discussion on here too), as officers will need to be able to see evidence of this hatred.

          Hate crimes should be …

        2. … treated as a priority incident by the police (ie never treated as lowest priority). Depending on how your local force operates and what you would prefer, they may either come and visit you and take a statement or ask you to come into a local police station (some forces offer appointment systems) to make a statement – about seeing the offensive article, how offended and upset you were and how you perceive it. The police then do the rest – they may contact you again if they need to clarify anything etc etc

          If as many of us as possible do this, then the police must take action.

          I know we have both disagreed with each other – but I think we both have the same agenda (with a slight difference in perspective and approach, usually). I think sometimes your approach will be better than mine, and on other occasions vice versa. I hope you were more comfortable with my strident approach to this matter.


    2. Yawn Yawn Yawn

      Didnt ask your opinion, not interested in your opinion on what I perceive …

      Crawl back under your rock and please stay there this time

    3. Obviously the great Keith is always right that’s why he doesn’t seem to have a job or even anything better to do with his life, if you were really so clever as you suppose I’m sure the government would be asking you for advice for our current economic climate.

  42. Paul (above) is right: Alan Craig does NOT represent mainstream Christian people, just as many of the gay extremists on here do not represent the mainstream of gay people. In all cultures and walks of life you will have angry and often maladjusted extremists jostling to express their deluded sense of supremacy over everyone else; in gay life, it seems, more than others.

    Most gay people don’t even know what Pink News is and are likely to ever come across Alan Craig’s rantings. They just lead normal, hassle free lives and refuse to politicize their sexuality or to react to quite innocent incidents that some on here would perceive as heinous thought crimes and not hesitate to run to the police to report!

    It is the over-reactionary behaviour of the so-called “gay lobby” that is giving fuel and rise to the dangerous likes of Craig et al. Food for thought…

    1. There is an element of truth in what you say, Samuel

      Surely we all want equality, as gay people?

      Who is going to seek it, if we dont all play our part, then it will never happen – dont leave it to someone else …

      I would hope (but I know its not the case) that all people active in trying to influence positive and constructive change would be balanced, fair and laid back in their approach …

  43. Here is what I left at the twit’s blog. BTW, thanks for fighting the good fight, Adrian T.

    Just keep up with your twaddle. You are making Christianity look far worse than I could ever dream of doing–than any gay activist could ever think of doing.

    Actually, there are plenty of hard feelings. When YOU want to deny or revoke rights of those who do not harm you and whose having all the rights you dowill not in the least affect your life, you generate plenty of hard feelings. No one has said you have to marry someone of the same gender. Why would we–you’re straight. But you feel more than entitled to restrict our rights as much as you can. Luckily you are getting less and less far with your bigoted goals.”

  44. David Skinner 8 Nov 2011, 10:59pm

    it is always refreshing when truth comes from the horse’s mouth:

    1. @David Skinner

      The truth being what exaclty?

      1. That the drugs don’t work…. at least not for him anyway. He needs to vent nonsense on a gay website by way of an alternative therapy.

        1. lol

          Also, the Care in the Community is not working either. . . so to speak!

    2. Presumably you are mobilsing your Christian forces in “Blandford Forum”, and writing to Anglican Mainstream to mobilise more Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians top fight the Gay Gestapo?

    3. Your version of truth always comes out of the other end of the horse.

    4. Dr Robin Guthrie 9 Nov 2011, 3:12am

      OK David, Skinner, Keith, HIV Free, etc etc…

      Just what is your issue.

      Why do you insist on hanging around gay haunts such as this forum.

      This generally means one of 2 things.

      1) Closet self hating homosexual so screwed by your childhood priest mental abuse that you never can enjoy sex.

      Its a sin. Whether by man, woman, goat or self.

      2) You truly are an evil individual as dictated by your belief system,

      I cannot conceive for 1 second, the thought of espousing the vile nasty words that you do. And we all know that you no doubt smile when doing so, as it is a larf etc.

      You need help, either from your religion or from being sectioned.

      1. Just to follow on from what Robin’s said, what do you (David Skinner, Keith, etc) want us to do ? What are you hoping to achieve by posting on this forum ?

        At the moment it just looks as though it is attention seeking behaviour.

    5. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 1:04pm

      Fruitloop alert!!

  45. He kinda looks like that vampire hunter from ‘Being Human’… oh wait, he’s just
    a(nother) hatefilled moron.
    Oh and some of us actually like a bit of Dom… and no “we” are not involved in any conspiracies with Dominicans / Dominican nuns either!

  46. carrie baker 9 Nov 2011, 1:49am

    The entire world is going to have to have gay human rights task forces and laisons, inorder to keep others innocent families and peaceful families from being violated and interferred with, the jealousy and hippocracy of the so called christians who are not real christians at all , they are nothing but gangsters and thugs who use other people to go out and do their dirty work and fight their personal hate and jealousy and intimidation battles and causes innocent other wise people to be come victums of terrrorism as well as the victum abused and worse in some cases assaulted , the suicides of children are the fault of many occult religions of hate , thats not christian, thats terrorism and crimes against humanity, and offenses against national security in the homeland among citizens, anyone can say they are a christian and many do, murders rappest and so on because many are just that just look at all of these so called christian men found rapping and molesting young children,

  47. carrie baker 9 Nov 2011, 1:56am

    All meddling, false prophets and religions instigating hate and hate crimes and teaching others and children to assault and to harm others and other children thru their hate messages, are commiting crimes against these families and children and are the initiators of the crimes and the national human rights task forces are going to have to start arrestting more of them the churchers are responsible for the kind of pastor they elect, and if they do not remove bad ones who cause harm to families andf children and stigmatize them and their families must be reprimanded and warned they will be shut down if the re elect another racist and harmful pastor, who tries to brow beat and terrrorize the members and send them out as monsters of hate against innocent families who have done nothing to them, that need peace and saftey in thier own famiiles, these wicked people like david karesh and jeff warrens all had pastors degrees and carried bibles and said they where christians to , but the wasnt

  48. Dave North 9 Nov 2011, 2:52am

    He puts me in mind of Reverend Kane from Poltergeist 2.

    All together now.

    “God is in his Holy temple….”

  49. Glitter him!

  50. Staircase2 9 Nov 2011, 3:30am

    What a wanker…

  51. This man is a maniac it is people like him that causes turmoil now while i am not gay i most defenately support their movement i can only call this man a Wanker because thats exactly what he is.

  52. David Skinner 9 Nov 2011, 7:50am

    Refreshing when the truth comes from the horse mouth:

    “The twisted truth is that gay men have been at the heart of every major fascist movement that ever was – including the gay-gassing, homo-cidal Third Reich. With the exception of Jean-Marie Le Pen, all the most high-profile fascists in Europe in the past thirty years have been gay.
    Fascism isn’t something that happens out there, a nasty habit acquired by the straight boys. It is – in part, at least – a gay thing, and it’s time for non-fascist gay people to wake up and face the marching music.” – Johann Harri

    1. And your point is ? Just because somebody’s written something doesn’t make it true !

      I am sure when you read something you don’t question it all though.

      Here is an exception though: We are not interested.

      1. “Just because somebody’s written something doesn’t make it true !”

        That’s exactly the reason why Skinner thinks the bible gives him some authority other then to rant like a fool on a gay site. Its all stems from the fact he had a gay boss once who gave him a good kicking. Scarred poor old Skinner it did, make him the failed art teacher you see before you today, all bluster and no substance.

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 1:07pm

      Oh dear!

  53. David Skinner 9 Nov 2011, 8:08am

    it is always,always, extremely, most wonderfully, gloriously, hilariously refreshing when truth comes from the horse’s mouth:

    1. Well, Hitler was Christian, so obviously you’re a murderer.

      The stupidity of fools who swallow the fallacy that the example of one, or few, dictates the state of the all. And you, of all people here Skinner, are one of the biggest fools. Well done on establishing your hegemony in this area after such a long and delightful absence.

    2. Spanner1960 9 Nov 2011, 8:50am

      Actually, a really interesting article.
      But what exactly is your point?

    3. Ironically, your article is mainly about the type of gay men who are so deep in the closet they project the image of homophobe to deflect accusations that they might not be 100% straight.
      I daresay there are such examples where the self-loathing is projected outwards but you won’t generally find us presenting them as role models. We’re more likely to be outing them or mocking them (George Rekers, Nick Griffin and Ted Haggard spring to mind). And that includes internet trolls.

      1. “Ironically, your article is mainly about the type of gay men who are so deep in the closet they project the image of homophobe to deflect accusations that they might not be 100% straight.”

        You mean gay sex-obsessed like Skinner, you mean?

  54. David Skinner 9 Nov 2011, 8:30am

    I am afraid that pink has come to mean hear no truth, see no truth and speak no truth

    1. I always though it meant we do not suffer the uneducated or the foolish?

    2. So what are you going to do about the “Pink Gestapo” as you so put it?

      1. What he always does, alas. Nothing but bitch here….

        1. lol

          Thought as much


  55. Spanner1960 9 Nov 2011, 8:38am

    The man is an idiot.

    The Gestapo were the political section of the N@zi SS, and were actively removing and in many cases exterminating gay people with the indirect blessing of the Vatican.

    To spin this around and make it look like LGBT people would stoop to such atrocities is risible if it were not so dangerous.

    Had this man made this remark in modern day Germany, he would have been arrested and imprisoned.

    1. David Skinner is full of “Ridiculous circular hatred” because when he worked as an Art Teacher, his Gay boss had the audacity to challange his perverse views.

  56. Peter & Michael 9 Nov 2011, 10:24am

    This is what Hitler did against the Jewish Community, his continual hate speeches against minority groups caused ordinary citizens to rise up against the minority peoples whom had lived quite happily together in past times. Coming from the Church of England, it seems that they are engaging the people in doing what Hitler did in 1939. Shocking, don’t you think!

  57. Paddyswurds 9 Nov 2011, 11:05am

    ……Pink News….What has happened to our Gravatars???

    1. They’re back!

  58. Calm down calm down (please) – look, many clergy are gay themselves, and 99% of churches are really really welcoming to gay people – in the last two churches I have been at there was a transgender pensioner in one, and we have a lesbian couple in the one I am in now – no one CARES to be quite honest, it is a non issue for 99% of church of England churches – but you wouldn’t know that if you just take one person’s point in the press (1 person don’t forget that please). What I feel this person is saying is that people are being bullied into accepting a particular view – I note that in the article the Stonewall guy alludes to loss of advertising – and this is probably an example of the type of bullying that the writer means ‘”accept our view or we will cripple you financially”. Please don’t forget that he is accusing the ‘campaigners’ of steamrollering the ideas through – he is not particularly having a go at gay people per se.

    Peace and love to all :)

  59. What a joke. These people have no credibility. They see their hate is nt working so are now reduced to name calling.

    They see people across the world murder and butcher people under the banner of christianity based on the gender of who they love , yet they see us as monsters …. What a world

  60. Alan Craig has also been writing about the “Gay Gestapo” for the pressure group Anglican Mainstream

    This group is one of the main evanglical pressure groups in the C of E, and hignlights how Alan Craig is rallying is troops from mainstream Christainity.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 9 Nov 2011, 3:39pm

      There is nothing mainstream about them. They are a right wingnut group.

  61. Not one word of condemnation from Archbigot Rowan Williams, speaks volumes where the state cult stands.

    1. I have forwarded a copy of my complaint to The Church newspaper and the complaint to the PCC to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and a number of senior bishops … I shall update you with any response …

      1. Well so far, the Bishop of Durham has responded to my emails and promised to raise the issue with the editor of the church newspaper especially about the inflammatory language used.

      2. Stu, I will hold my breath on that one. I daresay there will be some lame excuse why this disgusting man was allowed to spew his venom. None of them volunteer to do anything unless prodded as your letter to the Durham bishop proves. We shouldn’t have to remind them. I strongly believe this is a case of silence giving consent, unless it affects them directly. Hardly what I would call “christian” of them, in fact the opposite. That’s why the majority of them are hypocrites and bigots. If this had been any other group of people, Williams would have taken a stand without anyone telling him to.

    2. Melanoma Phillips 9 Nov 2011, 3:41pm

      He’s no bigot.

  62. Ama ghana 9 Nov 2011, 2:29pm

    Well said preacher man, if same-sex marriage had been legalised in 1900, where wud these faggots championing gay marriage/rights be? Homosexuality is a threat to humanity and must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

    1. Would you please learn to write. It looks like you just bashed your face of the keyboard a few times to maker that comment.

      1. Melanoma Phillips 9 Nov 2011, 3:44pm

        It’s just a dreary troll, dear, pay no heed.

        1. Trolls I can handle, but I do prefer them to have at least the literacy of a 5 year old, it makes turning them into the laughing stock that are ll the sweeter….

          1. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 1:06pm

            Fair point.

    2. @Ama ghana

      I see from your comment that you appear still entrenched in the1900s rather than the 21st century.

    3. Melanoma Phillips 9 Nov 2011, 3:37pm

      France legalised gays in 1792 but it’s attitudes haven’t improved much.

    4. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 1:05pm

      Oh dear, never mind, what a pity.

  63. Contact details for said C of E Newspaper –

    The Church of England Newspaper
    Religious Intelligence Ltd
    14 Great College Street
    SW1P 3RX

    View on google maps

    Tel: +44 20 7222 8663

    Fax: +44 20 7878 1031




    The Team

    Editor: Colin Blakely
    Telephone: 020 7222 8004

    Chief Correspondent: Canon George Conger
    Telephone: 020 8133 2867

    Reporter: Matt Cresswell

    Telephone : 020 7222 8700

    Responding to an article?:

    1. Have already emailed the paper, hopefully they will have the decency to reply!

    2. Bex

      Thanks for all the details

  64. Not one of these religious zealots who decry homosexual marriage has explained to me how it will affect the sanctity of marriage. I cannot see how it would, when the likes of Liz Taylor’s numerous marriages and that of the recent 72 day marriage of some vacuous airhead, whose name escapes me doesn’t.

  65. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 12:54pm

    Another dr discriminating dunce where there shouldn’t be. How these people are allowed in public is beyond me, I mean ain’t they considered a risk to the public and clearly themselves.

    Nothing he says is original, it’s pathetic.

  66. Nobody goes after these nutters and demands that they produce the factual evidence to support their rants.

  67. soapbubblequeen 23 Nov 2011, 4:40pm

    Stupid homophobic idiot. There is absolutely nothing ‘Christian’ about him that’s for sure.

  68. I’d never heard of him before, but he is one nasty piece of work! What a malicious, lying piece of g-d’s mistake is up his backside!

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