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Justin Bieber celebrates double EMA win at gay nightclub

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Reader comments

  1. Paul Clevett 8 Nov 2011, 2:19pm

    I thought he didn’t like gay people

    1. jamestoronto 8 Nov 2011, 2:31pm

      I can’t recall his saying any such thing. That would have caused a lot of controversy and a flurry of headlines as well as a loss of lot of his fans, He was once in a scuffle when he came to the defence of a gay male who was being taunted in a fast-food line-up.

      1. Really, he did? Anyone with a link to this story please? x3

  2. He thinks being gay is a choice…..he is a complete airhead.

  3. Is this really gay news? A pop singer going to a gay club is considered worthy of space on Pink News when so much other more important stuff goes unreported.

    1. I’ll correct that for you.
      A homophobic overhyped and sleazy pop singer going to a gay club is considered worthy of space on Pink News when so much other more important stuff goes unreported.

      1. first off a correction: he’s not homophobic. he was 16 or 17 when he made that silly comment about homosexuality being a choice. and he wasn’t being judgmental about it. he was just showing his age, lack of experience, and lack of good judgment.

        there’s absolutely nothing “sleazy” about him. he’s a kid.

        I’ll grant you the “overhyped” comment, however. you fully agree with you on that one.

        1. I’d call 30 second unprotected sex in a toilet sleazy if that story turns out to be true

          1. I wouldn’t – lack of judgement perhaps but not sleazy – that is if it is true. Sleazy is usually a term used by people who think their morals are better than others – christians use it a lot about us. Let he who is without sleaze throw the first stone Tigra 07. Even christians get some things right even if they don’t follow it.

  4. Well today the Daily Mail is running a story on a guy who had a stroke and woke up gay.

    Who gives a toss about Bieber anyway.

    1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 8 Nov 2011, 9:54pm

      Here here, and what a strange story you link to. Certainly more worthy that Biebore.

  5. Locus Solus 8 Nov 2011, 3:53pm

    Dammit! Why didn’t I go out on Sunday night! I was off work on Monday as well… I could have told him he’s very midgety to his face! :'(

    1. midgety- what a great word, :)

      1. A great word but an insult to compare midgets to Bieber

  6. Art Pearson 8 Nov 2011, 4:04pm

    Justin will probably learn, as he matures, that you may choose what you do but not what you are.

  7. Heh, well I suppose it’s one place to shake off the young female fans.

    However he thinks being gay comes about, at least he doesn’t seem against it =D


    Hello…..wakey, wakey Campers…!!

    He’s PHOBIC and hasn’t got the foggiest idea what Germany is……Der…..Dumbass

  9. maccoinnich 8 Nov 2011, 6:34pm

    What’s Bieber, at 17, doing in a gay bar?

    1. Hopefully getting some fashion advice. The kit he’s wearing in the photo could easily have belonged to Jimmy Savile.

  10. radical53 9 Nov 2011, 1:36am

    Beiber is a hypocrite. Fancy going celebrating in a gay bar.

    When he does not support and like queers.

  11. Can I just say I’m a fan of a night out in Belfast. The club in question (Kremlin) is considered by many to be Belfast’s most stylish nightclub… Gay or otherwise. In chav avoidance you can go to a few places such as the more indie Limelight, the lavish Berts, or the Kremlin. Merchant owned venues aren’t bad but everyone wanting to see stars were there. Lots of straight people go to the Kremlin anyway, gets annoying when you’re in a club with more straights than gays.

    He’s just a kid, I think that saying he thinks it’s a choice to be gay is an assumption as it’s taking what he said out of context. Who cares what he thinks anyway, I have friends who pushed me away at 16/17, soon after some of them grew up and apologised. I wouldn’t hold a grudge like that with a 17 year old. even if he was gay, all the negativity in the air would drive him far back into the closet anyway, not the message to be sending out.

    At 17 I’m not too sure why he was there, not that I can speak…

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 9 Nov 2011, 3:39am

      I always found that “Celebs” went to gay clubs as we all kept quiet about it and they felt comfortable in the anonymity,

  12. The kids a moron.

    1 has said thinks being gay is a choice

    2: strops about driving test And car stuff >.>

    3: currently taking test to see if hes a dad ( poor child to be )

    4: wirst of all how he treats his fans. Real stars celebrate and love their fans as they make them all they are. In music GaGa spends time with fans and goes to bars and will sing and play music and go to fan events. In movies Depp filming pirates 4 got letter from littlw girl at local school and took pirates and went to see them as was nice thing to do.

    This Bieber kid seems to think nothing of his fans and prefers to sneak out the back door to go clubbing. Ignoring and distesecting all those that pay for his lifestyle.

    I cant stand the guy lol

    1. Damn typing errors haha. Its what i get for watching tv at same time

    2. David Myers 10 Nov 2011, 9:59am

      You’re wrong. He was on the Ellen Show and those who watched learned just how much respect, interaction and kindness he has for his fans. You can probably google it and find clips from it on YouTube. Anyway, people are so eager to slag young stars who are just starting to find out what the real world is like and I think he is evolving and doesn’t derserve our derision. I think he is “getting better”.

  13. Matt Leebody 9 Nov 2011, 2:44pm

    Come on… he was there for 10 minutes then left – Kremlin didn’t have the security for them. Then it was off to M-Club.

  14. All I know is that I would nail that boy. Selena Gomez isn’t bad either.

  15. oh come on, i know the kid’s annoying, but he’s 17 and he’s growing up in a warped media circle.
    it’s not hypocrisy, it’s immaturity. I dislike his persona as much as the next person but give him a break.

  16. Not bad for a kid who commented in Rolling Stone that people are gay through choice! One reason I REALLY dislike him! Another reason also came from this interview when he stated that women who become pregnant through rape should have the child!! I REALLY cannot stand him!

  17. Oh yes it’s true, he was in the Kremlin….lol so was Snow White and Bambi. The Kremlin for anyone who hasn’t been there is hardly ‘lavish’ it’s filthy, and calling it a ‘Gay’ club is a gross exaggeration. Yes Gay people go ther but they are out numbered by the straight people. It once was a good club but not anymore. I hardly think its in Mr bbrs league

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