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Rugby player has stroke and ‘wakes up gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 8 Nov 2011, 4:00pm

    i read this in the mirror months ago. Keep up

  2. Not only did he get the orientation, he got the stereotype as well!

    Love it!

    1. Definitely very convenient :P

      1. Eddy - from 2007 8 Nov 2011, 8:11pm

        Indeed. A very convenient way of coming out: blaming it on forces beyond his control. (Actually not very out and proud, is it!)

  3. Sounds like the best coming out story ever.

  4. Dr Robin Guthrie 8 Nov 2011, 4:12pm


    The Daily Wail mob are already claiming that this proves its not inherent
    and therefore changeable by brain ops.

    1. Gayseraph 8 Nov 2011, 4:15pm

      Should have seen that one coming , sigh

    2. Paula Thomas 8 Nov 2011, 4:16pm

      Slight problem for them. If it is only changeable by brain ops then it is innate. After all our brain is us.

    3. You can’t win with that bunch of phobes. If it’s nurture they equate that with a concious choice you made, and if it’s nature they start talking brain ops and eugenics.
      Maybe they could have a brain op to remove the bigotry, but that would be unethical, right/

    4. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Nov 2011, 7:18pm

      I was going to say that it would be better for society if we were to to carry out operations on Daily Heil readers in order to turn them into human beings but then realised they are Daily Heil readers because have no brain on which to operate.

    5. Spanner1960 11 Nov 2011, 2:29pm

      Maybe it isn’t inherent, or is at least latent.
      As for ops, that is an entirely different kettle of fish, and I would say currently impossible.

  5. You mean it’s more permanent than the mind altering effects of 3 pints of lager? ;)

    1. Locus Solus 8 Nov 2011, 4:20pm

      I know a few “str8” guys like that… ^_^

  6. Hilarious

    1. gave me the best laugh of my day today.thanks!

  7. jamestoronto 8 Nov 2011, 5:09pm

    Or was he a latent closet case who used the excuse of his stroke (extreme I agree) to be able to come out and blame it on a medical condition? Hope he doesn’t bump his head too hard. No telling what might emerge. The makings of a screenplay here.

    1. I was actually thinking the same.
      It could have just given him the encouragement to come out and live how he wants to.
      Plus he was on a break with his girlfriend at the time, which raises questions

    2. that was EXACTLY my thought lol

  8. Bollocks bollocks bollocks.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 9 Nov 2011, 2:10pm

      That’s exactly what he requested when he came round from the stroke!

    2. I’m happy you have so many… were they medically added or naturally occurring?

  9. Deeside Will 8 Nov 2011, 5:34pm

    Assuming that this isn’t some kind of hoax, it could give the anti-gay/ “ex-gay” brigade some dangerous ideas. Some of these obsessive fanatics who insist that EVERYONE ought to be straight wouldn’t draw the line at tampering with people’s brains in an attempt to make their nightmare come true. My advice to someone who is offered “treatment” to change their sexual orientation would be the same, no matter what kind of “treatment” it is: JUST SAY NO.

    1. the stroke probably brought feelings he had previously suppressed to his awareness. I doubt this would work the other way round unless someone gay was suppressing their heterosexual feelings.

  10. If this actually works i’m gonna visit a few people i know with a hammer later and twat them one.

    1. I shouldn’t laugh at this…but I JUST couldn’t help it! hahahaha!!!

  11. I always wake up gay after a stroke. I usually go to sleep gay after one, too. But during the stroke, particularly if it’s in the right place, I stay wide awake as well as gay.

  12. Paul Clevett 8 Nov 2011, 6:27pm

    I have a list of people, if I stroke them will they become gay too?

  13. Commander Thor 8 Nov 2011, 7:15pm

    Is that how you acquired yours? You had a stroke?

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2011, 1:10pm

      Probably but he would have had to have a personality in the first place, surely.

  14. TheLizzie12 8 Nov 2011, 7:17pm

    Does this mean he will be included in next year’s Independent on Sunday “Pink List”? They list anybody (tee hee).

  15. Mark Glassman 8 Nov 2011, 7:21pm

    It seems like a stroke of good luck to me!

  16. Deeside Will 8 Nov 2011, 7:27pm

    Another nail in the coffin of hereditary heterosexuality!!!

  17. I read something about this a while ago. There is evidence of it going the other way, gay to straight. It’s just evidence of the brains plasticity rather than the innateness of anything.

    1. Commander Thor 8 Nov 2011, 8:43pm

      There is also evidence of miracle cures for HIV or cancer – anecdotal evidence from people who claim said miracles.

      1. Published peer review stuff of cases of sexuality swapping in both directions, generally after stroke or some other brain issue. It’s nothing to do with miraculous claims. The brain is still a big mystery no matter how much we claim to understand it from various scans and things, this stuff can happen and I find it really cynical of people to say this guy is using a stroke as an excuse to now accept feelings he’s had for a while. Surely after a stroke his first thought wasn’t “this is the perfect time to come out, I can blame it on the stroke!”

        1. “Surely after a stroke his first thought wasn’t “this is the perfect time to come out, I can blame it on the stroke!”

          Not denying the possibility, there is scientific precedence for this, but its very rare. Occams Razor probably applies here. I would surmise that this is actually the most likely outcome – Its more likely denial than a stroke. Ego-dystonic sexual orientation is far, far more common.

          1. Big words all bollocks

          2. Not understanding “big words”, as you so eruditely put it, does not diminish the validity of the statement. In short, it’s not “bollocks” at all. What it does mean however, if you are an ignorant muppet who is too stupid to understand and then uses the term “bollocks” to make up for your lack of education.

            Try not make such a tit out of yourself in public with your lack of intelligence, it demeans the rest of us.

          3. Ok

            I’ll tear you a new one

            “Surely after a stroke his first thought wasn’t “this is the perfect time to come out, I can blame it on the stroke!”

            Mind reader eh?

            Not denying the possibility, there is scientific precedence for this, but its very rare.

            If science has proved it is possible surely rarity is irrelevent?

            Occams Razor probably applies here. I would surmise that this is actually the most likely outcome pure gibberish why should the more common outcome apply to the most complex organ which we still know little about

            Its more likely denial than a stroke. Ego-dystonic sexual orientation is far, far more common.

            Opinion not fact

          4. Okay James, where to begin.

            Lets start with: “If science has proved it is possible surely rarity is irrelevent?”

            Utterly stupid comment. Prevalence is key in epidemiology to ascertain the likelihood of instance, and a gauge of the risk factor in the population at a given time. Prevalence leads to probability of instance. You comment only shows you lack of education, not just in science in science, and its embarrassing – a 14 year old in school would figure this out.

            “Mind reader eh?”

            As I didn’t say that, its only relevance is that you cannot read.

            “most complex organ which we still know little about”

            I was not referring to the brain using Occam’s razor, this would be as stupid as your comment was, I was referring to the likelihood that the simplest solution is the most common, and hence the most likely. This is wasted on you, as you stupidly think prevalence and hence probability of causality, is irrelevant.

            Tear me a new one? Please, you ban barely think for yourself.

          5. I see James is being his usual stupid and angry self. Whats new.

  18. B*llocks!

  19. Funny it never happens the other way!!! Strange that!

    1. Happened to a friend of mine. Happily married and a father now. Though still unwell from the stroke. Strange world!

  20. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 8 Nov 2011, 10:05pm

    Keith, hasn’t this myth been exploded by newer research. Keep up love, oh and remember you can catch HIV from sitting on toilet seats – I’d get checked out if I were you. I’m still HIV free too, troll!

    1. “Hairdresser “woke up gay” after stroke”

      This happened you Keith, didn’t it – you work up gay after sleeping with a hairdresser in a park?

      1. *chokes on coffee* :D

  21. Dr Robin Guthrie 9 Nov 2011, 3:31am

    You know. I went to bed one night.

    Had an aneurism.

    Hell of a thing.

    I woke up as a kitten.

    Ding Dong the witch is dead.

    Utter tripe this story.

    Closet case with an excuse…..

    1. Are you really a doctor? I can’t beleive you are strokes and brain injury can completely change a persons personality. this situation is not unrealistic

      1. “I can’t beleive you are strokes and brain injury can completely change a persons personality.”

        While I am sceptical of this being the case in this particular instance given the precedence is very low, there are documented examples of this in peer reviewed scientific papers, so its just a matter of if you believe Mr. Birch.

      2. Dave North 9 Nov 2011, 9:34am

        Yes I am, and I was drunk when I posted this.

        So what?

    2. “You know. I went to bed one night.

      Had an aneurism.

      Hell of a thing.

      I woke up as a kitten.”

      Franz Kafka would like to see that.

    3. I feel the same myself!! If this was true there’d be way more cases of this happening! O don’t mean with EVERY stroke case, but certainly more than this!

  22. I am afraid it sounds a bit fishy to me. 19st rugby players don’t even try to do back-flips. Assuming he did have a stroke and it lead to a change in sexual orientation, given that apparently it didn’t leave him with other major neurological defects it must have been a rather small stroke in a particular area. This would mean that sexual orientation is determined by a particular small area of the brain, in the same way that faces are recognised by a particular small area, this would be a major new scientific discovery. Also attempting to do a back-flip would be rather unlikely to cause such a small stroke, if it were to cause a stroke it would be likely to be larger and have more effects.

    If the story is true you can bet your bottom dollar that this chap’s neurologist is busy writing-up the case report for a prestigious journal. Until I hear of such a case report I am not putting any weight on this story.

    1. Dave North 9 Nov 2011, 9:32am

      You rarely get a neurologists in the UK NHS.

      A bag of pills and bugger off is about it.

  23. “A neurologist said the changes in his personality could be due to the stroke opening up another part of his brain.”

    Er, is this a nice way of saying the closet was opened? Is the blatantly obvious here being ignored? Denial?

    Denial is a powerful suppressant – just look at Keith. His only outlet is silly comments on a gay site. No one sane could possible think Keith is anything but obsessed with graphic gay sex.

    1. And scat.

      1. Yeah, he love that, doesn’t he. He’d want to, he’s full of it after all.

      2. Don’t forget the incest!

        1. Ah, yes, forgot about that. Loves “that” carry on.

          What a sicko.

      3. Sounds like a rather curious and elaborate justification to find some sort of self acceptance for his sexual orientation.

  24. Spanner1960 9 Nov 2011, 8:14am

    All those claiming it was a “coming out” story are wrong. It has happened in the past where comas have completely changed people’s personalities, sometimes even their accents.

    I do believe people’s sexuality is inherent rather than learned, but that does not necessarily mean you are born with it.

    The brain is a massively complex organ, and for people to flippantly comment that they somehow understand it’s workings is laughable.

    1. No one is making flippant comments about neurology. I think its been established there is precedence for this. What you, and others offer, is an opinion.

      1. Spanner1960 11 Nov 2011, 2:15pm

        “Utter tripe this story.
        Closet case with an excuse…”

        And this would be the opinion of a supposed “doctor”, would it?
        My opinion is as valid as anybody else’s, so why to I get marked down for what I think might be an actual neurological dysfunction; or does everyone like ripping the piss out of people with possible brain damage?

    2. inherent means born I figure

      1. Spanner1960 11 Nov 2011, 2:11pm

        Inherent means it exists, but not that is is necessarily obvious.
        I didn’t realise I was gay until my 30s

  25. No it isn’t, and who gives a toss anyway.

  26. Beer does that too

    1. You should probably cut down on the drink so….

    2. Oh, brilliant James! You managed a comment without spitting some obscenities like some drunken trailer trash!

      1. Fak off you carnt

        1. You say what now? Are you drunk right now?

  27. Yeah but – has anyone gone back to clarify what kind stroke he is talking about ?

    1. Exaclty!!!

      In which area of the Brain was this so called and alleged “Cerebral Infarction”

      Moreover, was there any MRI evidence to substainate this?,

      1. @JohnK, no I think John was being sarcastic, making a pun of the fact that ‘stroke’ can mean a type of brain damage… or the act of stroking someone

  28. PumpkinPie 9 Nov 2011, 10:40am

    Stepping on an upturned plug made me bi (left a bruise, too).

    As for where I got my spider powers, that’s another story…

    1. Are all your clothes and furnishings made of silk now?

      1. PumpkinPie 9 Nov 2011, 3:04pm

        Ironically, I’m not even that fond of silk in large quantities. Cotton plant powers would have been much handier.

    2. About your spider powers I just hope your spinneret isn’t in the anatomically correct place.

      1. PumpkinPie 10 Nov 2011, 4:21pm

        That would make sitting awkward… Thankfully, I keep my spinneret in a chest of drawers in my bedroom. Keeps it out of the way.

  29. Sometimes when you survive a near death experience the sharp shock helps you to quickly sort out your priorities.

    I imagine he was always of gay orientation but hadn’t faced up to it or accepted it himself until he realised after his stroke that he only has one life and he’d better not waste it trying to please everyone but himself.

    Seems to have turned out well enough but the anecdotal explanation of what supposedly happened is quite risible.

  30. I think he already was imo. But on The Sun website in the comments a girl says a similar thing happened to her and she went on to marry and have kids, only then to recall her previous life pre incident were she liked girls.

  31. I wonder if he was like all these so called straight men that keep messaging me on the dating site I am on who see’s my profile and wants to meet up for some sex, come to think of it I am sure I remember someone with similar syntax as Keith. They all swear blind their straight wonder if a stroke would get them to come out? Plus yup get a few bears down some straight dude and he doesn’t care who he is doing as long as he is doing it or am I just being cynical? lol

  32. I echo some comments here on the startling effects of alcohol on sexuality. A ‘straight’ rugby player who enjoyed conversing with gay guys (and making lots of references to his girlfriends) in my gay local would share not only his views but his hands after several pints.

  33. burningworm 10 Nov 2011, 12:35pm

    When did choice become a dirty word or the monopoly of news merchants that harbour immediate distaste? Why are we so desperate to redefine normality?
    Not everybody thinks that being lgbtqi is innate and I mean people from the lgbtqi community. The labels have to change. The language needs updating.

    Born this way?
    I chose to be gay.

    1. well that’s your choice, but, after long discussions with my parents, it seems I was born this way. I am happy with that and feel that is the way. but generally most people who are homosexual probably feel that they were born that way to. Same as we have no choice at who turns us on, or who we fall in love with, or what colour eyes we have (in my opinion that is).

      if you are happy with your choice the kudos to you and that is fine by me (not that you need my or anyone else’s permission ofc)

      1. burningworm 11 Nov 2011, 8:52am

        I respect your opinion. I think we are sold something that isn’t for us to purchase. It seems obvious to me that this mantra of ‘born this way’ is a way to ease the minds of non lgbtqi people. Just say it is proven to be false. What changes? Would you feel less legitimate? Is being born this way a means to feel fully realised.

        Its similiar to coming out. The whole notion is about address non lgtbqi people. If we lived in house holds where we could be ourselves coming out wouldn’t be on the agenda.

        1. tee hee you should talk to my mum, she said I was always more girl than boy, the description was I was a tom boy (in the girl sense), they never made an issue or suggested anything about my sexuality just answered any question I ever had to the best of their knowledge so when I told them I was gay it was no surprise to them, and tbh I wished that had said something earlier it may have made things way less confusing fr my comprehension through puberty lol

    2. Spanner1960 11 Nov 2011, 2:23pm

      @burningworm: I, and most LGBT people might be happy with their sexuality, and most wouldn’t want it any other way; however it was not a concious decision. I can assure you if you tried to act straight you would fail. You had no say whatsoever in the matter.

      However gays and straights wish to define it, being gay is not “normal” for the simple fact we cannot reproduce. I am pretty certain homosexuality has been around, and will continue indefinitely, but the straights could live without us, but the same may not be said of us.
      That does not make us any better or worse than anyone else, just different, and it it is primarily what makes us different. You really need to come to terms with with who and what you are and stop fooling yourself.

  34. It’s been shown in some scientific articles that the gay man’s brain (the hypothalamus specifically) is more similar to a females brain than a straight mans. I believe this man had a bisexual/bicurious feelings before the stroke and now just realized it.

    I actually have met men who actually fool around with and give BJ’S to other men but still consider themselves straight!! Some people just can’t be happy with who they are.

  35. Brad Pitt being so sexy turned me gay in my youth.

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