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Ricky Martin granted Spanish citizenship

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Reader comments

  1. Celebrity gay weddings actually do a great deal to win over public support, so let’s hope he does get married soon.

    1. jamestoronto 4 Nov 2011, 9:09pm

      Since he obtained a special letter of naturalisation, I suspect it will be sooner than later. Whenever, all the best to the both of them together.

  2. Hopefully he will marry soon. Hopefully it will be part of the process of knocking down barriers and normallizing LGBT marriage to society globally

  3. Not so sure if Puerto Rico, an American commonwealth, could be construed as South America since it’s in the Caribbean.

    He could get married in New York if he wanted to or any of the five other states, he doesn’t have to leave his country, although his marriage wouldn’t be recognised in the remaining 44 states of course.

    1. @Robert

      I have wondered about that one before …

      Technically, the Americas is two continents North and South America

      Technically, North America is Canada, USA and Mexico.

      So does Puerto Rico become part of North America since it is an American Commonwealth or

      since it is near the Guadeloupe, Antigua etc and between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela does it become part of South America

      I guess the later as you wouldn’t call the Falklands Islands or Bermuda part of Europe…

      1. jamestoronto 4 Nov 2011, 9:04pm

        @ Stu – you forgot Central America which has always been considered part of North America. South America and Latin America are not the same. Mexico, all of Central America (except Belize), Cuba are all considered to be Latin America but at the same time in North America. It may be southern North America but not South America.

        1. @Jamestoronto

          I stand corrected. I for some reason had central america south of Mexico in South America, clearly I am wrong and clearly Puerto Rico is in North America …

          Thanks for clearing that up

        2. There is actually no such thing as “Central America”. ALL of what is called “Central America”, all the way down to Panama, is part of North America.

          As for Ricky, he is Puerto Rican, which is American. ALL Puerto Ricans are Americans and thus he is North American.

      2. Puerto Rico is technically in the Caribbeans. So is Cuba, the DR and Jamaica, which are neighbours.

        1. but the Caribbean is not a continent …

      3. Continents are not cultural or political entities, they are only geographic. Puerto Rico is an island and therefore not “contained” within any “continent.”

  4. Latin American way! Muy bien

  5. God Bless him and his partner, we wish them all the best, live long and prosper.

    1. Satan bless him also. I’m gay. And an atheist. And I think that ‘god’ bitch, gets way too much credit.

  6. There are over 1100 Federal benefits that are not automatically given, when they get married, to same-sex couples even though their marriages are recognized by those states that perform said marriages. Until DOMA is repealed, no married same-sex couple will be treated equal. The remaining states do not have to recognize or perform same-sex marriage if they choose not to, but public opinion is changing all the time for the better. The Federal government needs to put right what was done wrong 15 years ago.
    Repeal DOMA now and pass the Respect for Marriage Act!

  7. I like Ricky Martin. He is a talented recording artist and great humanitarian. I have a lot of respect for him. I wish he officially came out to the public sooner, because it was common knowledge for most people that he was gay and alot of his fans didn’t have a problem with it. But nevertheless, he did eventually came out in 2009 and it helped many people. Especially gay and lesbian Hispanic/Latino’s. If he got married it would be great way to win over public support for the same sex marriage cause.

    1. When he did come out, his fans stood by him and he even made some new fans. His latest album was a massive success in the USA and other countries. Alot of people in this country do not realise how famous he is around the world.

  8. GingerlyColors 5 Nov 2011, 6:29am

    Having a bit of money does help when it comes to applying for citizenship of any country. Hopefully Ricky Martin and boyfriend Carlos will marry soon and raise the profile of gay couples in Spanish-speaking countries as Sir Elton John and David Furnish did here.

    1. I agree with you!!! I also realised that money really matters according to the imigration purposes…

  9. Let’s hope the socalled ‘Popular Party’ don’t change to the laws to excluse same-sex couples from marriage after the election? Never trust a conservative!

  10. You wanks!

  11. Try wearing a butt-plug CT, it will protect you when you bend over in the shower to pick up the soap.

  12. If only he’d bang me! I’m ready, willing, and able.

  13. “He bangs!”

    You wish.

  14. How do you know?

  15. ¡Felicitaciones Ricky! Espero que tengas un día de bodas muy feliz en España y que algún día muy próximo haya matrimonio gay en tu estado natal de Puerto Rico.
    Congratulations Ricky! I hope you have a very happy wedding day in Spain and that one day very soon there will be gay marriage in your native state of Puerto Rico.

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