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Melanie Phillips voted Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’

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Reader comments

  1. I wish the whole Daily Mail could have been voted as Bigot of the year. Including most of the people that comment on their articles.

    1. Staircase2 5 Nov 2011, 2:42am

      For a second there I misread that as “Including most of the people that comment on these articles”

      These very boards are unfortunately never short of a bigot or two (often three or four plus!)

      Melanie Philips makes my skin crawl with her condescending growl and her propaganda about lefties. The Daily Mail writes the kind of hogwash where every paragraph is chocked full of adjectives used to direct readers thought processes on whatever given subject.

      As many of you know – I truly despise the word ‘vile’ (which is often overused by gay men for some reason) but Melanie Philips’ ongoing small-minded, fearful & paranoid stance on anything she considers outside of normaloid life is truly and by definition ‘vile’…

      She deserves every second bathing in the distorted limelight of this Stonewall award…

      Well done Melanie!

  2. Nice event.

  3. Congratulations to Chris Bryant, Alan Hollnghurst and all the other winners of the awards.

    Melanie Phillips did have some competition for bigot of the year – but yet again, she excelled herself in demonstrating that she spouts ignorant, prejudiced vitriol and highly deserves the accolade – hopefully there will be significant coverage of this award outside the gay media, possibly not in the Daily Mail, one suspects.

  4. Wow. If Melanie Phillips is bigot of the year, what do we call all the Islamic clerics who would hung, draw and quarter us?

    1. What an easy target. This award is a farce.

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:11pm

        Oh really?

    2. I should imagine we are going to be calling them “minister” or “head of the UK border agency” if the country continues to panda to them much longer. BTW nice name :D

    3. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 1:08pm

      Once again, that’s hanged, drawn and quartered.

  5. 2 points

    1. Melanie Phillips will regard this award as a badge of honour. She revels in being a bigot. So why humour the old trout.

    2. Did Ben Summerskill (who was caught campaigning against marriage equality last year) have ANY update on what Stonewall are doing to achieve equality. Or was Stonewall’s declaration of support for equality, simply a meaningless PR stunt?

  6. Either Philips will consider the award flattery, or she will play the “help help I’m a victim” card. I’m torn on which way she will go, but I do know that she has the hubris to not sit back and consider that perhaps engaging in bigotry is not a good idea.

    1. Oh, it will definitely be the ‘Poor little me, the innocent victim of the ‘gay lobby'”. Not a doubt about it.

    2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 1:05pm

      She will no doubt write how she’s paid to write.

  7. Melanie Phillips is an equal opportunities bigot. She doesnt just hate us, she also hates anyone that isnt white, christian and middle class or higher.
    She is a disgusting and selfish human being who should be ashamed.

    1. Christine Beckett 4 Nov 2011, 12:19pm

      Er, I think she is jewish…..

      1. Ok fine, White, middle class and religious.. same difference. .

        either way she is a broad ranging bigot that would rather people suffer and die than inconvenience her even 0.1%.

      2. …and wears a wig.

    2. Staircase2 5 Nov 2011, 2:44am

      But she’s Jewish isnt she?

    3. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 1:03pm

      That is a totally stupid comment.

    4. She’s more than Jewish she is a Zionist, who believes anyone who criticises Israel is an anti-semite, even if they happen to be a Jewish Israeli.

  8. You mean Ben Summerskill didn’t win Bigot of the Year for his antipathy towards gay marriage? Fix!!!

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 1:01pm

      Stop whining and start your own organisation if you disagree, or join stonewall and make your vote count.

  9. Pity the poor matchmaker who had to arrange her marriage and/or her poor husband, presumably, forced to marry the midden.

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 4 Nov 2011, 10:39pm

      Doug, did you learn all you know about Jewish people from watching Fiddler on the Roof?

      1. No, of course not, Hello Dolly.

  10. I’m delighted, it couldn’t have gone to a nicer person. No, hang on a tick, replace ‘nicer’ with ‘more suitable’.

  11. I have read two of Alan Hollinghurst’s novels – ‘A Folding Star’ and ‘The Line of Beauty’ – and find him a rather overrated author. The former was particularly turgid with some descriptions unnecessarily stretched to mini-essay-length.

    Stephen Green would really be Bigot of the Year every 12 months pretty much by default but what would be the point of that? Nobody else in Britain, including any recipient of this anti-award, goes more out of their way to demonise gay people as dirty, dangerous and mentally stunted (whilst attempting to portray himself as a courageous victim).

    1. The Great Satin 4 Nov 2011, 3:00pm

      But he has no readers. Melanie writes for a national newspaper. I use the term “newspaper” loosely of course.

      1. True, Phillips reaches far more people, although up until this year Green has been given fairly regular media platforms that 99% of people are not, even if it did nothing to improve his popularity. (I think that the interview with his ex-wife in January pretty much put the last nail in his coffin on that score).
        Also, you may or may not be aware that recently Green has taken a leaf out of the book of other power-hungry Western evangelists and gone to Africa (Kenya) to find an audience for his rabid anti-gay screeds. If you have the stomach check out his ‘Save Africa From Sodomy’ video on YouTube.

    2. I’ve read all his books. I found ‘A Folding Star’ and ‘The Spell’ a bit dull. But I loved ‘The Swimming Pool Library’ and ‘The Line of Beauty’. Only halfway through ‘The Stranger’s Child’ so I’ll reserve judgement until I Finish.

  12. The Great Satin 4 Nov 2011, 3:02pm

    A well deserved accolade.

  13. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2011, 3:25pm

    Good – old cow. They should also have included the wretched Jan Moir, and the abominable Richard LittleJohn. Or should that be LittleDick?

  14. “A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs” Wikipedia

    I wonder if that definition applies as much to Stonewall as it does to Melanie Phillips!?

    I’m afraid the award says more about Somewall than it does Melanie Phillips and takes them down a notch or more in my estimation rather than the other way round, which is a shame – really.

    I have no doubt many PN readers may find Ms Phillips rather extreme but every time I read her Daily Mail column (it just happens to be the paper at my local gym) I find much of what she says makes sense and that she tackles important subjects and presents perspectives other’s don’t cover.

    1. Time for you to change gyms, I think.

      1. lol Rehan – its a v.good gym actually. I have no idea why they take Daily Mail (there was a time it was the Financial Times) as opposed to other newspapers – I suppose if I spent more time on my work out as I should there will be less time reading the nemesis to many of the folk who frequent this forum :-)

        1. Heh – but Nemesis was a goddess, Phillips is just a Harpy.

    2. “I wonder if that definition applies as much to Stonewall as it does to Melanie Phillips!?”

      Tell us more about what you mean by this?

  15. dave wainwright 4 Nov 2011, 4:14pm

    How interesting that the headline goes to a hatemonger and not THE HERO , it seems venting of our vitriol is more important to us than our praise for someone who has made a courageous and valiant attempt to improve things in this world for our young people , why is it always the Assailants who are remembered and not the victims ?
    Where is the HEADLINE for OUR HERO of the HOUR, who is a heterosexual man and doing what we ourselves should be doing ; TARGETING the problems killing our LGBT and STR8 youth , the homophobic and other bullying going on on THE FRONT LINE the battlefield of the playground hasn’t gone away since we became adults , it just no longer affects us , if GAY PRIDE is to mean anything then the subject of adolescent and childhood homophobic BULLYING needs to be our number one cause in 2012 when the eyes of the world are on LONDON, children are dying for heavens sakes , PRIDE IS A PROTEST , lest we forget what it is all about. Roger and Paola Crouch we salute you .

    1. Reed Boyer 4 Nov 2011, 4:43pm

      Hear, hear! The Crouches are simply amazing and “Friends of Dominic Crouch Against Bullying” is a fantastic group.

    2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:59pm

      Hatred begets hatred.

  16. George Broadhead 4 Nov 2011, 4:25pm

    A good choice! This Roman Catholic bigot is as bad as the one she reveres in the Vatican.

    1. Shes Jewish

      1. George Broadhead 5 Nov 2011, 6:00pm

        Oh dear! What a boob. Still I suppose she’a a dyed-in-the- wool religionist (Orthodox Jewish?) as most homphobes are.

        1. In fact she even descried herself as ‘non-believing’ – see this month’s New Humanist as well about this.

  17. Pathetic.

    Lets hope she sues for defamation, now THAT would be FUNNY..

    1. Not long now until Peter and Hazelmary’s Appeal Date, we hope the Judge, understands that people have the right to refuse service REGARDLESS, people have a right to choose what they want to do and who they serve and want on their premises!

      Peter and Hazelmarys Appeals has been granted and is set for 8 November 2011, at Appeal Courts London.

    2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:55pm

      Yes it would, Stonewall would easily be able to show that it was true, and it would probably end her nasty little column.

  18. Who decides who wins these awards?

    No doubt all Labour party members/supporters.

    Stonewall has passed its sell by date and I hope their funding is stopped by the government and London Councils soon,as they no longer have any purpose,in my opinion.

    1. I suggest you consider this statement on Stonewalls website:

      “Stonewall receives no public funding and raises all its money itself in a range of ways including donations, sponsorship, and fundraising events.”

      and further details in their annual accounts:

      As much as I think that Stonewall made serious errors in their handling of the equal marriage debate until recently, lets at least comment on them with facts rather than slinging inaccurate mud …

      1. Fact about Stonewall.

        They do not publish who sets their agenda. Nor does Stonewall reveal who it is answerable to.

        Because it certainly isn’t the LGBT population

        1. @David

          I didnt say who set Stonewalls agenda …

          I responded to inaccuracy about their funding arrangements …

        2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:50pm

          Stop whining and start your own organisation if you disagree, or join stonewall and make your voice heard.

    2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:53pm

      Stop whining, if you disagree join Stonewall and vote for your own choice..

  19. Just poor lazy journalism. She knows she will get an easy favourable response from many of the nut jobs who read the Mail. Having said that quite a few challenge the knee jerk homophobes.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:47pm

      She’s paid to pander to the homophobes. End of story.

  20. The Pope and the Catholic Church should have been named the bigots of the year for what they have done and are doing (spending millions to stop gays) all the time now. Guy Fawkes, a Catholic terrorist tried to blow up the government and now they are known as Anonymous Terrorist who are trying to take over the world for the Catholic Church. If you think it is bad now wait till they make the Pope world dictator. Why do you think they wear mask like the IRA and KKK.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:45pm

      Oh really, get a grip you insane poodle.

  21. Spanner1960 4 Nov 2011, 8:39pm

    Generally, a pretty pointless exercise all round.

    I think the only exception is Roger Crouch, who chatted on these forums for a while. An all round decent guy, it was just so sad he had to do this because of his personal circumstances, and my heart goes out to him and his family.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:43pm

      As pointless as most of your comments.

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 1:11pm

        Do the words Pot and Kettle mean anything to you?

        1. Spanner1960 6 Nov 2011, 2:29pm

          Oh, I see the Devils Advocaat [sic] is back.
          Your usual bitter and twisted leftie self I assume?

      2. The commentary by Spanner1960 about Roger Crouch is full of reason, honesty and I share his thoughts about the decency and honour of Mr Crouch – sad his award was not publicised more in the mainstream media

  22. I like these Stonewall awards. They do a lot of good. I know some people may not like me saying this, but i like Stonewall as an orgainsation. I’m not saying they don’t have their faults. But they have achieved alot for us and we need to remember that, instead of bashing them. Stonewall has the respect of the majority of gay people in this country and alot of straight supporters.

    This Melaine Phillips is a moron and i am glad that she has been given this award. She is most deffinately a bigot. The Daily Mail spouts hatred and the British public are getting fed up with it in my opinion. They do not repesent the views of the true british public. I would also like to congratulate the winners of the awards.

    I do however feel that stonewall should maybe have should have named one of these Islamic Clerics as bigots Of the year. As MichaelN said, they would have us hung, drawn and quarted.

    1. Still there is always next year to name them as bigot of the year.

      1. Wouldn’t it be great if as a day of protest we had a “kiss a cleric” day where gay people everywhere prevent bigots from leaving their houses or places of work for fear of being contaminated with gayness

    2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:42pm

      Do you mean hanged, drawn and quartered perhaps? Get a dictionary for Heaven’s sake.

  23. Although no-one could possibly disagree with Melanie Phillips being and out and out unpleasant human being, to reward her with this prize is a bit of an own goal. The best thing to do with people like her is to ignore them. This sort of attention is manna to her and she will continue on her merry way with this great big bone that has been thrown to her. She will see this as a prize and a badge of honour and just something else to write about.

    1. You could well have a very valid point. No doubt this will be discussed in her next column in such a way that it seems she is being hounded and persecuted. Then all her readers will be tut-tutting and thinking about those nasty gays and how they try to stifle valid debate. There will be lots of cries of ‘political correctness gone mad!’

    2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:40pm

      Erm, so why aren’t you ignoring her?

    3. Ignore these people at your peril.

      This is a woman who is frequently invited onto national television to air her poisonous tripe and has a column in one of the most popular newspapers in the country. The modicum of extra attention this award will garner her pales in comparison.

      She doesn’t need any help finding bigoted $h!te to write about.

  24. I think she thoroughly deserves this award. She has been particularly bad this year. She constantly goes on about her having the right to voice her opinions yet she goes into a frenzied attack against anyone who disagrees with her views. She is more than keen to promote the idea that she is relentlessly attacked by the gays and she is in fear of her life. All of this she twists to make her anti-gay views seem more reasonable. I dont know why in the last 12 months she has chosen to single out gay people for her attacks…. She is actually very dangerous. She is clearly a very intelligent and articulate journalist. She is very skilled in the way she twists everything to fit her distorted views on life. Many people who read her stuff cannot help but be swayed by her ‘debating’ techniques. She often says some very outrageous things but does it is such a way so that most readers will swallow it thinking she is a thoroughly reasonable person indeed. It is that skill that makes her dangerous.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:38pm

      She’s about as dangerous as a custard pie made with creme anglaise.

  25. I’m always in two minds about the bigot of the year award… it’s not because I don’t think the nominees are bigots but as already mentioned it’s preaching to the choir.
    Half the nominees wear their homophobia as a badge of honour (like giving a juvenile thug an ASBO) and the other half play the martyrdom card. I’m increasingly of the opinion that the best way to get to these people is to blank them.
    Think of them like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum and stamping their feet. They like us to pay them attention as in their own minds it validates their petty grievances… what they can’t stand is to be written off as an irrelevance.

    1. Sometimes preaching to the choir is a good thing ….

  26. Perhaps Colin Hart the director of the Christian Institute should recieve the bigot of the year award next.

    Concerning the issue of sex education in schools, the Christian Institute’s latest campaign of hate and misinformation lead to the following statement in the House of Lords

    “Labour’s Baroness Massey of Darwen and Liberal Democrat Baroness Walmsley have both hit out at the campaigning tactics of the Christian Institute.Lady Massey said that in her time in the House of Lords she had never known “such a sinister and vicious campaign that has sought to misinform others”,

    1. My sentiments exactly – though it should have been Michael Judge, rather than Hart.

  27. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:10pm

    Sadly there probably are too many bigots to chose from who all equally deserve this shameful award.

    As for Melanie Phillips, my guess is that she will be proud of this just so she can make a stand for all those nasty people that support her.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:34pm

      I’m surprised you weren’t shortlisted yourself, though there wouldn’t be enough space for your aliases.

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 1:09pm

        Shame you add nothing and have to constantly change your name to do so.

        So, so sad.

      2. @Melanoma Phillips

        I can see that your pathological envy of Jock really has turned cancerous.

        Get some chemotherapy – fast!!!

  28. How predictable. It seems the award touched a few nerves at the führer’s palace

    1. good article – thanks for pointing this out :-)

    2. Why didn’t they invite them though?

      That would have been an interesting evening.

    3. The führer’s palace being Stonewall headquarters?

  29. Spanner1960 6 Nov 2011, 7:50am

    “And totally useless and apathetic organisation of the year goes to Stonewall itself for completely avoiding same-sex marriage and expecting us all to out up with a second-class alternative. And here to collect the award is that arse-licking little toerag Ben Summerskill…”

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:31pm

      Your posts are so infantile and pointless.

      1. Spanner1960 6 Nov 2011, 2:30pm

        Well at least I say something, asswipe.

      2. “Your posts are so infantile and pointless”

        Says some one who’s posts are infantile and pointless

  30. Melanie Philips represents a body of opinion in this country (mostly lower-middle class) which views the modern world with disdain and which is fearful of change and progress. They always have to have people to look down upon in one way or another, and it’s not just LGBT people who cop it either! It’s all about making themselves feel important at the expense of others in a world where they feel insecure. For them, the pecking order is all, and earning respect of others isn’t relevant.

    Until fairly recently, I commuted every day into London by train; on those trains, you saw all of humanity and amongst those were the Daily Mail readers. They stand out a mile! Always looking around them to see who they can look down upon, they have an air of smug arrogance.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 12:30pm

      Sounds like you were looking around with similar intent!

      1. Spanner1960 6 Nov 2011, 2:31pm


        1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 2:50pm

          Shut up Jock

      2. Father Ted 6 Nov 2011, 5:31pm

        Absolutely, Melanoma, so often people accuse others of what they are doing themselves, but usually it is the religious extremists.

  31. Claudia White, the teenage founder of the anti-bullying campaign GRIN, has been nominated for an Ambition AXA Award. If she wins she will receive £40,000 of professional mentoring to help her run and expand GRIN; she hopes to create a social acceptance for individuality and eradicate LGBTQ based bullying. To win she needs your votes:

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