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Gay dads cleared of breaking clinical trial rules

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  1. I saw a documentary on their family and whilst father myself there we few things I raised my eyebrows about but in general they seem pretty good people and more then capable to take care of their kids in every possible way. Good luck and my blessings to them all. Business? Be careful and stick to the rule of the game: make your own rules.

  2. Im not sure that they would care less about your blessing! after all, they really dont need it do they! they are bringing their children up perfectly well without your help! I never understand why people are so critical about this pair? at the end of the day, they have pushed and pushed for years for gay people to be seen as people that can bring children into the world and raise them just as good as hetros. they have helped to bring peoples understanding of gay parenting into main stream, certainly b4 they came onto the scene there was nothing in the main stream press about gay parenting! we have a lot to be thankful for!!!!

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