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Elton John on parenting, sex education and bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Elton

  2. Hmmm… despite his enormous wealth (and the psychotherapy that it can undoubtedly fund), Elton really doesn’t seem like a very suitable role model for a father. His narcissistic, short-tempered bitterness will eventually damage any children who are unfortunate enough to be exposed to him for any great length of time. Mind you, at least the child will learn to play the piano…

    1. Spanner1960 4 Nov 2011, 7:53pm

      Show me the perfect parent and I’ll show you a liar.

  3. I agree with Elton John. We must continue efforts to discourage the use of the word “gay” as a synonym for broken, worthless, damaged, unwanted, undesireable, dirty, unpleasant etc. If you don’t understand the point, substitute another word – Black or Jewish or Asian for example – and see why those people would be offended.

  4. When my son was 14 he beaten up a school boy for teasing him because I’m gay. I told him that violence is not and answer for bullying and after a hug and ice cream we went to cinema to see Karate Kid. Some people need more then words to spell respect. GAY doesn’t mean only a bubbly personality and style but also determination to stand up and fight back if necessary. O. Nobody in school ever teased my boy.

  5. Why does the gay media champion the likes of Elton John and George Michael, as if these are our greatest advocates? They are not. Let’s not forget that both of them would probably still be in the closet clinging manically to the inside of the door were it not for being outed against their will during sex scandals. Perhaps people who have been honest and open about their sexual orientation from the outset would be better representatives than men who have paraded an endless succession of beards in an attempt to present a heterosexual public image?

    1. Where was Elton John outed against his will during a sex scandal??? He was officially bi since the late Seventies (which nearly costed him his career at that point in time), and finally came out after his divorce from his wife. If you mean the orgies with Australian boys – at the same time he was playing concerts in the USA, so it was pretty easy to prove the Sun had been lying, and they had to bleed for it. But crap is impossible to kill, as we see here on the example of our good friend David G. Seriously: The homophobe bigots out there tell enough crap, we don’t need to have it between ourselves.

  6. carrie baker 6 Nov 2011, 7:59pm

    Elton, stand on some charities is good , But We need the Wealthy gay and human rights actresses and business people including this wealthy billianaire gay man who has lended his voice in an advertisement politico, But i cant see where he has done much of anything else concrete to help the homeless lgbt youth like al forney centers which should be donated to ferverently each time the businesses make profits in the historic place for the children, and the rest of the Lady Gagas, need to get down into Seatle washington, along with rosie oodon, and the countless other gay wealthy actor, actresses and gay politicians, your gay washing politicians are wealthy people and they have no escuse not to have that lgbt familiy center up and running effeciently for the saftey of the lgbt famiies, you network, with the associate backers of equality like gay bankers, Wells Fargo, and Bank America and other Microsoft , Apple Their are major wealthy people , just one millionair and billionare can do it a

  7. Claudia White, the teenage founder of the anti-bullying campaign GRIN, has been nominated for an Ambition AXA Award. If she wins she will receive £40,000 of professional mentoring to help her run and expand GRIN; she hopes to create a social acceptance for individuality and eradicate LGBTQ based bullying. To win she needs your votes:

  8. Should anal sex addicts such as EKeith be giving computing lessons?

    1. “I stay away from faceal passages (unlike yourself)”

      Ha! Who are you kidding?!?! ALL you can talk about is “faecal passages”. One can only surmise that you spend your nights trawling cold dark parks for it, backward little freak that you are. You’re wife must be a moron!

      Oh, and by the way, you idiot, its not “faceal”, its “faecal”. Too difficult for you, is it?

      As for “shaming me”. Don’t make me laugh, you fool – a schizophrenic uneducated cretin like you does not get to shame people like me who tower over the likes of you. The only person you’re shaming yourself pretty good by yourself with those perverted and sick minded comments. You should be removed from the company of children and civilised society, I’m sure you’re a sexual assault risk to both.

      1. LOL! I knew you were stupid, but such blatant ignorance of that fact is astounding. “Fecal” might be some obscure variation, but you use the word “faceal”. It does not exist. It never did.

        What a utter f****ng moron you are (more modern version of your ignoramus comment, if you need to look it up too, you thick muppet). What’s wrong, your parents couldn’t get an job becuase they were related and you were too poor to go to school?

        The biggest fools there is, is one who can’t see that he is – point in case:- you.

        And AGAIN, I’m laughing at you. Do you ever get tired of it? I sure as hell don’t. You’re so consistently funny/stupid, aren’t you?

  9. Ovous type?


    Is that why you spell it wrong EVERY time? Great excuse, stupid.

    Hey, better yet, stupid, throw in another line about the murdered babies…. “wont anyone please think of the poor babies” – what about that one, eh, moron?

    And you can bow to me on my expertise on many, many things, given my superior intellect over your paltry efforts. The benefits of college education, compared to your damaged brain and its vain attempts to spell faceal. Opps! Whoa! There we go again – its just a a typo…..

    You are as stupid as you are pathetic, the term human cannot be applied to freaks of nature like you, and quite frankly, your ignorance disgusts me.

  10. “Elton John and his manager used to have sex parties with young rent boys and Charlie to boot, I never had sex with him but from what Charlie told me, he was into some pretty wired stuff!”

    1. I`m sorry all you Elton John fans, but the truth will be known. you can run and try to hide your tracks, but one day your “hidden secrets”
      will be revealed, money can buy you almost everything, but you can not change history. Some innocent “underage boys” went to prison, while Sir was awarded 1million in libel.

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