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Video: Gay bishop Gene Robinson on inequality and the 99% movement

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Reader comments

  1. The Human Rights Movement (which includes the push for the equal rights of sexual minorities) and the Environmental, Fair Trade, 99% Movement all need to join hands.

    We are all the victims of the SAME machine- The three-headed dog of Government/Corporate Oligarchy/ Organized Religion

    Our freedom and survival on the planet lies in taming the snarling Cerebus so it sits, fetches and plays dead for OUR benefit, not its own.

    Besides, nothing is sexier than a gay man or woman who is also a revolutionary as a whole and LIVES it everyday in whatever capacity they can.

  2. Does Robinson acknowledge in his influence the close links that organised religion has to government and big business.

    Organised religion is complicit in the social and economic inequality in our world.

  3. It has escaped his attention that most christians are cherry-picking hypocrites?? The Congress of the US spent 200 thousand dollars a couple of days ago on passing a resolution that would confirm “In god we trust” as the official motto of the US. The same congress that has devastated the economy, plunders the middle class and vilifies the poor. What planet is Robinson living on where people who identify as “christian” ignore most of the things christ says because it does not serve their agenda?

    1. Disgraceful.

      That is basically stating that Congress does not represent atheists.

    2. I suppose it’s anyone’s guess which god Congress is talking about… Poseidon maybe, or Mars… maybe Osiris or Ganesh…
      there’s a heap to choose from..

  4. The fact that Robinson is saying this shows that he acknowledges that Christians forget Jesus’ social teachings while claiming supernatural beliefs about him and obsessing about sex.

  5. I have nothing against Gene Robinson or gay Christians for that matter. I have heard pretty solid theological arguments on their end for how they can consolidate that dichotomy from a biblical standpoint. What still remains unsettled for me with gay Judeo/Christians is the salvation thing and the God being male-only thing (as your sexuality clearly shows a strong Feminine influence and you believe you were created in God’s image) as well as the absolutist thing (this fixed belief in God being ONLY this or that and there being only ONE path). It is why I am not still a Christian even though I was raised one.
    I do agree with Bishop Robinson on the skewed, corporate greed, foreign war enabling and defending version of Christianity that is far removed from anything Jesus taught. He was clearly against everything Evangelical Christianity supports:
    Capitalism, accumulating treasures on earth, revenge against enemies, public prayer, doing good works for public praise, trying to be popular, involvement with worldly political concerns, judging others, divorce, focusing on marriage and having children and the list goes on and on.

    1. I sympathise and I now repudiate all supernaturalist and authoritarian religion. But Robinson deserves credit for bringing a bit of sanity to it.

  6. As far as I know, the Occupy Movement is a secular phenomena that should be interpreted in terms of universal human rights, and not in terms any untestable religious beliefs.

    Robinson is a forceful speaker who pretends to give us the true meaning of this event.

    I daresay there is no lack of historians who would paint a much larger picture than he does, and better referenced as well in the sense that they would not put words in the mouth of a fictitious character born a virgin, walking on water, pulling food out of the air, etc, etc., etc….. while religious leaders today live in the lap of luxury because christianity sold out to capitalism some time ago.

    1. …er…. born ‘of’ a virgin…

    2. Well said!

      If there is any spiritual aspect to this whole fight against unbridled Capitalism it is not to be found in the Judeo Christian/Abrahamic realm which these past 2000 years has become the one of the craniums on that three-headed dog.

      This is the age where atheists, agnostics and spiritual believers who also firmly believe in secular values (i.e their faith is for their private practice, exploration and edification only not the governance of others or formation of public policy) need to join hands. We would increase our numbers that way instead of each group trying to go it alone against the three headed dog.

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