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Star-studded dinner parties raise funds for HIV supper club

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  1. Given THT income was just over £21 million pounds of which is made up of statoray UK monies, it receives £500,000 from the DoH for it phone line, which recently it has chnaged to a free phone no. (refer

    Its Shout Loud project received £211,000 from the DoH which also included payments to it assocaited organisations. (refer

    I am not challenging the monies raised by how these resources are spent and to challenge the service delivery for which monies are received from central government, local and through donations.

    The celebrity list will be high income earners, to lavish on that 40% of people living with HIV/AIDS are in receipt of state benefit, we don’t have the option or money to be so exstravent. I don’t challenge how the high income earners spend there money and do welcome the £80,000 raised but who will oversigh