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Malaysian police cancel gay arts festival

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Reader comments

  1. This is bad. They are trying to relay a message that being gay is bad. It will corrupt the society. I find this unacceptable. Why can’t they do something better? Like get a brain transplant to think?

  2. Cambodia Guesthouse 3 Nov 2011, 1:04pm

    Malaysia is busy trying to promote itself as a major tourist destination with a TV ad campaign on cable throughout the world…

    Maybe not such a great destination for lgbt tourists?

    If these people cannot treat everyone equally then they do not deserve our tourism business…

    Their ad’s tagline is ‘Malaysia, truly Asia..’ I don’t think so! These bigots do not represent Asia at all!

  3. This event was permitted in previous years. LGBTs are being squeezed now as the government tries to mobilise religious and social conservatism to secure its grip on power against demands for reform.

    The government wants to weaken support for the human rights agenda of Malaysia’s reform movement, known as Bersih. Bersih’s leader, Ambiga Sreenevasan, sees LGBT rights as human rights, but many of her supporters do not (take a look at the comments on online newspapers like Malaysian Insider, popular with pro-reformers). The government hopes homophobia will get Bersih supporters to come back to the government, and to agree that freedom of speech should be limited.

    The government gave in to Islamic groups over this partly because it hopes supporting Islamism will leach votes from the Islamist-dominated opposition coalition.

    But Malaysia’s small but growing and very vocal Christian community – a key opposition constituency – mostly agree with Islamists on this. Win-win for the govt.

  4. islam again blaming the gays and when they have real power they kill us
    islam religion of hate . all gays stop spending your PINK money there god to thailand

    1. Cambodia Guesthouse 4 Nov 2011, 5:08am

      ….or Cambodia!! ;-)

  5. Very good, we cannot allow homosexuals to dictate and take over.

  6. Been there a couple of times. It’s a nice place and I found people to be quite open and friendly. It’s a mix of Indians, Chinese and Malays so quite diverse with surely people having very different views over homosexuality. Only issue is Islam trying to take over I would think.

  7. The Great Satin 4 Nov 2011, 3:40pm

    The UK gave about $20 million in Aid to Malaysia in 2008, and about $5 million in 2009. Not much in the scale of things, but it’s not exactly a poor country, maybe we should look at whether they are deserving at all.

    1. Maybe you are right. I strongly condemn how the authority treated LGBT community in Malaysia. Even the prisoners obtained a second chance in life by the system of parole, the gay did not killed, robbed, stole or raped, but they are treated like second class citizens there. The environment is very hostile towards gay people. When the statement of ‘gay rights is a human rights’ is mentioned, typical anti-gay Malaysians will deny it by letting out their homophobic instincts free. This is at bullying in broad daylight. I am glad that David Cameron took a stand and exerted pressure to cut aid to Uganda, another anti-gay nation. It won’t be soon before long to wait for Malaysia to be another Uganda. Maybe those anti-gay Malaysians need to get out more to learn what is the right to live for everyone, or better yet, an education.

  8. They are no better than the Christians and their blood thirsty plan to kill all gays any way they can,

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