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Ghana’s president will “never support” legalising homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Fine. Then they should not expect to receive any aid money – much of which is squandered by corruption by these `highly moral’ people.

    1. Absolutely.

      Its a choice they can make. Refuse to accept universal human rights and forego aid from the UK (and hopefully other governments following the UK lead).

      Whilst, I am sure there will be efforts from UK government to redistribute to grass roots in the countries concerned such as Ghana; if these prove unsuccessful – the responsibility for reduced finances is the Ghanaian governments and their immoral stance on universal human rights.

      1. yes, we will wallow in abject poverty than to accept your SHSAMEFUL behaviour. ANIMALS DONT EVEN DO DAT…


        1. @ kwadwo –

          No offense intended, but it would be to your advantage to be a wee bit less dogmatic, and perhaps a bit more curious as to why so much of the civilized world has come to respect universal human rights, of which the right to an education would certainly benefit the deprived populations of Third world countries.

        2. @kwadwo

          Perhaps you should examine some zoological knowledge and you will see that it is not only approx 10% of the worlds human population that are homosexual, but also many animal species …

          Perhaps, if you adopted human rights and treated humans with dignity despite any differences they might have been born with, you could then have our aid to give you education which would enable you to learn this …

    2. Another Hannah 3 Nov 2011, 3:37pm

      That’s about it. No country should be given aid that abuses human rights: you don’t give money to criminals to help them commit criminal acts. No end of arguments by peter tatchel about how the criminals mum will suffer, or they will hold a gay relative responsible should change that (a precedant has been set everywhere that the person responsible for a crime is the criminal, and no end of saying someone else said they must do it will change that, unless they had a gun held at their head). Think how it would be regarded if say it was WW2 Germany that wanted the “aid” whilst exterminating in the death camps. The precedent was set, why is there an attempt to change it now?

    3. The aid money is nothing overall. Ghana is the fastest growing economy in the world today I doubt the would care much.

  2. There is no urgent humanitarian crisis in Ghana.

    Therefore all aid to that hate-filled dump must cease immediately.

    The president is correct when he says that Britain cannot instruct Ghana on how to behave.

    But Ghana can take its begging bowl elsewhere as they do not deserve a penny in aid,

    The preasident of Ghana (along with a very large majority of the Ghanese population is a backward, stupid, bigotted moron.

    1. dAVID

      Whilst I agree with many of your comments, saying that the majority of the population is backward and stupid is facetious at best.

      What I would like to know is how quickly the UK government are going to react to the Ghanaian Presidents response to our linking human rights to our international aid policy?

      1. Are you claiming that the majority of the Ghanese population is NOT bigotted.

        Surely you realise that these useless African politicians are genocidally homophobic in order be populist.

        Ghana is a bigotted dump. Tolerant people are most certainly in a minority there.

        1. I am stating that I do not know what the majority of Ghanaians views on any topic is, and I would be very much surprised if you do …

          If you can evidence your descriptors of Ghanaians, then I am more than happy to be corrected …

          I accept the Ghanaian law is bigoted, that the President and government are bigoted, that there will be some of the population who are bigoted (a majority – not so sure …)

          1. The population is predominantly evangelical christian.

            Therefore there is no doubt that the population is predominantly bigotted.

          2. @dAVID

            According to the 2000 Ghanaian census only 24.1% of the population declared themselves as pentecostal/evangelical – Catholic 15.1%, Muslim 15%, Other Christian 9.2% – leaving more than 36% traditional African religions or no religion recorded …

        2. @dAVID

          Its not Ghanese … it’s Ghanaian …

          Shows how much you have checked out the Ghanaian situation, when you don’t even know how to address them as a nationality

          1. Kwei Quartey 6 Nov 2011, 4:35am

            Yes, saying Ghanese is pretty bad. It would be like saying “Chinians”

    2. We have been insulted many times and yet we did not die, so David go ahead and call us names. You and your ilk even thought we were not humans. Your fickle mind can not comprehend one bit the resolve of the Ghanaian to resist oppressors rule covert or overt. We have our society, you have yours. You luckily are a rich nation where there are no poor people. we are poor and we say keep your money so why are you crying?

      What holds us together is our believe systems and what we are saying is that David wants to put his shriveled stick in his own or another mans anus is not my concern!

      Frankly speaking, I find it difficult to understand why a virile man will want to have anal sex with another man.
      But does it really matter if I don’t understand? It’s a matter of choice. Some like apples, others love oranges. Yet more others relish biting into watermelons, which I personally hate. Like fruits, sex is a matter of choice.

      1. Asanteba – indeed it is. Which is why some choices should not be criminalised just because others don’t like them, and why you shouldn’t expect handouts from people who disapprove of such discrimination if you want to maintain discriminatory laws.

        1. Good grief — it’s common knowledge that homosexuality is not a choice.

          Sounds to me like you have confined yourself to a first century interpretation of the Bible.

          And yes, it does matter if you don’t understand.

          Feeling love for others is surely one of the greatest sources of our own happiness, and we naturally are very concerned about the happiness and suffering of those we love.

          Human rights are about human well-being worldwide.

          1. He’s from Ghana though. I think you need to make allowances for his wilful stupidity.

          2. @dAVID

            Your stereotyping knows no bounds …

            I, for one, do not like bigots stereotyping about LGBT people – and I feel it is also unacceptable conduct with regards other people groups …

      2. “Frankly speaking, I find it difficult to understand why a virile man will want to have anal sex with another man.”

        . . . . .

        This appears to suggest that all homosexuals have anal sex which is certianly inaccurate.

        Also, this appears to suggest that all heterosexuals never have anal sex, which is also inaccurate . . .

        You appear to have limited knowledge of not only homosexuality but heterosexulality as well.

        1. Well said.

        2. @JohnK Yea you are right. my assumption is wrong… what people do in their bedrooms is not really my concern. What i will never tolerate is when one guy warped with his pompousness wants to rule me from afar.

          1. Then maybe you shouldn’t ask the ‘pompous guy’ for handouts. BTW the christian religion was also a colonial import imposed by interfering western nations but you seem happy enough to quotemine that like it’s an intrinsic part of your indiginous culture.

          2. No one wants to rule Ghana. You are welcome to your own country.

            However no-one should be under any obligation to give Ghana 1 single cent in aid money.

            So quit begging for money from the west,. Your hate-filled monstrous country does not deserve a penny.

        3. Right on.

          And that is why foreign aid should focus on educational programs at the grass roots level.

      3. FIckle mind? Tell me asanteba, what have ghanaian minds contributed to the world? But you are right that what holds your society is a belief. A bigoted homophobic belief system. And why do you think homosexuality is just about anal sex? Is heterosexuality just about someone sticking their ‘shriveled stick’ in a ‘flabby fanny’? Ever heard of love? And if you are so good as a nation at resisting oppression, why do you put up with so much corruption from your government? The only reason why so many people live in slums in ghana is because as a nation you cannot organise yourselves, and those in power take all the money, leaving an underclass illiterate. Your time would be better spent fighting the inequality and oppression of ghana’s leaders of their own people than commenting on a gay news website.

        1. Kyle, so you have been deceived that there are no poor people sleeping under bridges where you come from?

          1. I wasn’t the one who said there isn’t poverty in the UK. You were the one that made that ridiculous assumption. There is poverty in the UK. Which is another reason why we shouldn’t be giving our tax money to you. But unlike ghana, the poverty in the UK is dealt with by our own people, we don’t ask for handouts of 90 million pounds from ghana. But like I already said, your time would be better spent fighting the corruption of your own government than writing comments on a gay news website.

          2. @asanteba

            Wasnt it you who said in one of your earlier posts that there were no poor people in Britain, now you wish to believe that there are?

            If you are going to talk rubbish, at least try and be consistent in the lies that you tell.

        2. Dave North 3 Nov 2011, 12:42pm

          From the CIA Wordbook:


          illicit producer of cannabis for the international drug trade; major transit hub for Southwest and Southeast Asian heroin and, to a lesser extent, South American cocaine destined for Europe and the US; widespread crime and money laundering problem, but the lack of a well developed financial infrastructure limits the country’s utility as a money laundering center; significant domestic cocaine and cannabis use.

          See, they do contribute….

      4. @asanteba

        How paranoid are you?

        I endorse your comments that calling you names is not wonderful, and adds nothing to the debate (on either side).

        However, the UK has no desire to claim Ghana as it’s territory. The concept of that being a reasonable prospect in modern Britain is laughable. So your comment “the resolve of the Ghanaian to resist oppressors rule covert or overt” is hilarious.

        There are poor people in Britain, significantly fewer than in Ghana but there remain homeless people with no money, no shelter etc etc

        We are not crying – many Britains are perfectly happy for Ghana to refuse to accept aid under the conditions that we feel are moral and legitimate (in the interests of humanity). It seems your vociferous response means you are the one crying.

        Cameron is heterosexual, but he recognises that people may love the opposite sex or the same sex and that is a pattern of attraction that comes from genetics. There should be no prejudice against or bias in favour …

        1. … of either sexual orientation. To do so is to debase humanity. I have as much choice in my sexual orientation as I do in my skin colour.

          The decision to have sex is choice that we make. Who we are attracted to is not. When did you choose to be attracted to the opposite sex? How did you make that decsion? What factors were there is weighing up the alternatives? I mean I can look at a fruit shop and think, I particularly like bananas but I will have some peaches today. I don’t look around for a partner and think should I try a woman today …

          Most humans are also sexual beings, and in the interests of fairness criminalising some of them due to following through with who they are attracted to is bereft of any fairness or morality.

          1. paddyswurds 3 Nov 2011, 2:28pm

            ….”is bereft of any fairness or morality”. In countries such as Ghana words like fairness or morality are total unknowns and the chance of that changing anytime soon is as likely as that there are little green men on Mars.

      5. Look at this imbecilic, stupid bigot.

        He is representative of the backward dump that is Ghana.

      6. Another Hannah 3 Nov 2011, 3:44pm

        You are a poor country for a reason, and your desire to scapgoat is a very major part of it.

    3. dAVID, apart from the fact that you are a total asshole, you alongside the whole of the UK voted for a moron called David (your name) Ca-moron who until recently I thought was better than that leprechaun of a frog president.

      1. Shows your lack of understanding of UK politics, Cameron is the leader of a coalition government (or in other words he failed to achieve a majority).

        Therefore, less than 50% of the UK electorate voted for Cameron

        1. It seems to show a lack of understanding of democracy to believe that an entire nation would vote unanimously for one party in any case.
          Perhaps KK believes we have a hive mind.

      2. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Nov 2011, 12:44pm

        Cameron is actually doing what a lot of people have thought we should have been doing for a long time,

        Money will not be taken from humanitarian aid, or aid to the poor, and anything like. They will lose money that helps shore up their government and governance, so there might not be the money to pay the Prime Minister and his cronies, but it won’t affect health programmes or putting food in kids mouths.

    4. Another Hannah 3 Nov 2011, 3:40pm

      If Gahana is going to punish Homosexuality with death, then since about 10% of the population is gay we will be in a death and concentration camp senario. Would anybody in their right mind give money to a country to set up death and concentration camps?

      1. Hamster cinco 3 Nov 2011, 7:19pm

        The Aid will always go to the top dogs anyway . They are all awlful nasty bigots ( along with quite a few others others in that country ) . Just stop the aid ! It wont make matters any worse ! I’m not speaking from the “comfort” the first world but over 25 years residence and birth in the third world ! Believe you me anything that makes the ghanan ruling classes less rich is not going to upset anyone but their hypocritical selves !

  3. Wonderfully short-sighted isn’t he? Complains that we’re interfering by insisting on establishing basic human rights in his country, but complains even more loudly when we STOP interfering by withdrawing our millions of pounds of aid money from his nauseating homophobic government.

    Which is it Mr. Mills? Do you want our interference or not? Because if you do then you’re in no position to call the shots on how we give it to you. Either you work with us by reforming the sordid and unjust laws of your horrid little country to better fit what moral probity demands or you go it alone. The people of Ghana deserve far better than you as their representative.

    1. silly. define “basic human rights!” aid has never helped a poor country and withdrawing it would only make our leaders sit up. but so that you know-your country looted my country to over 400 years to make UK what it is today. you know where to shove your aid. the UK is broke just like other European countries so why not use those monies to help yourselves-a-holes.

      1. Human Rights have been easily defined by the universal declaration of human rights at the UN. A policy that Ghana is a signatory to …

      2. The UK may be broke – but at least it does not depend foerits survival by begging like Ghana does,

        The president of Ghana is showing typical stupidity – shouting at the people he goes begging from.

        He truly is an idiot and a bigot.

        1. I wholeheartedly agree that the President of Ghana is bigoted and acting with stupidity

      3. And yet you cling stubbornly to those selfsame victorian bigotry laws against homosexuality that British people imposed on your nation 200 years ago.

        And I think we’re doing significantly better than you are economically, The fact is you need our help, and we are generous enough to offer it. The least you could do is be grateful and work with us to help change your awful antiquated laws and adopt basic human rights like the civilized world has.

    2. VP who told you Ghanaians want to be gays???? or need gays???
      this is absolutely nonsense!!!! UK only gives money it takes from us in the form of visa fees, profit for supply of our numerous raw materials; cocoa, gold timber etc. what has UK got to boast of???

      and i challenge you and your government to stop buying from us and see how people like you will starve to death.
      help yourself to answer this question: if your dad engaged in this devlish act would you have been born? be human and think straight….

      on the contrary you are rather short-sighted…..

      1. Strangely Ghana also charges visa fees …

        Strangely enough the balance in trade between Ghana and the UK is financially to the benefit of Ghana

        Our raw materials – timber, food products, gold, coal, oil, natural gas

        But then add our aerospace industry, finance sector, computer technology industries, service industries etc etc

        I know which economy I would prefer (even though the UK economy is not in great shape at the moment – our credit rating is significantly better than Ghana).

        Perfectly happy for UK government and people not to buy from Ghana, everything you produce we can get elsewhere – it will be trade and incomne you lose out on (in addition to loss of aid).

        If you won’t show common decency to your own people, then to be frank – you don’t deserve our money whether that be trade or aid.

        Fortunately, not all Ghanaians have the same view as you or your President and I pity them having to live alongside ignorance like yours.

      2. The UK will survive just fine without Ghana.

        Let’s see how long Ghana will last when it’s monumentally stupid, genocidal leaders have alienated all the countries Ghana begs from.

      3. Being gay is not a question of “wanting”. 5% of Ghanaians are, were and always will be gay. They were born that way. It is a natural part of who they are. Ghana needs gay people, because they make up a twentieth of the country’s population and a twentieth of its economy (which is so paltry and under-developed it needs all the help it can get. It certainly needs our aid money…)

        And, actually, my father is bisexual. He had several boyfriends before he met and settled down with my mother. And yet, funnily enough, here I am…

        Others have corrected your fatuous misunderstanding of the economic balance between our two nations. Funnily enough the moral balance is massively in my nation’s favour too, given that we have virtually achieved equality for gay people and women, we are one of the most secular nations on earth, and we give huge amounts of wealth in aid to struggling nations like yours. Perhaps if your country wasn’t run by homophobic idiots it might be a nicer place to live…

  4. I appreciate Mr Tatchell’s view and ideally that would be the solution and that way the money still gets into the country.

    But surely in countries with corrupt Governments there is the risk that any organisation recieving this money will either have it confiscated(made up fees for example) or simply be exiled from the country until such time as the aid money is paid to the Government?

    1. Rights groups in Africa get help from the likes of Amnesty International. They help in ways which cannot be taxed by the government for instance allowing activists to have shelter and use their Internet and computing equipment.
      There are ways to support people that, unless a government wants to close it’s borders to all aid, cannot be interfered with. Giving money to governments is never very efficient anyway due to the corruption.

  5. Pious idiot. If you take somebody’s free money you listen to what they say, and you bear their moral censure, or you give it back. And if you behave like a child – bullying people you happen not to like – like a child is how you deserve to be treated. That’s the way life is.
    I agree with Tatchell on this. Ordinary people shouldn’t suffer over this – ways should be found to support development work on the ground without letting any money get into the hands of this nasty government.

    1. Ghana as a country is a professional beggar.

      All aid to Ghana must stop.

      Ghana is of course free to behave as it likes,

      But it is no longer entitled to aid money.

      1. The economy of Ghana has been listed as The World’s Fastest Growing Economy in 2011 with an economic growth of about 20.146 % for the year 2011 in economic research led by Economy Watch with data coming from the IMF’s tracker of GDP Growth in constant prices in the national currency.


        Also, Ghana’s pre-colonial history is astounding.

        jus sayin’

  6. Whoah whoah whoah – where has all this love for the Ghanain people suddenly come from? They want us dead as much as their country’s leaders do. They are precisely the people that deserve to suffer just as they make all LGBT people in Africa suffer. We don’t go far enough – we should be making it an actual ultimatum. Repeal laws on homosexuality by the end of 2013, or every penny of aid will be cut and we will close our borders to anyone coming from that country and immediately deport any illegals. If they repeal laws, we’ll double the amount of aid we give to them and make sure half of the new amount goes into LGBT projects and education projects. Simples.

    I slog my guts out at work, sometimes over 70 hours a week, and I do not pay thousands of pounds in tax for it to be directed to people who wish me dead. Harsh? Maybe. I don’t care.

    1. Not at all harsh , very reasonable comment.But, unfortunately there are very misguided people as can be seen by some of the comments on this board.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Nov 2011, 6:14pm

      They know what they are taught just the same was we do. We are taught equality and freedom, they are taught intolerance and bigotry.

      I find it incredibly sad that African history has been erased in the way it has and the equality and acceptance that gay people enjoyed for centuries before missionaries came to save their souls is forgotten and denied.

      African was taught to love Jesus and hate gays and its about time someone has had the b0llocks to go over there and tell them how stupid they were for believing the word of a bunch of twisted God-botherers who seemingly got some pleasure and self-worth out of poisoning their minds.

  7. The majority of people in Ghana are just as backward and biggoted as their President. So i also do not know were the love for its people came from. As Chris said, they want gay people dead. We should stop all aid to the country untill they accept to give at least basic human rights to its gay and lesbian people. That Country needs a new government and its people needs to be educated.

    1. Such a constructive contribution to the debate – “backward”, “majority” – evidence?

      I agree with Camerons policy. I abhor the Ghanaian government stance. I don’t see that this means the majoirty of Ghanaians are “backward”

  8. Locus Solus 3 Nov 2011, 11:56am

    Has he never heard of the expression that beggers can’t be choosers?

    1. Or perhaps the expression….keep your good to your chest!

      1. @asanteba

        Did you make that expression up? Never heard of it …

  9. I guess you’re aiming at using AID as a batter trade.Imagine a time where no country will need AID,will it bring an end to human right abuse?i guess that’s how the world will finally turn out.Sorry…Never knew human right was a business entitlement.

    1. lol

    2. Its a precondition to AID …

      Obviously you havent heard of business ethics either – figures …

  10. Then his people lose out – simple really.

    Ultimately he’s accused Cameron of “bullying” but can’t understand himself the irony of that term when dealign with LGBT issues. Clearly the man is either an idiot, a bigot or both.

    As for his argument suggesting it would go against the deeply held African morals and values of many Ghanaians well…them morals themselves were introduced by the Victorians to a large degree so they’re probably as un-African as one can get. So clearly he’s ignorant of his own history too.

    In addition, it’s also not about imposing western morals on other countries, it’s about affording basic human rights to others and in my opinion if a leader isn’t able to make his people happy then they’re not really fit for purpose.

    1. Yes…of course the ultimate goal of universal human rights is th well-being of humanity — here and now.

  11. Ed Johnson 3 Nov 2011, 12:15pm

    Ghana president “will die before to long” if that photo is anything to go by so it’s not really an issue.

    1. Do you think it is only the president who is against the legalisation of homosexuality in Ghana?! Go to and read the comments there. For the first time since independence from the thieves who colonised us, Ghanaians are united. The whole nation is against it! Just yesterday, the parliamentarians decided to make laws against it so my friend, even if the president dies tomorrow, our decision will not change!

      1. Well, I personally know some gay Ghanaians who strongly seek decriminalisation of homosexuality – but due to the bigotry and prejudiced within Ghana are afraid to speak up – so not not the entire nation …
        Most Ghanaians I have met have been fair in their views … unfortunately the legal system does fairly represent them in Ghana

        1. Ama ghana 6 Nov 2011, 9:32pm

          It’s funny how people who dont know how ghana look like think the populace is liberal on homosexuality. I can confidently assure you dat any politicians who dares decriminalise homosexuality will be impeached before elections even come along

          1. I know Accra very well …

            I know there is strident homophobia and bigotry there

            I know that not every Ghanaian shares those thoughts

      2. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 5:51pm

        Spanner again.

  12. I agree with Peter Tatchell, who advised redirecting aid to community and grassroots humanitarian projects instead of just cutting it. He’s smarter than some of the clueless, racist posters on this forum and obviously has a greater understanding of the actual situation that exists between the UK and African countries. If the UK cuts aid, another nation will jump in and gain preferential access to Africa’s vast natural resource wealth. As we already know, the USA has no problem pandering to homophobic leaders to get their foot in the door and China is ambivalent about human rights, just as long as they get their cheap gold, diamonds, oil, and materials for cell phones etc. The Commonwealth is all the UK has to maintain any of its previous empire dominance in the world. It should tread wisely. Competition is fierce as natural resources diminish.
    One of the grassroots humanitarian projects aid can be redirected to are the indigenous gay rights and HIV education advocacy groups in anti-gay African nations,who are trying DESPERATELY to break their people out of the historical, cultural, religious mindset that homosexual men are sex crazed, demon possessed, rapists, weak, paedophiles who eat faeces and bring disease and famine etc and that lesbians are witches and man-haters. The Ghanian President knows if he supports the legislation he will be voted out IMMEDIATELY by the ignorant, misled electorate who have those views. He will be signing his own career termination, possibly even a death sentence.
    If we understand that and work WITH it instead of against it, we will get much further in advancing gay rights. EDUCATION then CULTUAL CHANGE then LEGISLATION. Even the hatemongering, redneck American Evangelicals are smart enough to figure this process out. I’ve always thought the UK was smarter. Now that we are talking about redirecting aid, we have the chance to funnel funds where they can actually bring about change.

    1. We are all familiar with anti neo-liberal rhetoric, and human rights abuses by multi-national corporations, thank you.

      Finally we arrive at the understanding that foreign aid can be re-directed, not entirely cut off, in order to promote universal human rights, one of which is the right to an education.

      1. It certainly does not seem so when you hear some people on the forum speaking about “Thousdands of their tax dollars” going to aid African countries! With no clue that African countires, even homophobic ones are aiding THEIR first world lifestyle as well, through the unfair free markets.

        Apparently, some people here have the perspective the the UK is still in the Victorian era when it was the world superpower and that Africa is some famished, useless, backward place entirely in thrall to charity from England. Not so.

        And, if you start with the wrong perspective you always reach the wrong conclusion.

        This matter may be just dinner-conversation for most people here but it means SOMETHING to me enough for me to ensure people reach the right conclusion.

        1. Point taken. Your exuberance is commendable.

          Are we agreed that untestable religious beliefs are both divisive and dangerous?

          1. @Jonpol

            Where have I heard that question before lol :-)

          2. Yes, I can agree with you on that particularly as it pertains to matters of public policy.

            If one individual wants to fast and bow down to a image of whater Deity, that’s fine. It’s when such things enter the sphere of Government and legislation we have problems.

            The same Enlightenment that helped the UK become a secular society needs to happen in African countries. As long as the people are beholden to religion and the polticians need to pander to the people’s beliefs to stay in power, this homophobia will never end.

          3. @Jessie

            Absolutely, no country and no legal system should be based on theocratic principles. Good governance, justice and democracy should all be blind to faith, ethnicity, orientation etc etc

  13. NINETY FREAKING MILLION POUNDS!!! He would rather lose that amount of money rather than apply some basic human rights! I don’t want people to suffer but I can’t turn a blind eye to Homophobia in any guise, anywhere.

  14. “He said the UK did not have the right to “direct to other sovereign nations as to what they should do””
    Then pay your own bills without the aid money!
    It’s no different to refusing to accept conditions on a bank loan.
    You won’t get that money and aid should be exactly the same.

    We need to see results to prove the people who need the aid are getting it and not just the dictators and Mugabes!

  15. Cambodia Guesthouse 3 Nov 2011, 1:15pm

    Yeah guys, it seems simple to me… He does not want our ‘conditions’ that come with OUR money? Fine, stop the aid then!

    He does not want us telling him what he should be doing? Fine… Leave him to it then… He’s obviously doing such a great job of running his country that it NEEDS such aid.

    I can think of better places to be spending that kind of cash… can’t you?

  16. We also have the option of commenting on Ghana’s newspapers, not all of which are as free as this one:

    1. now u are talking about press freedon? lol! i laugh at you. there’s no censorship of the press be it electronic or print. not like yours which is controlled and used as propaganda tools to kill millions in other countries so as to enrich a minority few. stupid

      1. communists often said their press was free, you sound just like them lol

        1. ever heard of News of The World and phone tapping? i can start a newspaper business anytime in ghana and not fear what i publish.

          1. @KK

            How naive?

            Whilst Ghana is respected by Reporters without Borders for the level of freedom the press has (some state the most freedom of any press in Africa) … there are restrictions on what can be published and scrutiny from the Ghanaian Media Commission.

            Your suggestion, KK, that you could start a newspaper and not fear what you publish is disingeuous – if you were found to be reporting with bias, inaccuracy, inappropriately, interfering with privacy etc etc then you could be subject to penalty – which is not quite the unfettered freedom you imply.

  17. soapbubblequeen 3 Nov 2011, 1:37pm

    Starve to death then. I don’t care. Corrupt old baboon.

    1. We will not starve to death!! Go read about Ghana. Nasty filthy homosexual! Even the dogs in ma village don’t do what you do!!

      1. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2011, 3:27pm

        Gaddafi? I thought you were dead?! Get off this website you homophobic moron. I couldn’t care less about Ghana. I bet you do it with dogs. No-one else would have anyone called Gaddafi. Stupid fcker.

      2. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2011, 3:42pm

        Gaddafi? Aren’t you meant to be dead?! I couldn’t care less about Ghana. I’m sure you know all about doing it with dogs don’t you dear? I expect no-one else will have you, homophobic piece of sh*t!!!!

        1. No. I am not like you. That is why I have my fine African women around! Think about yourself! Have you heard of any normal human being eating through his/her ears or drinking through the nose?! It is only when people are critically ill that they are fed through a tube in the nose and that is what you are- sick!! You are mad!! Check yourself into a psychiatric hospital because you really need help!!

          1. No offense, but you sound like an deluded fool yelling in the desert.

            Invest in an education, and try to be a wee bit less dogmatic.

            Then a dialogue would be possible.

          2. Seems like Gaddafi is promoting polygamy with his women (plural) …

            Didnt the trolls try and compare homosexuality to polygamy, saying they were of similar moral standards ….

            Clearly wrong of course, because I culdnt be as depraved as Gadaffi

  18. given that the bigotry of Africans States comes directly from christian missionaries who brain washed Africans in the first place I fail to see how their society’s “norms” were different from those in the UK. – Bigotry towards us is as bad as racism towards them – don’t they see that????

  19. I hope most gay people in the UK are not naive enough to think the UK Government is giving aid PURELY out of the goodness of their heart.
    Really? You think in THIS world economy ANY Government gives something for NOTHING? Why do you think there are NGOs (not that they are also entirely agenda free) who also do charity work?

    You think the UK Government and Her Royal Highness have not carefully weighed the ROI on their Foreign Aid investment? They know it pays back EXPONENTIALLY!

    Trust me, whatever aid is being given to Africa is is NOT at the expense of profitability for UK or your standard of living which I should remind you, depends HEAVILY on cheap labor and mineral exploitation in the third world by UK owned and multinational corporations who pay your Government a nice FAT slice of the pie which helps fund your public services.
    The piddling percentage of your tax dollars that finds its way into the foreign aid pot does not even begin to cover the cost of unfair trade and environmental destruction in places like that.

    So yes, my fellow UK queers, are you more enlightened about human sexuality than the average Nigerian, Ugandan or Ghanian? YES! 100%

    But until you also get wise about the whys and hows of the economic symbiosis the first world has with the third world, your approach to getting such places to be as enlightened as you are, will continue to be wrong.

    The very definition of insanity- trying something that does not work, over an over. Many of you have (rightfully so) called the leaders of some of these nations corrupt, despotic etc. YET you keep placing the onus on THEM to grow a conscious and change the laws. HA!

    Empower the PEOPLE instead. It has never been fully attempted.

    1. well put. but find a man.

    2. Ok, firstly I’m gay…not queer. I’m sure a lot of people on here feel that way, please don’t assume we’re all activisits.

      Secondly, although I understand that multi-nationals have a vast amount of power and wealth and this is tied into the amount of aid which is given I fail to see how this how this power translates to homophobia and bigotry which was largely brought in by Victorian missionaries.

      I believe Marxist theory is too simplistic and doesn’t truly argue a case for Africa, after all – even by Marx’s own work hasn’t Africa failed to hit the transition between feudalism and industrialisation?

      I’m also a firm believer in one thing. People run their own destiny – this applied to countries too. We as gay men and women are not responsible, nor should we be responsible for corrupt leaders in other nations.

      1. This extremely queer (by anyone’s standards) and proud lesbian would be happy to explain it.

        Disempowering religious and cultural beliefs keep the people blind, easily managed and swayed by the poltiical leaders who push all the right buttons.

        The poltiical leaders enter into trade agreements with the first world that either do not truly benefit their country OR even if they CAN, are unable to becauase of corruption and misappropriation of revenues earned.

        The people suffer and cling to their religious and cultural beliefs for comfort EVEN MORE. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

        As to why Africa failed to hit the transition between feudalism and industrialisation. Read Sir Arthur Lewis. A Saint Lucian Nobel Prize winning economist who wrote about the economic development of former colonies and why the third world is in the state it is in. His economic model is actually what Singapore uses.

        Take a look at the Corruption Perception Index and ask yourself three questions. (1) Why are the countries with the MOST vast mineral wealth are also the ones with the lowest rating for transperancy and proper trade and business practices? (2) Who benefits from this? (3) Would you be willing to pay extra for your goods and services if these countries added the proper checks, balances?

        I agree that people run their own destiny IF and WHEN they are empowered to even KNOW they have such a thing as a destiny and are given the freedom to do so. That has not been the case in Africa my friend. It’s been either constantly interferred with or suffered incestual rape at the hands of its own.

        1. @Jessie —

          I’ve just come across your blog and I would highly recommend it to the PN readership:

          With the impetus of the Occupy Wall Street highlighting global injustices, is it possible that human rights will spread throughout the world in our lifetime?

          1. @Jonpol (and Jessie)

            I keep meaning to look at that blog, but getting distracted by other things today. I shall go and check it out now.

            I do hope that social justice and human rights will spread globally. There are positive signs in some areas – and worrying ones elsewhere.

            I do think there are events happening in the world right now that make predicting what will be happening in one year very difficult, let alone in a decade or two.

          2. I especially agree with Jessie’s take on the negative role of religions which offer comfort in the next world instead of a bit of happiness and less suffering in today’s Africa and Caribbean nations.

          3. …and I hope Keith is listening to all this…

          4. Hey, thanks. Been slaving away since 2005 on it.

            And I am about to add a video blog as well. It will up by next week. So now you can see me rant and drone on and on about what I usually just write about. Anya Ayong Chee, a fellow Trini who just won the last Project Runway USA gave me the courage to do it. She was brave enough to face a public sex scandal (a leak of a sex tape with her and another woman and her boyfriend) and come back strong and so I feel I can expose myself too, my face, my relationship with my partner everything. So stay tuned.

          5. @Jessie —

            Sir Arthur Lewis’s book, which is available on – dates from 1978.

            Is there something more recent, or is that the book that won him the Nobel Peace Prize?

            Your ranting is not lost on me…eh, eh… Go Jessie, Go !!

        2. @Jessie

          Havent had time to read all your blog yet …

          I will keep popping back to read more as what I have seen is very interesting … I don’t agree with all of it, but there are some significant insights into many issues which you discuss with great honesty

  20. Another Hannah 3 Nov 2011, 3:34pm

    No country should be given aid that abuses human rights: you don’t give money to criminals to help them commit criminal acts. No end of arguments by peter tatchel about how the criminals mum will suffer, or they will hold a gay relative responsible should change that (a precedant has been set everywhere that the person responsible for a crime is the criminal, and no end of saying someone else said they must do it will change that, unless they had a gun held at their head).

    1. If tin pot African presidents do not like our views, then don’t give them any of our money.Stop aid now.

  21. Another Hannah 3 Nov 2011, 3:46pm

    Thinking about it, this is aconcentration camp and genocide senario. If Gahana is going to punish Homosexuality with death, then since about 10% of the population is gay we will be in a death and concentration camps. Would anybody in their right mind give money to a country to set up death and concentration camps?

    1. Please be informed before speaking! First of all, it is Ghana and not Gahana! Second of all, nobody said about concentration camps! The Germans have built enough of those!

  22. Another Hannah 3 Nov 2011, 3:50pm

    And I will never accept the laughable argument that opposition to mass slaughter and murder is due to a post-colonial attitude. People like Tatchell realy should listen to and look at themselves and think about what they are saying.

    1. Nobody was making that arguement, particularly not Peter Tatchell. The arguement was about the APPROACH to getting countries to change their anti-gay policies.

      Do you work WITH the country’s existing challenges (explotative leaders and uneducated public) or simply take the authoratarian approach.

      He is recommending the smartest solution. Bypass the leaders and their Government (no aid for them) and keep helping the people to get more educated, empowered and able to change.

      1. Yes, that is how I understood it.

        It’s not a question of cutting off aid, but rather directing it where it WILL do the most good and in that way empowering the people to take their future in their own hands.

        Democracy at work …. yes !

  23. So nobody realized WHY he can play a game of “Chicken” with the UK and people’s human rights?

    A piddling 90 Million Pounds in Aid from the UK compared to OVER 70 BILLION gained from Ghana’s GDP in gold, diamonds, bauxite, timber, manganese and cocoa.

    And countries like the USA, China, India and Japan waiting in the wings to dominate in their access to all that mineral wealth.

    The sooner you get this idea out of your head that these African countries are just destitute, useless, wastelands that have nothing to offer the UK in return for their aid, the smarter your comments and solutions will become.

    1. jamestoronto 3 Nov 2011, 7:09pm

      If they are rolling in so much wealth why are they even accepting aid. Seem like a case I got lots but give me more.

      1. It works like this jamestoronto:

        The country has mineral wealth, climate conditions for certain highly desired crops but not the capital to develop it.

        It borrows from the first world.

        It has to repay that loan WITH interest PLUS allow the first world companies to get first dibs on the returns.

        Whatever revenue is left over, the Government is SUPPOSED to go towards developing its people’s standard of life. But the leaders are greedy and corrupt, so they pocket revenues for themselves and their cronies. They have fat offshore accounts and live in mansions while their people live in shacks and huts.

        The people suffer.

        They need foreign aid.

        Foreign aid now becomes a bargaining chip for other first world countries to also get first dibs on the mineral wealth.

        The cycle continues….

        1. In the 70’s and 80’s the World Bank did loan tremendous amounts of money to Third World countries knowing full well that they would never be able to re-imburse such sums, and that just repaying the interests on their loans could possibly bankrupt them…. thus making their raw materials more…er…accessible.

          It is quite astounding that the Commonwealth’s preoccupation with LGBT rights in homophobic countries would merge with these profound economic analyses. Astounding.

          1. There was fault there by the developed world for pushing those loans, the world bank for endorsing the policy and the developing countries governments for accepting them …

            Some, not all, have been cancelled – and that was a legitmate and ethical step to take – but more must happen to enable those nations with a robust understanding of human rights to be able to stand independently away from relying on aid

          2. Yes, I had forgotten about that… but some loans were cancelled.

            As I see it, Peter Tatchell has succeeded in having LGBT concerns added to the agenda of the Commonwealth Summit 2011 in Perth, Australia.

            I expected a backlash, especially from Africa, and reading African news sites lately has been quite an education.

            Also, I was not expecting to hear an enlightened voice form the Caribbean (Jessie).

            Now I expect to see more activity within the NGO’s in homophobic countries… and I equally expect efforts to educate the populations to be hampered, possibly by the Military and Evangelicals.

            Regardless, international gay rights activists, not to mention the UN, now have a clearer idea of the location of trouble spots.

  24. Who wants to be brow beaten for the world to see. If cameron cared and didnt want headlines he would have let his diplomats do the negoiating. Instead he shoots off his mouth and put LGBT people in danger for votes from the right wing queers in the UK.

    Remember cameron is happy to trade with china and saudi arabia who have similar attitudes to LGBT people

    1. China may not have gd lgbt rights, but you cannot compare it to the likes of saudi arabia. If u are convicted of gay sex in Saudi Arabia you get hundreds of lashes followed by getting your head chopped off.

    2. I believe China’s anti-gay laws are a paper tiger.

  25. Stopping aid will no doubt enhance the “moral fibre” of some of these countries by reducing opportunities for corruption.

  26. ok, perfect, it’s simple.

    Money= rules.
    Don’t want follow rules, = no money.

    If he wants “perpetuate” his “societal norms”, accept the consequences, like economical penalisation.

  27. GingerlyColors 4 Nov 2011, 6:46am

    And I never will donate money to Ghana.

  28. Countries in the same ilk as ghana will always be begging for increased aid as their breeding populations soar, where the environment/ world cannot sustain. The only solution to their problem is a logistical policy of sterilisation, as the people of such countries do not have the capacity or are too ignorant to utilise ethical birth control and that by increasing their population , they are decreasing their quality of existence.

    1. Like much of Africa, Ghana was much better ordered when it was a colony.

      1. “Better ordered” for whose benefit?

      2. Is it amnesia or perhaps total ignorance of the fact that the “order” you refer to was at the DELIBERATE disadvantage of the indigenous peoples? The “order” you refer to is the same “order” there was in Iraq when borders were formed by colonial whim that ignored ancestral tribal boundaries. The “order” you refer to is the native peoples being FIRMLY relegated to the bottom and given little to no Enlightenment to prepare them to rule themselves. This “order” you refer to is an iron fist and various forms of institutionalized apartheid that allowed Britain to siphon the wealth out of Africa to build up and bolster YOUR country’s democracy and empower a new middle class of educated, highly skilled people capable of new thought, cultural change and legislative change. Meanwhile, places like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi were gripped in iron-fisted, racist colonialism followed by a bloody struggle for independence hindered by foreign interference by the CIA and British Intelligence who used assassination and instigation of tribal conflict. Then when begrudgingly independence was given, everything began to unravel- the forced colonial borders, tribal relocation, a people kept ignorant, unskilled, incapable of leadership and continued oppression by the world economic powers though the IMF and the big ruse of “foreign aid” as a blanket to cover up all sins. The people on that continent have been held captive by one exploitative regime after the next. The greatest betrayal of course being their OWN who took up residence in those old colonial palaces and follow the same methodology learned by the first world – exploit the minerals, export the wealth into foreign bank accounts for themselves and their cronies.
        The simplistic, racist thing is of course to say, “Oh look at those black people, they cannot get their act together!” and totally ignore the fact they were essentially gimped every step of the way.

      3. Robert, what is your problem?! We don’t want your dirty lifestyle so keep your aid! Racist! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Get a life!

    2. Rapture, please never oprn your mouth to talk if you are not informed! Who told you that Africans are too ignorant to use birth control?! You are a foolish racist!!

      1. You are the racist idiot by your animosity to the progressive, evolved conscience of Western nations, that ghana depends on desperately for aid .Clearly birth and sti control is a major issue in africa , hence the aids epidemics there, and balloning population growth creating a catastrophe of dependence on the west.

  29. You can call us backward people. we don’t care! Even in our backwardness, we are happy. You people claim to be advanced countries but you have serial killers, psychopaths, sociopaths and high suicide rates. We are ‘poor’ in Africa but we don’t have all those problems. Have you ever wondered about that? We don’t want your dirty life style. And those racist gays should be careful!!! No homosexuality in Ghana! End of discussion!!

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 2:25pm

      No chance of you finding that second brain cell is there?

      1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 5:47pm


        1. Okay, my dear, give it a rest. You’re little obsession with Jock just isn’t that funny. If you’re going to throw puerile insults, at someone, the least you can do is utilise a bit of wit to spare the rest of us your boring obsession….

  30. Keith Farrell 4 Nov 2011, 2:53pm

    any country that does not give gay people their basic rights should not get goverment hand outs, spend the money here at home improving things for us. hate

  31. The way people are commenting it seems as though they expect a cripple to run beside them! Then are so outraged, hurt, upset and retributive because the cripple cannot. Yet rather than help to HEAL the cripple, they would take vengeful glee in starving the cripple. “That will teach him!”

    How enlightened! How humane! We truly are examplars of higher thought aren’t we?

    Tell me, what indeed made it possible for Western Europe to advance on matters of sex, gender-equality and secularism? How did you get free of the grips of old superstitions and control by the Church? Look at Eastern Europe which is terribly homophobic! Compare it. Examine it. In fact look in your own backyard to Northern Ireland and Scotland? How come it is more homophobic than England?
    It all has to do with prosperity, stability and freedom of self-actualization. You were lucky to have ALL THREE! Often at the EXPENSE of other countries. The wealth you exploited, the people you exploited enabled your democracy , enabled an emergence of an educated middle class that led new thought, cultural change and legislative change. It helped you walk tall and made others not just gimps but gimps wary, hateful and rebellious against you and disinclined to take anymore orders from you. Worse yet after being crippled by violent exploitative regime after violent exploitative regime the ONLY source of comfort for these people has been their religion. Now you wish they without the benefit of all the things that aid Enlightenment, to reject what they truly believe is the ONLY thing that makes absolute sense to them.

    We are not exemplars of “humane thinking” if that is our attitude. The teacher has to be BETTER than the student in EVERY way.

  32. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2011, 3:45pm

    To Gadaffi:

    Go back to Ghana then if it’s so wonderful. Oh that’s right, you need the benefits you get here don’t you? Anyway, Gadaffi aren’t you meant to be dead? You really ought to consider changing your name.

    1. What benefits? Do you call nasty lifestyles like homosexuality and racism benefits?! Please!! You guys think we are as foolish as we were when you disguised yourselves as missionaries and robbed us! Things have changed!! Like my namesake who was brutally murdered by the imperialists, I say AFRICA UNITE!!!

      1. I do feel you on your cry of “Injustice!” for how Africa was treated by the colonial powers.

        However for the life of me, I cannot understand what you find so engaging about trolling around a website for gays and lesbians if you find homosexuality so repulsive. It seems you like immersing yourself in “deep”, “penetrating” discussion with the very people you claim to hate so much. What exactly is the thrill for you?

        And here is one person you cannot accuse of opposing your comments because they are white, male and British. I am black, female and dreadlocked. Ancient Ibo blood runs through my veins and I still hear the spirit of Mwa Lisi and Mama Oshun and know the Divine is all encompassing of Male and Female and every beautiful variation in-between, long before the Christian and Arab rape of my Motherland and brainwashing of my ancestors into shame and guilt.

        So even now, I can see that there is there is nothing but hate, shame and guilt in your heart and you have nothing of any value to contribute except vitriol and endless ad hominems. You are laid bare, powerless, angry and frustrated at a world that makes no sense to you because you have not the intellect nor spiritual foundation to evolve with the endless momentum of time. I hope you are freed from this one day. For your own happiness and soul fuflillment.

    2. I love my name! Nothing will make me change it! Dirty imperialist!!

      1. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2011, 10:55pm

        Well that says it all doesn’t it?! A Colonel Gadaffi supporter. A corrupt tyrannical imperialist known the world over for brutally terrorizing and murdering his own people, not to mention stealing from them. Fck off back to the Sahara and starve to death then, because that’s what will happen to your darling Africans dear if they don’t agree to this :) Homophobic SCUM.

        1. Dr. R Guthrie 5 Nov 2011, 2:17am

          Dont worry.

          They have resources for us to steal from them

          They are all intrinsically stupid, kept so by their own political and religous pay masters.

          The only time you hear of any of these people is when they have been educated and nurtured in the western or asian systems they claim to despise.

          They then F off back to their in-continent and complain, but by now better educated moving on to abuse those they purpote to give an arse about.

          However as they grumble it was my grandfathers grandfathers fault.

          I remember attending the Feed the World crap in 1984.

          Are they fed yet. No. Despots. Aid. War.. Religion. etc etc.

          Africa can go bugg3r itself.

          You WILL be raped again in the east west resource wars.

          1. soapbubblequeen 6 Nov 2011, 12:58pm

            Well said Dr Guthrie. They make me sick.

        2. What ever this travesty calls himself, he doesn’t seem to have the intelligence to change his behaviours with each persona – Its the same endless tripe he used when he was using the “Rick the Original” tag – wherever he’s from, clearly mental health isn’t high on their agenda.

      2. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 2:28pm

        Shame you sound so fake.

      3. soapbubblequeen 6 Nov 2011, 7:13pm

        And by the way, I’m extremely happy that Gaddafi is dead!!

  33. Anyone else think “Gadaffi” is just that gibbering fool “Rick” the Original” back again to pretend he’s fooling anyone?

    1. mmmm…. it had crossed my mind, Will… he certainly has the same fortress mentality .. :)

    2. I certainly think it is Rick with a new personality – persona – whichever, he might as well have a multiple personality disorder judging by his machinations

    3. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 5:43pm

      It’s just Jock dear.

      1. No, its not Jock. That much is obvious. Is it not bad enough we have the extremes of mental health issues like Keith and that degenerate example of humanity at its lowest, Rich/Gaddafi , without people like you launching a one man crusade against someone here who is gay? If you have an issue with Jock on a personal level, just ignore him, or better yet, leave the site if it upsets you that much.

        1. Absolutely agree

          If they disagree with the substance of Jock’s comments – then engage in honest and intelligent debate – throwing random comments around stating that every comment is by Jock or trying to ridicule him without any explanation that could form reasonable debate is like kindergarten behaviour

    4. I am not Rick and I am certainly not a fool!! I am a Ghanaian who is proud of my African identity!!! No homosexuality in Ghana! End of argument!

      1. Sure you’re not. On both accounts.

      2. A few facts about homosexuality in Ghana:

        a) There is no reason to believe the prevalence of gay people in Ghana is any different from any other country on the planet … varying between 3 and 12% of population (depending on which survey is considered).




        e) and its not just Accra where the western businessmen frequent – if there were not gay people in Ghana, then arrests would not be able to be made:

        Again, if there were no gays in Ghana – this respected African business outlet would not have been able to survey LGBT people ….

        Just a few reasons “Gadaffi” is blinkered and blind to the truth

        1. good research, Stu :D

  34. Ama ghana 5 Nov 2011, 1:47pm

    It’s clear which side of the divide is intolerant. Faggots are the most intolerable people in this world! You have coined terms for people who dont share sub-animal behaviour like homophobia…
    Again, i challenge you all insulting our president to post a link to one, just one gay-bashing or persecution in ghana! Saudi Arabia is a development partner of the uk, why isn’t cameron cutting ties them b’cos in dat country homosexuals are beheaded or hanged?! Let it be clear to your prime minister gayvid cameron that he can keep his aid! You should also tell him to withdraw tullow oil from ghana so dat we can go to russia or china to find a partner to develop our emerging oil industry. After perpetrating slave trade and colonialism on africans, you now want to gag us legalising homosexuality. In fact it is the uk that has laws preventing faggots from donating blood and same-sex marriage isn’t legal, what double standards! It also baffles me when you try to paint a picture that majority of the british support LGBT when in reality it’s not the case. Finally i will be glad to see a faggot become king of england and also a faggot couple become de 1st family in uk.

    1. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 5:42pm

      More boring fake trollery from Jock.

    2. “Faggots are the most intolerable people in this world!”

      Nope. You are.

      Obsessed too.

      Think about gay sex much, do you Rich/Gaddafi/Ama ghana? Oh, come on, we all know you do.

      1. Wil, think about gay sex for what reason?! I have better things to do than to think about filth!

        1. “I have better things to do than to think about filth!”

          And yet you’re HERE, on a gay site, going on and on and on about gay sex….. LOL! Yeah, sure it’s not. You mind is a veritable sewer.

  35. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 2:19pm

    Fine, then don’t expect UK support to your government.


  36. FRIENDS OF MUAMMER GADAFFI 5 Nov 2011, 8:28pm

    If you guys really concern about equality and kicks against descrimination of Homosexuals, as well as anybody`s sexual orientation, Why wouldn`t you first of all petition Downing Street and Wesminster to decriminilize polygamy in the UK so as to undo the unfairness and descrimination given out to Africans and Asians who would sincerely like to practice thier polygamy. That`s thier sexual orientation and rights too. They have been bullied into agreeing that polygamy is criminal in the UK against thier sexual orientation and rights. Untill you are able to do this, I don`t think anybody has any right going into Africa to dictate to them what sexual rights they should ligalize and respect. That will be absolutely absurd and hyposcisy.

    1. Woo Flung Dung 6 Nov 2011, 5:23am

      There’s a place for you on Scott Lively’s team…. fame and big bucks too.

      1. FRIENDS OF MUAMMER GADAFFI 6 Nov 2011, 10:36am

        How can help the Scott Lively’s team.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:52am

      Wrong site Keith. Your argument is totally irrelevent here. Bugger off and find other to bother.

      1. Solomon is said to have said… nice fairy tale

      2. YAWN. Found out to cut and paste, did we Keith? How wonderful for you. Next you can try typing emails to god.

    3. “That`s thier sexual orientation and rights too”

      LOL! Polygamy is an act, not a sexual orientation. A clown could make a better argument. I’m actually embarrassed for you – I would just die if I demonstrated such a stupid lack of reason in pubic….

    4. I am with you! Foolish imperialists who behave like animals!

      1. Give it a rest Rich. Changed name, but still as dull and repetitive as ever. Yawn.

  37. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 5:40pm

    Stop playing troll Jock.

  38. Melanoma Phillips 6 Nov 2011, 5:40pm

    This is getting boring Jock.

    1. You claiming that every comment is Jock is getting ridiculously boring and more and more infantile

  39. Ama ghana 6 Nov 2011, 9:36pm

    Africa will NEVER grant license to faggots to go about sodomizing people. I’m sure guys all compete with babies for diapers. Wat is human rights about dis sub-animalistic behaviour. Lunatic Bigots!!

    1. ahhhh… the voice of Africa speaks… like a fool shouting in the desert…

      1. Jonpol, you are a foolish racist. Even dogs are better than you! Homosexual pig!!

        1. Where does that put you, gaddafi? You’re clearly well beneath a dog. IN fact most bacteria have more intelligence than you….

        2. There is only one race… the human race, and everyone deserves universal human rights.

    2. What gives you the right to speak in the name of Africa?

  40. Ama ghana 6 Nov 2011, 9:56pm

    I can see people hear have been spewing the propaganda that, africa accepted homosexuality before foreign invasion. Hahaha dats a ridiculous blatant lie. Africa has NEVER and will NEVER accept homosexuality. Before foreign invasion we had our own laws and religion which frowned on same-sex relationships. There is nothing backward and illiterate like gayism and lesbianism. It may also interest you to know that legislations are already in motion after gayvid cameron’s threat to unambiguously ban homosexuality:)

    1. Please state your references for pre-colonial African history and customs.

      and when did Cameron threaten to unambiguously ban homosexuality?

      1. Ama ghana 7 Nov 2011, 7:32am

        History of de african people is not a thesis which needs referencing. If u you had an idea about how marriage is done in africa and our view on procreation, u wudn’t be lying to yourselves dat africa sometime ago supported homosexuality. Again i’m saying the very nations cameron threatened are putting up legislations to unambiguously ban homosexuality.

        1. oh… no historical references then…

          Does that mean that anybody can believe anything they want about Africa’s history?

          And I didn’t hear Cameron threaten any nation. Do you have a reference for that then?

          1. No, no history …

            Just bigotry (that has no roots in culture or tradition)

    2. AMA, what is shocking here in Ghana as our MPs said in parliament is that even our Dogs don’t even do it.

      1. Then you’re PM is clearly a blind fool – but if you are anything to go by, it would seems to be a common Ghanaian trait.

        1. Here we have an typical example of a unedcuated, bigotted buggerer!

    3. “There is nothing backward and illiterate like gayism and lesbianism”

      Well, yes there is obviously:- you for starters if your post is anything to go by.

      Bigot <= stupid …proven empirically once more! Brovo.

  41. Could you repeat that, please

  42. Good lord, Keith, you really are damaged goods. Is that it? Is that the best you can come up with? Still obsessed with the old bum sex, are we? Must be getting cold in those toilets now for you.

    Not so brave after 500+ of your previous examples of stupidity were deleted, are you? Heh heh….

    1. “They were deleted but thanks for reading”

      Oh, but I don’t read them. An now no once can. As they’re gone. I got a great laugh out of your utter futility. You have no idea how that warmed me – more so as you frothed at the mouth like a dysfunctional brat. Absolutely beautiful…. hmmmm, even smiling now as I write this.

  43. Homophobic Afrocentrists are a big joke! Authentic African roots have nothing to do with the anglicanised homophobia that came from colonial, patriarchal Judeo-Christianity. To this day, there is nothing homophobic about the ancient Orisha and Vodun religions of most Western African tribes which recognize transgendered Gods and Goddesses. Unbiased historical and anthropological research has shown indigenous homosexuality in several African tribal cultures. The ancient San people, the Pagwe of Cameroon, Hausa of northern Nigeria, the Bantu-speaking people just to name a few. There is a rich history of boy lovers being taken among African royalty. The Igbo tribes used to allow women to take wives provided they could hunt and provide for them. We also have colonial records of the shock and outrage the sexually repressed, hypocritical, prudish Christian Europeans felt seeing so much sexual freedom, polygamy, polyarmory, homosexuality and nudity. We have volumes of legal prosecutions and punishments as they attempted to convert the natives. If you claim to have re-claimed your African heritage while still holding on to Dark Age European homophobia you are not to be taken seriously.

  44. @jessie

    This is exactly what i’m talking about carrying propaganda as truth and facts. If what you are saying were true then polygamy too should be unlawful in africa but that is not the case-in fact polygamy has always been legal, accepted and tolerated in africa. So if africans, before foreign invasion accepted homosexuality then that would have still been the case as in polygamy. And also i dont get why your argument is soo based on anti-christianity sentiments when there are muslims and african traditional believers in africa whose stance on homosexuality isn’t any different? In africa two people dont just meet on the street and decide to marry like you want your people believe. When a man and a woman decide to marry, the man informs his family to go the woman’s family to ask for her hand in marriage. The man also pays to the woman’s family a bride-price before a ceremony is held to officially marry the two. So in your Ibo example, who will go to who’s family to ask for who’s han

  45. Ama ghana 9 Nov 2011, 1:00pm

    This is exactly what i’m talking about carrying propaganda as truth and facts. If what you are saying
    were true then
    polygamy too should be unlawful in africa just as homosexuality is but that is not the case-in fact polygamy
    has always been legal,
    accepted and tolerated in africa.
    So if africans, before
    foreign invasion accepted homosexuality then that would have still
    been the case as in polygamy.
    And also i dont get why your argument is
    soo based on anti-christianity sentiments when there are muslims and
    african traditional believers in africa
    whose stance on
    homosexuality isn’t any different? In africa two people
    dont just meet on the street and decide to marry like you want
    your people believe.
    When a man and a woman decide to marry, the man
    informs his family to go the woman’s family to ask for her
    hand in marriage. The man also pays to the woman’s family a
    bride-price before a
    ceremony is held to officially marry the two. So in your Ibo
    example, who will go to who’s family to ask for who’s hand in
    marriage? I’m sure your source is a pro-gay propagandist
    peddling lies
    to the gay community.

    1. Oh, who cares. Grow up you prattling muppet.

    2. Wow you do seem to enjoy lying and you have no reasoning or arguing skills unfortuantely.

      Show me any post-colonial African member of the Commonwealth that allowed ANY man to legally wed two or more wives after British law was imposed. Bigamy was just as punishable under British colonial rule there as it was in England.

      Only Islamic ruled parts of Africa would allow polygamy because it is already part of their culture.

      I know all about the bride price and wedding traditions. They do not disprove the fact that women with means, land (through matrilineal land inheritance) and the skills to hunt and provide could more than pay and get parental approaval. I speak of pre-colonial tribal traditions. I speak of people who did not carry your shame and disgust and believed in spirits and ancestors and hermaphrodite Gods and Goddesses. Homosexuals were seen as “two-souled”, special, gifted and were often dedicated to the service of the Gods and Goddesses as a result.

      You only know about how things are now and I am certain you never even journeyed past your current existence and fear all things mystical and beyond your comprehension as “demons”, therefore you have neither the wit nor spiritual fortitude to delve into anything about the pagan, indigenous roots of Africa nor the ability to listen to those who have taken the time to explore such things.

      You can only see out of the eyes of a biblically indocrinated, post-colinialized Christian, trying to regain your lost masculine African pride at the expense of others, especially your women and inadvertently ending up being a servant of the Patriarchy and its global objectives yet again.

      1. You are just ignorant, its as simple as that! President jacob zuma of south africa has three wives. In africa it is not compulsory to marry under ordinance, you can choose to marry under customary laws which permits polygamy. I’m sick and tired of foreigners trying to teach us about african history when in reality they know nothing. We learn our history from from our chiefs and traditional rulers not foreigners who seek to twist it to suit their own parochial interest. Again, not all africans are christians or adopted christianity so how could european missionaries have changed the entire continent’s view on homosexuality??? African Traditional Religion, which has no relation with christianity and is the indigenous religion of the african people doesn’t approve of homosexuality. Also, there is no verifiable source to your claims, besides hermaphrodite gods and art doesn’t mean we tolerated homosexuality.
        The global objective we dont want to be of accepting homosexuality. The earlier you accept that the better.

  46. cameroonian 1 Dec 2011, 10:34pm

    sorry gay community, in africa we have moral values different from what you have in europe and america, homosexuality is not part of us and will never be. Dont think things might turn around by threatening to cut aids, it might instead get worse. call us whatever names you want to but that is just us. that is why we are africans. we dont like the gay community and it stays that way. if you are against it then dont come to africa

    1. God bless and protect you for that!

  47. This Ghanaian President is dead!! Woohoo!! You won’t be missed!

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