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Gay love triangle for TV’s Glee

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Reader comments

  1. so excited for this storyline… *squee* (ok, fangirl moment over) xx

    1. Reed Boyer 3 Nov 2011, 5:33pm

      Have the moment. I was giddy for a week when the Kurt/Blaine story finally made it to the big “I love you” scene.

      1. same, hell, i was giddy for a monh after the kiss lol :P x

  2. Is it really going to require any effort to break up Kurt from his boyfriend? I mean, his boyfriend could do soooo much better than the prissy princess that fawns over him. Kurt is the most de-libidinising gay symbol on TV. I’m sure he has turned many gays into resolute heterosexuals.

    1. PumpkinPie 4 Nov 2011, 1:11am

      Thanks for showing us just how badly we need role-models for effeminate gay teens. People like them face persecution and hatred not just from straights, but from gays who think camp types give them a bad name.

      When was the last time you saw camp gays hating on macho gays? Seems to me it’s pretty one-sided.

      1. David Myers 6 Nov 2011, 8:36am

        He’s just another idiot troll!

  3. well, the good part is: it will show that kurt and Blaine not are a couple because they are the “only” gay characters.

    the worst…. EVER in the show a man (or woman, or more than 1 woman) want to be in the pants of 1 character, AND ONLY ONE CHARACTER of gay couple (in this show, Rachell “try”it with Blaine kissing and stay with him)…. an more times to the part bisex of the couple (much more times by a woman, taking to the other part the “fear” of his man wants really be into woman), yes, isn’t this case, but ever…. or only 1 part is unfaithful (ever the bi have a 3th person, never the “only gay”) etc…

    Blaine is cute, OBVIOUSLY, but kurt is invisible?… no one wants to take him?? no woman? no man?…. omg…

    Well, same non written laws of the soaps/shows of ever.

    greetings from spain

  4. Typical! Soaps are so good at this… first they create a couple, make them overcome crisis and become happy! Develop a huge fan base because people connect with the characters or want the like in their own lives.

    Viewer numbers increased, advertising revenue increased! “Now” lets blow it all apart! after all true romance never runs smooth in a soap, and after all this is a happy gay couple.

    Well we all know what happens to “happy gay couples” in soaps… they either make them “Unhappy” break them up or kill one of them off!

    Way to go! Typical!

    1. Totally agree, examples I seen Fer+David (fer died) last 3 years of emission, luke and noah (breack) last 4 years of emission, etc…

      I can’t say in this moment any gay couple I seen with happy ending…… may be some of queer as folk? I don’t remember… but it was a GAY soap, basically all the couples of this show are gay and it can’t be ALL couples bad ending…. in the “usual” or “normal” or “general” shows/soaps that have gay couples, ever have bad ending in the relationship, or break of the couple, or death of 1 part of the couple, or…. it sucks, looks like a gay couple NEVER will be happy or complete, because misunderstands (break) or the destiny (death).

      It will give drama of impact in the audience, or way to make their love eternal…. but it’s the same non written law that EVER follow the soaps in all gay couples (and not in all the straight couples, all of them don’t have this tragic ending)

  5. Oh great, more gay stereotyping and lame gay militancy dressed as entertainment in this goddamn awful show. The last time I saw a real development of a same-sex couple in TV was with Willow and Tara in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and since them I have not seen a homosexual storyline in any TV series that doesn’t lean to preachy LGBT activism.

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