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Serbian MP convicted for saying Pride would promote gay “illness”

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see that Serbia is continuing its transition from a dogmatic, prejudiced Communist state with roots in Orthodox Christianity that was predominantly homophobic, to a democracy that values the rights of all her citizens regardless of difference – and that the courts are prepared to uphold the rights of her citizens.

    It is disappointing that the law was not reinforced by penalty. Where is the deterrence?

    I wonder if an MP convicted of prejudice may encounter further discipline from Serbian parliamentary authorities …if it was a UK parliamentarian then he would be censored by the parliament

    1. Gaga Flash Mob Response Unit 2 Nov 2011, 4:01pm

      Do you mean censured?

      1. Oops typo – sorry censured was intended

  2. Here are some more people who make trouble and blame others for it,

  3. “Serbian MP convicted for saying Pride would promote gay “illness”

    I think you should change your misleading headline to say “condemned” since he wasn’t “convicted” at all of anything.

    1. Gaga Flash Mob Response Unit 2 Nov 2011, 4:03pm

      Yes he was. And he had to pay costs.

      1. “The court did not impose any sentence or fine on Markovic but the MP was ordered to pay costs.”

        Try reading the article.

        1. Try reading the article from a Serbian newspaper (which I admit I had to get translated), it is clear the court found Markovic to have committed an act of discrimination. Although, Markovic says he is proud of having been found guilty.

          1. We already know he was found guilty and sentenced but he wasn’t imprisoned.
            Is nobody here reading the article?

          2. @Tigra07

            You do not need to be imprisoned to be convicted, a conviction can lead to no penalty.

            I certainly am reading the article (and articles from Serbia directly)

            Markovic was convicted and sadly is proud of being so convicted.

        2. He was convicted of the charge he faced. A custodial sentence/fine is not required for it to be a conviction.

          1. Conviction by definition means prison Blazer

          2. Blazer is entirely correct that conviction does not require a custodial sentence.

            When the police provide information to courts about prior convictions, that includes those where custodial sentences, community punishments, fines and no penalty have been imposed. They are all convictions.

            Suggest those who claim a conviction has not occurred unless someone goes to prison, go away and study law.

            The definition of conviction “the finding of someone as guilty in a court of law made by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge”.

            Now, a convict is someone who has been held or is being held in custody …

            Perhaps that where the confusion is …?

  4. While i welcome the news that this MP was convicted. I think he should have recieved a penalty for what he said.

    1. “The court did not impose any sentence or fine on Markovic but the MP was ordered to pay costs.”

      There is no conviction, the headline is wrong

      1. @Tigra07

        Having read this story in various formats, PN, original Serbian media, Croatian media and elsewhere – my view is that Markovic was given whatever the Serbian equivalent of a conditional discharge is ie he was found guilty of the offence, and no punishment imposed – but that the question of punishment could be considered if he offends again within a prescribed period.

        1. Stu he wasn’t convicted
          surely you can read?

          Pink News has got it right but with the wrong headline and you have not offered ANY proof that he was convicted

        2. @Tigra07

          I suggest you go and re-examine your definition of conviction, because there is no need for a custodial sentence for a person to be convicted – purely a finding of guilt.

          I can read and worked in criminal justice for 7-8 years. Continue to act as an expert witness in some matters and feel I am pretty much up to date on my knowledge of language with regards jurisprudence. I have also read other articles from elsewhere (both in English and translated directly from Serbian) and I continue to see this man was found guilty ergo convicted.

          1. con·vic·tion/kənˈvikSHən/
            1. A formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense, made by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court…
            2. A firmly held belief or opinion.

            Note that no where in the definition is there any mention of a requirement for a custodial sentence or even a punishment

  5. Blimey! If that were to be applied in the UK, many in the current coalition government would be guilty and in deep trouble. The PR chief usually looks the other way to allow his cohorts let some homophobic steam out every now and then.

    1. Oh have you forgotten to take your pills again, Beberts?

      Its not 1979 any more …

      The Conservatives are and have introduced lots of gay friendly policies and have several senior members who are openly gay …

      1. dont know how i got here but a big kiss from a straight serbian guy!

  6. Here are some more people who need to be convicted for their homophobic stance.

  7. GingerlyColors 3 Nov 2011, 3:05am

    At a government level it appears that Serbia are trying to stop homophobia. You cannot legislate against hatred but hopefully people can be educated against it. Homophobia usually goes hand-in-hand with racism and other forms of discrimination. Therefore all bigotry should be made unacceptable at school age although there is a danger of being polically correct which can end up having the opposite effect.

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