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Lady Gaga to launch anti-bullying Born This Way Foundation

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Lady Gaga. I’m a 52 year old gay man and didn’t come out till I was 46 because I couldn’t accept myself. You are an inspiration. RIP Jamey!

  2. A Solution for Bullying, Empowering Kids, With The GaGa Committee

    Please pass this along to anyone who could benefit, using email, snail mail, Face book, My space, twitter, & what ever else there is out there.

    Send to teachers, school officials, class presidents, media, town on-line newspapers, Lady GaGa, & all of your friends.

    The only solution to bullying right now is geared toward individually handling it, the following suggestions takes the bullied out of the closet to end their isolation.

    Outline for The Ga Ga Panel
    There should be a rotating ( a week or two) panel of students, one student from each grade/class, forming a group ,that meets every day for a certain amount of time , who listens to the situation , & reviews any evidence from students who are being bullied. There should be one adult, teacher/volunteer that the panel would have access to, if needed. The student panel would then confront the bully & tell them to stop the abu

    1. abusive action. If the bully does not stop, the panel would issue consequences. These consequences would need to be discussed & decided upon before the formation of the panel. Perhaps ‘shunning’ the student, or posting their picture on a school bulletin board. There should be an ‘all school meeting’ introducing the purpose of the panel, during which the school officials, would have the students vote on the consequences. This student meeting would be announcing the fact, to all, that the school officials & the student body will be taking bullying seriously. It should also be stated in this meeting, LOUDLY, that bullies are acting out because of their own insecurities & fears, & that their actions are pathetic & cowardly, so in the end, they too, will benefit from this panel. This ‘all school’ meeting could also put together a ‘constitution’ for the school, with rules such as; no physical aggression, no name calling, etc.

      1. If, after receiving the consequences, the bully still does not comply, the adult, teacher/volunteer would be called to confront the bully, threatening to go up the chain by calling her/his parents, parents of the bullied, & finally the disciplinarian & or, principle of the school, who would use whatever options they have, to take care of the problem.
        The acting panel should take an oath promising to protect the students, & to take seriously the responsibility before them. The oath will include that the panel shall be considered equal despite their age, sex, religion, race, size, appearance, etc. When a student is on the panel, & eventually, they all will be, they have no past, even if they are a bully or a bullied. As a member of the panel, their slate is wiped clean, the student panel is reborn on the day they start, & they are” born this way”, only to provide justice to all those who stand before them.
        Any student has a right to be heard by the panel, including those who want to s

        1. speak of someone else they know of, who is being harassed, if not themselves.
          During their tenure, the student panel should wear some kind of an icon, (suggestion… a picture of Lady GaGa, or something she wears like a hat or headband, or nose ring, etc.) so everyone knows the wearer is on the panel.
          Perhaps the panel should have a special lunch table where they get to leave class a little early for lunch so they get served first & have time to begin their discussions.

          1. Other Suggestions;

            The first 20 or so bullied students, who bravely approach the panel should be rewarded, maybe a day off of school of their own choosing. This could also be discussed & voted on at the all school meeting.
            Those who are bullied should have a choice in explaining their situation; by computer, or approaching a member of the panel, a submission box placed in the school, or by addressing the entire panel when they are in session. The latter being the most encouraged.
            After completing their duty on the GaGa panel, those students may act as a ‘big brother or sister’ to the bullied for a period of time.

            The name of the panel could be, ‘Ghastly Actions Get Annihilated’, or simply, The GaGa panel

            Any, or all of these steps can be refined to fit the needs of the students.

            Comments, opinions & suggestions welcomed

  3. She is always accused of use and abuse of LGBT people to make campaign, sell her disc or make propaganda of herself. I don’t think so, I really believe in is good intentions. But in the worst case that this accusations were right, what’s wrong????? I wish I could more people will be selfish like she is, making proclamations of equality, foundations, claiming for right and make it visible. Greetings from Spain

  4. Lady Gaga is my new God, a real person who is really doing something to help people who are bullied and we all know that the bullies are mostly religious people like Christians and Muslims who push their failed religion on people for the money they get and then spend on Terrorist Christian groups and others who hate gays. As far as Lady Gaga is concerned she is the real religion,we love you Gaga.

    1. Perhaps you can pray to her then to rid the world of self inflicted pestilence such as AIDs. If you pray really hard, she may do something about that prolapsed anus!

      1. Christine Beckett 3 Nov 2011, 8:58am

        Keith, why are you hanging round a gay news site all day? Finding it lonely in that closet?

      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 3 Nov 2011, 9:34am

        So your admitting that you are an anus.

      3. The usual predictable and rather dull broken record from Keith I see.

      4. Keith get a life and get off this site you troll. I agree with Christine on this. How is it in that closet?

  5. i’m glad she’s doing this but it sucks that what is supposed to be gay music, our music, is so lamer compared to what music actually does to us. a bach violin partita flames my brain in a way that no hair cut band or musician ever did. who the heck is elton john, anyway? mantovani with a better haircut?

  6. Whether she is praised or parodied Lady Gaga can proudly hold her head high! She may be among the first few role models of her generation to use her fame and stature to highlight a cause and make a difference in the world as opposed to making tabloid headlines, money and a fool of herself in the process. .

    When you have this much fame and popularity and put it to selfless causes, it says much for the strength of character and conscience to want to influence change,

  7. At last someone is standing up ffor the homosexuals community, the scat community and the paedophile community who were all born this way.
    Thanks lady gaga!

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 3 Nov 2011, 9:32am

      Usual dribblings from the goon….

      1. @Staff nurse Guthrie
        So you are saying paedophiles aren’t born that way?
        Funny that science says there is no proof that homosexuality is hereditary. Now get back to those bed pans!

        1. No, but there is scientific proof that its in the DNA. Get yiur facts straight before you start ranting and raving about someones lifestyle.

          1. So you are saying homosexuality is hereditary? What a moron and ill informed to boot. Show the proof please since your claim that homosexuality is in the DNA (therefore hereditary) is unscientific. There is much speculation on this issue but no proof as you assert.

    2. Perhaps Keith’s broken record will simply just burst into flames with all that friction.

    3. Keith noone wants you here on this site. So kindly go away you moron!

    4. Keith, is it alright to murder Babylonian babies (psalm 137 says so)?
      FIFTH time of asking. Defend your rotten holy book, or say why not. Hypocrite and coward.

      1. Don’t know the difference between legitimmate execution and murder? Not worth a reply!

        1. Disgusting. Indeed – not worth a reply. Just don’t come out with any more obscene garbage about gay sex threatening ‘innocent babies’.

  8. Christine Beckett 3 Nov 2011, 8:32am

    Well, I am a big fan of this lady and so is my little girl (8), who uses her as an example when she argues with her teachers and some of her fellow pupils about gay people.

    As my little one lives in a small and not very progressive welsh village, having such a visible and widely-admired role model really helps her and other children there tackle the prejudices and bigotry of the older generation, as a few of my little one’s teachers have discovered to their chagrin. :-)

    So a huge Well Done to Lady Gaga AND to the youngsters who take strength from her highly vocal and public stance.


    1. God help us.

      1. Christine Beckett 3 Nov 2011, 8:57am

        Does it not strike you that a little girl might feel the need to defend a parent who is LGBT , Neal?

      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 3 Nov 2011, 9:32am

        There is no God.

  9. Lady GaGa is dreadful.
    Born this way, she’ll be under the trades descriptions act, as no one is born ‘her way’.

  10. Christine Beckett 3 Nov 2011, 9:06am

    My gosh, the bogots and trolls are out in force today here.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the religious civil union issue announced yesterday? Maybe that has stirred up some of the hate-filled people out there.

    On the other hand, it might just be pure bitchiness…. ;-)


    1. Dam those bogots to hell!

    2. David Myers 6 Nov 2011, 8:22am

      Its the usual trolls and bigots. Don’t feed them, but report them when appropriate.

  11. Applaud what she’s doing but ‘Born This Way’ is a horribly apologetic and self-oppressive title.

    1. this is just air-head pop culture. it’s not even real that gay is real… we’re homo’s and like being it and hate being it because there are so many straights. we like straight-guys… why do we want to change their way of thinking? it’s not like they’re going to get it on with us if they’re ‘tolerant’… we know this, we’re born knowing this! : )

      1. What are you going on about? And who exactly likes straight guys? Sexually, I take you to mean?

      2. David Myers 6 Nov 2011, 8:24am

        What a troll. Like you’re gay! As#hole!

  12. Lady Gaga is a true inspiration. There aren’t many people like her. Love live Lady Gaga!

  13. Lady Gaga is amazing. She has been a tiredless campaigner.

  14. A proud Canadian 3 Nov 2011, 7:51pm

    Even though she is so often criticized and judged ever so harshly, Lady Gaga continues in her efforts to promote human rights for the LGBT community ; I truly admire her and have already signed up as a member of her foundation. Great work and thank you, Lady Gaga !!!

  15. Santa Gaga!

  16. How low has our community stooped to want to culturally align itself with this self-promoting, music industry mind-controlled witch.

    1. Gayseraph 4 Nov 2011, 4:36pm

      If everyone was like you we wouldn’t have any allies at all!

    2. Hey, leave witches alone – we haven’t done you any harm – yet, And if you don’t like Gaga, then don’t say anything at all – for the gods’ sake, for once why can’t you just celebrate the fact that somebody who is somebody wants to tackle homophobic bullying. What have YOU done to stop homophobic bullying in schools?

  17. She never ceases to amaze me! Thats all I can say, and one more thing……”thank you” for trying to help erase the horrible pain bullying can cause.

    Having been there and survived, I know how hard it can be! I only wish, hope and pray that in time others will see the pain bullying causes and STOP!


  18. David Myers 6 Nov 2011, 8:01am

    Lady Gaga is putting her money where her mouth is and proving her credentials as gay rights hero. Bravo!

  19. Claudia White, the teenage founder of the anti-bullying campaign GRIN, has been nominated for an Ambition AXA Award. If she wins she will receive £40,000 of professional mentoring to help her run and expand GRIN; she hopes to create a social acceptance for individuality and eradicate LGBTQ based bullying. To win she needs your votes:

    1. consider it done :o)

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