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Interview: The Rocky Horror Show’s Richard O’Brien

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Reader comments

  1. Richard O’Brien provided a shining light for me in my youth growing up in the blandness of Ohio suburban conformity. I will never forget attending midnight showings of Rocky Horror at the Art Theatre (normally showing porn films)… the exuberance and celebration of unexpected characters in the film showed us that there was a more interesting world out there. Richard O’Brien’s work helped to allow us to not simply “dream it”, but to “be it”…. and for that I will be forever grateful to him.

  2. I wanted to thank Richard for being around! I loved RHPS as it fed into every niche I was passionate about as a teenager: rock, science fiction, theatre, bisexuality and gender fluidity, and, and, Tim Curry in Sweet Transvestite, phew. I’ve never come across a piece of media since that has had the same feeling of wild love, inclusivity, and indeed, living the dream instead of closeting. Thank you Richard, you’re a gorgeous and wonderful person and I’m very grateful for your existence!

  3. Another Hannah 2 Nov 2011, 9:15pm

    Oh dear, more praise for him here, a fantastic show, actually hugely underated really (its still pretty neiche – when it came to Blackpool here 4 or 5 years back most peopel here had no idea what it was, and I got lots of jokes about uncool musical theatre for my love of it!). I’m yet another lover of rock here, and I don’t understand why the song “Do it, don’t dream it” isn’t made more of in the show since it is a favourite song of mine. The rest of work is pretty fantastic as well, and yet again I just don’t understand why his output has been so small (much as I’ve said of others). I guess the small output is actually revealing some kind of hidden limitation in the system we aren’t seeing. Richard O’Brien has shoved the door open a little more.

  4. By funny co-incidence I’m planning to show the RHPS to a bunch of my square friends this Friday – although I did have to tell them they don’t have to dress up to get them to come along. Alas…

  5. Staircase2 3 Nov 2011, 12:27am

    I love Richard O’Brien! :o)
    Bless him – the man’s a national treasure!

  6. <3 Duel Duet. Shock Treatment does have some good stuff.

    Also <3 older people being open about not fitting this gender binary business.

  7. I, too, went to the Art Theatre in Dayton to watch the midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I remember the adults leaving the shows were often quite embarrassed by the teasing of the kids waiting in line for Rocky Horror. Seems like there was always some kid in line who would jokingly holler “Mom” or “Dad” – and elicit worried looks from the exiting patrons. The venue and the show – the entire experience – was such fun!

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