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FA will look into footballer’s “fully homophobic” tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Dr Robin Guthrie 2 Nov 2011, 10:45am

    I think if we were to switch around Mr Akpans words and state ‘‘BLACKS all over the tele what’s wrong with Britain! Sorry I’m #FullyRacist.’, he would realise the offensiveness of his statement.

    I’m also dubious of his “put up by a member of my family” excuse, however it is not outwith the realms of possibility.

    1. Have to say, I have some cynicism about the “put up by a member of my family” defense ….

      Not sure it could be proven easily one way or another …

      I completely agree the tweet is highly offensive – I would suggest the FA should advise him regarding the expected conduct of players, and caution him to take care about who has access to his twitter account and that if there are repeated tweets of a similar nature that disciplinary action for bringing the game into disrepute will occur.

    2. Staircase2 3 Nov 2011, 12:13am

      I’ll say it again! Why are you using this story as an excuse to put up thinly veiled racism on here?
      Ive reported it

      1. I see that the use of racism as a comparitor could be done disingenuously …

        That said, comparing the offensiveness of racism with the offensiceness of homophobia, by replacing the words of one form of prejudice with another is often a good illustration of how one form of hatred can have similar effects to another form of hatred, and whilst that means using unpleasant language to make the illustration, that does not mean the intention is to be offensive.

  2. a careful reading of the statement shows that they were apparently unable to get Akpan to distance himself from the comments, whoever made them.

  3. I think Akpan needs to be made a sacrificial lamb of and banned for life from British professional football.

    He’s 1 player among thousands in the institutionally homophobic FA.

    The end of his career as a football player will be personally sad but if he is expelled for life from professional football it will send a very strong message to players and fans alike that the FA is finally taking the grotesque homophobia in football seriously.

    BTW I think Akpan is lying about his family using his Twitter account

    1. I suspect he is lying too

      I think the FA needs to do a lot more to demonstrate that they are not institutionally homophobic (if they can!) … if they accept there is homophobia in our national sport, then they need to demonstrate how they intend to liberate the game from its homophobic attitudes …

      I am unsure how proving Akpan’s claims about what happened regarding his twitter account can be proven, either way, by the FA – but he should be told directly, clearly and publically that should there be any further occurances disciplinary action for bringing the game into disrepute will be commenced. He should be advised to have more responsibility for who has access to his twitter account. Then if/when he repeats this come down VERY HEAVY on him.

      1. He needs to be sacked.

        There is no way of proving his Twatter was hacked. However the comment was written in him name for the entire world to see.

        He is 1 player among thousands. The sport will continue perfectly well without him.

        Seeing as the only professional football player to ever come out – Justin Fashanu – was completely abandoned by his colleagues, team and the FA when he came out, it would send a very positive message to make an example of Akpan, to show that bigotry is nowadays unacceptable in the FA.

        If the FA refuse to discipline him, then they are claiming quite openly that bigotry is tolerated in the FA.

        1. dAVID

          A few technical issues with your proposal to sack him (although I entirely share your sentiments about it being an appropriate penalty).

          Firstly, the FA have no power to dismiss him – that is an action only his football club can take (if indeed he is employed as, unless I am out of date, I believe Crawley Town FC are semi-professionals ie some professional, some part time and some amateur players in their squad).

          I agree some robust action needs to be taken. I would contend that it might be preferable to suspend him from a number of games and penalise the club. If it hurts the club, they will be more rigorous in enforcing equality issues themselves.

          I agree the FA need to strenuously improve their efforts in tackling homophobia in football, which does seem endemic. I think the FA would seem honest if the ensured that there was a punsihment to both player and club but also stated they felt their current range of penalties was insufficient to handle prejudice in the game.

        2. They should launch some work (ideally supported by groups that will have integrity both in football and LGBT circles eg Show Racism the Red Card and Stonewall?) to develop a plan to tackle homophobia at all levels in the sport.

          They should also seek to review their disciplinary regime and establish whether other penalties ought to be considered.

  4. Is it time to get out the “I Hate Wogs” t-shirt and see what the reaction would be? Probably public crucifixion, this guy will just laugh it off and blame a ”family member”.

    1. Fu ck off you cnut and find an identity

      1. I have a new image now sucker

          1. Why can’t I load an image?

          2. Hah try posting as me know bitch

    2. Staircase2 3 Nov 2011, 12:14am

      Racist bollocks!
      Reported (and hopefully shortly to be removed!)

  5. Apart from anything else, I am always intrigued by some people’s apparent perception that online communications fora are some kind of private gossip shop not accessible to millions of other people where they can make offensive and bigoted remarks for which they won’t be held accountable. How strange folk are.

  6. No HOPE and no GLORY!!

  7. How can he say it was a younger member of his family, surely he logs out of twitter when he’s finished, and then how would family members know his log in details, if he doesn’t log out or allows his password to be known by other family members, then he still responsible, a bit naive maybe, but still responsible as its his account.

    1. He is saying that a younger family member is doing this, probably because he is lying.

      And the weasel way in which the FA responded to the reports of his bigotry indicate that they also know that he ls lying, and that they simply want to ignore the fact that he is a nasty bigot.

  8. I despair when members of minority groups discriminate against other minorities. It doesn’t take a university education to work out that HATE is just HATE no matter who the target or perpetrator is! Maybe the FA could impose a ‘sentence’ of playing for a Gay soccer team or a days ‘community service in a Gay centre!

    1. Spanner1960 2 Nov 2011, 3:05pm

      Sorry, but just because you are in a minority does not mean you can relate to others.
      Black people are notoriously homophobic, and many gay men are only into white guys. I very much doubt anyone on the scene would be interested in a handicapped person either.
      Sorry, but that’s the reality of life. (Oh, and btw, my first BF was gay, Indian and Jewish – If that isn’t a difficult combination, I don’t know what is.)

      1. Certainly an interesting combinaton – not short of debating points …

        I would argue that it is possible to relate to other people, and assuming that others can not is actually quite arrogant – maybe not fully understand, but certainly relate to

        1. It will go the same way as the John Terry incident. Slap on the wrist, nowt else.

      2. I’m black and gay and I FULLY empathise with both racism and homophobia, as I’ve been on the receiving end of both.
        If you’re in a minority group, then it is important to understand that discrimination is discrmination regardless of the ‘group’ you’re in. I believe if people put this into practice then things would be a lot easier for everyone!

  9. I may be jumping to conclusions but It feels like this is a post made by a closeted gay close family member who thinks Hope is homophobic and did this because he hates him for it.

    1. Staircase2 3 Nov 2011, 12:17am

      That really is a stretch – even if you know this to be true – its still not really relevant is it?

  10. Staircase2 3 Nov 2011, 12:19am

    Regardless of whether someone else wrote it or not – its really simple: The FA should take a stand and he should be made to apologise publicly and make amends by doing some community work with LGBT footballers/supporters and Education work with young people

  11. Mary Flying Eagle 3 Nov 2011, 12:32am

    Big Bigot/bully, dangerous Small (MAN??) TRYING TO SNEEK out of Blame, by blameing someone else. You are with out honor.

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