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Man arrested over death of barman Stuart Walker

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Reader comments

  1. Rob McDowall 31 Oct 2011, 1:15pm

    The tWitter user has been back online a day after it was disabled!

    1. and within a few hours was sending further homophobic messages despite having initially claimed their phone had been used maliciously by others.

  2. concernedresidentE3 31 Oct 2011, 1:25pm

    while we are on the subject, Graig Roy (who last year stabbed his gay friend Jack Frew repeatedly in the neck anmd left his body in woodland) is currently on trial at Glasgow High Court. Like the Walker case Strathclyde Police and the Procurator Fiscal have refused to see this as a homophobic hate crime. How much does the religion of police officers play in decisions about these crimes? In a Scotland where the loudest voices from the Catholic Chruch are pumping out vitriolic homophobia?

    1. concernedresidentE3 31 Oct 2011, 1:25pm

      that should have been Craig Roy, sorry

    2. Spanner1960 31 Oct 2011, 2:06pm

      Who gives a toss about hate crimes. I find them biased, political and unnecessary.
      It should not matter who or why you committed a crime, or who to; the result should be the same.
      What really needs to be done is sort out the pathetic sentencing this country dishes out in the first place.

      1. Whilst, Spanner1960 has a point about sorting sentencing …

        I can not agree that hate crimes should be ignored.

        They are a tool that many countries use to try and expose bigotry and hatred and influence a change in culture …

      2. One of the major reasons for hate crime law was the bombing of minority communities by David Copeland. Aimed at mass murder, based on self confessed hatred of non whites and homosexuals. I for one am pleased that the UK has taken a decision to implement legislation that regards hatred as a factor of aggravation in any other offence against a person or property.

        There are many offences that can be aggravated for many different reasons, and it is for the prosecution in all cases to explain in court (if the defendant is found guilty) any reason why the offence is aggravated eg the specific offence of aggravated burglary, aggravated vehicle taking – hate crime in one sense is just a different type of aggravation to an offence. It is for the defence to explain mitigation (if there can be any) and then for the judge (or magistrates) to determine an appropriate penalty.

        Hate crime legislation is important in enssuring the community safety of all. When utilised properly it deters.

    3. Maybe it’s not a hate crime, you did say gay friend.

      I don’t know anything about the case you are referring to but what makes it a hate crime in your eyes?

      1. There needs to be no evidence in the investigative stage for it to be treated as a hate crime (per ACPO and ACPOS manuals on hate crime), merely a suspicion from someone that it is.

        In terms of charge and successful prosecution in court, there needs to be evidence that the offenders behaviour was motivated by hatred of a particular element or elements of society.

        I certainly think there are plenty of people who would have considered both offences as hate crimes, whether the evidence would have supported a charge to court of the hatred element is debatable, but there was sufficient reason to consider hatred as an legitimate motive.

        Strange that in two high profile cases that Strathclyde Police are in denial about the potential for homophobia to be a motive.

      2. concernedresidentE3 31 Oct 2011, 6:43pm

        the press dubbed him a ‘friend’. In both cases the victims came from small towns and anyone who comes from a small town can tell you that you end up knowing everyone and many of your contemporaries who adults might have seen as your ‘friend’ were actually bullies. What kind of friend would stab you in the neck and thorax 43 timesin a frenzied attack after all?

        1. A crazy friend obviously.

          How though does that mean that they are a homophobe?

          1. concernedresidentE3 1 Nov 2011, 1:12pm

            You know frenzied murders of colleagues/neighbbours/friends are actually EXTREMELY rare in the wider population but statistically much more common when the victim is gay. Don’t you think there might be a reason for that?

            If the victim had been the only black person living in a white only village where there was a history of distrust of nonwhite people would you be so quick to rule out racism for a frenzied knife attack?

  3. Surely it would have been very easy for Stephen Gray to do a simple search and check to see that @Mabsmiller’s account is not suspended and he has been freely posting homophobic abuse on Twitter including disgusting images of a person engulfed in flames.

  4. “The man, who was taken into custody on Thursday evening, is expected to appear at Ayr sheriff court today.”

    Anyone know what time? So far today there hasn’t been a word about this on the BBC News channel.

    1. It was mentioned on either 6 O’clock News or Reporting Scotland on Fri,

      1. I know the story was reported last week on the BBC, but I am particularly interested in the court appearance today.

    2. concernedresidentE3 31 Oct 2011, 1:52pm

      The man, who’s name is Ryan Esqierda, does not appear on any of the listings of Ayr Sherif Court for today or the next three days.

      1. concernedresidentE3 31 Oct 2011, 1:53pm

        Ryan Esquierdo

      2. He woudlnt necessarily appear on the listings if he was from a remand in custody at the police station – as it would be an additional case

        1. concernedresidentE3 1 Nov 2011, 11:27am

          It appears that Ryan Esquierdo did have his hearing yesterday and has been remanded in custody. He is accused of two crimes:

          1. The murder of Stuart Walker
          2. Theft of various articles from Stuart Walker

  5. I doubt very much will happen, hence why its being kep hush hush, as they dont want mass homosexual hysteria.

    On a better note,mabsmiller is again free to make his opinions, views and thoughts know, as his is within his right as anyone..

    1. Matthew is competing with Keith to see who can be evil personified the most.

      Matthew it would be a very pleasant thought to think you might meet Ryan Esquierdo in a dark alley one night

      1. Stu, face it, we can say what we want, how we want, so your just going to have to like it and lump it.

        And stop being a goody goody, no one likes a grass or an ass licker.

        Oh and Ryan Esquierdo, I have no problems with him. Happily meet him for coffee.

        1. @Matthew

          I appreciate you can say exactly what you like, and so can I … so lump it- if you continue with your vitriol, I will expose you for the hate inspired person that you are …

          The other issue is, again you can say anything you like – you are far more likely to be in breach of criminal law by persvering with your hate inspired rhetoric, and thus face significant consequences of choosing to say what you do.

        2. Oh, meet him, Matthew – please, please meet him. It sounds like a match made in heaven, and I hope you’ll be very very happy together.

        3. Matthew

          I am sure it could be arranged at Her Majestys pleasure, if you commit an offence in Scotland

  6. it’s quite amazing that nobody so far has mentioned how pathetic our community is when such a dreadful thing can happen to one of its members because it was – quite wrongly, but that doesn’t matter if it’s juicy gossip – summised that he had his hand down a kiddie’s trousers.
    When will our society give honour where it’s due and act when the facts are known.
    The Red Tops have an awful lot to answer to because they inculcate this attitude in our younger society members who aren’t the sort to think things out for themselves.
    I hope the family members of this poor, poor man find peace and forgiveness once the truth has come to light and justice has been done.

  7. Deeside Will 31 Oct 2011, 7:11pm

    So it turns out that the man who made a false and malicious accusation against Stuart was a heterosexual sex offender. How absolutely amazing! Who would ever have expected it?

  8. keithzworld 31 Oct 2011, 10:28pm

    I hope the scumbag gets life for this. Solitary confinement is what he deserves.

  9. The scumbag who done this to that poor man needs to get a harsh prison sentance for what he did!

  10. Cambodia Guesthouse 1 Nov 2011, 2:15am

    Yes, we need to send out a clear message that this sort of thing is completely EVIL.

    The sexuality of the victim can no longer be used as some sort of excuse for an appalling offence!

    No doubt this scumbag will try to say in court that he met the victim completely by chance at a ‘industrial estate late at night’… and was shocked by his advances towards him…

    No excuse… This person, (if guilty) is over the age of both consent and criminal responsibility and (if guilty) should suffer the maximum punishment allowed by law. LIFE.

    1. LIFE is one thing, but this killer obviously needs a brain scan, psychiatric help and/or heavy sedatives.

  11. STOP HATE 1 Nov 2011, 2:42am

    The Gay Police Association have made a press release in relation to Stuart’s killing.

    I wonder if any of the press, including PN, will pick up on it?

    1. Thanks for this…

    2. A brilliantly worded press release by the GPA …

      Will Strathclyde Police act, Will the Crown Office act?

      Will PN hold them to account?

  12. radical53 1 Nov 2011, 2:50am

    It is so sad that Stuart is not alive to defend himself and all these allegations thrown at him.

    The truth will prevail. They probably all lies and made up stories to make Stuart look bad when there is no story to tell.

    R.I.P. Stuart they cannot hurt you any more.

    1. concernedresidentE3 1 Nov 2011, 11:25am

      It has been reported in scotland that the accusations were baseless. Also on here.

  13. Staircase2 2 Nov 2011, 1:55am

    There is an ongoing issue of Twitter refusing to take action in cases of homophobia, racism, deceptive & malicious impersonation & hateful trolling following someone’s death.

    Twitter really is becoming a trolls paradise where they can literally say anything they like to get a negative response.

    Moderation is very very very important – as many of us were originally also telling Pink News.

    Its simply not acceptable to allow people to get away with illegal inflammatory remarks online in a way that wouldn’t be tolerated in the ‘real world’.

    1. But twitter is an American website like YouTube who also ignore racism/homophobia/anti-semitism/all other types of bigotry and hate speak, citing freedom of speech as their excuse to do so.

      Americans are very eager to defend freedom of hate speech.

      The only immediate way to try and prevent trolls of this nature would be to prosecute them, which seems excessive and potentially very expensive given how many vile people seem to exist.

      It would be much better if we came to a point in society where such abhorrent views were extinct but that is not going to happen anytime soon.

  14. Why has this gone quiet. Has justice been served?

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