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Homophobia question prompts Irish radio comedian to come out

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Brown 31 Oct 2011, 11:03am

    News just in: Some gays are bitchy!

    1. Hold the presses: Some gays are bitchy and also homophobic!

      1. Spanner1960 31 Oct 2011, 4:16pm

        …and some gays are just thin-skinned and whinge every time anyone takes a pot-shot at them.

        1. Shut up u ole, whiny voiced queen.

  2. what a strange story

  3. So that’s all right then? As long as you say you are gay yourself- you can carry on making jokes about other people’s sexuality?

    1. I guess so – if you don’t mind taking it, then it’s ok to give it. If you see what I mean!

    2. Spanner1960 31 Oct 2011, 4:17pm

      Yup. That’s why black people can get away with calling each other ni**ers.

      1. Hodge Podge 31 Oct 2011, 5:44pm

        I don’t think that’s the same since they use it in a positive way. This guy was being unabiguously insulting, words are more reliant on context IMHO.

        1. “They” have just as varying views on the use of language in context, terminology and execution as the lgbt do.

  4. I would have preferred a story on the results of the Irish presidential election and how the gay candidate fared.

    1. The closet case won

      1. Michael D Higgins is not a closet case. He is openly straight.

  5. jamestoronto 31 Oct 2011, 12:51pm

    Being gay doesn’t give one licence to demean or slander another’s life choices. So the man likes fashion like countless other straight men. Some straight men like cooking and designing and so on. This is no big news least of all for the subject of lampooning.

    1. Spanner1960 31 Oct 2011, 4:18pm

      Why not!?? It’s called “Satire” dear. It is as old as comedy itself. If you are in the public eye, prepare to be lampooned.

  6. *checks date of story* …..ok i reallllllyyy wish we could have some more info on the jokes when stuff like this happens. i hate how some gay men think they can speak for millions of individuals just because they are gay. its so bigotted. but on the other hand i hate it when an individual of any sexuality feels he can speak for millions of individuals on what is and what isnt offensive. it gives PC a bad name.

    i do like the way nature in which he came out though, it doesnt excuse any homophobia, if that was the nature of the joke. but if its becoming less of a deal for people it says a lot about tollerence.

  7. ‘I’m not a homophobe BECAUSE I’m gay.’ A complete non-sequitur. If anything it means he has less excuse. Gays are their own worst enemy at times.

  8. Yeah see I dont buy this ‘Im gay so I can say anti-gay things’ malarky. Pete Burns called Tom from BB a ‘deluded faggot’ on Big Brotheres Bit on the Side a couple of weeks ago. If that had been Jeramy Clarkson we would all be calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty.

    1. Spanner1960 31 Oct 2011, 4:20pm

      Yes, but who would have been in the right? Maybe Tom from BB *IS* a deluded faggot, and everyone, including Jeremy Clarkson should have the right to say so.

  9. darkmoonman 31 Oct 2011, 5:19pm

    The single most homophobic man I knew was himself gay and freely acknowledged it. As has been said before: we are our own worst enemy.

  10. I am glad that he set the record straight and now if only all LGBT people came out and supported freedoms and equal rights and Civil Right for all gays.

  11. Though I don’t think it should be advocated, radio and tv presenters alike take the piss for entertainment; it’s part of their job. The public can then respond as they wish to it as we have freedom of speech. In this guy saying he was gay to me just shows his insincerity in any homophobic remark – and that he was just doing it to be funny.

    I hadn’t really thought of gay people as being able to be homophobic before – but perhaps they do it to make themselves untouchable?

  12. Sam Maloney 31 Oct 2011, 6:26pm

    I’m capable of laughing at myself and all the various minority groups I happen to belong to, but merely repeating the usual tropes isn’t funny– there has to be something fresh and insightful.

    To me, questioning someone’s sexuality because they like fashion sounds more like a playground taunt than broadcast worthy satire…

    Perpetuating that kind of stereotype isn’t cool, ESPECIALLY if the person doing it is gay…

    Perhaps the gay community needs a word for presenters like this… ‘Aunt Tom’ might be appropriate.

  13. Can’t believe no-one has commented yet…

    …Nob Nation?

  14. Anyone is capable of homophobia. You’re not exempt just because you’re gay yourself, mate.

    1. Michelle23 4 Feb 2012, 2:18pm

      The gaa player in question is not gay though… he is slagged off a lot for his over indulgance in fashion and often penned as irelands david beckam… Not that straight people who are percieved as gay cant experiance homophobia… In this case though it was a comic jibe at percived vanity and not an interest in a gender atypical pursuit…

  15. He’s a satirist. Ok, so what he said was perhaps a little distasteful and childish – but it is his job to make fun of people in the public eye. His argument about homophobia is completely ridiculous (ever heard of self-hating gays, mate?) but at the same time, I really don’t think this is a case of homophobia – more that of a second-rate comedian struggling for source material.

  16. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 Nov 2011, 1:49pm

    Ok, but…….has anyone seen Paul Galvin, the target of Oliver Callan’s spoofing? He is so ___

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