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Glasgow council adds support to gay marriage consultation

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Reader comments

  1. Great to see an organisation fully supporting equal marriage for all and endorsing that LGBT people deserve respect and equality.

    Well done Glasgow Council! Love your clear, honest and unambiguous statement

    1. I second that.

    2. KatieMurphy 10 Apr 2012, 4:46am

      and the catholic Pope RATZinger has said that gay marriage will lead to the end of humanity.

      I thought that was what almost happened when a catholic madman named hitler picked up on the hatred of the Jews, leveraged that to gain election.

      And 55 million died including 6 million Jews, perhaps 30000 gay, a million gypsies etc. etc

      These MFs and their church have been to the west what Islam has been to the mideast.

      And the German POpe Unexcommunicated a holocaust denier………….

  2. the only time u hear from councillor alex dingwall is when he wants to blow his own trumpet and this he is doing now.
    Many Glasgow lgbt folk are happy with the way civil partnerships operate at present knowing that they have equal rights within their relationship and the word marriage…is just what is is…a word. As a gay man myself i am getting fed up with folk forcing this “marriage” word down peoples throat when claerly many are not to fussed about it and many dont really appear to support the activists who want gay marriage in the first place. Civil Partnership is suffice in my book, as is in many and activists dont have the FULL backing of all LGBT people…….so Mr Dingwall, ex SNP councillor, jumped ship to Lib Dem…speak about something that REALLY matters to the people of Glasgow, or say nothing at all… u usually do…

    1. Just because you don’t feel like it is for you doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t or should not have it.

    2. Seems to me that Andy is more wanting to politicize this than Mr Dingwall …

      If Andy is happy with his CP, then fine thats his choice – many other LGBT people feel otherwise, and in what was a clear non-partisan statement from the councillor is to be welcomed

    3. charles gormley 31 Oct 2011, 5:56pm

      You are wrong that there are no differences – there are differences for dissolution criteria, and content of the ceremony for starters. You are also wrong that people are not fussed about it. YOU are not fussed about it, and that is fine. It is great that you are happy with your CP. I am happy not to have either a CP or a marriage, but it doesn’t mean i want to deny others the option. I would have thought you would have been as proud as I am to live in a city where the council is happy to take a stand and support equality. What would you rather have him speaking about to the people of Glasgow? Bin collection? The rat infestation in Queens Park? Whether people should read the Daily Record or the Glasgow Herald? He has as much right to contribute to the consultation as a supporter as you do as someone in opposition.

  3. Thank God there are still some sane people out there.

  4. Nice to see some good news.

  5. If we already had full marriage equality instead of CPS, I suppose the likes of Andy wouldn’t marry because they’re not set apart from the rest of society enough. Ten countries have already proved that anything less than marriage isn’t equal at all. Just because he doesn’t want marriage means that the rest of us shouldn’t. If they’re so equal and significant, why isn’t the rest of the world imitating them?

  6. Well done Glasgow City Council!!! Almost makes me want to move back there! If only the weather was better!

  7. I noticed that Stonewall Scot had produced their reply?? to the consultation and a questionnaire to fill in ..would be useful if this was given some publicity.. not sure what they mean by the special , unique status that CPs have in the UK…I just thought they were something brought in because the UK wouldn’t give gay people the word marriage

  8. also on the Eng/Wales front noticed a reply by LF a few days agos. Wish they weren’t so secretive down here !

    Civil Partnerships

    Mr Allen: To ask the Minister for Women and Equalities what meetings she (a) has held and (b) plans to hold with religious groups and religious representatives to discuss the proposals for civil marriage for gay and lesbian people. [76143]

    Lynne Featherstone: The Government announced on 17 September the Government’s intention to publish a formal consultation document on equal civil marriage in March 2012. From now until the publication of the consultation myself and officials in the Government Equalities Office will be meeting with a wide range of people with an interest in this issue, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups and religious and non-religious organisations, to help shape the formal consultation document.

    These meetings are scheduled to take place over the coming weeks and are being held on a confidential basis.

    1. A great shame that the proposals for English consultation are being shrouded in secrecy.

      Nonetheless, at least the consultation in England is on how same sex marriage can be introduced, whereas in Scotland there is an element of doubt, including if equal marriage should be introduced. However, in Scotlands favour there is consideration of approving same sex marriages and CPs on religious premises if agreed by the couple, any registrar and celebrants – as far as I can tell there is no intention to support those LGBT who have a faith who wish a religious element to their marriage/CP in the English proposals.

  9. Great to see Glasgow City Council support Same sex marriage.

  10. carrie baker 1 Nov 2011, 12:23am

    The Aclu and lgbt organizations lawyers and juges for human rights are going to have to file lawsuits an fire administration in this racist organizations llke the so called hippocritical institutions they call universities, and other business organizations racist must not be allowed to facilitate or manage public institutions causing abuses and stigmas to children and women and minorities and others because of their sexula identiy and orientation and race and genders, these are families loved ones and no one hase a right to abuse or misuse them in any way, The Archibishop of the united states is a prime example of evil and perpatration as a christian ,Ted haggard , senator craid , senator philip hinkle and jimmy swaggart and Eddie long , all liars and sess pools of racism and evil in their own wicked lives, we dont want these monsters running our nations and keeping the nations in wars and violence, you treat other right and fair all of them getting rid of predjudice like abraham lincl

    1. ‘hippocritical’? yup dont want to be critical of those hippos we dont! :P

    2. my word!

    3. KatieMurphy 10 Apr 2012, 4:49am

      Heres the link to the worst of the USA homophobes btw. It may be a yr or two old. Most of the politicians btw are conservative repubs.

  11. Great news.
    I’m excited to do my externship in Glasgow next year now :)

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