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Darren Hayes: I don’t want to be a poster child for gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Fine by me. Never heard of you.


  3. cant hold it against him, its also hard to care. its been a good few years since i heard anybody say the words ‘savage garden’.

    i wanna stand with you on the shmernenr i wanna something something something cheery cola?

    thats one of theres isnt it? maybe two of those..

    1. Locus Solus 28 Oct 2011, 4:39pm

      lol was that Cherry cola thing them? I agree, never heard of em!

      1. thanks for not pulling me up on the spelling there hah but yeah that was them. they were well known in the latter part of the 90s i think but i think this is just an attention thing.

    2. Although the article mentions Savage Garden, Darren Hayes has been doing solo stuff for years. Yep, he’s not well-known in general, but, for example, his last DVD was the top-selling music DVD in HMV the week it was released.

      I presume this interview was because his new album was released very recently.

  4. Suddenly Last Bummer 28 Oct 2011, 4:08pm

    Like I care. He came out at 35? That hardly makes him a trailblazer or inspiration to people. What took him so long? His record company too busy marketing him as a hetero and available male artist? TW@T.

    1. He was married to a woman. Not everyone finds it so easy to come out or even to realise their sexuality. I think the later you realise, the harder it probably is.

  5. What is it with gays not wanting to be seen as gay..

    You’re not straight acting your’re sitting on my cock.

    1. Spanner1960 28 Oct 2011, 7:23pm

      Don’t flatter yourself.

  6. I agree with Darren. It’d be nice if we were all known simply for who we are and what we do, without being labelled.

    I often noticed that if the media is talking about a sportman/singer/author etc and they’re gay, they just have to say “gay author” or whatever, whereas if the author was straight they don’t feel the need to attach a “straight” to their job description. I always wonder why they do that.

    1. Probably for the same reason they irrelevantly attach a person’s age once they turn 35.

      1. More than likely : D

    2. Because ‘straight’ is the default expectation and thus taken for granted. ‘Gay’ is a peculiarity they want to highlight. The challenge is always to reach a point where both are neither remarkable nor concealed.

  7. I don’t think Darren is an inspiration to gay people either. He came out at 35 as previously mentioned, plus it was true that he went along with his record company portraying him as a straight guy.

  8. I had a little chuckle at this article, and pretty much the same as everyone else who has commented, I’m thinking “don’t you worry Darren, no-one wants you to be the poster child for anything!” Is he so self-absorbed that he thinks there is a danger of him being a ‘poster child’?!

  9. GingerlyColors 28 Oct 2011, 10:29pm

    Many people don’t want to be patronised because they are black, gay or disabled. People buy Darren Hayes’ and Savage Garden’s records becaue they like the music, not because of who or what they are.

  10. Honestly, I don’t know much @ Mr. Hayes, but I loved the Savage Garden CD I rec’d a few years ago, as much for the positive nature of the lyrics as for the music :-) Even tho the story says he came out 5 years ago, I suspect that means publicly, to the world. Usually, we come out to those who are important to us for a bit of time before being comfortable enough to go public.

    Nonetheless, I wish he didn’t think it was necessary to take this stand of his b/c it does suggest a level of discomfort w/himself :( This is regrettable mostly b/c his IGB video is really 1 of the best that I’ve seen!! I hope the kids who need to see that don’t learn about this position of his b/c the 2 don’t jive, at least for me. Here’s a link to the vid if you’d like to see it :)

  11. How sad is it that we can not accept man’s statement but need to analyze and bitchy and slag him off. He is using media as any other media person I suppose. He is in civil partnership after being married. Late bloomer :) At least he lived. Most of us can only hope to say that on our last day. Some great tunes and hope more to come. Good luck to all of you. It is easy to judge. It takes guts to support and love.

  12. Great Artist? GIVE ME A BREAK! He’s just some singer that I’ve never even heard of! Get over yourself! I certainly don’t want you as my ‘poster boy’!

    1. Talk about conceited. Isn’t a great artist because you’ve never heard of him? Dubious claims of artistry to savage garden aside, what about Bouguereau, Godwin, Loyset Compere? Not worthy of recognition because they haven’t had the privilege of being appreciated by you? Maybe you should take your own advice and get over yourself.

  13. He’s really big in Australia and don’t be so harsh. It was obvious a response to a question asked by media.

  14. grow a couple darren

  15. I must admitt, i was a bit disappointed when i saw a recent music video of Darren’s were a female plays his love interest in it.

  16. Don’t worry Darren Hayes. You’re not a poster child for anything. You’ve not had a hit record in years.

  17. WoW! What a load of bitchy comments! I bet the guy wishes he was straight! No doubt Darren has a load of fans, straight and Gay who love him and his music. (I’m not one of them) If people can’t understand the difference between an artist who is Gay, and a Gay Artist then that’s THEIR problem.

    1. Dr. R Guthrie 29 Oct 2011, 8:10pm


      Da Vinci was an artist.

      Anyone can cobble together a quantized tune on a computer.

      We have the current top 40 to attest to that.

      Fan = Fanatic. That is where the word comes from.

      His band diddled together a couple of forgettable tunes whilst claiming heterosexuality.

      Only now when fame dwindles does he grumble.

      Your 15 minutes of fame are spent as no doubt are your royalties.

      Get over it and move on.

      If anyone is a bitch it is him.

      Happy to ride the wave when high, pissed off when it ran out.

      FFS. I knew he was gay when they first appeared and he played on the ambiguity..

      1. Ok Dr G, I bow to your superiority and intellect, it’s what you seem to need.

    2. Darren Hayes does not have a load of fans, as witnessed by the fact that he has not had a hit record in years.

      Maybe it’s pedantic to point it out but it’s the truth.

      1. If you scroll up to the comment from ‘Joe’ it would appear that he is very popular in Austrailia. The uk is not the be all end all of the pop business.

        1. very true, Shaney. Darren Hayes’ last album got to no.14 in the UK Album charts and, as I said above, the DVD of that sold well too. He also toured after that album, including dates at the Albert Hall.

          I understand if his music isn’t to some people’s taste – it’d be boring if we all liked the same thing – but I don’t understand where all the bitchiness has come from here. I find it really sad. We’re not all super-confident, I-came-out-the minute-I-could-speak people, and to have a enormous dig at someone who suffered awful bullying seems unnecessary, and almost bullying in itself.

          Also, Darren has said he grew up in a family where there was domestic abuse and alcoholism. By all means dislike his music, but there’s no need for nastiness and personal abuse.

          1. And just to be clear, the criticism in that was not aimed at Shaney at all – only the people here who’ve made unnecessarily bitchy comments.

          2. there are a couple of people who echo your “I don’t understand the bitchiness” let me spell it out for the those who don’t understand the negative reaction. Many people have spent their blood sweat and tears..and sometimes their lives so you can say your gay to your friends and family and countrymen. So yes take advantage of the freedom to say that about yourself, but remember that some of us don’t take kindly to your flippant attitude. I am gay gay gay gay I am gay at everything I do, what’s more I’m F’N proud of it.
            Please don’t go to a GAY PRIDE PARADE OR FESTIVAL Darren, it’s not going to be your gig that day.

          3. Thanks for replying, Eugene. I think maybe the article was badly phrased then. All Darren was saying was he aspired to simply be a good musician. That doesn’t mean he’s ashamed of being gay or anything. Also, some people are just more private than others. We’re all different.

  18. he’s an excellent artist
    itdoesn’t matter that he came out 5 years ago
    he’d make a better model then the ones with the bitchy comments

  19. I’m sorry to hear he (in common with many of us) was bullied, but I do think he’s setting himself up as a hostage to fortune by apparently putting in a claim for being a great artist. Like most others here, I’d never heard of him before.

    1. Cityredgirl 3 Nov 2011, 9:30am

      Darren never proclaimed to be a “great artist” Im sorry you have never heard of him, but like many other artists success isnt defined by volume its about quality and he is a quality human being and musician

  20. Darren is a poster child for proving that gays aren’t perfect after all, we have our dishonorable people just like the straights.

  21. I never have a problem with anyone deciding to keep their sexuality private (that would be you Anderson). I do have a problem with people who purposely create/promote a str8 image when they are gay in their private life (you know who you are)

  22. I’m fine with the idea that he doesn’t want to be a posterboy for gay rights. If he wants to succeed or fail on his own merits that’s fine by me. Backstory is optional, good music is all I’m really interested in when choosing a CD.
    That said unless I missed a previous bulletin no-one asked him to be a posterboy for gay rights. So why highlight something no-one asked him to be in the first place?

  23. We need only ask ourselves when did we come out to the world? The answers would vary, the years would vary, as well as the ways. Darren is no different. His career was a whirlwind as lead singer for Savage Garden, and yes, their music was great. He has sold close to 40 million records/cd’s, thats no small feat. At the time of his civil partnership, he had already been in a relationship with the guy for two years. Civil partnerships were very new in the UK when Darren decided to announce his. You can only admire a guy who has the guts to come out and be married for the world to see, in light of his music career and his life. As with many others in the world’s watchful eye, he has had much to lose by his actions. He was of the age of the younger generation, not that of Elton John et al who fought publicly for civil unions. I appreciate his wanting to be known for a’legacy’ and not a lifestyle.

  24. Jason Brown 31 Oct 2011, 10:50am

    I’m ok with this, haven’t you ever been in a group of friends and one was labelled the funny one, one was the smart one and you get called the gay one, why can’t I be funny or smart?

    I believe being gay is not a choice, I want to be remembered for what I do not what I am, I’m openly gay but I want to be known for my animation as opposed to being known as the gay animator, the difference is being remembered for quality as opposed to sexuality, quality is what I strife for.

    Ironically this article makes him more like a role model for me because he stood up for himself.

  25. I understand the point he was trying to make, in that an artist is recognised for their art, and not necessarily their sexual activities. He should be recognised on his music, not the fact he is gay. This point I agree with.

    He does come across as being a little hypocritical, particularly as he spent so many years cultivating a “Straight” persona (although personally I thought he was incredibly effeminate).

    What he might have approached better is saying that he is an artist, but that he’s also gay, and can use his “fame” to support the fight for equality.

    Somehow I think he’s just made himself look a bit of an arse.

  26. Given the accusations of racism against him, Hayes is the last person we’d want as a “poster child” for gay rights.

    1. He denied any racism and after investigation the police recommended no charges were brought. There WAS a row however, and for that Darren Hayes received a caution for public disorder.

      “I could never think, let alone utter a racist remark. It’s just not who I am,” Mr. Hayes said. “As a gay man, I find the notion of discriminating against a human being because of race, gender or sexuality to be abhorrent. It goes against everything I have stood for.”

      Here I am defending him and he’s far from my favourite musician ( a bit too pop for me), but I despise all the bitchiness and spite here. Despite Eugene’s explanation above, I have no idea why some people are directing so much venom towards this man.

      1. So because he denied it (of course he would) and the police couldn’t find enough evidence to justify a prosecution, it must be true that he didn’t racially abuse that waiter?

        I don’t want to say “no smoke without fire”, but I’ve lived in Australia, and although I wouldn’t say every Australian is a racist, that allegation had something of the ring of truth about it…

        1. Not quite sure where to start there, Zee Jai! Of course, there are racists everywhere, including Australia, but I don’t think Darren Hayes’ nationality makes him any more likely to be racist, especially as he’s lived in the US and the UK for many years.

          I think the police statement said that they couldn’t find ANY evidence of racism not ‘enough’ evidence. That’s a very different matter.

          We could both muse about ‘the truth’ because neither of us were there, but then we could equally make up other possible scenarios of what might have happened and what other people’s motivations were.

          In the end, we have to accept that the polive investigated it properly – for a start, there was public interest and it was reported in many papers, so the police had to make sure they were thorough – and that the situation was as they said.

          I’d echo your dislike of the phrase ‘no smoke without fire’ as it’s a very dangerous path to go down – inaccurate and dangerous for us all.

  27. Cityredgirl 3 Nov 2011, 9:24am

    I think some of you need to come down a level or two. Darren struggled with accepting his sexuality for many years which ultimately led to prolonged battle with depression. He is a hugely successful artist and has sold over 27 million albums and has millions of fans around the world. Darren has the right to speak his mind and if he feels he doesn’t want to be labelled and put in a box that’s his CHOICE, at the end of the day would all gay people want to be poster boys/girls in their line of work just to say “Im gay” i know i wouldn’t , sexuality is fluid and it really isn’t anybodies business . As we know the press likes to play Devils Advocate and will always take sound bites and twist them to make headlines.
    The female lead in his new video isnt about heterosexual love its about FRIENDSHIP and represents always being there for a friend.
    Darren has also been an advocate of gay rights he appeared at Manchester Pride in 2006 and also fronted the campaign in Australia for Gay rights!

  28. Cityredgirl 3 Nov 2011, 9:27am

    Darren has never cultivated a “Straight persona” he was married to Colby Taylor for over 8 years, he has been with Richard Cullen for 5 years. Some of the comments on here are just pure venom . I thank god Darren doesnt want to represent gay men when some of you on here are a disgrace to humanity let alone sexuality!

  29. Cityredgirl 3 Nov 2011, 9:32am

    Hope you choke on your words to all those that have branded him before knowing the facts!

    1. Great comments, Cityredgirl! You’re right about Darren being a lovely person. That just makes the nastiness here all the more sad.

  30. Darren Hayes explains more about just being a musician not a gay musician here:

    “I’m a human being. I’m a man. I write songs, I sing, I breathe. I just happen to go home to a very cute Englishman.”

    And he wants his career to be based on his music not his personal life. And that’s wrong why?

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