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Northern Ireland minister ‘won’t be rushed’ into decision on gay blood ban

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Reader comments

  1. How can someone who looks like an ape be “an opponent of the theory of evolution”.

    1. Well, to be honest he is more of an ass, so it’s probably quite difficult for him to see it! :)

  2. Christine Beckett 27 Oct 2011, 11:16am

    This is what happens when you put a religious fundie into a position of power.

    They will run things according to their religious beliefs. They cannot help themselves.


  3. Locus Solus 27 Oct 2011, 11:20am

    All i can say is, some of us who live in NI hate these poorly educated farmer joe types… I personally hate most of the DUP… They still get voted in by the retard masses who are obsessed with the past and about 25 years out of step with the rest of the western world.

    About the Rhianna thing, a guy I work with actually said it was a good thing the DUP asshole complained… he said “it showes that the we still have morals here” HONESTLY… I hate NI. :'(

  4. Why is a man who believes that prayer cures illness the Mniister for Health.

    He is an embarrassment to Northern Ireland. He needs psychiatric care. He is absolutely unqualified to be a public representative and must be removed.

    Sadly his party is full of morons like Poots.

  5. He is the north-end of a south-facing donkey.

  6. I stopped giving blood years ago because of the ban and I can’t see me returning unless we have exactly the same requirements as straight people. Lets face it, by insisting that they only take donations from Gay men who have not had sex for a year or more…they exclude most of us anyway. By agreeing to this don’t WE say YES its ok to discriminate against us? Mr Poop ( Spelling mistake intended)and his party are ‘Christian’ in basis and homophobic in everything but word. I would expect nothing else but this response from him and his party.

  7. Unfortunately this is becoming about personality and not about the issue …

    Thats not the fault of anyone other than the minister himself, however … If he had taken a responsible, timely decision then he would not be subject to such criticism …

    As it is he tries to hide behind a veil of respectability suggesting his decisions are on the grounds of public safety, when its clear both from his bigoted and unscientific views and from the hypocracy on his willingness to accept blood and blood products from elsewhere in the UK – that the decision is nothing to do with public safety …

    1. He is also a religious extremist who does not believe in the theory of evolution.

      We are talking about a man with serious issues here.

      1. Yeah, I agree he is a man with issues …

        You are right to highlight his disbelief in evolution (I had lumped this into his unscientific views) which further causes concern about how he interprets scientific advice …

  8. No wonder he opposes the theory of evolution. Looking at his photo he clearly got a rough deal from it….

    1. ‘Ear, ‘ear!

  9. paddyswurds 28 Oct 2011, 4:39am

    ……Evolution is not a theory, Creation is. You are in danger of joining Poops by referring to Evolution as a theory.
    This moron also believes that the Earth is only 6000 years old and his existence belies the extinction of the dinosaurs…. Nuff said.

    1. Spanner1960 28 Oct 2011, 7:42pm

      Actually, evolution IS a theory. It is true that many facts align with it, but it is not 100% watertight and there are still many unknowns.
      That said, the Bible has no facts whatsoever, so I think the front runner is a foregone conclusion…

  10. Good on him for standing up and saying he will not be harrassed, all those that do harrass him should be dealt with by the harrassment law. ( Cue Stu)

    1. He’s not being harassed. It is not harassment to point out that a man whoi thinks that prayer cures illness is completely unqualified to be minister for health and to suggest that he seek treatnent for his mental illness.

      Nor is it harassment to point out that such a man is a matter of enormous embarrassment to his country, his party. Obviously he is not an embarassmnent to his religion as they are as mentailly ill as Edwin Poots.

    2. @Matthew

      As David, rightly says – he is not being harassed just challenged to justify his decision making or to alter it …

      Given that he is an elected official, he should understand that with that comes scrutiny – and it is wholly appropriate that his electorate hold him to account …

      This has nothing to do with public order, offensive language, insults, threats or stalking – all of which I believe are repellent in a civilised and decent society … unfortunately, your argument seems to be to favour relaxing laws to make it easier to be offensive, insulting, threatening or to engage in stalking – and that is sufficient for me to recognise the inadequacy of the ethics in your statements …

    3. @Matthew

      Strange how when reasoned debate and argument is thrown at you – you decide to call it harassment … our understanding of the English language must be somewhat different as well as our worldviews

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