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Kelly Clarkson fights off lesbian rumours

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Reader comments

  1. I think the author of this artiicle ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    From the quotations in the article Kelly Clarkson’s comments seem quite reasonable and not-bigotted. She simply thinks it’s stupid that the rumours still abound.

    Yet the Pink News writer thinks she is ‘fighting off’ lesbian rumours as if being lesbian was a bad thing.

    Time for the writer to apply for a job at the Daily Heil I think.

    1. id have to disagree, with a great deal of respect.. its papers like the daily mail and many others that like to speculate about a celbrities sexuality. if anybody is acting with prejudice its the people spreading the rumours believing that the very few facts they have could only lead to one possible outcome. pink news is simply quoting the artist and im sure if there is any agenda behind this its to stop people making assumptions and actually listen to the individual in question.

    2. You clearly read different things between the lines than others do…

  2. Please, no one reading this can interpret this as bias. Check out the interview on The View for yourselves! Stop the insults David.

    1. I am not saying Kelly Clarkson is biased. Clearly she is not.

      I am saying that the writer of this article is biased for the appalling headline they selected.

      One ‘fights off’ negative rumours., Kelly Clarkson does not believe being lesbian is a bad thing The writer of the article clearly does however.

  3. This seems more about sexism than anything else. The fact that people seem to think a woman has no value unless she is with a man and giving birth and if she isn’t she must a lesbian.

    It’s the worst kind of misogyny.

  4. Hats off to Kelly for being honest. I’m surprised her record company don’t have her marketed as some faux bi pop star to titillate the Youtube generation.

    1. You mean get her to pose in her panties in a men’s mag and ‘reveal’ her bisexuality, and then never be seen dating a woman?

      No female stars have EVER done that.

  5. Suddenly Last Bummer 27 Oct 2011, 2:01pm

    The way she’s holding that mic leads me to think she’s had some close encounters of the wang kind.

    1. is there any other way to hold a mic? the frontman in my band doesn’t play guitar or piano, so he doesnt bother with a mic stand.. maybe i should have a chat with him? i can almost assure you im not being sarcastic, i found your comment both hilarious and intelligent but it did get me thinking…

  6. I know many guys who would love to date a lesbian-ish girl. They have twisted mind my friends. They do. And they call me weird.

    1. I truly despise it when people refer to me as their “friend” when they don’t even know me. As if saying I’m a friend will somehow make your statement carry more weight, or that you’re looking after my best interests by confiding to me your opinion. It’s insulting.

  7. all this speculation gets me down, its insulting to so many people depending on which way you look at it.

    it also leads to more speculation when somebody has to arrange an interview or go out of their way to dismiss roumours. are they? are they not a homophobe? well we just have to listen to what they have to say when it comes to ANYTHING about their character.

  8. I don’t get much of a ping off her, gaydar wise. And am sure that it is a nuisance when people try to force a label on you that does not fit, something that most of us here will identify with one way or another. Seems like a total non-story to me.

  9. I can imagine yhat she’s fed up with the ‘gossip’, but I guess her better approach would be “Well, what if? Non of your business!”, as I do get the feeling the negative attitude many people have against us LGBTQI people seems to scare her…..

  10. This says nothing about Kelly Clarkson and everything about the mentality of some people in some small towns – she’s not married at the age of 29 so she must be gay?? What a stupid attitude! Most of my straight female friends are gay by that measure.

  11. If she was gay and didn’t want it known then she would be dating a man. It looks like she’s happy with being single and focusing on her career. She’s still in her 20s- plenty of time for settling down later!

  12. Just Sayin 27 Oct 2011, 6:49pm

    You don’t have to have “been with” someone of the same sex to make you gay/lesbian/bisexual

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