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Gay men warned about ‘meaner’ strains of gonorrhoea

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Reader comments

  1. I’d already heard about this, surprised its only just come to light as its been known for atleast a year.

    This could be really dangerous and maybe even our next pandemic like HIV if its uncurable its just as bad.

    1. Pink News reported this back in April 2010, and it just underlines the importance of using condoms and also having regular STI check ups.

  2. Everyone (both men and women) can get gnorrehea not just gay men. I reccommend to all my friends to get tested every 6 months at the local clinic if they have been having sex (even protected). Im sure the reason these rates appear to be rising is because more people get tested.

    1. Hopefully you are right about increased testing rates having the effect of increasing the levels of known infections. This could have also influenced the effect of new HIV infection rates seen in 2010.

      Perhaps people are getting the message that testing offers the best option to ensure these things are picked up early and treated.

  3. Miguel Sanchez 26 Oct 2011, 3:20pm

    It’s important to remember this guys.


  4. this is becoming a problem with infections across the spectrum latley, then again it was only a matter of time before bacteria like these evolved to become resistant or immune to things

  5. LGV has been known about for some time.

    That does not mean THT’s timing of this campaign is wrong nor that this campaign is unwelcome.

    In terms of this campaign, what I like is that it is direct and encourages testing, whilst seeking not to stigma …

    Hopefully many will welcome this campaign and see the responsibility that THT are exercising in running it

    1. I totally agree Stu. I think campaigns like this are very welcome. I hadn’t heard about this so it is a timely reminder for me to get regular checks. I will certainly be passing on the info to all of my friends.

  6. Sigmund Fraud 27 Oct 2011, 6:17am

    Wear rubbers boy until you find a mate who is clean and wants to settle down with only you and then maybe you can do it in the raw.

    1. @ sSigmund
      …………the use of the word “clean” in this context is the language of the playground, it does not belong in the same sentence where you are advocating good sexual health practice. It is offensive and just perpetuates stigma!

      1. Not really. Me and my partner have been together most of our adult life and we both have never been with anyone else. Lifelong, sexual exclusivity is not the preserve of straights.

  7. GingerlyColors 27 Oct 2011, 7:19am

    As Jeremy Kyle sometimes says, ‘Put something on the end of it’ and it should apply to everybody. Not only will it prevent unwanted lives it will also stop unwanted deaths. Sexually transmitted diseased do not discriminate between gays and straights.

  8. Us gu/ays can cut this down by waiting and finding one partner and sticking with him for life.

    Monogamy, sexual exclusivity for life is not the preserve of the hetro.

  9. Hey guys, I am with one partner for most of my adult life. He’s not been with anyone else and neither have I. Monogamy, sexual exclusivity and life-long commitment are not the preserve of straights. We both think it is good for us and no chance of catching STIs.

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 11:21am

      Your hilarious Keith….

  10. The little critter in the advert looks like Lady Gaga’s latest ‘look’.

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