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Commonwealth Secretary General backs gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Meanwhile Morgan Tsvangirai – the PM and leader of thr Zimbabwean opposition is now claiming that his ‘support’ of LGBT human rights on his BBC interview was ‘taken out of context’ and has reassured his party that he still hates us.

    Britain needs to quit the Commonwealth (which serves no purpose), and cease all aid to these vile countries.

  2. Good to hear of the support of the Commonwealth Secretary General in favour of gay rights …

    I remain unconvinced whether the Commonwealth has any real value … No one has put a clear case for both sides from which to form a judgement – I struggle even to find significant opinion elsewhere (would be nice to find both views)

    If there is value from remaining in the Commonwealth then I think we should be careful as to how we engage and give those countries who appear to be homophobic (or who clearly are) the opporunity to change before we take such vehement action as withdrawing from the Commonwealth …

    If there is no value in being in the Commonwealth, then to be frank, there is little weight in withdrawing from an organisation to a moral argument (if there is no real purpose in being in it) … but if theres no benefit, why stay …?

  3. I think we should abolish the commonwealth altogether. We get nothing out of it, in fact we put more into it financially, but get nothing in return. Those countries with their hands out wanted their independence, so let them fend for themselves. It will help with getting the deficit lowered, every penny counts.

  4. The Commonwealth is simply a club for countries which were part of the British Empire.

    There are no political, economic or trade benefits for Britain in being a member.

    But it allows homophobic, failed states like Zimbabwe to pretend that we owe them cash for allowing them destroy their own countries.

    We should get out.

  5. I hear a lot of negative stuff about the Commonwealth, anyone have any positives …???

    1. The Commonwealth Games are popular among Commonwealth countries.

      There are no other benefits whatsoever.

      It is a matter of great shame and embarrassment to Britain to associate with such bigotted dumps as Uganda; Malawi; Zimbabwe, Jamaica.

      The Secretary General of the Commonwealth says that homosexuality should be decriminalised.

      Meanwhile the ‘Kil; the Gays’ bill has been revived in Uganda.

      The Commonwealth must end. We must completely wash our hands of these disgusting failed states. Threatening to with-hold cash is the only thing they understand (and even then they will tell barefaced lies – Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe told the BBC he supported gay human rights but back in Uganda he is denying saying any such thing.).

  6. How can we praise someone talking up equality and freedom from persecution when it clearly means nothing?

  7. I think that Kamalesh Sharma’s heart is in the right place. His comments about “countries should “embrace difference” and commit to “tolerance, respect and understanding”.” I accept “embrace difference” and commit to respect and understanding”. However I don’t want to be “tolerated” you tolerate a yeast infection not people. I want to be equal.

    1. Yes but all the Commonwealth countries understand how meaningless membership is, so his intervention is meaningless.

      Places like Uganda and Zimbabwe like being in a ‘former members of the British Empire’ club as it makes begging from Britain easier, to whine about colonialism (even though independence has enabled Zimbabwe to destroy its own economy).

      ‘Kill the gays’ has been revived in Uganda. We must completely discard all links to these horrible places.

  8. It is my understanding that the British Commonwealth serves to promote democracy in its member nations.

    That alone is worth considering as a valuable contribution to the next generation.

    Also, as I see it, the Commonwealth’s interest in decriminalizing homosexuality in all 54 of its member nations is two-fold:

    1. To advance universal human rights
    2. To allow HIV+ gay people to have access to treatment without fear of imprisonment, or worse.

    I must say that every time I visit the Commonwealth website, I do receive a moral boost:

    1. Nice theories but utterly meaningless in practice.

      The Commonwealth means well but has no power over any member states.

      The ‘Kill the Gays’ bill is being revived in Uganda.

      Let’s get out of this worthless organisation.

      It is damaging Britain’s reputation to be linked to places like Uganda; Zimbabwe; Jamaica; Ghana; Malawi etc.

      The British Empre is over. The Commonwealth is simply a reminder of that time. Let’s get out of it.

  9. Sigmund Fraud 27 Oct 2011, 6:15am

    God Bless Sharma for leading the way for gays rights.

    1. How is he leading the way when all he does is to issue recommendations that everyone ignores?

      1. I am sitting on the fence on this one until I see how the summit in Perth goes …

        If there is clear progress on LGBT rights and decriminalisation at the summit then I may disagree with you David … and see the Commonwealth as being a tool for change …

        If there is no progress, then I will be alongside you

  10. It is time that these commonwealth countries who still have bans on homosexuality, drop these laws.

    1. Indeed.

      But the way to achieve that is to tell these places that financial aid will be withheld until they remove the laws.

      1. There are plenty of rich people in places like Uganda. Many of them self-styled pastors.

  11. I would like to believe that there would be a positive change – I like to think that leaders would lead and not hide themselves when decisions that could change the lives of so many of their own citizens are on the line…these are difficult and perhaps unpopular decisions but that’s when the true character and strength of a leader is manifest. I hope that leaders would do what all their people expect them to do and lead. Some suggest that we change. I ask them change what? who we are? That is not an option, we were born this way and this is not a choice. It is the archaic laws that need review – and change.Too many have been discriminated against and the time for change is now!

  12. In near future there will not be any more sub Sahara Africa, we made sure about that and we will have their natural resources again.This time for ever. Spread HIV. A vile but clever move how to get rid of native people. A disgusting Vatican and UK/USA politics.

    1. This reads like a quatrain from Nostradamus. But written by a nutter.

    2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 11:22am

      Crazy says what now?

  13. If I was 100% straight I like to think I would support gay rights and equality.I would feel oppressed living in a society that didn’t.

    In many ways gay rights=universal rights.

  14. Good to see the Rwandan President supporting LGBT issues …

  15. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 11:21am

    So they should. It’s about time but less of the talk and more of the action.

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