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Queensland to vote on gay civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 25 Oct 2011, 4:22pm

    A step in the right direction. Given Australia’s constitution, this legally as much as the states can do. Maybe if enough states do this, the federal government will be prodded towards a more positive approach. A resolution similar to Tasmania’s recent one would also help.

  2. As longwinded an approach as it can be, I’m convinced it helps pave the way for full marriage equality once society and politicians see how this does not affect hetero marriages in any way shape or form. I think that’s why CPs in the UK have helped bring about a huge change in all three parties. Who would have thought a conservative PM would endorse marriage equality? This has to be a first for any conservative government anywhere. I think once the UK finally legalises it, Australia, New Zealand will follow and I suspect France, once Sarkozy is gone, will get on board.

  3. And when a member of the Royal Family has a gay marriage- you can bet that the Church of England will drop all it’s objections and become fullyin-favour!

  4. There is change in the wind, downunder. Labor is finally getting it’s act together. The Australian Government cannot change or interfere with state laws, as they can with the ACT or the Northern Territory. The Australian Government controls the Marriage Act however. If the states aand territories legislate for civil unions , it will look extremely ‘poor show’ if the Australian Government doesn’t legislate for some form of same-sex relationship recognition. The Labor National conferenece will be very important and if they support marriage eqaulity, then all the pressure will be on the Conservatives to do something!

  5. I still give it 10 years before we have gay marriage in Australia. I am always amazed by this place. Tasmania was the last State to legalise even being gay! and yet now is the most gay friendly place in Aus. (Beautiful place by the way!). Queensland was the second most homophobic State and now is talking about civil unions. However, the most progressive States, NSW and VIC are dead against any form of recognition and will stay that way with their current leaders. Don’t ask me to explain it.

    1. And South Australia, where I live and which was the first state to decriminalise homosexuality, has done zilch for same-sex couples , other than a tokenistic , ‘Domestic Partnership’. which costs a fortune through the legal profession and means virtually nil in status! Honestly, one could get a Domestic Partnership with your cat and that is where same-sex couples are placed! It is vritually a buslness document , just to say . one person actually lives with another person!
      Please dig up Don Dunstan from the grave, bring him back and get some serious social justice happening in the Parliament!

  6. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 11:02am

    Well it’s a positive step. Next stop marriage.

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