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Interview: Jonathan Harvey on writing, Corrie and Beautiful Thing

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Reader comments

  1. Cambodia Guesthouse 25 Oct 2011, 7:06pm

    What a totally awsome contribution to our culture this man has made..

    Gimme Gimme Gimme was hillarious (though I got into it late and missed so many episodes)..

    …and Beautiful thing… well, what can one say? It STILL brings me to tears every time I see it. A real gritty film with a great feel-good factor… from a time when many people had little to feel good about!

    Being in Cambodia now, I will not get to see the stage production, but I have loved to see it… Though whether it can ever match the iconic film remains to be seen…

    All-power to Jonathan Harvey though.. Well-done mate.

  2. Spanner1960 25 Oct 2011, 7:39pm

    Harvey is a brilliant writer and I loved his “Beautiful Thing” (Bring it back!!!)
    I just think his talents are rather wasted on transient drivel like Coronation Street.
    The man is worth so much more.

  3. Another Hannah 25 Oct 2011, 7:50pm

    Watched Gimme Gimme Gimme and noticed the credit on Coronation street. One of my own favourites, but his work probably isn’t right for todays academics, who seem to prefer Ravenhill and Kane. I don’t quite understand why he isn’t writing significantly in the way he used to, and instead is just spending his time writing Coronation street.

  4. National Treasure! Nice one JH!

    1. Rob Thompson 26 Oct 2011, 5:56pm

      Very much so!!

  5. Great article.

  6. Then I guess I didn’t understand the ending of Beautiful Thing. Ste wasn’t going to be able to stay in Thamesmead after the dance in the courtyard. I assumed the ending meant that he was moving above the pub with Jamie and Sandra. So, he’d be there whenever Jamie came home for holidays and…

  7. Strange that The sitcom “Beautiful People” has been airbrushed out of his history

  8. Rob Thompson 26 Oct 2011, 5:53pm

    I think Jonathan’s work/writing style is outstanding. I’m a huge fan of his work.

    Beautiful Thing changed my life. Showing me, a 15 year old at the time, I wasn’t alone and that there were others like me going though the same things. It was like BT was mirroring my life, how I was living it at that time.

    I’d often wondered what the future would hold for both Jamie and Ste and have even though about writing a sequel myself, knowing in my heart of hearts that they wouldn’t have been together forever. Having a life changing event bringing Jamie, Leah and Ste back together again with the power of a social networking site.

    Anyways, Jonathan I know will continue to write powerful and meaningful works, not forgetting the ‘little people’ and will use his unique insite into life to inspire and bring joy into many others.

    Keep up the great work Mr. Hearvy x

    1. Rob Thompson 26 Oct 2011, 5:57pm

      Sorry, I meant Mr. Harvey Lol

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