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Gareth Thomas announces he’s retiring from rugby

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Beckett 25 Oct 2011, 4:54pm

    He is 37 and that is getting towards the end of a professional playing life. Nowt wrong in calling it a day.

    Brave man, and a true hero.


  2. I am a real Gareth Thomas fan. it took great guts and deter,inaction to do what he did and stick with it. How many other sportsmen are just living lies and engaging the services of Max Clifford to keep them on the front pages as “bonking some wannabe”

  3. Pioneer – well done mate!

  4. A brave and talented man. Hope he finds fulfilment in whatever he does next.

  5. I haven’t seen much about the Rourke film recently. I think it might have fallen through. Maybe someone here knows better?

  6. Fantastic guy and player. Would love to read an auto biography by him. Im sure it will be insperational.

    A film could be cool but they need the right casting lol

    I wish him all the best in the future

  7. Dang, but he is one hot guy and a decent bloke to boot.

  8. the young camp guy livng on a rough estate. Applying make up and lippy. NO monies for protection or escape. NO media to expose the hate towards him . Yet he walks down the street as abuse and threats and hurled at him. But still he walks and still he is proud. THATS my hero.

    1. Fantastic that you have a hero. We all need them. However, as with all walks in life, there are different individuals at different levels of society making different (yet equal) contributions to equality. Just because he’s not your hero doesn’t mean he isn’t someone elses’, or that his contribution to LGBT rights is somehow less than someone being more “directly visible” in the firing line of bigots. Alternatively, it’s best to note that as a sportsman this gentleman is in a more influential positon, as thus more likely to advance our cause. And lastly, a huge, rugby-playing, man-smashing, scrum-crunching gay guy shows the world we’re everywhere, and not just shopping for the latest eyeshadow at Boots.

    2. Talking of ‘my hero’ it’s odd that this project still has nothing on their home page about celebrating LGBT heroes, even though October is LGBT History Month in the United States. Perhaps they’re not convinced that LGBT people are amongst the “best of humanity”

      So I wonder why the Director of BBC Children’s has been involved with the ‘My Hero’ Project, especially bearing in mind his claim to take diversity and inclusiveness seriously.

    3. But Gareth Thomas is exactly the sort of guy who can give encouragement to those closetted to come out? Many LGBT people do not fit the description that you give and younger people could be forgiven for believing thats what being gay means and are unable to identify with what is seen as stereotypical?

  9. Robert J Brown 26 Oct 2011, 3:03pm

    Am proud that he is who he is . . . Gavin Thomas has given us all the inspiration to keep fighting fit . . .

    HUGE respect to him . . . .

  10. A good time to retire from a very demanding sport. I hope he carries on using his fame to challenge homophobia in the sporting world and supporting young people. Go Gareth!

  11. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 11:16am

    I could think of a few things for him to do!! :P

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