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Anti-gay Twitter users mock Stuart Walker’s death

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Reader comments

  1. Any one who mocks the horrific death of a young man, is not only sick and disturbed, but reveal their sick and disturbing lack of humanity.

    1. JohnK: I agree with you 100%.

    2. These people mock gays and say they are their enemies,, report these sick people to who ever will do something about them, like report them to twitter and get twitter to stop them from tweeting anti- gay hate messages.

  2. Well done for naming and shaming the bigots.

  3. The sheer audacity of it all! Calling gay people ‘sick’ when they themselves are getting so much pleasure from the torture and death of another human being. They are the sick and twisted ones.

    1. Derek Williams 25 Oct 2011, 12:35pm

      An excellent insight, which I will remember and cite from now on. Thank you.

    2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:21am

      A hand of bigotted attention seekers I thinks.

  4. I see @mabsmiler has had their account taken down by twitter (or have taken it down themselves)

    Great to see the individual account silenced …

    Hope the police take action on the grounds of hate crime regarding these tweets …

    I know some twitter users making outrageous comments about Stuart Walker yesterday have already been reported to the police

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 25 Oct 2011, 12:52pm

      With a bit of luck, Keith and his like that make vile comments on these fora will take heed.

      1. Lets hope that this does send a message to people like Keith, a pointed message that they cannot escape accountability for spinning homophobic threads on pinknews.

        1. But the sad thing is they can…and they also largely get away with it.

          As much as i love PN they’ve really let us down in my opinion, they need to police these forums a little more – what’s the point in having terms and conditions of forums on your site if you don’t act upon them when they’re breached.

          With regards to Mr Walker and this entire nightmare I believe that times are changing, eventually we’ll get there but while these horrible acts continue to happen we need to protect ourselves, be extra vigilant and ensure that less and less of us aare harmed – and most importantly, when we are, to report it.

          We need to be as visible as we can.

          1. Have to say I agree …

            There are a small number of people who need decisively regulating on here … but most input (whilst sometimes subject to robust debate is respectful) … that does not mean that it should not be monitored (in a relaxed and laid back manner in most instances), and I would argue where PN do not intervene they tacitly have responsibility (despite their disclaimers) for such offensive material being in the discussion groups …

            It needn’t cost much, and there could be a small number of trained monitors who adopt largely a hands off approach and friendly warnings (unless the comments are flagrantly threatening, abusive etc or there is persistant offending) … it might require a review of conditions of posting but it neednt restrict free speech being exercised with responsibility …

    2. September Meadows 25 Oct 2011, 2:01pm

      It is known that many “closeted” and cowardly haters will make accounts on sites for the purpose of making horrible remarks and then take them down. Sometimes it is people you would have never suspected of being a bigot :(

    3. Shame you too can be silenced Stu.
      The Police have better things to do then be trawling the ineternet.

      Stop being such a goody goody, no one likes a grass.

      1. No one is asking the police to trawl the internet, strawman …

        Merely take action when someone complains that someone has been offensive, harassing, intimidating, threatening etc

        If you are so inhumane that you actually encourage those who engaged in the mocking of Stuart Walker, or worse that you do not see you tacitly support them by failing to condemn them … it speaks more of your humanity than mine …

      2. Barry, I am sure you are a lovely person . . .
        So I am not sure what brought this on?

        Instead of attacks – Can we celebrate “Stu’s” life experience, knowledge, and his tireless commitment to Pinknews threads?

        1. Thank you, JohnK

          When life returns to normal, am not sure I will be able to dedicate so much time to PN … but I shall still make some comments …

        2. Right on, JohnK… :)

      3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:22am

        Ain’t you a sad little individual…

    4. I got the screen-freezes of this guy’s twitter page and sent it around to various media this morning – always use PrintScrn! If you google in search engine ‘jay millertwitter mabsmiller’ then the cached pages will come up and his posts and followers and bio. Note one post cheering a Combat18 rally. Most likely a neo-nazi sympathiser. Homophobia perhaps just the tip of iceberg…?

  5. Well done for the name and shame you would think that in 2011 people would stop being so narrow minded and accept that people are different. Thought go out to his family rip

  6. Arrest every single pathetic idiot who posted homophobic comments…as homophobic comments (which are always offensive)…are ILLEGAL in the UK!

    1. Oh yes? Which law would that be then?

        1. Cheers Joss they bitches need zero tolerance can anyone report the crime?

          1. @James!

            Anyone who saw the tweets and was offended can report it …

            If you contact your police service and report it as a hate crime they should treat it as a priority … Thames Valley Police certainly did when I reported a similar matter to them …

          2. Cheers

        2. Matthew Appleton 25 Oct 2011, 3:05pm

          Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986

        3. Derek Williams 25 Oct 2011, 3:17pm

          Thank you Joss for the link, this is very useful information.

          Will criminal consequences change the hearts and minds? Only time will tell, but I am glad that those responsible are being held to account for what they have done.

      1. Opiss ed

        Sod off pussyface

      2. Robyn Griffiths 25 Oct 2011, 1:13pm

        Try The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 Part 5 Paragraph 74 and the Public Order Act 1986 Part 3a

      3. Robyn Griffiths 25 Oct 2011, 1:37pm

        @ Opus Dei try the Public Order Act 2006 and Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008

      4. Lets start with perhaps section 4a or section 5 public order act aggravated by hatred under section 146 criminal justice act 2003

        Maybe protection from harassment act, maybe computer crime offences, communications offences …

        There are a range of crimes the police could consider …

      5. people who post vile messages on twitter should be hunted down – there are laws which deal with hate crime and these people should be charged.

        These morons hide behind a computer screen thinking their safe – your not I hope the police do investigate


        1. Thought police are out again!!
          Stop being a goody goody Stu, no one likes a grass.

          1. People do like to be able to live their lives without fear of harassment, being offended and ridicule because of their sexuality …

            Thats not “grassing” thats taking a responsible viewpoint in society and seeking to stamp out bigoted homophobia …

            If you don’t support stamping out homophobia – that clearly demonstrates your lack of morals …

            As for “thought” police- no these people were more than able to think what they liked, its when they used their freedom of speech to say what they thought in a public forum, and failed to engage the responsibilities that come with freedoms (eg to prevent harm and offence to others) that they themselves caused the issue (not the person reporting it to the police, not the person who was offended and not the police themselves – they are responsibile for their immoral irresponsibility).

          2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:25am

            Grow up, Idiot!

      6. Public Order Act of 1986, Sections 4 and 5. Kindly contact your local UK Police for further info.

      7. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:24am

        One you ignore clearly!

    2. Public Order Act 1986, Sections 4 and 5.

  7. Derek Williams 25 Oct 2011, 12:34pm

    Thank you for identifying the authors of these horrible messages.

  8. Those mockers, haters, and bigots are as sick as hell.

  9. Black people are like the KKK to gay people time to shut them down

    1. beg your pardon? Can we agree that Black people are not the problem? People who are ignorant, insensitive and violent are . And should be arrested and punished to the severest extent of the law.
      Racism is not the answer here.

      1. I am not pretending anymore most not all black people have to act as if they hate gay people wether they do or don’t. If a homosexual is not condemed on sight then suspiscions will arise so they have no choice

        1. Ok I’ll shut up it true it’s ignorance not colour

        2. This seems true of young black males especially , that they are pressurised to be homophobic from within their community and aggressively condemn homosexuality as if to prove their hetrosexuality, that is their very simplistic reasoning , albeit completely flawed.

        3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:27am

          Desperate James!!

      2. @Eugene

        Homophobia is clearly perpetrated by people of all races …

        James! offensive comments about black people are a strawmans comments

        1. Ok I’ll take it back I just seem to get a lot of greif from black people but I live in London I imagine I’d get the same if I lived in Ayshire ignorance is universal

          1. Ignorance certainly is universal …

            It may be that you encounter more black homophobic people – doesnt mean all black people are homophobic, nor that they are more likely to be …

        2. I am against racism. But it has been proved in surveys that black people in this country are more homophobic than white people (in general). This may be that most black people in the UK’s family originates from the Caribbean. A place which is rife with homophobia. Plus black people tend to be more religious than white people(in general) in this country. This is also down to where they originate and also down to culture.

    2. Where as your just the KKK to black people, Your racism is not nessecary or even wanted here, you know there are gay black people aswell.

      Hatred is Hatred whoever you aim it at and people who hate are the exact reason why we don’t have equal rights how about you start getting a bit of empathy to other minorities they’ve had it just as hard as we have.

      1. How do you know I’m not black? Black men have to prove themselves. You cannot ignore a homosexual if there is a witness present, if you don’t condem one at every oppourtunity then you must be one.

        1. It doesn’t matter if you’re black your remarks are still racist.

          I pity all racists but if you are black I feel extra sorry for you. Your self esteem and IQ must be on the floor.

          1. Keep up love I rescinded my comment. i am only human born to make mistakes. We can’t all be perfect

        2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:55am

          My, My what crap you talk.

      2. Hamish

        I just want to add you’re a massive sanctimonious knob

        1. Hamish you’re not a knob

        2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:58am

          Grow up James!

    3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:26am

      Desperate eh James!!

  10. I really can’t understand why anyone would take pleasure in such a barbaric murder! I’m glad they have been named and shamed. I sincerely hope that there are police repercussions for the vile stuff they have tweeted.

  11. Tell us something we don’t already know. Twitter, along with Facebook, are the two sites where I have read the most homophobia. People think they’re free to say whatever they want without thinking or without consequence, because they’re behind a virtual avatar, behind a computer screen, safe and sound in their own homes. I bet you anything, if faced with the loved ones and supporters of Stuart Walker in real life, they wouldn’t dare to say any of these things. And if they did, well then… I would hope it would make other people wake up and see them for the vile human beings that they really are. Websites, especially social networks, should be doing more to combat abusive and homophobic language. But I doubt that will happen because people would just protest and complain about their “free speech” being censored…

    1. Spot on, we call them keyboard heros

    2. jamestoronto 25 Oct 2011, 4:33pm

      These sites have often been used very effectively to combat homophobia, racism, hatred of all kinds as well. Not just the “phobes” have access to them, we do too. Use them to expose the haters.

    1. That guy is busted

    2. Fabulous to see and hope the police find him (and the others) and the courts deal with them appropriately

    3. Great,,,we have his picture!!! He is indeed WELL BUSTED! Now i hope he loses his job/ house and anything else he values. Vile piece of human S***

    4. Get this trending on twitter folks shame the bigot!!!

    5. Oh what a surprise, he’s fat, ugly and wears awful polo shirts with horizontal lines that accentuate his beer gut.

      I wonder why he hates gay people. I hope he gets caught, has anyone found him on Facebook yet? Probably gone into hiding.

    6. Couldn’t this be a fake profile pic?

      1. It could …

        But equally its a good lead for the police to pursue and rule in or out …

        1. Lets hope it is not fake!

  12. Keith Farrell 25 Oct 2011, 2:51pm

    yes, I cannot beleve people can be such bigots, I think the people making those coments need to be charged under hate crimes too, I mean if we pale skinned people may not use race as a means of hate, why may a person of a darker skin use our orentation as a hate referance

    1. nice try with the subtly worded racist post. did you think no one would notice?

    2. Well I’m black and gay………………………and my entire family are supportive…………………..and I’ve had to have white boyfriends move into my mothers house because their families have kicked them out, what is your view on that? You’re just as bad if not worse than them because you’re persecuting black gays and black people in general. Both me and my family feel deeply for the family of Stuart Walker, and considering the area in which he was killed his attackers are most likely white. I hope they catch these people and justice is done and by justice I mean life (not 25 years with a chance of early parole). If his tragic death teaches us anything it’s that we should move closer together as a unit and not fight each other black, white or otherwise.

  13. Jack Holroyde 25 Oct 2011, 4:10pm

    Haters gonna hate…

  14. While I dont agree with the comments, he is entitled to his say and speak his thoughts, if our comments can only be those that dont affend then it is very very sad.

    1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 25 Oct 2011, 4:58pm

      I hardly think that the comments left these people left are appropriate or worthy of the ‘freedom of speech’ you are hinting at. They are vile and inappropriate comments only intended to hurt his family and bully gay people in general – I mean they are hardly high-brow arguments are they!?

    2. Neal

      Do you feel that rights and freedoms bring with them responsibilities in how they are exercised?

      If so, then how do you reconcile a man making such comments not being subject to some form of censure ….

      If you accept some form of censure, and you accept that some are offended – why not a criminal sanction …?

    3. There is NO legal right to HATESPEAK!!!!!
      I hope someone will formally report those comments to the Police as a Hate Crime!

      1. A person has every right to say what they think, Im not offended in he slightest, becasue I dont go around getting offended and sticking my nose into something that has nothing to with me, someone elses view and opinion. Which they are entitled too.

        This guy will be back soon, new twitter, new name.

        Just move on.

        1. You may be right about him being back on twitter again …

          If so, someone can complain again if he does not exercise his responsibilities

          Glad not everyone is as morally vacuous as you, Neal

          1. As it turned out Neal, you were half right and half wrong – he is back on twitter – but using the same profile …

            Back pedalling and clearly trying to say his profile was hacked (he would wouldnt he) but then using more homophobic language later …

            Hope the police prove he is lying and throw the book at him

    4. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:58am

      Erm what now?

  15. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 25 Oct 2011, 4:38pm

    Personally I just think these types of people are so pathetic – such a cheap way of attention-seeking.

    So @mabsmiller and @Realist_Eman, you have our attention… and Old Nick hopefully (ha!)… bet you can’t say anything remotely intelligent.

    PS What did Opus Dei’s poorly rated comment say? It has disappeared… always worth a giggle!

    1. Another one to be aware of @billibhatti (ex big brother contestant) who stated on twitter (in relation to Stuart Walker), yesterday:

      “@PatrickStrud what are we going to do?? Erm, BBQ?”

      in response to:

      “A 28-year-old gay man, Stuart Walker, was tied up, burned alive and beaten to death in Scotland yesterday. What are we going to do?”

      as @PatrickStrud stated yesterday:

      “i have just retweeted a tweet from former Big Brother contestant Billi Bhatti who suggested that we “BBQ” Stuart Walker. What a disgrace.”

      I understand @billibhatti has been reported to the police

      1. You have too much time on your hands Stu, stop being such a marter.

        1. @Mathew. Yet you had time to slag off someone GENUINELY trying to contribute to the story with facts. Well done! For your information, it’s “martyr”. If you’ve misunderstood its meaning (“outstanding”, presumably?) as well as its spelling I wholeheartedly apologise.

        2. @Matthew

          I agree I have too much time on my hands – convalescing for being incredibly ill earlier this year – so sorry, if my using my time constructively to consider news stories and explore my impression of them based on facts is a problem to you – in a world of free speech (used with responsibility) I won’t be stopping

          1. He’s a troll trying to get a dig in, Stu. You’re worth a thousand of him.

          2. Thanks, Iris – you’re a real gem :-)

      2. @Stu. Thank you for mentioning @billibhatti’s vile comments. Given the inflammatory nature of his tweets in particular (and high-profile Twitter coverage it generated), it appears PN has somehow sidestepped this particular aspect. In other words, @billibhatti is conspicuous by his absence. A few more choice cuts from his (still active) feed:

        “My friend @_______ attends funerals all the time! Yet cos someone who chooses to have sex anally is killed, we are meant to care more?”

        “I rebel vs all this press because of someones sexual orientation. I bet a black kid gets killed in Hackney every day & not a column inch!”

        “God, I’m so bored of this SFS stuff today (Scottish Fried Stu). I made a sarcastic comment this morning, but u still want your 15 mins!”

        “It appears I sure know how to light a fire under some people.. No pun intended. Ok, I’m lying again.”

        1. No prob, Paolo

          Thanks for the kind words

  16. Nawal Husnoo 25 Oct 2011, 6:15pm

    About the keyboard heroes, I’m from Mauritius.

    There have been homophobic newspaper articles and a Facebook group entitled “AGAINST the legalisation of homosexuality in Mauritius”, where religious findamentalist homophobic bigots write about their sexual fantasies and then condemn gay people to hell.

    A nice quote, from a Muntasir Nunhuck:

    “most hetero do struggle with homo
    thoughts…but we all end up with the conclusion that its not possible. i
    do wonder how u manage to have sex with a man. i dont want to go
    through the details…sooooooo disgusting!!”

  17. Another Hannah 25 Oct 2011, 7:44pm

    The responses to this remind me very much of the Ipswich prostitutes. Who exactly is promoting all these people who are too thick to understand professional standards and right and wrong? The policemen on this seem about as perverted, thick and sick as the one in Bristol who pursued Jo Yates landlords. Isn’t it about times in this era of cuts we stopped paying these idiots a decent wage and started getting rid of them to get better value for money for the tax payer? Just like the sick met police phone operator who altered details to information he took, I can’t see anything more like “perverting the course of justice”, so why aren’t they in court and gaol?

  18. It seems to be the latest fad, is that of being so easily offended by what others say. Grow thicker skins and stop bloody moaning. People are allowed to say what they think, get rid of this PC nonsense.

    1. Another Hannah 25 Oct 2011, 11:48pm

      No they aren’t. There are laws against all manner of hate speech moron. Stop bloody moaning and get used to it. Hate mongers should be locked up.

    2. “People are allowed to say what they think”

      Sure they are Matthew, but they;’re not allowed impunity form the repercussion of those statements, are they?

      The same way you are entitled to your pseudo-religious bigotry here, and we are fully entitled to call you idiotic buffoon you clearly are because of it.

      Glad you agree.

    3. Indeed, Matthew …

      People are entitled to say what they think …

      If what they say offends (as has been the case through common law for centuries and under statute since 1986) then they may find themselves subject to prosecution, if they fail to behave responsibily and restrain in what they say….

      Equally, if they say something that libels, they can say it, but run the risk of being sued …

      Anyone can say what they like, although they must understand if they exercise that freedom it may have consequences …

      1. Something soon is going to be removed, as they are looking at the Public Order Act, and removing the word insualt. Hopefully they will look at ohers.

        We have a right to speak and a right offend and I certainly speak my mind and if anyone takes offence, thats their problem and not mine.

        I’m fed up off all this Political correctness, I do not subscribe to the PC brigade, stop being so weak and grow thicker a thicker skin.

        1. There is a huge difference from a debate about whether the law should be reformed and whether it does actually happen …

          I suspect there will be no modification to this law ..

          In any event section 4a of the public order act and section 136 of the criminal justice act 2003 are not under review and would be appropriate in this instance

        2. Glad I dont have your lack of morals and sense of humanity … Glad I care about what people think and do …

        3. @Mathew.Well, I for one certainly hope they look into removing the word “insualt”. I know – it’s political correctness gone maaaad! 

          But then again, it might compel some of the homophobic (or shall we use the term “anti-gay”? They get ever so confused by definitions!) trolls that haunt these message boards to use the dictionary for something other than to make roll ups. 

          Oh, @Mathew, I’m fed up too! Fed up with the self-righteous mob who gladly go out of their way to torment gay people. Who moan that we should grow a thicker skin, while those suspected of being gay are still harassed, beaten, cast out of their families, driven to suicide, made to feel worthless, and yes – sometimes even murdered. A “thicker skin” didn’t help Stuart Walker. Or Ian Baynham. Or Michael Causer. Or the countless other gay men and women who don’t report hate crime to the police, either for fear of reprisals, bringing shame on their families, or in the belief that there’s simply no point.

    4. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:59am

      I’d hate to be in your bitter world! Thankfully I am completely at peace with myself and all else.

  19. @Stu. Thank you for mentioning @billibhatti’s vile comments. Given the inflammatory nature of his tweets in particular (and high-profile Twitter coverage it generated), it appears PN has somehow sidestepped this particular aspect. In other words, @billibhatti is conspicuous by his absence. A few more choice cuts from his (still active) feed:

    “My friend @_______ attends funerals all the time! Yet cos someone who chooses to have sex anally is killed, we are meant to care more?”

    “I rebel vs all this press because of someones sexual orientation. I bet a black kid gets killed in Hackney every day & not a column inch!”

    “God, I’m so bored of this SFS stuff today (Scottish Fried Stu). I made a sarcastic comment this morning, but u still want your 15 mins!”

    “It appears I sure know how to light a fire under some people.. No pun intended. Ok, I’m lying again.”

    1. No one get’s killed in Hackney every day. The number of teenage killings in London and the UK are regularly reported on and considering that up until a while ago Glasgow was the murder capital of the UK how much did the news report on that? Not much at all, stop trying to find discrimination where there is none as it takes away from the real problems of discrimination that we should be tackling. If you do feel that these things are being reported unfairly then spitting on Stuarts Walkers grave isn’t the way to deal with, get off your arse and go find some representation. Oh and before you say I couldn’t possibly know what it feels like (I’m black myself and grew up in worse parts of London than Hackney)!

  20. This reminds me of when most peeps in my school were happy when gay guy was murdered in south bank, Everyone in class was chanting bun out the chi chi man, step on the batty boi . It’s not at all shocking that these homophobic comments are left on twitter, social networking sites fuel homophobia.

    1. Yeah that’s the UK for you and yet we shake our heads and call Zimbabweans savages etc when we’re little better than them. They have an excuse- they’re under the cosh of church and ignorance, we have no excuse but yet this fair country is riddled with bigots.

      1. Agreed, If not overt ,There is latent , insidious hateful bigotry everywhere.

  21. Quite frankly, if you’re going to shout that homophobic nonsense around the internet for basically the entire planet to see, he should expect to be named, his comments are public after all…. what bravery is there in anonymity?

    I have no sympathy for people like Jay Miller and their photo going viral around the internet, serves him right.

    1. It will be seen as a badge of honour by miller.

      1. But only other weak minded idiots would see it as such. Civilised society won’t, thankfully.

  22. Well to the comments on here regarding race I’m black and gay………………………and my entire family are supportive…………………..and I’ve had to have white boyfriends move into my mothers house because their families have kicked them out due to their sexuality, what is your view on that? You’re just as bad if not worse than them because you’re persecuting black gays and black people in general. Both me and my family feel deeply for the family of Stuart Walker, and considering the area in which he was killed his attackers are most likely white. I hope they catch these people and justice is done and by justice I mean life (not 25 years with a chance of early parole). If his tragic death teaches us anything it’s that we should move closer together as a unit and not fight each other black, white or otherwise.

    1. Dillon

      Good to hear your well adjusted experiences …

      Just as some black guys can be homophobic, so some gay guys can be racist …

      Sad but true

  23. It looks like Jay Miller’s Twitter account was hacked, and that he did not post those sickening comments:

    1. @Jonpol. Thanks for posting the link. If you read the story carefully, the implication is that Jay Miller DID actually write the comments, and is now back-pedalling like mad and naming himself the victim of a Twitter “witch hunt” in order to get off. In the unlikely event he *is* actually telling the truth, his Twitter friend John LFC Stuart (@Johnstu123Lfc) did nothing for his credibility with remarks like: “Ok go away now queer!!” and “Look forward to it you aids riddled fag!!”. Regardless, the police will surely be able to check the validity of his story (that he reportedly left his phone at a party) by accessing the phone data and call records through his network provider. Most people have passcode locks on their phones now, so I find it highly unlikely that some technical genius at the party broke the combination and accessed his Twitter account in order to “stir up some s__t”.

      1. @Paolo

        I have to agree it appears that Jay Miller did write the offending tweets and is now back pedalling. I have to say when I read Jonpols comment above my immediate reaction (before I went away and read the article in the Pink Paper) was “well he would say that wouldnt he”. The police should be able to check most of what he said in terms of identifying the use of the phone, locations etc etc and if need be identify everyone else who was at the party and interview them all. I suspect they may not have to resort to this …

  24. I’ve read through a few of the above Twitter feeds, and one thing that becomes apparent is these people don’t actually realise homophobic abuse is illegal. Moreover, they simply don’t care. They’re used to getting away with it, you see. To them, there are more important things for the police to be dealing with than stupid queers (specifically, that which troubles the idiots’ own self-interest), never mind that any one of the above perpetrators could be involved with the crime they joke about. Ironically, @Mabsmiller has accused one Twitter user of being offensive: “Listen no police are getting in touch lad there too busy looking for the murderers now f__koff or I will do you for harassment.” A Twitter friend later reinforces his ignorance: “@Leebrennan_lfc: Listen mate he’s told you it wasnt (sic) him now get over it. F__k all is going 2 happen. Crack on with your day son.” In short, homophobic hate crime is something to joke about down the pub, and we should just get over ourselves.

    1. @Paolo

      All the more reason to make sure we confront and report hate crime when it occurs and seek action. When the police know the true level of it then more resources can be alloocated. When to courts start sentencing in line with s146 of the criminal justice act 2003 then the message will begine to go out. If we dont report it the police dont know about it and the court process can not begin. We must stand up and be counted.

  25. concerned resident of E3 28 Oct 2011, 9:25pm

    the widespread reporting of the child abuse alegation has been devastating to the Walker family and that breaks my heart. Especially since it was entirely spurious and the malicious accusation of convicted rapist.

    Dismayingly though the English newspapers reported the alegation but never bothered to find out the basis of it ad have abandoned this story completely.

    And the twitterati are alive with denunciation os Suart Walker as a paedophile.

    There is frankly no justice in the world any more . . . .

  26. Absolutely disgusting. The mockers are just as bad as the person[s] who attacked him in the first place.

    Those who spout this kind of disgusting stuff via social media can be traced!

  27. Derek Williams 31 Oct 2011, 4:33pm

    There have been reports that Stuart Walker was being investigated by police in connection with allegations against him of the assault of a 12 year old boy.

    There is no way murder is a justifiable consequence for this unproven allegation, but it certainly takes the gloss off Walker as a poster boy for out and out homophobia as the sole motivation for the attack.

    1. If you actually read about the allegations you would have seen that the Procurator Fiscal was dropping the charges due to insufficent evidence. Also the person who accused Stuart of that assault is a convicted rapist! Please get facts right before you speak!

  28. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 10:19am

    This is just cruel. Yet again the worst of humanity rears it’s ugly head.

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