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Stonewall launches gay-friendly job website

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Reader comments

  1. Stonewall’s lack of transparency and the continuing presence of Ben Summerskill as CEO of Stonewall, has seriously damaged Stonewall’s credibility and integrity.

    I would be very suspicious of trusting this list (I mean why would anyone trust the word of an equality charity whose CEO was caugth at the LibDem Party conference campaigning AGAINST equality, and who remains as the CEO).

    What percentage of the employers on this list are Stonewall;s corporate sponsors?

    What are the links between the unelected board of trustees of Stonewall and these companies.

    What criteria did Stonewall use to compile this list (is it merely making a financial donation to Stonewall for example?)

    1. Yawn

      1. Every word I say about your employer is true Confused.

        Stonewall has pissed away its reputation and its integrity.

        And until it becomes more transparent and removes Ben Summerskill from his position; and becomes FAR more transparent in its agenda and initiatives, then Stonewall cannot and should not be trusted.

        This is not something I celebrate. I think it would be great if Stonewall could repair the massive damage it has done to its own reputation.

        But clearly for reasons know only to itself Stonewall wants to pretend it has a mandate and legitimacy.

        1. Yawn

        2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:18am

          There is a problem with staying in the past….

    2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:17am

      Time to move on dAVID I think.

    3. Same old broken record! Why don’t you ask how the list is made up? Believe me, it is not based on a cash donation – organisations work darn hard to get themselves onto that list and you’re bleating undermines the great work that they do to ensure equality with Stonewall’s help and advice. One of my best friends works for a firm that liaises with them and is proud of the work they’ve done in their institution, it has nothing to do with a cash donation so please don’t keep spouting your empty, false hypotheses.

  2. Ive been enemployed for a year and in last 4 years ive had like 7 weeks of work.

    All i want is someone to say teres this job do you want it. My only job ended badly. I got let go simply as they wanted someone faster and were employing more people than they had need for.

    Hunting for a job is depressing. There are people younger, fitter, more educated with more experience … Yet im expected to get a job over them.

    Just look checked the site and theres no jobs withon 50 miles of me. So that would mean they have no lgbt friendly employers in my part of the Midlands and Birmingham.

    That either means the site hasn’t got a very detailed database or companies arent very welcoming. Hopefully the former as i would love a gay friendly workplace. My last and only one was very hostile towards gay people.

    1. Not trying to take the mickey, Adam, but you’ll have a much, much better chance of success if you spell check your applications !

      When an employer is deluged with scores or hundreds of them, I’m afraid those with obvious mistakes will be the first to be binned.

      Keep on trying. You’ve only got to be lucky once.

  3. Davina McCallgirl 21 Oct 2011, 4:19pm

    Great work, Stonewall! Congratulations and thanks to you for this much needed project!

    1. Much needed? By who exactly.

      Seeing as we don’t know anything about how Stonewall compiled this list, and seeing as Stonewall’s blessing to any business seems to merely require a cash donation to Stonewall, I faile to see why this list is needed.

      With Summerskill in charge Stonewall cannot be trusted on any issue.

      1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:20am

        I gather you’d rather nothing was done just to prove your point… whatever that is?

  4. I cant see how this is making much difference to people applying for jobs? How and why would your sexuality affect your job prospects? No one at my work knows I am gay and I have no need to tell them, and I do my job fine. Seems a loosing cause.

    1. Except that if they find out inadvertently by some other means, you surely need to know that you won’t suddenly be facing a hostile and discriminatory working environment? Nobody knows they are going to be shot at until they raise their head above the parapet.
      What you say and don’t say is up to you. But surely it would only be fair and stress-free to know that if you were as open about your life outside work as any of your straight colleagues, you would still be treated respectfully?

  5. What a divisive project this is. People are recruited (or should be) to jobs based on their ability to deliver and carry out the job profile; not on their sexuality. I can’t think of any positive reason whatsoever. My sexuality, or the sexuality of my colleagues does not influence our ability to do our jobs.
    This isn’t fighting for equality, this is a step backwards

    1. It’s not about recruiting gay people over straight people, it’s about employers committing to have a good culture of acceptance of diversity, ensuring benefits are fair to people whatever their family situation and so on. Your sexuality could affect your ability to do your job if the atmosphere was homophobic and led to depression or stress.

  6. Thanks Stonewall for this.

  7. Looks like they’ll soon be hearing from 4 Poofs and a Piano

  8. I will never forget an e-mail from Stonewall when I asked for help and advice about my unemployed partner. ” Sorry, we can’t do nothing for you.Look for an citizen advice bureau…” I will never understand why they say they give advice or help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you’d been willing to make a cash donation to Stonewall then you’d probably have had more luck.

      Stonewall are quite professional when it comes to begging for cash (although they refuse to explain why Ben Summerskill is still their CEO after being caught campaigning against marriage equality).

      Stonewall does not represent the LGBT community.

      No-one knows who it represents as it refuses to allow any transparency as to how it sets its agenda or who its agenda is meant to benefit.

      This new list is therefore automatically suspicious.

  9. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:17am

    Guess it all helps.

  10. Do not separate gay people from straight people

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