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Nigeria seeks to strengthen anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Nigeria was never regarded as a bastion for gay rights.

    Nonetheless, it now clearly joins the ranks of Uganda, Ghana, Malawi and Kenya as being African states whose level of immorality and injustice is extreme and risible

    Time for the Commonwealth, UK, EU and UN to take dramatic action in terms of withdrawing aid, sanctions and severe diplomatic action

    Such unethical and depraved injustice must be stopped

    1. olabestonic 21 Oct 2011, 4:49pm

      And time for Nigerians to manage their economy by themselves and for all those people to stop exploiting us since 1840.
      Listen here,we Africans have good morals and we won’t comprise it because of those demonic aides they give to countries and always plunge them into wars,famine and tears.
      I am sure most of those countries that allows all these sexual perversions would soon have a very high rate of crime and suicide will be their order.
      Anyone who practises gay is abusing GOD in HEAVEN; for in the beginning HE created them male and female.
      Please come to JESUS CHRIST today,destruction is looming.

      1. Number 1: I am in full support of Nigeria managing itself, in fact I would go so far as to say every single country in the world shut it out and completley ignore it… cut it off altogether if this is the way it’s going to go…

        Number 2: Some Africans may have good morals, some may not. But if good morals means to judge, kill and persecute people for things such as Homosexuality and Witchcraft then you can keep your ‘good morals’ thankyou very much.

        Number 3: The Crime and Suicide rates in Nigeria aren’t something to be bragging about my dear.

        Number 4: Let God judge people then, not you… let he who is without sin cast the first stone afterall.

        Number 5: Destruction has been ‘looming’ for well over 2000 years. When someones half an hour late I give up on them, let alone 2000 years… Perhaps this destruction that’s on the horizon could give us a call and say when it’s coming maybe?

      2. Reported- crawl back under your rock. Oh and just for your info if God did make me (not convinced on that) then he made me who I am and so must want me this way. I really feel sorry for Gay Africans……

      3. Olabestonic stop chat stupidity nigeria is one most corrupted in west africa and which black country can manage theirself when they steal the money and give to our slave master.

      4. To be honest what the hell ( thats were your going by the way for your hatred – not so nicely religious really are you) are you writing your view in a gay( ish – some others welcome) forum. More to the point why are you looking in the Pink papers? Are you not deeply religious anti- gay kind of fellow, is there not a selection of holier than though Christian sites designed for yourself? Maybe you need to visit the (witch) doctor…..Sort it out and get a better grip on reality – by the way – Have a nice day and enjoy Africa for me my friend.

      5. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:27am

        You Africans have lousy morals if you think a chosen religious lifestyle trumps how others are born.

      6. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:29am

        No country has the right to kill or separate others just on a choosen religious lifestyle they think trumps how we are born.

        Religion in many cases mean shallow people with little regard for life.

    2. @Stu

      Is the situation in Kenya that bad? I didn’t know the situation was as bad in Kenya as it is in Uganda et al.

    3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:28am

      Time for our money to project the countries ability to promote human rights me thinks.

  2. Funny, I would have expected them to NOT want to appear backwards and primitive. Then again, any country where there is an active law against witchcraft and sorcery is obviously a tad behind the times.

    1. Spanner1960 24 Oct 2011, 6:47am

      Actually, I don’t think it is. You can’t blame a government for pushing a law designed to prevent ritual murders and promulgating dangerous practices by it’s people. Remember, a truly democratic government only represents what it’s people want. Most want to stop witchcraft, but equally, most still consider homosexuality a crime against God. It seems the government has got it’s act together, but it’s going to take a lot longer to convince it’s people.

      1. Maybe got its act together on some things but not on everything … and certainly not on human rights as a whole

      2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:31am

        This is all thanks to religion and religious governments. They produce crimes against humanity to often which go continuously ignored.

  3. Lets invade Nigeria with an army of drag queens, maybe new look for the UK forces? just out of curiosity in legislation for people seeking asylum does sexuality count as a valid reason to do so? I know religous and political persecution is but have never been sure about sexual preference.

    1. There have been a few cases where people have been able to claim asylum in the UK after fleeing countries that persecute homosexuals, yes.

      1. Thank you, despite my glib invasion comment I had always wondered

    2. Yes, asylum is available in several countries. The best website on this is LGBT Asylum News:

    3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:32am

      Talking crazy again I see!

  4. Fine – STOP ALL AID to Nigeria – and remind them that before the corrupting forces of Christianity – Africans paid no attention to the consentual sexual act betwween the same sexes!
    The invention of so called Gods by man has ruined this world.

    1. Nigeria has oil.
      This means that the threat of stopping aid will not work here.

      1. It does indeed have oil

        Which in one sense makes even more sense for us to withdraw aid

        However, even with oil the Nigerian economy is brittle at best and needs international aid to try and meet basic standards

        We have a moral obligation to withdraw aid from those regimes which fail to uphold basic human rights

        1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:33am

          Indeed, have to agree, Stu.

        2. Yeah and please withdraw ur companies like British Gas and the rest from Nigeria, stop all trade and oil exploration in Nigeria! Can u? I doubt it, Cameron and Britain would pee in their pants if that ever happened!!!

          Look, I have nothing against gays but don’t shove it in my face and force me to accept u which is what most gays do and again, the day I see two male dogs mating, then I will know that being gay is normal after all humans are more superior than animals!

    2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:32am

      Exactly, well said JohnD!!

  5. Dimwits.

    Homosexuality is already illegal. Why do you also need to ban gay marriage? That’s like banning Christianity and then also passing a law that says Christians can’t own houses.

    What purpose does this further law have other than whipping up hatred against gay people?

  6. Rubber Ducky 21 Oct 2011, 5:37pm

    so the short of it is they’ve tried to get this legislation through as quickly as possible whilst trying to keep it out of the international spotlight, i have to wonder if they will be condemed by the internatial comunity at large and if so would it do any good if its already that far along, i would hope it would but im guessing probably not

  7. Bearing in mind the number of states in America that have passed referendums to ban gay marriage and even states in Europe that have passed such legislation, I doubt you will hear much condemnation of what Nigeria has done here.

    I hope, however, organisations like Human Right Watch will condemn Nigeria for this action.

  8. The condemnation of homosexuality is the only religious doctrine on which both Christians and Muslims agree in Nigeria.

    These two faiths will never have a civil conversation because a devout Muslim has the same reason to be a Muslim as a devout Christian has to be a Christian.

    This leaves me wondering once again why the voices of the moderate believers on both sides are not heard attempting to defuse this horrendous anti-social push towards more barbarism.

  9. The answer is simple. Expell them from all organisations including the UN, The Commonwealth and any other organisations. Close the borders of all other countries to Nigeria, and suspend any aid or trade purchases from the country.
    If they don’t wish to tolerate human beings then they can go alone.

  10. This is not really that serious.

    Nigeria already punishes homosexuality by 14 years in prison.

    Banning gay marriage is therefore completely irrelevant seeing as being gay is already a crime in that dump.

    Sounds like some opportunistic politician is simply trying to foment hatred to gain popularity.

  11. I suspect the addition of this law, despite homosexuality already being illegal is so that if at some point in the future they are forced by the international community to reverse the ban on homosexuality, they will still have the law that bans same-sex marriages, thus drawing out the process for equality.

  12. African homophobia is borne out of a deep inferiority complex and racist resentment of the West.

    Homosexuality is viewed as proof of the West’s ‘moral inferiority’. However this sentiment is there to mask black Africa’s own complete moral depravity of total grinding poverty and corruption as well as soaring rates of HIV infection amongst the HETEROSEXUAL population that far exceeds anything seen in the world’s gay population.

  13. These African states really need cutting off like a disease. They are an embaressment to the species.

  14. Here are some of the criminals behind this,

  15. jamestoronto 22 Oct 2011, 2:54am

    What can one expect from the country that brought the world Biafra, Shariah law to half its own country thinks elections are nothing more than whoever kills the most wins. The horror stories one hears about this “country” … one ex-pat Nigerian here said that the nicest thing he could say was “They are all crazy”

  16. I think there is no hope for countries like these in Africa. No offence to anyone, but these countries are backwards at coming forwards and cause a lot of their own problems. I would personally withdraw aid to the country and impose sanctions.

  17. Gay Daily Mail Reader 22 Oct 2011, 6:29am

    As soon as there is a call for Commonwealth nations to decriminalize homosexuality, Nigeria goes and do the opposite by proposing more anti-gay legislation. Boot them out!

    1. I wonder if there was a Muslim presence in Nigeria – as there is today – when the British were there.

      The Muslims would have been appeased by the criminalisation of homosexuality at that time, just as they would be offended by it decriminalisation today.

      Jus’ saying.

      1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 23 Oct 2011, 7:18pm

        There is. The northern regions of Nigeria are mainly Muslim and they have implemented Sharia Law which mandates the death penalty for male homosexuality as well as criminalising Lesbianism (Lesbianism is not criminalised in the rest of Nigeria). I do not know if the highest courts in Nigeria can override the descisions of the Sharia courts.

  18. Can this be true?

    The UK delegation to the CHOGM will oppose the motion to legalize homosexuality.

    Also, David Bahati may have been the architect of the kill-the-gays Bill in Uganda, but it’s no secret any more that the ‘bright idea’ came from Janet Museveni.

    1. Janet Museveni became involved in Harvest Evangelism, a global Christian Dominionist movement fronted by the creepy Ed Silvoso, Check out his New World Order video where he praises Uganda as a model for other third world countries

      Sarah Palin bought his videos…it’s that bad!

      1. Thank God we have people like Janet in the continent then who can stand against the evils of homos. Can’t these guys just understand that they can’t push their perverse lifestyle down our throats. Call us primitive, we like it.

    2. How The Religious Right Is Using Janet Museveni
      “A global network of evangelical preachers has taken it upon itself to create a new world order that will change the way we all think, act, dress and behave. Originating from the United States, the evangelical group is calling itself the International Transformation Network (ITN). It is so powerful, very rich and has in its pockets some of the world’s most powerful people.”

    3. Transforming Uganda

    4. Jonpol

      I didnt read the report you give as saying that the UK govt will oppose the motion to legalize homosexuality across the Commonwealth at the CHOGM in Perth. I took it to mean that the twisted Stephen Green from the right wing and extreme organisation Christian Alliance was seeking to push a bigoted agenda onto African and Asian state delegations at CHOGM.

      I would be very surprised if UK diplomacy was anything other than supportive of the agenda item to decriminalize homosexuality

  19. Simple, expel them from the Commonwealth and let them get on with running their own country.

    We need to concentrate on our own and hope that the vote to leave the EU suceeds and then we can get on and look after number one, which is long overdue.

  20. Spanner1960 24 Oct 2011, 6:57am

    Gay marriage is by many considered to be a status only considered by politically advanced countries.

    The fact that Nigeria are actively prosecuting gays puts them way down the league table, and in fact only South Africa is the only African country demonstrating any level of advancement, and even that is still pretty way behind and I doubt it will have same-sex marriage for some time yet.

    These third world countries will remain just that as long as they act like a bunch of heathens hacking each other to pieces, so worrying about gay rights is the least of anybody’s problems living there.

    1. jamestoronto 24 Oct 2011, 12:25pm

      The way your comment reads, it sounds like South Africa does not have equal marriage where in fact it does. A case of where the government is ahead of the people in tolerance.

      1. Spanner1960 25 Oct 2011, 8:08pm

        Oh. I was unaware gay marriage existed in South Africa. Forgive my ignorance, in this case maybe they are ahead of their people.

        1. @Spanner1960

          The legislative situation in South Africa regarding LGBT issues is fantastic …

          The reality on the streets in terms of acceptance is not always the same

          LGBT people do have rights in South Africa – in advance of those in the UK

        2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 9:34am

          Least you admit your ignorance….finally!

  21. ban the homophobic from coming to our lands let them rot with boko haram

  22. Good for Nigeria.

    1. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:30am

      Oh Keith, your so sad.

  23. Jock S. Trap 12 Nov 2011, 11:26am

    Disgusting. I hope any Aid going to this country is being revised.

  24. Derek Williams 14 Nov 2011, 4:16pm

    The Nigerian population is 158,423,180, so at 5%, LGBT population of Nigeria is 7,921,159 – so numerous that if at a given day and hour, all Nigerian LGBT dob themselves in as gay, the authorities would be utterly unable to imprison us all. This strategy was successfully tried in Tasmania, Australia, where gay couples presented themselves in large numbers to police stations to incriminate themselves, knowing full well the authorities had not the capacity to accommodate them all.

    Present Nigerian prison population is 47, 628 – already , nearly double the capacity of the prisons. Even if you halve LGBT numbers to eliminate children and the elderly, how could they possibly cope with an extra 3.5 million inmates? Even the military which numbers only 161,000 active personnel would be unable to withstand a co-ordinated uprising by LGBT, many of whom already serve in the forces anyway.

    Nigerian LGBT simply don’t know their own power. We may be a minority, but in Nigeria, we eclipse the pris

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