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Hundreds mourn gay Canadian teenager Jamie Hubley

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Reader comments

  1. no crackpots shouting vile messages outside? Thank god for that- RIP JamieXX

    1. jamestoronto 22 Oct 2011, 2:58am

      That hideous group has been banned from Canada. They tried once to get in and found the Exit This Way door before they even crossed the border.

  2. “…spoke about the devastation depression can cause.”

    I’d say what homophobic bullying stillcauses!

    The RC does its share in bullying, not surprising they won’t mention that.

    1. Agree. The catholic church is the enemy here – sad the family resorted to this bigotted superstition for the funeral.

      1. Chris Wilson, Canada 21 Oct 2011, 3:43pm

        Well, on the other hand there has been some progress even within this awful instituion. In the old days suicides weren’t allowed send-offs and could not be buried with the “faithful”.
        From all accounts the Requiem in Ottawa was open, a celebration of Jamie’s life and recognized what he went through. The send-off was not done in the dark.

        1. That is as may be – they still contributed to the problem. Catholicism is a truly backward and evil religion.

  3. It makes me sad that these kids always get hundreds and thousands turning out for them once they’re dead, but they really needed it when they were alive..

    I’m just saying, it’s a sad thought~

    1. I do know what you mean, in some ways you could say it’s too little too late. The conspicuous support of 700 people may well have made a big difference to the poor boy when he was alive.

  4. So sad to read your harrowing story. RIP Jamie. xxx

  5. I have a good gay friend from Ottowa and this made my heart sink. Anyone can tell that is not suicide: it’s indirect murder.

  6. David Myers 21 Oct 2011, 11:38pm

    This shows clearly that even in Canada, a country with a clear and progressive leadership on gay/lesbian rights the ultimate battle for the lives of our gay/lesbian teens is still in the schools and against bullying in general and homophobia specifically.

    1. jamestoronto 22 Oct 2011, 3:05am

      There will always be pockets of these recalcitrant bigots no matter where one goes. I concur, schools are a major issue when it comes to facing this ugly aspect of the dregs of our society.

  7. Here are a few of the killers who killed Jamie, with their hateful words and deeds,

  8. Wayne Howard-Williams 21 Oct 2013, 1:12pm

    My civil partner and I express our sadness. The bullies should think of the crime they have committed, and think they are the cause of the guy’s death. What morons they are.

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