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Swansea nightclub accused of throwing couple out for gay kiss

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Reader comments

  1. I hope the door steward gets FIRED for making these alleged comments as they amount to homophobic abuse and part of his training for working in the SIA is about equality.The fact that he has made this statement which has been overheard by others should result in his immediate dismissal the the club owners/manager should issue an apology to the customers straight away

    1. you hope someone is fired for ALLEGED comments. I hope nobody ever makes an allegation against you!

      1. The club will no doubt be seeking witness statements from those who saw the interaction between the bouncer and the couple (in fact they are probably doing it as they speak, despite the fact their statement doesn’t mention a full investigation), and if the couple have got any sense they will instigate proceedings under thwe Equalities Act

      2. @Andrew

        I agree with your caution, but perhaps I can put my view on Andy’s comments a slightly different way …

        I hope if the alleged comments and conduct is shown to have occurred that the door person is dismissed

        1. Dismissal is a bit severe in this economy. Disciplinary action maybe.

          1. If the door person acted inappropriately then they should definitely face disciplinary action – maybe including dismissal …

          2. @Opus dei. The “state of the economy” has absolutely no bearing on regulating an employee’s behaviour. Nobody would ever consider “letting off” someone for ejecting a mixed-race couple for kissing because the jobs market’s a bit tough. Protecting ALL patrons should have been at the forefront of the bouncer’s mind. Instead he chose to discriminate. If the club has indeed violated the Equalities Act, it should be subject to the same laws thar apply to every other business in the UK – no exceptions or double-standards.

          3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:23am

            Yet he chose to be a bigot which has nothing to do with the economy. Clutching at straws me thinks.

      3. your point being Andrew??

    2. These are the people behind the anti gay hate,

  2. I would like to hear from the couple themselves…

    Assuming that this did actually happen for the reason it’s been claimed I just find it simply amazing. I mean, let’s assume you are in some way against gay people and what they do… The amount of other times these same incidents pop up in the media (even recently) you’d know you could never get away with throwing someone out like this…

    I mean to be bigotted in the first place is bad enough, but to be so socially unaware your opinion is now in the minority and frowned upon is just absurd! It’s like someone these days telling a black person to go sit at the back of the bus, I mean come on people :o

  3. This happened in Soho last year in a pub there.

    It also happened in a pub in Cork earlier this year.

    I think the Reflex better issue a grovelling apology pretty quickly and confirm that the bouncer in question has been fired.

    Otherwise they are in for a world of trouble.

  4. I wonder what would happen if G/L/B/T clubs started throwing out st8 couples how kiss in the bar?

    1. Let’s try that again!
      I wonder what would happen if G/L/B/T clubs started throwing out st8 couples *who* kiss in the bar?

      1. My innocent, non violent straight friend was refused entry into a gay bar, based on his sexuality, would you mind taking up the story? Or is it a one rule? Pink news?

        1. Yes it is.

          This comments page is about this story, not about your bloody friend, or the potato I bought this morning that looks shockingly like Ben Afleck.

          Your friend needs to move on.

          1. Ditto too the two guys in this story…

          2. So Steve wants one rule for homosexuals and one rule for heterosexuals. Yet again homosexuals are their own worse enemy. Disgraceful.

          3. Oh and I apologies for the delay in responding, i was looking at pinks terms and conditions too see what comments I could make un related to the post, and apparently there is non, its neither inappropriate, nor is it libellous. So where your getting your rules from is beyond me lol maybe it’s was because you disagreed with me, and the fact that I believe everyone should be equal, and not just think with my gay card.

          4. Craig ….

            “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or ****off-topic messages**** in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted”.”

            I sourced this from Wikipedia (not the fountain of all knowledge I confess), but it kind of makes my point. (Just to be clear as well, I added the asterisks myself.)

            We know nothing about your mate, or the circumstances of him not being allowed entry to a club. Perhaps if he had been kissing a girl inside the club it may have been more relevant, but of course he didn’t get in, so he wasn’t going to be able to kiss anyone inside.

            So there is no link to the events talked about in this article.

        2. How did they check for his sexuality? lift him upside, show him nude photos of Beckam and see if he got aroused?

          What gay bar, when, what exactly happenned? At least this actual story has some facts and witnesses, whats your story got, just a few lines in a comment in PN and we’re supposed to believe it!

          1. He was with his girlfriend. Heterosexuals sleep with women. In case you didn’t know.

          2. Oh and where is the evidence in this story?

        3. Ah diddums, was your freind not allowed into a gay bar. Never mind, he can go to one of the other hundreds of ‘straight’ bars where two gay men can’t show any affection. Why don’t you go with him to the straight bars, take a man, and kiss him in the middle of the bar, then maybe you’ll realise that the world’s freedom is weighted in favour of your straight freind, and not gay men.

          1. Where is the evidence of this story Kyle. ?

          2. Kyle. Surely two wrongs don’t make a right? You shouldn’t stereotype all straight bars and clubs and even heterosexuals because you feel you your self are discriminated against. Discrimination is discrimination, you are a hypocrite.

          3. @Craig

            You are just trying to provoke an argument

            Being refused entry is entirely different from being ejected

          4. @Stu so refusing entry due to ones sexuality is less an equality issue than it is about being thrown out due to someone’s sexuality. Discrimination is discrimination isn’t it? no matter how the offender expreses their discrimination.

          5. As Steve already has pointed out this is a news story not about your friend but about a particular couple …

            I don’t know, maybe the club was already near capacity, maybe there had been problems earlier in the evening with other straight couples and it was felt on grounds of public safety the need to restrict entry … maybe lots of things …

            However, he was refused entry as gay people previously will have been to that club … he was not ejected for kissing …. there is a difference

        4. Well saying as it is against the law to discriminate against someone based on there sexuality regardless if gay or straight I’m sure if you had complained it to the police it would probably have more publicity in mainstream media than this story will ever get. The daily mail for example have been waiting for a story like this for a while now.

          1. My sister and her husband come with me to gay bars without any trouble. I never heard of a str8 couple being barred.

        5. Dr. R Guthrie 21 Oct 2011, 1:54am

          Oh dear.

          A heterosexual with an issue. Seeking out a gay site to grumble on it.

          Lifes a bitch dear. We all know that well.

          Take your issue up with the managemnt of that club.

          Not here.

          1. For a Dr, you are clearly not able to read, at which point did I say I was heterosexual?. If you feel you want to offer something into the debate, at least try an offer something that is correct, and not just what your ignorance tells you.

          2. Well Craig,

            If you are not straight then you certainly have a chip on your shoulder the size of Ireland …

            If you are straight then it seems an odd website to be choosing to vent your frustration …

        6. you are quiet right ,,,!
          It has happened to my freinds

        7. Jason Brown 21 Oct 2011, 12:05pm

          I believe nobody should be discriminated based on their sexuality or gender so I agree with you.

          1. I also believe no one should be discriminated about based on their gender or orientation

            Nonetheless, the comparison of alleged discrimination events is not equal in the situation Craig attempts to contrast with this news story

  5. What would happen if a Guy and his Girl were to do this in a gay club? The same I imagine. So fair is fair.

    All the more reason for adjustments to the law so people can serve who they want.

    1. In my clubbing days I’d frequently see non-gay couples snogging in mixed or gay clubs without anyone objecting. I’ve certainly never seen any non-gay people thrown out of a club for kissing. (I have seen people refused entry, but that’s a different story.)

      1. soapbubblequeen 20 Oct 2011, 5:31pm

        In the late 1990s, a while ago now, my friend and I would go to a certain nightclub on a regular basis, and sometimes her boyfriend came along. They would kiss and no-one said anything to them. Why should they?! Why can’t it work in reverse then? She would also bring along curious ‘straight’ men, who hopefully would end up snogging me.

        1. *sigh*

          Those were the days …

          1. Whats to stop you having an occasional night out clubbing now?

          2. Flab. (Mine.)

          3. Don’t always have to take your T shirt off lol

            I rarely do that when clubbing these days lol

          4. Ah, but Stu, it just wouldn’t be the same for me – better, in such circumstances, to just remember rather than revisit the good times!

          5. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:26am

            They certianly were!!! :)

      2. That’s my experience too.

      3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:25am

        John’s just trying to justify his own brand of homophobia…. failing miserably mind!!

    2. Jason Brown 21 Oct 2011, 12:08pm

      That’s not true, there are loads of straight people in gay bars.

      1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:27am


    3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:24am

      Hilarious coz you don’t believe that for a second. It’s double standards and you are one of the worst.

  6. Here we go again. Yawn…

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:27am

      Yes, you are a bit of a bore ain’t ya?!

  7. Equalities Act 2010
    • Section 12 Sexual orientation
    • Section 29 Provision of services

    1. Absolutely!!!!

    2. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:27am


  8. Hmm, obviously owned by the same people that ran the pub in Soho!

  9. “Walks of life”? Says it all, really.

  10. I have never heard of a couple being reprimanded for being ‘overly amorous’ in a nightclub. The whole purpose of nightclubs, ever since Bryan Ferry’s ‘love is the drug’, is for people to be just that.

    If there have been cases of straight people being overly amorous, then fine. But I bet that is not the case.

    I suggest that local LGBT people pay a visit to the club (catch video footage of straight people acting the same) and put any discriminatory treatment on youtube.

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:28am

      Indeed but some people will stop at nothing to stop others enjoying themselves.

  11. Interesting to compare the reaction to this story to that of the cheerleader in Texas being kicked off the squad for a gay kiss. Pink News readers are a lot more negative reacting to homophobia in the US than in the UK.

  12. Criag you have a point mate it has happend to my friends
    Equality for ALL !!!
    I wwounder if any of the pepole that have TRIED to put you down have STR8 freinds / mates ?
    And all of this happend in MANchester !

  13. Me and my boyfriend were sharing the occasional kiss in a nightclub in Lincoln called The Engine Rooms.
    To the bouncers disgust, we were having looks thrown our way all evening.
    Upon leaving the club, I see my boyfriend running across the car park followed by two bouncers. I run over to see what is happening, to then find myself face-down in the gravel, being “restrained”.
    My boyfriend suffered a huge black eye, huge grazes up his back and I had two large scratches going down the side of my face.
    Since the incident, we contacted the police who were kind of understanding and took all of our details. But, surprise, surprise, there were no witnesses (even though a very large crowd was gathered around) and unfortunately the CCTV footage was inconclusive.
    It’s very sad that things like this are still happening and further adds to my fear of being openly romantic with my partner in public. Things must change.

    1. When did this happen? We really need to log these venues. I think the only way to catch thugs like this is to have the equivalent of what the retail drinks trade calls ‘mystery shoppers’: they go around with hidden cameras, catching shopkeepers selling cigarettes and booze to kids. Set some couple up with a small camera, get it recorded, get them red-handed.

      1. A proud Canadian 22 Oct 2011, 12:55pm

        Simply horrifying to hear of such a story !!!! The shock of being treated in such a manner must have been in such an abusive and insulting way must have been traumatic for you and your boyfriend !!! I can only sympathize with the both of you…. And to make matters worst, your report to the police resulted in absolutely nothing, no charges were laid at all…. Adding further injury to the wounds…..

        In 2011, this type of incident is totally unacceptable and the type of treatment received by the justice system is simply appalling and disgraceful !

    2. A proud Canadian 22 Oct 2011, 1:06pm

      This incident is simply horrible by its contents and I can only think of the emotional effects the incident must have had on those two loving partners ! My most sincere sympathy to both of these men involved in such a vicious and unprovoked attack on their persons…. Such an event could easily case a trauma within the minds of the victims of such a hate-crime.

      And to add insult to injury, the legal system once again failed to obtain justice for such a physical attack on innocent victims… No witnesses ??? CCTV footage inconclusive ??? Oh my goodness, what else was required for justice to be done in this case ??????

    3. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:30am

      Shocking and disgraceful that this was your experience, indeed things must change.

  14. Apologise? Er. No. Sue. Money is a language that everyone understands. I see a losing case and a nightclub that needs to make a quiet payout. There is no way they will be able to successfully claim that kissing is not allowed and m/f kisses would also lead to people being thrown out. Looks like a slam dunk to me. Kick them where it counts and maybe the haters will get the idea through their thick skulls.

  15. People need to remember that in a lot of these clubs the security staff are not employees of the venues. Instead they are hired thugs who work for ‘security’ firms. And a lot of them are thugs for hire. Most have criminal records and are not the most savoury of people.

    If the Reflex has any sense they would be cancelling the contracts of this security firm as it would seem that the bouncers are incapable of doing their jobs.

    I think there should be a greater emphassis in making sure the bouncers at these places realise what the law actually is.

    1. Bouncerman 22 Oct 2011, 4:25am


      You are incorrect all almost all your points.

      Firstly, I am Gay and a full time Door Supervisor (Bouncer), well established for many many years in this job and I am also a Health Care Professional.

      Most clubs do use Security Firms – although some still unwisely use ‘in-house’ staff. I work for a massive security company and am contracted to work in a 3,000 capacity nightclub 4 nights, minimum, a week. This club is a mixed straight club and I also work in a gay club on a few nights a month – all the staff AND customers are aware that I’m Gay.

      Only SIA Licensed Door Supervisors can be used at licensed premises and we have a criminal record check every 3 years – so criminals and thugs cannot be used.

      Reflex should indeed be questioning if their bar and door staff have received diversity training/awareness and replaced if that is a negative response.

      We Bouncers do know what the law is and our work is frequently hampered by customers who are unaware of what ‘the law is’…. !

      1. The provision of door staff gas improved in the past 5-10 years with SIA registration and doorstaff courses including “what the law is”

        I used to be a police officer and used to find one of the most frustrating things was drunk people telling me what my job was – mostly I smiled and let them walk away, sometimes I was a little more assertive and explained why I was acting in the manner I was …

  16. Miguel Sanchez 21 Oct 2011, 2:45pm

    There’s more here than meets the eye.

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:31am


  17. Bouncerman 21 Oct 2011, 9:27pm

    What is the name of the security company employed at this venue?

  18. I agree that they door stewart should lose his job for what he said. We need to name and shame establishments who are discriminating against our community

  19. Gay Daily Mail Reader 22 Oct 2011, 6:37am

    I don’t see what’s the big deal. I watch ‘Doctors’ which is shown on BBC1 at lunchtime and there has already been several gay kisses on it without ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ writing in to complain. We have moved on since the ‘first gay kiss on Coronation Street or Eastenders’ was highly publicised and we all dropped everything to see it.
    With inhibitions lowered due to alcohol men do sometimes kiss – even straight ones!

    1. Katie Kool-eyes 25 Oct 2011, 4:04pm

      Unfortunately that is not always the case. I caught a glimps of the comments section in “the sun” (not my choice of paper, but it was on the table durring my lunch break). A comment regarding the most recent torchwood series went along the lines of “two men kissing **BLECHK!!**”. Kind of annoyed me. Straight ppl kiss on tv all the time (and more…looking at you channel 5 lol).

  20. we don’t want anyone to lose their job all we want is an apology and for reflex to retrain their staff in equality and how to make sure their policies are applied in accordance with UK anti-discrimination law. Its not difficult.

  21. Jock S. Trap 13 Nov 2011, 8:21am

    This is a disgrace. If the bouncer doesn’t like it, he’s in the wrong job. Put up or shut up I say. Sure he has cope with the violence so whats a bloomin kiss?


  22. Greg Staddon 4 Feb 2014, 5:41pm

    This happened to me several years earlier in exactly the same place. Appalled to see it hasn’t changed. I think they have a homophobic doorman.

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