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London MEP says North Cyprus president promised to repeal anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. paul canning 20 Oct 2011, 3:33pm

    There’s at least five been arrested with police saying they’re seeking to interrogate more.

    1. According to this story many more have been and are likelyt o be arrested …

  2. Not good enough.

    I want confirmation from North Cyprus that the arrests will stop immediately.

    And I want a specific timetable by which the laws will be repealed.

    Until such time I support the cessation of all talks and trade with North Cyprus.

    They are not fit to be regarded as a viable country while these savage, backward laws are on the books.

    1. There is no trade with Northern Cyprus. It’s not even an internationally recognised territory in its own right, it’s merely considered land that Turkey has illegally occupied by the international community. Maybe if it were recognised then it would depend on others who could exert influence.

      1. There is indeed trade with North Cyprus. Companies trading out of North Cyprus use Turkish postal addresses. Everyone knows who these companies are. Trade with North Cyprus must stop until they move into the 21st century.

  3. dAVID is very correct, whilst it is good that the President of Northern Cyprus makes these promises, they need to be kept to in a timely manner and given that this is the political intention there needs to be a view taken that enforcing anachronistic laws which will be repealed is wrong – whilst the repeal process is carried out.

    1. Dan Filson 20 Oct 2011, 4:59pm

      President of North Cyprus ? No such country.. Not a recognised state.

      1. probably should be though being how they were sorta wronged to put it mildly but thats another issue

      2. Ok, I take your point Dan but the same could be said for any of the following “states”:

        Somalialand, Nagorno-karabakh, Taiwan, Palestine, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, South Ossetia … etc

        and some states would also argue it applies to:

        Armenia, Peoples Rep of China, Cyprus, Israel, North Korea and South Korea

        However, all of these “states” organise self governing functions to one extent or another and have elected leaders … thus it is appropriate to call the leader of North Cyprus its President even if we choose to not accept the legitimacy of the regime in North Cyprus

  4. ILGA-Europe is onto this now:

    Hopefully Kaleidoscope will join in.

  5. Clegg's Driver 20 Oct 2011, 11:00pm

    Good to see another senior Tory putting their money where their mouth is on equality laws. Well done, Marina!

  6. Gay Daily Mail Reader 21 Oct 2011, 7:05am

    Derviş Eroğlu, pull your tripe out, repeal those disgusting laws and remove that last stain of government homophobia from the map of Europe forever.

  7. I would hope the draft to appeal Anti-Gay Laws is adopted and approved quickly.

    I also hope (not knowing the content) it would contain provisions to revoke all charges laid with prejudice against any person accused, Assure the “immediate release” of anyone in custody.

    Further any one having been charged under the repealed law past or present be pardoned.

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