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GQ Australia responds to accusations of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. …however they didnt ask if any female stars had leapt on him did they? Or straight male ones?

    1. Exactly.

  2. Libera Fan 20 Oct 2011, 3:50pm

    You’re absolutely right Martyn!

  3. Well Some of us Don’t give a damn about him! I prefer more real person less CGI!

  4. GQ Australia has NOT apologised for their homophobia. They have issued the classic non-apology – “we apologise if anyone was offended by anything in the article”.

    Effectively they place the blame for fheir homophobia on the audience who was offended.

    GQ Australia seems to be run by moronic bigots.

  5. Well, I’d certainly have come on to him. Or more likely because of him…

  6. When will people and organizations get some guts and issue ACTUAL apologies. “I apologize if anyone was offended” is a NON-apology. It suggests that it was the other person’s fault for getting offended. An actual apology is: “I know I said something offensive, and I apologize.”

  7. Or maybe people are too sensitive? I read that article and did not find it homophobic so much as amusing. The fact that he’s good looking and attractive to women is obvious, whether gay men find him attractive is something different again…

  8. If Meagan Fox had a business-meeting dinner with Stephen Spielberg, GQ Australia would not have asked her, in an interview, if Spielberg had come on to her at that dinner, despite the fact that she is obviously attractive to most straight men.

  9. James is right, and you people need to be careful not to see homophobia where there is none lest we cry wolf once too often.

    GQ is apologising if it caused offence because it does not believe (and nor do I) that it was being homophobic. The writers did not intend to offend and are sorry if they did. They aren’t apologising for something they didn’t do, and rightly so.

    I said it on the other story that referred to this non-event, but do women get all hissy about the portrayals of ‘cougars’ @(ranging from Mrs Robinson via Stifler’s Mom and the old one in Sex and the City to the sitcom Cougar Town) in the media?

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