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Get ready for the Big Gay Lifestyle Show and Diversity Careers Show

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  1. Oh, good grief. We seem to spend half our time on these forums objecting to the American Christian fundamentalist (and other) trolls’ use of the term ‘lifestyle’ in relation to gay people, and here’s something promoted as a ‘gay lifestyle event’.

    Am I being particularly humourless or is it a bit like shooting ourselves in the foot?

    1. I was going to moan about that word as well, what about gay people who don’t follow a gay lifestyle (whatever a gay lifestyle is supposed to mean). I’m not quite sure what a diversity career is as well, do you need a uni degree in that first?

      1. ‘Diversity careers’ is certainly a bit of clunker, but I think it’s just that ‘career diversity’ means something quite different. Hard to know how to name – or brand – it better. ‘Diversity in the workplace’ sounds just too earnest.

    2. Black Hawk Down 20 Oct 2011, 1:28pm

      +1 wot Rehan said …

  2. Big Gay Lifestyle?! You can find it at the meals for one section at Waitrose every saturday afternoon…

  3. I go watch Premiership football most weekends. I teach 5 days a week. I visit my family once every 2 weeks. I ride a bike and run sometimes. I read. That´s my lifestyle………. Oh…..yeah… too……

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