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Gay couple’s home targeted in homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. Filthy little bastards to rough to know the damage they cause and taught to hate by their famalies

    1. That’s the first thing we’ve ever agreed on James!

      1. You need to try harder!

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:41am

          coz you don’t any more?

    2. My point about spirt day is that thugs like this do not care. We need real action

  2. As usual the police say that the victims ‘believe it was a homophobic attack”
    I thought the police guidance was that if victims SAY it was homophobic- then it WAS homophobic- irrespective to what the police say.?

    1. It certainly used to be the policy that if anyone perceived a crime or incident to be hate motivated of any sort then it was treated as such …

      I think this is an individual officer not comfortable in speaking to the media and using clumsy language rather than any intention to doubt the veracity of the victims beliefs regarding the motivation of the crime – but I may be wrong …

  3. Now let’s hope they are caught and prosecuted including their parents for failing to instill respect for others and their property.

  4. Homophobic attack what a load of rubbish, just some idiots messing about.

    1. And you know that for a fact, do you?

    2. David Nottingham 20 Oct 2011, 9:05am

      Of course it was a homophobic attack! The couple heard the youths making anti-gay slurs.

    3. So breaking windows and chanting abuse is ‘just messing about’???? I don’t call it that myself. The feral thugs targeted the couple, for one reason only.

    4. Quite right. When a lesbian friend of mine had a bottle smashed over her head by youths shouting ‘man-hating dyke’, they were just messing about. Pay attention to the bloody evidence before venturing an opinion.

      1. In fairness Riondo, the importance of evidence is the sort of concept Neal struggles to comprehend, he’s a little (ahem) backward in that respect. One must make allowances.

    5. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:41am

      Yeah, you’d know…

  5. Can’t they evict people/families for antisocial behaviour?……might be a deterrant.

    1. Well, the couple who were victimised can go through a legal process with the council, if the thugs are in council housing. I doubt they would have a mortgage anyway. Stupid little oiks need a punishment they won’t forget. The couple should have the right to go and do the same to their home, or possessions!

  6. Gay Daily Mail Reader 20 Oct 2011, 6:51am

    Toe-rags like them should be given the birch for their yobbish behaviour.

  7. Feral little scumbags. Yet if that gay couple laid a finger on those thugs in retaliation they’d be hauled off to the cop shop for assault. Those chavs need a good hiding.

  8. If apprehended and convicted, they should be sentenced to six months of installing conservatories and patio doors in l&g couples’ homes while wearing pink tutus, which they must also wear at home and on street corners with their tolerant and inclusive friends. While doing the DIY they must also be forced to listen to ipods of Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand and made to subsist on a diet of cold quiche and salad and Perrier water.

    1. Like it … Like it a lot …

      I can sense a new career for you, Riondo …

      Perhaps your new title could be “Creative consultant to the Sentencing Advisory Board” …

      1. Thank you, Stu. The trouble is that I have a feeling that, in these straightened times, most of my ideas would be too expensive.

        1. I’m guessing ‘straightened’ is a Freudian slip …?!

    2. soapbubblequeen 20 Oct 2011, 7:18pm

      Fabulous idea Riondo. And while we’re at it, let’s do Joan Crawford on them. Beat them with wire hangers, make them scrub floors with Ajax while they study to improve their vocabulary and elocution. Vile chav brats.

  9. Disturbing that anyone can think to use a gun. Couple must be feeling very unsettled in their home.

    What is the answer?

  10. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:40am

    Absolutely appalling. I hope they are caught and punished properly.

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