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Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to mark ‘Spirit Day’ for bullied gay teens

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Reader comments

  1. boarderthom 19 Oct 2011, 12:11pm

    Sympathetic joy is when we take delight in the joy of another instead of begrudging it. Can we allow the lives of others to be different from ours and feel happy for them? Can we rejoice for then as their happiness grows? I do not believe that heterosexuals have a monopoly on love and commitment. If Ellen Degerese is happy in her same-sex marriage then I am happy for her too. I say, “Love the religious bigot, disagree with the religious bigotry”.

    1. I say bring on the lions in the real world these people want you dead.

  2. Empty and pointless. Stonewall rioters fought back these pussies are begging for acceptance it will never happen, power is never given. Google is the largest company on earth if they are serious they could have a daily doodle about fighting anti gay attitudes, they could use a billion to bulid a safe space for suicidal teens in every state. They will not this is marketing and nothing else, the parasites

    1. Cambodia Guesthouse 19 Oct 2011, 12:41pm

      Oh right… and it’s somehow ‘wrong’ to remember those teens lost through homophobic bullying?

      1. Yes remember them but do something for the ones who are alive too. If a kid is thinking of suicide they should have somewhere to go thats safe and secure like the priory these companies could afford to build something like that if they really cared but they don’t

        1. They do care, they care enough to mark ‘spirit day’. As for building a refuge for gay kids who are suicidal. Great idea. Why don’t you start fund raising?

          1. Nah

            These companies cannot do anything that would adversely affect profit. They have to act in the shareholders interest it’s the law. A risk department would have done an analysis to ensure the company would no be negatively affected by doing “spirit day”. It the law they have to make money for the shareholders they are not acting out of the indness of their hearts.

            I will assume you’re still young I don’t want to burst your bubble but these companies are only interested in our money and would probally prefer a few more suicides if it help the bottom line.


            Refuges already exist and struggle for funding if they gave a damn they would give a few million to these organisations but that would be too simple and the shareholders would not like it.


          2. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:30am

            Are you a troll James? Do you have to be so negative and cynical? Everything done to combate bullying and homophobia helps. Give credit where it is due. Sure more needs to be done but quit being such a cynic. Work on the problem rather than trying to bring down those trying to do something about it.

          3. Rcompanies that trade on the stock market cannot act “out of the kimdness of their hearts” risk departments would have done an assesment and if the result showed a negative effect on profit it would never happen

    2. What exactly do you do for these teens James, (or are you just an armchair critic)?

      Millions of people use these services it will help create awareness and force people to open their eyes to the problem. It might even change a kid’s mind about bullying someone else. Even if it helps only one person it’s better than sitting on your ar$e having a moan in front of your computer

      1. Every year there is a pride march that used to be politicial. Why does the order to.stop bullying and harassing us have to come from straigght people andnot from us. Pride should not be a party spirit day should be the new pride

  3. Have a Happy Spirit Day, and work to put the Christians and Catholics in jail for being the people behind the bullies who made the gay children kill themselves. Everybody knows that the Christians and Catholics have been pushing their propaganda to hate and harass gays for hundreds of years. The time has come to hold the Christians and Catholics accountable for the murder of gay children and put them in prison where these criminals belong.

  4. Participate in Spirit Day and wear purple tomorrow:

  5. just the other day 20 Oct 2011, 10:39am

    Happy spirit day everyone! Hope i’m not the only one wearing purple today :) xx

    1. Nope I am wearing my lovely purple tee!! Though it does have a cupcake eating monster on the front! It’s STILL purple!! lol Happy Spirit Day folks!!!

    2. nope wearing a purple jumper got everyone in my office to aswell :)

  6. Twitter is purple today but I don’t see any purple on Google or Facebook :(

  7. If they ever have a mean spirited day these would be the people behind it,

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