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Zimbabwe refuses to give prisoners condoms because homosexuality is illegal

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Reader comments

  1. Zimbabwe is a hideous place with a hideous government. It should be ostracised from the rest of the world. It treats gay people very harshly and it seriously corrupt. Why does the rest of world pander to this intolerable regime?

    1. For the simple – sad – reason that the rest of the world doesn’t really care one way or the other.

      At the very very least it’s better than actively sucking up to states like Kazakhstan, which takes corruption to bonkers levels, just because of tis oil reserves.

    2. Because there’s no oil there

      1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 18 Oct 2011, 11:11pm

        Hope they find oil in Zimbabwe, the USA and it’s allies will be there within a week in the pretence of enforcing regime change – however anything will be better than Mugabe.

        1. Except Morgan Tsvangirai – the leader of the opposition in Zimbabwe. He is favoured by the West, even though he is a monstrous homophobic bigot.

        2. Given oil reserves have been found in neighbouring DRC Congo, I would not rule out this following story as being accurate:

          Although, I find this next one more amusing:

    3. Interesting the news about Branson seeking to influence the regime in the press last week

      What I do not understand is why responsible African states like Mozambique, South Africa etc do not take a diplomatic lead in persuading Zimbabwe to change (admittedly this will inevitably require regime change).

      The excuse by the Brown government for not acting more vociferously against Mugabe was for fear of alienating other African allies … if they think taking action against appalling human rights failures and attrocities is wrong – they should not be our allies …

      1. Its due to tribal reasons, Mugabe is higher up in the tribe than the president of south africa so they will never make a move against them. Like a lot of things in Africa goes back to the fact it was cut up into sections by the European powers that did not recognise the tribal factors

        1. You may well be right – be interesting to know how tribal backgrounds are determined

  2. Monstrous behaviour.

    So not only will the authorities wilfully allow prisoners to infect each other, they are also ignoring the reality that when many of these prisoners get released they will go home and infect their wives.

    Zimbabwe really is a boil on the ass of humanity.

    Who would have thought that the end of colonialism would have turned into such a tragedy for that utterly useless country.

    1. Absolutely

      Now I think there are two issues here … firstly, homosexuality should not be illegal …

      But putting that to one side (just for a brief moment) even if it is, that does not mitigate the responsibility the government has to promote public health even in prisons …

      This is another sign of the hideous nature of the Mugabe regime

  3. And just in case anyone decides to blame Mugabe solely for this, I’d like to point out that the opposition leader in that country Morgan Tsvangirai is as genocidally homophobic as that country.

    It’s a horrific place, where pretty much everyone hates LGBT people.

    So many of these African nations whined about colonialism for so long. Yet when they gain their independence they decide to destroy their country’s all on their own.

    Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket ot Africa. Independence turned it into the basket case of Africa – almost as pathetic and absurd and worthless as Uganda.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Oct 2011, 11:42am

      Point in fact matey – check where the homophobia came from. Pre the arrival of missionnaires in the early part of the last century, gay and ‘third gender’ people were accepted and respected members of many African cultures and communities.

      Africans have been brain washed into accepted intolerance and hatred by Western missionnaires sent to save their soles

      1. However their current bigotry is ENTIRELY their own responsibility.

        I don’t care whether missionaries brought christianity and bigotry with them. Other countries which were colonised were able to make progress with regard to human righhts.

        Africa’s monstrous homophobia is too easy to blame on the west.

        It’s their own responsibility and we need to stop feeling guilty that countries like Zimbabwe and Uganda were clearly incapable of ruling themselves when they gained independence.

    2. I agree it is not all MUgabes fault … but a significant proportion of it rides on his shoulders as the current morally bankrupt leader of the country

  4. Holocaust conditions..

  5. Peter & Michael 18 Oct 2011, 11:35am

    Mugabe does not believe in human rights, and this action by his government is despicable.

    1. Neither does Morgan Tsvangirai – the leader of the opposition.

      Despiite being favoured by the international community; Tsvangirai is as genocidally homophobic as Mugabe.

  6. David Nottingham 18 Oct 2011, 11:43am

    Robert Mugabe is a monster with a human rights record about as bad as it gets. Yet, why do we still not take action against this poisonous and corrupt regime like we did in Iraq? I suspect oil might have something to do with it…..

  7. Catch-22 lives.

  8. Miguel Sanchez 18 Oct 2011, 2:35pm

    That’s a screwed up situation

  9. Its the law.

    1. In this case the law is an ass

      1. You’d know all about that Stu

        1. I shall take that as a compliment, even if it was not intended as such … thank you

    2. Commander Thor 18 Oct 2011, 6:07pm

      Slavery was once law. Didn’t make it right.

      1. Unless the immortal word of the Creator of the universe as it is contained in the bible has been changed when I wasn’t looking, slavery is still morally right by christian standards.

        1. Oh yes – if you are a christian then you are required to support slavery.

          If you oppose slavery then you are opposing God’s WORD, and cannot accurately describe yourself as a christian.

          (And if you have EVER eaten shellfish then you are an ABOMINATION).

  10. Suge Knights 18 Oct 2011, 3:40pm

    Firstly inmates are not supposed to be having sex with each other, although this happens most of the time by force. Prisons are not suppose to give out condoms as this could encourage more rapes of vulnerable inmates. Btw last time i checked condoms are not given out in US and UK prisons :) does this mean these countries are homophobic?

    1. Condoms are readily available in UK prisons

      In prison there is a huge difference between what “should” and what “does” happen …

      The regime burying their head in the sand and ignoring the facts of life that adults are sexually active is irresponsible if they then fail in their duty as a regime to assist preventing public health problems – regardless of the rights and wrongs (if there are any) of the activity causing it

      Needle exchanges have been shown to be massively effective in improving health – but nonetheless in most jurisdictions where they occur recreational drug use is illegal – the states recognise their responsibility on public health grounds transcends legality issues

      1. Condoms are not available in UK prisons

        1. In a report by the HM Inspectorate of Prisons in 2009 they stated “Prison governors interpret the guidance on condoms differently. Anecdotal evidence suggests that while they are easily accessible in some prisons, in others they are difficult to come by.”
          Clearly, condoms are available in prisons – although the availability is variable.
          There is a regulation that prison doctors can prescribe condoms and this can not be refused (although this should not be the primary or preferred method for assisting in maintaining public health).

      2. Suge Knights 19 Oct 2011, 9:56am

        You idiot condoms are not available in UK prisons for inmates to have sex with inmates. They are readily availalble for inmates to have sex with their spouse. I was incarcerated in Brixton and Wandsworth and I know that condoms were not available for ‘inmate sex’. Condoms would only encourage illegal sex and drugs smuggling, as this is how many drugs came in. Get your facts right STU

        1. I refer you to my comment above.
          I know some health promotion staff that work with inmates in a Cat A prison and they distribute condoms with the consent of the governors.
          It may not be your experience but both my own anecdotal experience, prison regulations and the anecdotal experience of HM INspectorate of Prisons suggests very much otherwise.

  11. Oh Zimbabwe, when will you be wiped off the face of the earth?

  12. We must remember that there are many LGBT people suffering at the hands of Mugabe- it’s all very well condemning the practices of the current government, but it doesn’t really help the many LGBT people living in Zimbabwe’s harsh regime.

  13. Are they insane in Zimbabwe or have the Christians brain washed them to? Again they need to be held accountable for every prisoner who gets and dies of AIDS for lack of a condom. Sex is natural no matter who has it.

  14. In other words, the regime hopes the prisoners will acquire AIDS and that would make the regime very happy! Insidious regime!

    1. The regime also hopes that any inmate who gets released from prison will get out and infect their wife with HIV also.

  15. I think most of us agree that Zimbabwe is not a nice place to live, especially while Mugabe remains in power. There remain plenteous evidence of injustice happening still.

    I am not sure, other than taking a tougher, more ethical line with the regime, what can be done effectively at government level to change this.

    My particual concern is with the large Zimbabwean community resident in the UK (2000 in my own town alone). Many (most?) are asylum seekers. Many of these have had their claim turned down or are languishing in the system. The UK government is often loathe to grant status to these folk and wants to send them back, and given the power sharing agreement brokered last year take the view these folk can safely return.

    Meanwhile a significant number are destitute, for that is the consequence of having no recourse to public funds and not being allowed to work.

    I realise this is going slightly off topic but me thinks this an issue that Christians (like me) and the LBGT folk who read Pink News can find common ground in and maybe do something about. (In my community role, I helped to set up a Zimbabwean network where I am, part of which purpose is to strengthen / empower the community).

  16. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:20pm

    Nasty and cruel. Yet again the worst of humanity kills the innocent.

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