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Zachary Quinto thanks fans for support

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Reader comments

  1. Watched his twitter timeline for a while after the announcement and saw nothing negative, except for a couple of “christians”. By and large, the story seems to have been met with a great deal of support and approval. Going wider in to other places, I saw a fair amount of lamenting because a handsome man was gay (uh-huh, because if he hadn’t been, of course they would have been in with a chance….) and a fair bit of annoyance that we have to “shove it in people’s faces” (our sexuality, I suppose, rather than…you know…other things). Which tells me that people don’t realise that he could either out himself or be outed, in the public eye privacy is hard to maintain. So we either say nothing and are accused of lying when we do get outed, or we are authentic and make a big deal out of sexuality – sometimes the heteros really won’t let us win…

  2. The annoying thing about most straight people who moan about coming out stories ‘shoving it in people’s faces is that they generally ask why we feel the need to announce our sexuality like that when they don’t.

    The gist of these arguments is usually that straight people don’t ‘shove it down people’s throats’.

    Except that they do by wearing wedding rings, using titles such as wife/husband/Mr/Mrs/fiancee, sharing surnames, tax benefits, having photos of their kids and partners on their office desks, telling us what their wife/boyfriend/partner did at the weekend, holding hands and kissing in public and not expecting anyone to say anything….the list goes on.

    Now of course, anyone can do any of those things, but it is generally only those who have publicly announced their sexuality that stand a chance of getting away with it – especially if they are in the public eye.

    We accept straight people doing these things. They should accept us saying ‘we’re here too’. It’s all coming out is.

    1. Derek Williams 23 Oct 2011, 6:35pm

      spot on – great comment

  3. I am a gay woman in a small mountain community. All the lesbians seem to be in the closet where I live. I think it is important for me to be visible so that others can see who I am , how I act and that I am not out to molest their children. Teen suicide concerns me a great deal and I want to helpl.

    1. Debbie, I commend you for your courage. Those in the vanguard always take the biggest risk and, knowing that, we should respect that risk by living the most authentic life that we can.

  4. Tom Stoppard 18 Oct 2011, 5:18pm

    I’d love it if Zachary Quinto shoved his homosexuality in my face :)

    1. Martin Lawrence 18 Oct 2011, 8:50pm

      Better: rammed it down my throat. Yes please!

  5. Phil Nightingale 21 Oct 2011, 6:22pm

    Ok, but surely what’s key about this is that it was the suicide of a brave 14 year old kid that persuaded him to come out. As a guy of 49 it took me over 25 years to tell people something I’d struggled with a kid. Knowing you’ve got the love and support of those around you makes the world of difference, but I did it because I’d found a guy I wanted to be with forever, suddenly that was more important than anything else.

  6. Well, we thank him, he is a hottie.

  7. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:22pm

    That’s ok m8, call me!! :P

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