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HIV charities rubbish fish foot spa fears

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Reader comments

  1. Need to read the research that the HPA have used to formulate this warning before I come to a categorical opinion personally. However, I am surprised by the HPA issuing this when all current research (that I am aware of) talks about fragile viruses, requiring large volumes of infection in immediate contact with wounds, blood streams etc in order to formulate any risk of transmission …

    This reminds me of the scare stories of HIV being able to be transmitted through kissing or toilet seats – its probably over egging a virtually non existent risk and causing an increase in stigma at a time when we should be seeking to reduce it.

  2. I’d like to read the actual report from the HPA as the media tend to slice and dice certain ” sections ” of official and sex them up.

    1. I’ve read the HPA report in full and summarise it here.This article also contains a link to it.

      1. I think the HPAs press release title speaks volumes “Fish pedicures unlikely to cause infection”

        This comment from THT is very fair:
        Lisa Power dismissed the media’s concern about the issue: “The reality is, in this country, too many people are contracting HIV because they aren’t using condoms, not because they’re going for fish pedicures.”

  3. Isn’t the HPA one of the bloated, pointless quangos listed as being for the chop in the Tory’s austerity drive? With ridiculous claims like these that day can’t come too soon (almost up there with the “AIDS can be caught from toilet seats” nonsense of the 1980s).

    1. @Samuel B

      On this particular issue I would agree with you …

      However, for the biological security of the nation we do require some organisation to carry out some of the essential functions of the HPA

    2. Samuel – How do you propose that we manage infectious disease surveillance, for STI’s HIV etc? Are there any organisations that you are not prepared to criticise I wonder?

      The HPA do some very good work, which is vital for health care planning and identifying trends and prevalence of among other things STI’s, HIV and Hepatitis. I would agree that on this occasion the HPA appear to have made a blunder as I would say it is impossible (even theoretically) for HIV transmission to take place in these circumstances.

  4. And they wonder why people have no idea how HIV is really transmitted – It isn’t ‘Almost’ impossible to catch HIV from nibbling fish – it is impossible – HIV is primarily transmitted through penetrative intercourse.

    1. I agree, JohnD

      Its almost impossible to contract through activities such as oral sex etc, but there is a theoretical possibility …

      There is no realistic possibility of catching it from a fish pedicure …

  5. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:29am

    Sounds to me like drug companies trashing peoples choices so they lose money and the drug companies gain more money.

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